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Packers Select Wide Receiver J'Mon Moore in 2018 NFL Draft, Round Four

Packers Select Wide Receiver J'Mon Moore in 2018 NFL Draft, Round Four

With their fourth-round compensatory pick (133rd overall) in the 2018 NFL Draft, the Green Bay Packers select wide receiver J’Mon Moore, Missouri.


6’3”, 207 lbs., 4.60s 40-yard dash, 38” vertical, 21 bench press reps, 120” broad jump, 6.56s 3-cone, 4.04s 20-yard shuttle


Moore is a redshirt senior who struggled to find playing time early in his career due to injury but was very productive in his final two seasons on campus. He was the second Missouri receiver ever to top 1,000 receiving yards in consecutive seasons and he hauled in 21 career touchdowns. His 65 catches, 1,082 yards and 10 touchdowns in 2017 earned him All-SEC second team honors.



DRAFTSCOUT.COM: "Looks the part of an NFL receiver with broad shoulders, long arms and a tapered, athletic frame. Good initial quickness and agility to escape press coverage, utilizing his long arms and hand strength to rip away from the jam. Coordinated route-runner with the straight-line speed to attack deep as well as the explosive cutting ability to create separation on lateral routes."




Moore is an intriguing prospect who boasts excellent size and athleticism. He had some problems with drops while at Missouri, but his measurables indicate a high ceiling if he can become a more consistent pass catcher. He appears faster on tape than his 4.6-second 40-yard dash indicates and he appears to be a fairly agile route runner for a receiver with some size. Like many Packers receivers, he may need some time to develop chemistry with Aaron Rodgers, but there’s definitely some upside here.


Matt Kelley is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter via @hustleandheart1

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Lphill's picture

Well he had good numbers in college as far as yards and TD's but drops and speed concerns ,but I guess good coaching can help in those areas , potential is there .

stockholder's picture

Yes. But I thought it was about separation. Not Blocking.

steven10825's picture

some play faster than their time... Some play slower

Chuck Farley's picture

4.6 is slower.

Rick Grimes's picture

He ran a 4.48 40 at his pro day.

Oppy's picture

4.6 is what he's timed at in a track style sprint.

What he plays at is what you see on the film

He looks like he does just fine pulling away from DBs when in pads playing football

you can't tell me that even at the collegiate level all those DBs were slower than 4.6

HankScorpio's picture

He's a late 4th so there will be concerns, Otherwise, he'd have been picked yesterday or Thursday.

16 yard/catch in the SEC doesn't sound like someone with speed issues. I watched him run away from Georgia DBs on a 79 yr TD on a highlight.

He's certainly bigger than the guys they have now. And can run after the catch.

I'll be curious to see him play.

stockholder's picture

I had him later. I'll bet he sits on routes. Can't be worse than davis.

HankScorpio's picture

Davis definitely does not set a high bar to clear for WR production. Anything that serves to make him improve or be gone is good by me.

Hawg Hanner's picture

Sad though that a 4th pick will merely push Davis is disappointing. Hope he will be another Antonio Brown.

Oppy's picture

What do you mean by "I'll bet he sits on routes"?

I've always heard that phrase used when talking about a DB not biting on a double move / staying patient and not over committing, defending the underneath stuff.

On the offensive side, I only have heard "sit" used to talk about hitch routes, and rarely.

MytQ's picture

Speed won't be an issue for this kid. There's track speed (underwear), and game speed (full pads), this kid has game speed and plays fast.

sonomaca's picture

Set up the jugs machine and catch 1000 per day.

GB Jacker's picture

Can't to hear how much John Kirk hates this pick, the last pick, the 5th round pick, Brian Gutekunst, Ted Thompson, Cheese, America, God, Humanity and all you folks with 'loser mentalities'.

As for J'Mon - excited to see how he does in camp. Looks an athlete.

John Kirk's picture

You rang? You like this pick? LOL. I'm sure you do...he's now a Packer so you have to, right?

4.6...then on hand timing after claiming he "messed up" on his 4.6, he posts a 4.48 where you add at least .1 to the time. He's a 4.6 guy. I'm sure he runs faster with pads on than he does in shorts though. That makes sense?

I'm about as happy and understand it about as much as I do taking a PUNTER. Let's spin that one into something, too. He is a Packer now.

