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Packers Reportedly Sign Free-Agent Kicker

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Packers Reportedly Sign Free-Agent Kicker

If you're to believe the Twitter account of Packers wide receiver Jeremy Ross and other social media scuttlebutt, the Packers have apparently signed a kicker to provide competition to Mason Crosby.

Tavecchio was a former teammate of Ross's at California. He was a street free agent.

Zach Kruse has more on his background and statistics from college.

Tavecchio was born in Italy, according to his online profile at Cal.

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hump's picture

missed 9 extra points?? should be a good competetion!! unless of course they are bringing him in to compete at inside linebacker!

Dennis eckersley's picture

What a name. I'm in.

GBPDAN's picture

Great find Ted

Nick Perry's picture

Wow, what a find. First he passes on Jenkins, Canty, and Jackson. All of those players signed cheaper deals than Brad Smith who he keeps whom he keeps at almost 4 million a year. But hey, we have 7 inside linebackers. Last year he failed to draft a D-Lineman who fit better in a 3-4 than a 4-3. Yesterday he kept one of the biggest head cases I can remember that played for the Packers for 8.25 million. All around the NFL teams lose a player and the GM goes out and gets a replacement. I'm sorry but I'm having a hard time with this in Ted we trust when we still have AJ Hawk, Mason Crosby and. GM that's failed to draft a decent RB in 8 years.

Fish/Crane's picture

apparently one prefers a running back to a ring... Wonder if Lion fans would agree with that BS. (Barry Sanders)

Aaron Nagler's picture

Never mind the fact that his medical staff failed Canty on his physical. Sign him anyway Ted! Rabble rabble rabble!


cow42's picture

we'll see how sarcastic you still are when the Pack goes 7-9 or 6-10 next season.

with this roster and next year's schedule the coaches are going to have to outdo themselves.

and i have zero faith in this staff.

mark's picture

To be fair to Ted, he did draft a RB in the 6th round who helped us win a Super Bowl. He also found a guy selling cars in Florida who has some promise.

That said, I wanted Jackson too. And I'll be bitter if the Falcons go farther than we do.

BubbaOne's picture

I put the probability at 75% that Cow42, Rocky70, and Nick Perry are the same person.
At least I'm hoping they are...that way I'd only have to deal w/ one irrational poster using 3 names than dealing w/ 3 irrational posters.

cow42's picture

yup - agree with thompson at all times or get called irrational.

got it.

hayward4president's picture

I woulda traded all of em but hawk n bishop for elvis.

hayward4president's picture

All I wanna say is this. Perry better not suck like I think he does when he comes back this year. I was not impressed with him at all last year.

Evan's picture

Were you immediately impressed with Clay Matthews? If you say you were you're lying.

cow42's picture

but matthews wanted to be a linebacker.
perry - not so much. and he shouldn't because HE ISN'T A LNEBACKER!

jeremy's picture

Who's Brad Smith?

Point Packer turned Jeff Query's picture

Brad Smith is an 06' graduate of the University of Wisconsin La Crosse. Good guy. Hung out a bunch at the Bodega.

Fish/Crane's picture

I think he also will be brought in to put heat on Crosby.

Zub's picture

I think he meant Brad Jones,

MarkinMadison's picture

Impossible to judge a guy based on Cal numbers which are over two years old. He could also be in and out of the Don Hutson center in a week if they don't like what they see. Definitely not time to get worked up about anything. It's still March.

Matt's picture

This is it the signing that definitely puts Green Bay in the super bowl!!!

dawg's picture

My guess, Ted's gonna keep 3 kickers, rotate them and keep-em fresh!

cow42's picture

i have never heard of this player or watched him play...


...i still think he's better than crosby.

has to be, right?

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Giorgio Tavecchio... Wasn't he Doogie Howsers neighbor?


redlights's picture

I hope this means they're not drafting a K.

Evan's picture

Maybe an UDFA.

redlights's picture

But not draft, aka BJ Sanders; albeit he was a punter.

keeley2's picture

cow42 and his "glass half empty" outlook on life saddens me deeply. But I'm betting I'll get over it.

redlights's picture

I'm not sure why so many get off on Cow. He said that the Pack did better when he was negative, so he's doing his part. Humor him! Frankly, he reminds me EXACTLY of my Dad in the late 70's, which got me off my butt and doing something more productive than watching that poor semblance of a football organization.

Cow is right, the Pack could go 6-10 next year. If Rodgers gets hurt, we'd be fortunate to get six wins; but would then know if Harrell and Coleman have futures or not. Who knows, maybe Coleman puts up 14 wins, and we let ARodg do a Joe Montana!

What I appreciate about Cow is that he names the positions that he thinks need drafting; sometimes even specific players, so he's definitely a fan. Some posters just P&M without trying to understand or articulate their point of view.

Stroh's picture

Saying we need better players at every position including backup QB, all the while saying Kaepernick has revolutionized the game isn't articulating a POV. Its called complete negativism and flat out being a 9ers fan!

cow42's picture


only think they need better players at...
... other than that they're good.

and - nope.

hate the '9ers.
hate that coach.
but, yes - i do think kprnk's will change the game.
and , yes - i believe that they will be gathering multiple rings within the next couple of years.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Oh, and Mr. Ross, how about your next hash-tag be "field the punt"... Bruh.

Carry on.

dawg's picture

TT signed him ONLY because they saw Crosby sitting on the sidelines talking to himself!

Fish/Crane's picture

A kicker should be one...not two...

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