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Packers Reportedly Reach Out to Brett Favre

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Packers Reportedly Reach Out to Brett Favre

Remember after the Vikings game, when an unnamed reporter asked Mike McCarthy if the Packers would call Favre if Rodgers should be out for an extended period of time? Could it actually be happening?


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Evan's picture

There is absolutely no chance this is true.

Michael from Winnipeg's picture

Ummmmmm, yeah.
Unless he, or anyone else, has legit GB Packers press credentials, I call BS.

jmac3444's picture

who is H Blazer and why would anyone believe him

Beep's picture

At first I thought the same thing, but the guy does have some credentials including a vote for the HOF.

Brian Carriveau's picture

He's an office holder of the Pro Football Writers of America, if that gives you an idea of how much he's respected by his peers.

Mr Smith's picture

So what's the validity of his source then? Any word?

Tundra Tuff's picture

I must have slept thru fall & winter and woke up on April Fool's day!

Beep's picture

What is this, CheeseheadTMZ?

bryce's picture


WKUPackFan's picture

Never happened, never will.

Al Fresco's picture

NO but I bet Matt Flynn is on a plane to GB as we speak. He knows the system and can step in. They are saying three weeks minimum for Rogers, so that's three loses and the team is now offficially out of the playoff picture so all those weak sisters with injuries can just stay on the bench, no need to rush to get on the field.
This team cannot win with a 5'8 Seneca Wallace. The guy can't even see over the line of scrimage, he can't run either.

Crefan's picture

I'll bet your wrong on all accounts.

Vulgarmastermind's picture

You are wrong. We Have three weak games coming up, Detroit at home, then 2 of the next 4 games are weaker teams. We hung in with the rival Bears, who have a decent defense.

IowaPackFan's picture

Philly at home, I think you mean

Evan's picture

Eagles, @ Giants, Vikes.

We should be getting Matthews and Perry back in a week or two. Jones is back and will hopefully knock the rust off. Lacy is balling.

No reason we can't go at least 2-1 in those games with Wallace if necessary.

Crefan's picture

Could be another step in the "Kiss and make up" saga.

bryce's picture

They definitely reached out to see when he'd like to have his jersey retired. Not a chance that they asked him about playing.

Michael from Winnipeg's picture


I was thinking that too.

Hank's picture

Hell, I say why not. The free agent market is thin, and besides Wallace all they have for QBs on the roster is Scott Tolzien. Favre rides in, holds down the fort while the Packers are without Rodgers, Rodgers returns and Favre retires after preserving the Packers' playoff hopes. Let him wash off that Viking stain.

denniseckersley's picture

I'm sorry you guys, but Brett Favre winning a couple of games for us until Rodgers gets back and secures a playoff run would easily be the greatest thing to ever happen to me.

bryce's picture

It'd be for sure cool, but there's no way MM and TT go down that path.

denniseckersley's picture

Certainly not. Even if Favre actually was the best available option, the circus that would follow has significant potential for short and long-term damage. However, I am more inclined to entertain the idea after having already paid Rodgers. I think if this were last year, it could really piss him off and maybe affect contract negotiations(maybe he'd understand, but I kind of doubt it).

mark's picture

I'm one of the bigger optimists on this board, but we need to face facts: SENECA WALLACE IS NOT IT. His teams have lost 14 of his 21 career starts, including 7 of the last 8 dating back to 2009. Last night the guy was behind WRs, skipping balls...not confident. The slant to Nelson could have changed/won the game had he executed. He blew it.

The WRs and team said all the right things after the game about standing by him, and winning with him, just as good teammates are supposed to do. But this decision isn't for the players, this is for Coach McCarthy and Ted Thompson. They need to look at the tape and face the music. No room for stubborn hope.

I would feel much better about Matt Flynn, Vince Young, or yes, I will say it: Brett Favre. There's no way you can watch last night's game and suggest Wallace is our best chance to win. The guy was bad. Losing 14 of 21 starts (years ago when he was much younger?) maybe the guy IS bad?

Michael from Winnipeg's picture

Maybe the guy needs reps?

If you dont practise with the 1s at all, how are you expected to play well? No backup plays well, unless their playbook is set up for high schoolers.

mark's picture

To quote Bad Santa,

"Wish in one hand, shit in the other. See which one fills up first."

Bert's picture

Favre was on TV last week complaining of memory loss issues. No way. I mean you gotta to remember the plays right?? I think.

Chris's picture

lol farve dont need a playbook he threw a td without remembering how

Timothy's picture

Please bring him back.
That would be the greatest thing of all time.

calabasa's picture

My initial reaction is horror. But then I daydream about Ol' Balls slinging' them around Lambeau and I say why the hell not? It's only entertainment, after all.

Albert Lingerfeld's picture

We spend more time talking about injuries than victories with this team. Its a broken record.
I for one think - and this has nothing to do with Rogers last night he has been pretty durable, but I think all the injuries are due to drafting players who were marginal in college, slower, smaller, more injury prone but available in the late rounds because other teams were passing on them for these reasons.
Frank, not longer here Zombo is a great example: Played Div Ia at Western Mich and was often injured. We get him and he is often injured. There is a pattern here.