You'll be surprised to learn I am BULL-ish on the South Florida kid, MVS. Speed Merchant. I LOVE that pick... it's the only one I'm fired up about.

A kid named Madison belongs in WIsconsin, so I like that.

Nothing else excites me about this draft save for THIS...and hang on, here...

Did the Packers acquire a 1st round pick from New Orleans so they could package it with their 1st next year for OBJ? Rodgers to OBJ? Think about it. The move for the 1st made no sense in the context of moving right back up but when you consider the possibility it was acquired to land OBJ, it makes a whole lot of sense.

GB Jacker's picture

Cool - glad to hear positivity is in your emotional spectrum.

As for the OBJ thing that would obviously be wild but c'mon. Giants gonna keep Eli but give up on OBJ after the draft? Packers gonna take on a player who wants a mega deal when they also gotta pay Rodgers? Thought you were a self proclaimed realist?

The move to get a first makes a ton of sense, they moved 4 picks back with 3 players they wanted on the board, lost a 3rd, gained a 1st! Literally praised by the overwhelming majority of expert talking heads.

And yes, if a guy plays for Green Bay, and isn't a monster off the field, I'm all in until proven otherwise. That's the joy of following a sports team. David Johnson might be 'better' than Aaron Jones, but Aaron Jones is my guy thanks very much.

Also think the punter is a beast. Can absolutely smash it

John Kirk's picture

:) You'd be surprised I'm a deep person of faith and that it defines my thinking daily. Everything works together for good... I went through an aggressive cancer experience and believe it to be the greatest gift I ever received. That's faith and positivity in action. I only bring this up because in your critique you mentioned that I probably hated "God" too. I know you were just piling on but I wanted to give you some context on my "negativity" here.

However, this is about posting on the internet about a game. It's not high level stuff. I don't take this seriously in the sense it's just a game but I am passionate about it. It's a nice diversion from a lot of other things that don't have quite the pleasure ratio.

J'Mon Moore is not a guy I wanted before this started so I don't want him now. I have no respect for someone who banged the table for a guy like Landry and then says he's happy about Jaire Alexander. That's so inconsistent I don't know what to say. I wanted Courtland Sutton at WR. I loved him. We traded to 27 where he made a ton of sense. Instead we wasted a 3rd to go get a CB NOBODY here said they wanted, but then when we wasted a 3rd to get him the googling commenced and MAYOCK SAID... PFF Said... etc. I wanted Sutton before the draft. I'm disappointed. I don't change. I did NOT want Josh Jackson...we got him. I have been consistent on that for months now but now I'm negative because I don't like that pick, either?

I watched Brian's presser last many things wrong with his thinking I can't even type it again. The pick of Burks was a full on panicked reach. It's just a fact. I'm sorry that it is but it is. Do I hate Burks? He is one of the few players I've never heard of. I can google like the rest of us and see he's defined by his social activism and I personally don't understand trading up for a guy who most of the NFL probably isn't touching due to those concerns. That pick was a total headscratcher to me. Madison? Know nothing of him so no comment. We need a T. A PUNTER after Vogel had the season he had? Another head scratcher. Marquez Valdes Scantling? Oh, YES...YES, YES, YES... this is a tool we really need. He fits a niche that is missing and has been for years and years. I am really excited about him. for cut Cobb and Bulaga you're basically paying for OBJ. I'd do that yesterday 10 times out of 10. I'm believing it is possible because Brian is inconsistent. He'd stand up after the move and say character concerns are overblown. We need a quality #1...Adams ain't it... and he hasn't been gotten in the draft. You don't chase Watkins and Allen Robinson if you feel you have a star in Adams. We need a 1...Brian knows it. OBJ is a 1. We now have 2 1st rounders and a punter they might want. Let's see if OBJ comes back healthy. Put this on the back burner, but if/when OBJ is healthy don't be shocked if that 1st rounder from the Saints comes in handy. Very handy.

baldski's picture

I guess Brian does not care what you or the fans want.

John Kirk's picture

That's good.

