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Packers Return To Practice

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Packers Return To Practice

The Packers got back to practice today, outside in 35 degree weather in preparation for their visits to...the Metrodome...and then the Georgia Dome. (I swear, one of these years McCarthy will figure this stuff out)

Donald Driver did not attend. While he may have been inside going through rehab, he was not seen anywhere on the practice field. This is obviously something to watch as the week goes on. Driver had indicated through head coach Mike McCarthy that he would be ready to play against the Vikings.

Speaking of "ready to play" if you trust Bob McGinn (and really, who doesn't?) James Starks won't be playing any time soon. He made his padded debut this afternoon - settling a long running debate in the comments section ;)

Ryan Pickett and Clay Matthews were in attendance but did not participate.

UPDATE: Mike McCarthy indicated in his post-practice press conference that Donald Driver missed practice for a personal reason.

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PackerFanJon's picture

If Matthews keeps playing at this level he may never have a full week of practice.

Zub-a-Dub's picture

Even some dome teams practice outside on grass sometimes to prevent injuries.

PackerAaron's picture

I'm mostly kidding with that stuff. I'm still bitter that he didn't practice outside before the Bears game in 2007. ;)

JerseyPackFan's picture

MM need to ask himself "What would Lombardi do?" when it comes to practicing in the cold.

NoWayJose's picture

I like the practice in the cold (at least to start the week). Let's the guys know that the week of vacation is over. Knock them out of their comfort zone. No lolly-gagging at 35 degrees.

Plus, time to start building up that tolerance for games in late January in Lambeau!

Cuphound's picture

McCarthy needs to ask himself, "What would Lombardi do?" more often. PERIOD.

jeremy's picture

They've installed a heated surface on Ray Nitschke Field so the can practice outside in the cold with a reduced injury risk.

Zub-a-Dub's picture

In MM's press conference he stated Starks is one of the 53, he needs to be ready to play. The waiting and evaluation process is over.

I still would like the Packers to keep him off the 45 man roster for 2 or 4 more weeks, giving Edgar Bennett more time to coach and practice the fundamentals in the pass blocking and securing the ball.

MarkinMadison's picture

I agree. Edgar Bennett needs more practice time. I look forward to him returning to the field.

Ruppert's picture

Starks needs to get healthy, then set his sights firmly on passing Dmitri Nance on the depth chart.

WoodyG's picture

Shouldn't take much ..... Nance has 6 rushes for 11 yards in six games ...... Starks might pass that with his 1st NFL carry ......

jeremy's picture

MM said Driver is gone on personal business.

PkrNboro's picture

Speaking of "ready to play" if you trust Bob McGinn (and really, who doesn't?) James Starks won't be playing any time soon.


Wow !
Pretty gutsy... where does he come up with that stuff ??

WoodyG's picture

I'm sure McGinn saw it in a vision or a dream during an afternoon nap ..... How else does anyone project the future based on "From appearances" ??

PkrNboro's picture

I'm a diehard PackerOutsider -- is Bob still fairly smug ?? (and not really concerned about hiding it ?)

I'll laugh if they force-feed Starks with about 30 carries for 250 yards.

I noticed this on JSO...
"Bob McGinn: Season still has potential for Packers"

Ya think? Halfway through the season and we're tied for 1st place in the division. Geez, he's just too charitable.

FITZCORE1252's picture

I really think this 'warm up' for Atlanta is going to pay dividends. Cruise to a W in a loud/hostile H-dome, let our Offense get use to silent snaps and what not... then go shred the dirty birds (which we will do, book it).


JD's picture

I really hope they give Starks a chance. I'm not saying give him more carries than Jackson, but give him some carries. See what he can do. On pure talent and potential he has more than anyone currently on the roster at RB, he just hasn't played in a long time. It will be interesting to see when or if he makes his first 45 man.

Tarynfor 12's picture

This is the week to give him some play time against the demoralized Vikings.
Does anyone on that team think they can run the table,no.Does Rice really want to play his HIP off while going nowhere and risk a re-injury this year,no.Has this team lost what they felt about Favre as they used to feel about Childress,yes.

Play Starks and let Atl spend time on trying to figure out an unknown,it can't hurt us.

Zub-a-Dub's picture

Play Starks and A-rod at the same time?

Tarynfor 12's picture

Yes,not to supply pass protection,but a couple of hand offs and a screen or two,work him into the feel of a game.

WoodyG's picture

Per MM .....

"He's a talented young man. There's no question," head coach Mike McCarthy said. "He had (Peterson's) number 28 jersey on (in practice Monday), and he looked dang good in it. He's a big, physical, athletic runner."

McCarthy said Starks will be in the running to be on the 45-man roster on game day, possibly as early as Sunday against Peterson and the Vikings.

KCousineau09's picture

Just heard on WTMJ that Donald Driver was excused from practice because he was back home for a funeral. He lost one of his best friends over the bye week after a bought with cancer. Very touching interview with Bill Michaels where Donald says his friend died in his arms and his friend was also the one who introduced his wife. Very, very sad interview from Donald.

JD's picture

I asked Mel Kiper today in his chat where Starks would have gone in the draft had he not missed his Senior season because I was curious how much missing that year hurt his draft stock. Here is what Mel said: "If he would have had a year he had as a juinor, when he was phenomenal (1,333 rushing yards, 16 TDs, 4.9 ypc), he could have been no worse than a second or third round pick. He ended up going to Green Bay with a sixth round pick." I still think this will turn out to be a steal by TT.

DAWG's picture

Sorry about Drivers issue, BUT- all saying, this offence has me miffed, a so called power play offence has showed me little, NO running game, OL?-weak!, Rodgers and receivers off target! Consider Capers coach of the yr.!
MM, your on the Chilly watch!!No respect?

DAWG's picture

Just sayin, MM offensive genius by some, out couched by Capers, stir the pot!

DAWG's picture


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