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Packers Select WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling in 2018 NFL Draft, Round Five

Packers Select WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling in 2018 NFL Draft, Round Five

With their third of three fifth-round selections in the 2018 NFL Draft, the Green Bay Packers selected USF wide receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling at No. 174 overall.

This was Green Bay's second selection in the last three slots. They drafted Alabama punter J.K. Scott at No. 172 overall.


6-4, 207 pounds, 4.37 40, 30.5" vertical, 124" broad jump, 15 bench reps, 6.85 3-cone drill (Pro Day), 4.17 20-yard shuttle (Pro Day)

Career Notes: 

Valdes-Scantling played for the North Carolina State Wolfpack from 2013-2014 before transferring back to the University of South Florida. He redshirted in 2015 as a transfer student before starting all 13 games in 2016, registering 22 catches for five touchdowns and averaging 18.9 yards per reception. He led the team in his final season with 53 catches and six touchdowns. Valdes-Scantling dropped one pass on 43 targets in 2016, but that number jumped to nine drops on 97 targets in 2017, according to Pro Football Focus. Draft Profile

Scouting Report: Nice-sized receiver coming off a career campaign. Fluid, smooth and plays with both focus and concentration. Extends his hands to offer the quarterback a target, displays both soft and strong hands and consistently snatches the ball cleanly away from his frame. Makes difficult catches in a crowd, uses his frame to shield away defenders and works to make himself an available target. Strong running after the catch, possesses solid speed for his size and gives effort blocking. Tall, lanky but physical wideout. Has plenty of room to grow into his frame. Impressive, deceptive speed. Somewhat twitchy and balanced for his size. Decent long speed. Raw in his route running. May get hurt by physical cornerbacks at the line. Has a Brandon Lafell feel to his game.



After drafting J'Mon Moore earlier, the Packers provided Aaron Rodgers with another aerial target for him to help grow. It helps somewhat soften the blow of losing Jordy Nelson -- and Jeff Janis.

The Packers still had Equanimeous St. Brown on the board as well when they were picking at No. 174, however, they felt more comfortable with Valdes-Scantling, evidently. There's suddenly a lot less urgency in the Packers' receiving corps, along with the addition of Jimmy Graham, who's expected to play a significant role in the slot as well despite being the team's starting tight end.


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV. He's the voice of The Leap on iTunes and can be heard on The Scoop KLGR 1490 AM every Saturday morning. He's also a contributor on the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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4thand1's picture

4.37 40 at 6' 4" ?

Zachary Jacobson's picture

He's a freak.

The TKstinator's picture

The kind you don’t take home to mother.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

No matter how fast and big a WR is I don't get too excited if they never extend their hands to pluck the ball. I assume there are no highlights of him doing it because he dropped those balls.

4thand1's picture

If he takes the top off a defense and can catch, I'll throw my mother out TK

The TKstinator's picture

Would you
Throw Momma from the train?

fthisJack's picture

30.5" vert? sup with that?

Spock's picture

jeremyjjbrown, From the write up in the article above: " Extends his hands to offer the quarterback a target, displays both soft and strong hands and consistently snatches the ball cleanly away from his frame."

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Well, from

- Too much body catching
- Hands are small for his size and he suffers from focus drops

More important to me, I didn't see him do it once in any of the highlight reels I watched. St. Brown did it on literally the forst clip I saw. So if he can great, I'll be excited to see it.

John Kirk's picture

Had one drop as a Junior and 9 as a Senior. 9 out of 63 is just terrible. That was in warm weather, too. Maybe, his hands sweat a lot.

Should be an adventure to see if he comes down with it.

Coldworld's picture

Good at catching away from his body per scouts. May not have as much vertical as others but he has speed. That is just as effective if he doesn’t need to body catch.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

A tall burner with a lot to learn. I'd say he's Janis-like, but he sounds smoother and more natural. Just raw.

I like both wideouts we've taken, and I thought the punter was a good pick, too.

