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Packers Reportedly Sign Matt Flynn

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Packers Reportedly Sign Matt Flynn

Per Schefter:


Look for the Packers to place Seneca Wallace on IR or release him with an injury settlement. And make no mistake, the Packers and McCarthy are very impressed with Scott Tolzien. He will be the starter against the New York Giants and will most likely start until Aaron Rodgers is ready to return. Flynn is insurance in case Tolzien falters or (God forbid) gets hurt in Sunday's game.

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Evan's picture

Edit: I suck.

KurtMc's picture

c-ya Wallace. Wow, how bad dis he piss off the Coach. Ok Jordy, start working out, 'cause I not seeing Flynn as even a #2

calpackfan's picture

Well he must be healthy enough, and not sure why but I feel better about our chances now. Anyways, at least "the Bears still suck!"

4thand1's picture

I'll feel better with a win, any kind of win.

I bleed Green More's picture

Yeah a win would be great here.

Mike's picture

That arm must healed quick,

I bleed Green More's picture

Were looking hard for anyone that can stay on the field.

4thand1's picture

MM said Flynn looked good. He's not a bad looking guy but I wonder if he saw throw a football.

Geo's picture

What happened to them bringing in Skelton for a tryout?

some guy's picture

Who cares? Skelton is hot garbage. He'd need several years in the system and some strong PEDs to raise his game up to terrible.

jack in jersey city's picture

they're bringing him in tomorrow

Longshanks's picture

Yep, it's insurance for the following week when or if Tolzein gets hurt in the first series.

Glad to see Flynn aboard and his elbow and head check out. I personally think he's happy to be back. This is home to Matt Flynn. Basically he got paid 16 million to go to jail for two years and now he's back with yet another cushy union job where he really doesn't have to do anything at all again and still collect a paycheck. The guy continues to get lucky. I just wonder what CD Angeli has to say now about Ted Thompson after he ripped him Saturday night. He's been in hiding ever since.


Fish crane's picture

He's in like Flynn!!!!!!!!!!

Gary's picture

That's moy favroit mewvee, baby! Yeah!!

RC Packer Fan's picture

It will be kind of interesting in the offseason to see what the Packer do at the backup QB position. They are really high on Tolzien and were always high on Flynn.

I really like what I saw from Tolzien last week, and I would really like to see what he could do with an offseason to learn the offense.

I think Tolzien will be the future backup, but adding Flynn to the mix will definitely make it interesting.

The TKstinator's picture

Perhaps having more than one non-crappy backup qb could be a good idea!

RC Packer Fan's picture

that would be nice for a change.

I wouldn't mind seeing them being able to draft a QB to develop but its really hard to do that in today's football where every roster spot is crucial and needed for other positions.

The TKstinator's picture

Tough to strike that balance; a guy good enough to inspire confidence without it seeming like he's wasting his career when he really oughta go somewhere else and start.

(Unless GB could trade him for picks, like Wolf always seemed to do.)

jrunde10's picture

Makes no sense to keep Wallace on the roster even if he is out a week because of the roster spot he keeps and there needed to be another back-up

RC Packer Fan's picture

my guess is he goes on IR.

casual fan's picture

Probably a release, I read somewhere they will save a few hundred thousand on salary because of a split contract and it at least appears he doesn't really want to play.

larry valdes's picture

Now that we got two qb where is safety that we need to replace collins and a db that could tackle the defence has lost the last two games .

4thand1's picture

Watched MM's press con. and he mentioned bad defense and was really high on Tolzien. Will the shit finally hit the fan if Eli lights up this secondary and they run the ball down our throats?

dawg's picture

Capers gets all the blame, and nothing on Campem?
Are you for real????

If Capers goes, Campen better go before him!!!!!!!!!

Bull42's picture

Why Campen? Seems like the O line has played well with "blue collar" players. One of our deepest and healthiest areas seems to be the D backs, yet they appear to be underperforming. Does this mean Whitt should be fired?

dawg's picture

Run like hell Matt, cause this OL cant keep you safe! Get some good insurance!

dawg's picture


51 sacks is a record, in one season, by this OL.

Why all the Capers shit, and not Campens OL protection of 100+ Million QB?

Idiot Fan's picture

51 sacks was not by this current OL. Actually, I can't find a year where we gave up 51 sacks, but I'm assuming you're talking about last year. But last year we had Newhouse and Saturday playing significant time.

Currently the Oline has given up 20 sacks (which includes at least three on Wallace, who had a bad habit of running backwards, right into the pass rushers), which prorates out to about 36 on the year.

dawg's picture

WHO is now injured!

Fish crane's picture

This ol?

dawg's picture

Senica looked scared, and was scared, thats why the hammy.

Not my conclusion.

Fish crane's picture

Green Bay is a small place that might be too big for some players. Those added seats makes it even more overwhelming perhaps for a guy who played on poor teams and in relative obscurity for too many years.

PackerBacker's picture

He wasn't scared. He pulled a groin muscle and Tolzien played well enough initially to keep him out of the game. If he pulled a groin muscle he wouldn't have been mobile and that's one of his best traits. Lets not call a guy a coward just because he wasn't able to come back in. That's not fair to him.

TommyG's picture

I don't think he was scared, but his sideline attitude following the injury looked (on TV) to be piss poor. No headset or play sheet, standing off away from all of the other players. I'm sure that pissed off MM. But like I said, that's only what the cameras showed.

Aeric's picture

I thought Wallace's and MM had weird body language together on the sideline right away in the Bears Wallace really didn't want to play or was too cool or his uterus hurt or something.

Bugeater's picture

Weird how this stuff works out. Never would have thought Flynn would be back, but here he is. And weirdly enough, after everything is said and done we'll end up with some quality back-ups for 2014. A case of one problem solving another problem.

I'm very optimistic about this team and excited to see what Tolzein can do against the Giants. Until that final drive, the Packers were crushing the time of possession. They still had a pretty dominating time of possession 34:24 to 25:36. All McCarthy really needs to fix is turnovers and do a little better in the red zone and we're in pretty good shape offensively.

PackerBacker's picture

I'd be more optimistic if two of our starting OL weren't injured. That sucks.

Ranch Tooth's picture

Ah, yes. The ol "Time of Possession" stat. The most overrated and meaningless stat of them all.

PackerPete's picture

not really. it tells you how much or little your defense is on the field. that's why it is so strange that the Packers can keep TOP with such a big margin and the D falters in the 4th. What would happen if the other team actually dominated TOP? I guess the D would give up a TD on every drive then.

PackerPete's picture

ok, Wallace got hurt, not going to rip him for that. but I have my doubts about Seneca Wallace. first, what does it say about his performance in the Bears game if Tolzien comes in against the Eagles, hasn't had more time than Wallace, no snaps whatsoever, not even practiced some plays, and he had at least a few moments when he looked decent? Even worse, after Wallace was out, he was just standing on the sideline with a blank stare on his face. Between series, #12 was talking to Tolzien, and one could see Aaron and Tolzien sitting next to Clements and talking about plays. Wallace nowhere near! That's my main gripe. He wasn't interested. He wasn't interested before either. As a veteran QB, I expect guys to help the younger guys if one has to play. Tell them what you see, how they can improve. That he didn't do that tells me he knows he is finished in Green Bay. On a personal level, it is disappointing to have someone who does not want to be there. I understand he was probably frustrated about being injured, but come on, there is a game to be played and at that moment he was still part of this team. Or maybe not?

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