Spock's picture

jk, Sorry to hear about your issue with cancer. Both my departed father and mother were cancer survivors who lived well past their 'projected' lifetimes. I wish you the best. But, for someone who claims to be driven by their faith (I was raised Catholic but I am an atheist. I could go into that but I try to keep politics and religion out of my Packer commentary) you seem IMO to have forgotten the basic teaching of "Love thy neighbor like thyself." I, personally, try to live by the golden rule, but I admit to failing that at times. I am constantly astonished by how you to actively depict people you've never met with what IMHO is essentially slander, innuendo, and character assassination based on your "insight" from watching press conferences, reading their answers (often taken out of context) to questions from the press, etc. John, I think deep down you are probably a nice person, but the way you come off in your commentary -to me- is IMHO something maybe you should take a step back and look at with fresh eyes. Goodness knows, we probably all should do that more than we do and I'm not absolving myself from being judgmental. I think you are a passionate man and that you truly believe in what you are writing. I'd like to think I'm the same. I'd like to think if we ever met we'd be friends with different 'viewpoints'. Just my "two cents". Best wishes for your health.

John Kirk's picture

Thanks, Spock... As I said, it was a gift. Sorry, about your parents. It's an awful disease. I feel guilty sometimes I got to stay while losing people in my inner cancer circle who are gone now. That is hard. No worries about my current health. I'm C free. Expected to live out a full existence as if it didn't happen, but I also know...Once a cancer patient, always a cancer patient. Those I lost both had significant adjustments to earlier positive prognoses. I understand that any day things could swing for me. That's why I can't stand all this waste by the Packers. :)

I haven't forgotten it at all. The golden rule is paramount. I would expect if I was inconsistent, Illogical, a liar, etc... someone would bring it to my attention. You feel I lack certain things and have told me. I applaud you for the life advice, again...this time on the spiritual vane. You have to excuse me for not considering it all that much when you tell me you're an atheist and you're telling me how to live my faith. I won't tell you how to live your life. You've heard and are aware and have rejected. Not my place. You, however, think it is your place but only because you don't like my views on the Packers. BTW, I do love my neighbor like myself. I'm more critical of myself as's not even close. I'd have to love myself better.

Cite an example of slander or hate I have posted here. I'd like to see it and consider it with the fresh eyes but I have to be made aware of it first. You say I take things out of context...ever consider it's you who doesn't understand the context or misses it altoghether? You'll notice I'm careful not to get into slamming matches with people here. I don't like to return fire with fire. That's not me.

I'm sure we'd get along famously in real life. You will never like my Packers thoughts and I probably wouldn't yours either. That has nothing to do with anything, though. It's amazing to me how much that is made into something here. How I feel about the Packers is irrelevant...and same goes for you and everyone else. It's too bad that a "band of brothers" gets together and tries protecting the shield. It's cute.

Being a fan shouldn't be like being in a cult. I won't play that way. It's striking how many care that I don't "play along". I'm shunned. It feels an awful lot like a cult. If you don't say good things about the draft you:

1) Are unhappy in your own life
2) Aren't a positive person
3) Are a slanderer
4) Character assassin
5) Pompous
6) Despicable

I think I've read all those about me over the last week or so. When it comes to sports, I always played hard. If I played against my best friend, he was my biggest enemy while we were playing. The second it was over he was my best friend. I have a bit of that mentality when discussing this as it reminds me of happy times as a kid playing games. This is as close to it as I'll ever be again. If that's a flaw, then it's a flaw. I don't hate Brian Gutekunst, Ted Thompson or Mark Murphy. I stand behind what I've typed about all of them here.

Again, please cite an example of the things I do that you think I should take a step back from and I will.

dobber's picture

Is there a college prospect in the country that there will be LESS film on than Alabama's punter?

Spock's picture


chugwater's picture

SEC team so he went up against Alabama, LSU, Georgia, and Florida corners. Top competition.

HankScorpio's picture

And he was productive vs that competition.

Bedrock's picture

He has better combine quickness than Greg Jennings did.

dobber's picture

His strength and agility numbers are good. Is he a 6-3 slot?

CJ Bauckham's picture

4.48 at his pro day. Seems a little boom/bust.. Could be a beast. Definitely a project. Let's coach him up!