The WR position will be a scalding hot competition in camp!

Turophile's picture

Perfect size/speed project. If he can learn to play up to his size and speed he could be something. Someone to run past WR Michael Clark (6'6", 4.56 speed)

William Dickson's picture

I could not agree more Mr Peth, but I must say this punter better be on our team in 2025 but I think it's a good call ,he's clutch, he's been good for years, and he's played at Alabama.
With all that said I'll give this draft a B depending on where we get that number one pick next year from NO.

Bure9620's picture

Jeff Janis

Coldworld's picture

Janis was a great gunner but this guy can apparently catch away from his body. Size and speed apart, the only common trait is a need to improve route running. Would seem better odds than Janis. Hopefully he can be as good a special teamer

Bure9620's picture

I hope so, his film suggests his route running and route tree concepts are more advanced than Janis (not saying much).

jeremyjjbrown's picture

"but this guy can apparently catch away from his body."

Got tape? Because I didn't see him do it in the highlights I watched. I'd be excited if he does.

Slim11's picture

Jeff Janis+

I saw a couple of his games late last season. I like his speed but the hands are much better than Janis’.

Bedrock's picture

Everyone clamoring for a size/speed he is.

John Kirk's picture

NY has OBJ...for now... We have MVS... Burn, baby, burn.

This is the exact diversification our WR portfolio has needed. Finally, not a 7th rounder or UDFA to try and find it. He was a guy I had on my radar for later in the draft due to his size speed ratio. I'm tickled he's here. Can he play in the NFL? I don't know...but I LOVE the thinking. It makes sense to me. I hate almost all the rest of this draft save for getting a 1st because I don't understand the thinking.

Speed...MV-S for speed. Thrilled.

fthisJack's picture

you must have cried when we didn't draft Chark.

John Kirk's picture

Not at all..didn't want him.

holmesmd's picture

0.1 of a second in the underwear olympics is negligible IMO. Watching a player move in a game is a better metric, albeit subjective. These guys that spend their entire careers watching football players run are probably fairly accurate I would hope? I like the 3 WR’rs we took as I believe they are all big and fast as it pertains to game speed. The WR room is no longer the “slowest in the NFL”. That alone has to be a good thing, right? Of course we won’t know until getting thru camp but I have a very tough time feeling badly about any of these WR’s that were selected. Time will tell all.

John Kirk's picture

One of the guys you're talking about ran 4.6 and you're talking about us not being slow? MVS can fly. ESB is not a blazer...4.48 is not special speed. MVS has special speed in the 4.3's at 6'4. That's something to get fired up about.

I feel a lot like I did after the draft last year. I liked 2 of the 3 RB's and I like 2 of the 3 WR's...and was pretty disappointed with the rest of the draft just like this year save for Donnerson in the 7th whom might be my favorite of them all. I love those small school diamonds in the rough who have those incredible metrics. A true a Keith McKenzie from Ball State who was one of my favorite Packers. Very excited to see the big WR's run and Donnerson come off the edge.

Coldworld's picture

The 4.6 ran a well documented 4.6 later and plays fast on copious tape. Moreover lightning fast in short area. Not worried.

I think these guys bring speed and diversification. Allison is fine but we meet boundary receivers and legitimate deep threats. They got a group which potentially brings both and they got it at great value.

tm_inter's picture

4.37 40 at 6' 4"! Wow!
He can start as gunner, at least.

AgrippaLII's picture

I'm with you...this draft looks like Ted Thompson 2.0 to me.

Bearmeat's picture

Round 1 and Round 3 were definitely not TT. Round 2,4,5? Yeah.

AgrippaLII's picture

Please...get real. TT was the King of trading back. This draft looks like drafts past. Draft the same type players over and over...and expect different results. What's the definition of insanity?

Coldworld's picture

Not seeing similarities being particularly strong. Big fast corners and receivers have not been all that common. Ok, they all play football, but beyond that I think there is a definite clear out going on, not a continuation.

dobber's picture

If you paint with broad enough strokes, everything can look similar.