Point Packer's picture

No way the Dong Slinger is coming back to GB. Doubtful we'll be reaching out to another QB - especially if Rodger's time-frame to return is three weeks, as loosely reported. Start preparing yourself for the Seneca Wallace era in GB. God help us all.

May go hiking next Sunday.

Ranch Tooth's picture

Look! Unicorns!!!

Longtymefan's picture

Per my source. That is crazy. It's not good for either side. If someone reached out from packers I would think ted would fire him. Brett can't play anymore. And he doesn't want to

Tom's picture

They have a Much Better quarterback on the practice squad, then Wallace. He did a Hell of a job at WI. He was a Great passing quarterback, who never got his chance. I'd like to see Scott Tolzein brought up. I don't know about Matt Flynn? I think Scott Tolzein deserves a shot. In my opinion, we'd have a better chance with him. I don't think they should even consider Wallace.

L's picture

I agree. The only reason the Pack signed Wallace was because he was suppose to be capable of stepping-in in an emergency and managing the game (couldn't even do that last night). Those years of experience were suppose to mean he wouldn't find the game to big and to fast for him; that he wouldn't look lost or scared, yet that's exactly what I saw from him yesterday. He looked like someone who was playing their first NFL game ever and wasn't comfortable by the speed of the game or sure of themselves in getting the job done. Granted he wasn't as prepared as he could've been but that's also a big reason why I believe the Pack signed him b/c he could be ready in emergencies. Hell, look at the job Josh McCown did last week stepping-in for Jay Cutler; he didn't look completely overwhelmed by the game despite having less prep time than the #1 QB did he? Answer: No.

I also think the Pack should bring up Scotty to man the helm next week and possible bring-in Matt Flynn or V.Young or haha... B.Favre to be a 3rd/2nd QB on the 53 or if not one of those two see if BJ.Coleman can return to the team's PS to serve as a 3rd back-up that's not on the 53 (I'd lean this way b/c it would mean no other roster moves would be needed). I don't believe any of them could be worse then what Wallace looked like last night. I'm a big Ted Thompson fan (In Ted I Trust -- usually), but he truly F'd up the back-up QB spot this year in a major way. Why the hell didn't we simply keep BJ.Coleman, V.Young, or G.Harrell over S.Wallace if it meant we were going to get someone who looked like they shouldn't be playing the game anymore when needed? At least any one of those guys would have had additional time to get more comfortable (really looking at V.Young) at the #2 spot given that this is the middle of the season now.

Tom's picture

I sure hope someone on the Green Bay staff knows they have a Good quarterback in Scott Tolzein. He couldn't unseat Rivers in SD, & then he went to San Fran. This guy deserves a chance. He was always a good heady quarterback at WI. A good passer, & definitely better than Wallace. I sure hope someone speaks up for him. Well, I am!!

Zorro's picture

This would be the best thing ever. Even if GB were to lose all three games, all wounds would be instantly healed and it'd probably be the craziest sports story ever.

gbfaninmn's picture

Call me bitter but seriously if Brent steps one foot on to the field in green and gold I'm done with this team till TT is gone.

Pack66's picture

Seneca Wallace sucks...Tolkien..who the hell is he? Didn't he write, LOTRs?

BRETT FAVRE IS THE ANSWER...He will win these games...but if he gets in there, Awad isn't getting his job back...

Favre will take the Pack back to the promised land and a SB...and Rodgers can nurse his injury and drink his milk. Favre never would have gone out with such a sissy injury...Hell, he can play in his CROCS and short pants and take the Pack to the playoffs while scarfin' on some RIBS...

FAVRE = SB, baby..

pooch's picture

Of course Farve now have shaken baby syndrome and his quality of life will spiral down from here cause he didn't have the sense to remove himself when injured.

Pack66's picture're a bitter wittle baby...


Lennysmalls's picture

Lingerfeld makes a great point here. It could very well be the fatal flaw in Thompson's strategy. Draft as many players as you can, hit on a third of them, coach them up into great players, pay them when they get to free agency, let the chaff take a hike. Trouble is, what if you've neglected the durability variable throughout?

Obviously football is a violent sport and injuries will occur. A great offensive line probably wouldn't have prevented the Rodgers injury last night. Nonetheless, we need an analysis of how often packer starters have missed games due to injury versus the other teams since Thompson, and also an analysis of how often his draft picks have missed games in college due to injury versus other players at other teams. If there is no difference in the latter analysis, but more injuries for the Packers in the former analysis, then we may be able to place blame on the strength and conditioning and coaching staff for how they practice.

I personally believe that bringing in some free agents to fill a need and have proven durability would circumvent this perennial problem of injuries upon injuries as well.

Nononsense's picture

With Starks and Lacy running as they are who needs a QB anyway. Run those guys till their wheels fall off. Throw in some Johnathan Franklin screens and dump offs and maybe even run a little read option or wildcat.

I have to admit though, I would welcome Favre back with open arms if he could find the desire to play again. Sadly there's almost zero chance of that happening. He'd go from zero to hero real phucking quick to be anybody that's still holding a grudge.

Raz's picture

Lets go wheel out Bart Starr or maybe Johnny Unitas (yeah he's dead but he would do better than Wallace!!)

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