Bedrock's picture

That actually has his measurables very similar to Jennings

Hawg Hanner's picture

not 4.60!!!! Okay that is comforting

John Kirk's picture

It is 4.60...that is his electronically timed speed. On a stopwatch he came in at 4.48 but you have to add at least .1 to the time on hand timing to get an accurate reading. So, yeah, he's a 4.6 guy.

croatpackfan's picture

No, he is not. He had bad day, so what. Or your standards are to high for everyone? How happened that you are still alive? With the standards you insist everybody to have, you just sound either ridiculous or false...

baldski's picture

Remember Jerry Rice? His workout speed was slow too and when asked why, he replied that no one was chasing him then.

dobber's picture

I'll have to remember that line!

John Kirk's picture

My standards are trying to see things objectively, Croat. He ran 4.6 electronically timed. The timer didn't lie. He claimed he "messed up". Maybe, he did? I don't know. He then ran at his pro day on a stop watch and ran 4.48...add at least .1 to that time and you have at very least 4.58...that's close enough to 4.60 for me to say the electronic time was correct and he didn't mess up unless he's claiming he messed up again at his pro day which I haven't read.

Why are these issues so inciteful to you? He runs 4.6... it's amazing that everyone knows he's faster than that because he's a Packer. Had he been drafted by the Bears, Lions or Vikings he's a 4.6 guy but not when the Packers take him...we have to rewrite and justify not accept reality.

How am I still alive? Grace of God. What standard am I insisting on? The truth? Reality? What are you representing? Falseness and fantasy? You want me to lose credibility because I love the Packers like you? No thanks. I like the truth and reality a lot better than falseness and fantasy. Don't you?

Chuck Farley's picture

4.6 at the combine, reason round 5

John Kirk's picture

4th round, Chuck, but that did have a lot to do with his 4th round selection. The idiocy of the other 31 teams that they didn't know he's actually faster than 4.6 and should've taken him earlier.

He is like Burks in that he was the football player responsible for the Missouri football team getting involved in that protest situation a couple of years ago. We took two activist players that I think other teams were shying away from. I guess Brian thinks that fits into our locker room. Perhaps, Brian thought they should've gone higher and he saw value where others saw social activism and stayed away?

Bure9620's picture

Amazing 3 cone, love his upside, needs to sit in front of a jug machine all day

Rossonero's picture

I like this pick. Considering he cut his teeth in the SEC, I like his physical traits and upside. I think he'll be able to contribute by 2019.

4thand1's picture

Jerry Rice 4.55 4.59

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Rice improved his speed with ridiculous workout regimen. Those numbers are very deceiving.

John Kirk's picture

Plus, Jerry had hands. Go google the story behind Rice's time. It's good stuff. Rice was taken in Round 1 from literally Nowhere State. J'Mon wasn't and for good reason. He's like drafting Dorial Green Beckham. Will he be any better than that washout? It's not likely.

4thand1's picture

You woulda bitched no matter who was taken when and where cap'n kirk.

John Kirk's picture

Wrong. I LOVE MVS! Go look. I went bananas when we drafted Aaron Jones...he was one of my favorites in the draft last year. I like who I like. It's funny how because I don't gush over every pick that I must just hate all of them? No.

I said long before the draft I didn't like Josh Jackson. I didn't then...don't now. Him being a Packer doesn't change a thing for me other than I hope I'm wrong about him now.

baldski's picture

Yesss!!! He said no one was chasing him at the workouts.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

This is a guy I wanted on our team, so I'm very pleased.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I love this pick. I think AR is going to love him, too.

He isn't the speed guy I was looking for, but I think he can do many of the things Davante does and is 3" or more taller.

croatpackfan's picture

I agree with you...

holmesmd's picture

Well St Brown sure the heck can run! 6’5, 213 and ran a 4.43! We hauled in 3 large fast receivers. I’m quite pleased. Some people will never be happy. I challenge them to submit their resume to take over a talent scout or GM role with a pro team. Let us know when you get hired! Lol.;)

Spock's picture

holmesmd: Well, on MY resume I could say I read CHTV every day! That should automatically put me ahead of the competition!!!! :)

stockholder's picture

Can we see Ross' board again? I want Moore, Brown, and Valdez on the field. I still think Cain could have worked too. With so many SHORT, slow, Cbs. These guys will rule. The experiment is over. Davis, Allison, and Clark all had their chances. This is such a great change of pace. Tall , long arms, with speed. I see 4 Wrs on the field. Moore, Brown,Valdez and Cobb. Bombs away!

Nick Perry's picture

LOL....And Stockholder still leaves out Adams... You ARE consistent my friend!

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