John Kirk's picture

Josh Jackson is a classic Ted pick. Guy ran 4.6 and 4.56 at the combine. He's very slow for a CB. Reminds of Gunter. Sure, he's skilled like Gunter was but the speed was too much of an impediment to overcome. I think the same of Jackson especially if he's going to have to play press. Leave him back in zone and he might be okay, but not in man.

Jaire was like drafting Shields...not sure they would've drafted Jaire if we hadn't formerly had Shields.

The 3rd rounder, Burks, is similar to Josh Jones... he goes against Ted's slow white ILB philosophy that he likely adopted because he was one. That is the biggest change to me. Brian realizes speed is a must especially in the middle of the field where this team got torched year after year. Whether Josh Jones and Oren Burks are answers is a totally different question. Both picks are to be applauded for the mindset in making them but they both might be busts.

This draft reminded heavily of last year's... just flip the RBs with the feels the same. No player to get overly excited about in 1st 3 rounds just like last year. Packers are FAMOUS for taking no sizzle up high. It's a trademark. We got little sizzle again this year and yet another year with no gamebreaker up high for the O. I don't like the philosophy of our org. That ain't wrong.

Duneslick's picture

IF my memory serves me correctly Jaskson ran a 4.56 his first 40 and a 4.49 the second. Jackson said he slipped a little on the start on the first run. For some reason they did not count his best run and made the 4.56 the official time. I don't know why they did that. They did to several players

John Kirk's picture

No. He initially had a time in the high 4.4's but it was adjusted back to 4.56...he ran again and put up 4.60. One of many reasons he "fell" relative to many draftniks expectations. He was a 3rd round guy, and the wrong guy for us as far as fit. I still don't understand his selection one bit. It's just typical Packers. Round pegging square holing it.

Coldworld's picture

4.46 was at his pro day. Moreover, consensus is clear that his tape supports the pro day or faster. His other combine measurements were freakishly good.

blue eyes's picture

We could only be so lucky to have Alexander turn out like Shields. He was a baller, if you don't believe me then ask Megatron or Dez.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

MVS has been on my radar. Sounds like a good pick. He has a lot of upside anyway.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture


Our whole roster is now WR's!

4thand1's picture

How the hell did he drop to the 6th? 2 big fast WR's to stretch the field .

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Weird, I know. I had him low 2nd - high 3rd.

Coldworld's picture

Lack of productivity proportionate to physical gifts. Is he a baller or an athlete? Good value here for sure. Now we can have a competition.

Bedrock's picture

Yes, another hyphenated and tall speedster at WR!

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Question, Everyone:

We've just taken 3 WR's, and Randall Cobb has refused to take a pay cut.


Big Moe's picture

I told my girlfriend this morning I thought it was likely R. Cobb may not be a Packer this year, looking that way now. wow!

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Cobb runs excellent routes, has good hands, and knows A-Rod inside/out, but...

...he's way too expensive for his recent level of health, and we've got far too many options now. We can't blow over $10 million for a guy who can't stay healthy and disappears every few games. We just can't.

Problem is, outside of Adams, that leaves us without a sure thing. I think the odds are high we'll get a couple guys to come through, but Cobb removes that fear. But at his price? No way.

If Cobb is gone, everyone moves up one spot, and the camp will be a war of sheer athleticism and fast learning.

Bearmeat's picture

Cobb isn't going anywhere this year. Next year? Yeah. He gone.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Problem is, if we keep Cobb, we blow $10 mill on an injury-prone guy who can't play outside, while tying up a roster spot and ensuring one more of our young fleet of athletes will be snatched up after final cuts.

Cobb can play, but there's a reason the team asked him to take a pay cut. You don't do that if you think someone is indispensable.

Bearmeat's picture

I didn't hear anything about Cobb being asked for a pay cut. I heard about Bulaga.... did I miss something?

AgrippaLII's picture

He wants to go to the Giants?

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Good! We can save big $ for our cap, and he can hit the Big Apple.

Losing Cobb would hurt, but I just can't see the wisdom in keeping him at anywhere near that price. I just can't see it.

MytQ's picture

Like the three receiver picks but they are rookies . Cobb not going anywhere this year.

dobber's picture

Absolutely right. Regardless of what people think of Cobb's production under his contract, if the Packers cut him in favor of this group you can likely kiss any shot at the SB goodbye.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Since I give us no chance at the SB this year, that means absolutely nothing to me.

I would LOVE to move his money to 2019.

Spock's picture

ALP, "Since I give us no chance at the SB this year, that means absolutely nothing to me."

You are giving up on 2018 already!!!

Queue Game of Thrones: "Shame, Shame, Shame...."

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

I never even considered 2018 a SB contention year. Not for an instant. Why would I?

More importantly, we now have an entire fleet of young, talented WR's who need roster spots and reps to develop, and keeping Cobb would tie up a spot and send one of them packing to another team...

...all so we can burn $10 million in precious cap cash that we could carry forward to 2019.

That would be insane.

John Kirk's picture

We'll cut Cobb when we need the money to pay OBJ. You realize that's why we got that 1st from the Saints, right? We also took a punter and that's what the Giants need, too. Our two firsts and our punter for OBJ...make the room by cutting Cobb and Bulaga. Now, all of a sudden SB is in the conversation.

Coldworld's picture

Too raw. Maybe in future but these aren’t ready or obvious slot players. So I think not relevant. The justification would likely have to have been on the roster pre draft

dobber's picture

Well stated.

Anyone named Allison, Clark, Davis or Yancey better be ready to bring it in camp.

Bearmeat's picture

I think Clark is the only one with a shot to still make the roster.

flackcatcher's picture

That's MM call. Have to wait for OTA to see these guys. Besides, there is quite a leap from D1 to pro here ALP. Deep breaths, deep breaths......

Coldworld's picture

Yancey is still something of a mystery. He showed some potential in camp before injury. Clark is so raw still, but I think may stick because I am convinced what we saw yesterday was a move to put us in a position to have a settled corps of 5 or 6 receivers (depending on special teams value) that bring variety to the offense once nfl ready.

If I am right, and enough pan out, this should underpin Rodgers’ career. Cobb will be superfluous once that is achieved. Expect him gone after this year. Davis may be gone this year if we find a returner we are comfortable with. He hasn’t shown much and lacks size. Allison may need to be the next slot to survive.

4thand1's picture

Can't wait to see this WR competition in TC and pre season.

4thand1's picture

AR will make these guys a whole lot better.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Michael Clark and Trevor Davis. Clark is a terrifying redzone target. Davis is by far our best return man, and he has excellent speed and hands--just needs to refine his routes.

We have so many talented options now. I really hope we don't waste $10 million and a roster spot on Cobb's iffy health.

John Kirk's picture

Last year's competition at WR was more of who isn't the worst vs. who is the best...hoping history doesn't repeat.

I've never seen a team do what we're doing. All these BIG BIG targets that can run down the middle of the field just like MM lusted for and was frustrated with Ted for not getting. Now, we have them.

If ALL these guys can play it's going to be one of the most exciting seasons in NFL history offensively speaking. The best QB of all time dealing to a stable of giants some of which run like the wind? I mean, that's almost unfair. IF, and I mean IF this works, this could be 2011 regular season crazy good. It's a huge longshot but the possibility exists.

Philbin and Pettine have things to work with. I was already curious about their impact minus pieces to work, they have pieces. It could be very very good.

Coldworld's picture

Wholeheartedly agree with your first paragraph. We don’t know if these draftees will translate, but it is, on potential, a competition in a wholly different league to that of last year

baldski's picture

I can see Arod saying "you two go long" and fire the ball over the shoulder down the sidelines to one of them.

GeorgeSem000's picture

<a href="#">good</a>

GeorgeSem000's picture


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