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Packers Reportedly Prepared to Let James Jones Walk

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Packers Reportedly Prepared to Let James Jones Walk

Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a source that says James Jones has not been offered a contact to remain with the Packers, and most likely won't be.

Jones's agent, Frank Bauer tends to agree, saying, "I don't think Ted Thompson wants him."

Many factors contribute to the Packers possibly moving on from Jones: the vast talent of incoming wide receivers displayed at the 2014 combine, Jones's age, and the emerge of Jarrett Boykin last season for the Packers.

Says McGinn,

Probably even more significant was the development of Jarrett Boykin in 2013, his second season in Green Bay. Playing behind Jordy Nelson and Jones during Randall Cobb's absence because of a broken leg, Boykin caught 49 passes for 681 yards, a 13.9-yard average and three touchdowns.

Just as Jones was one of the players that ultimately made Greg Jennings expendable last March, Boykin is one of the players making Jones expendable this March.

In 2012, Jones led the NFL with 14 touchdown receptions and after last season moved up to 12th on the Packers all time receptions list.


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PackerPete's picture

With all the upgrades needed at other positions JJ simply is not needed. One can find a no 3 or 4 WR for much less money. I do like him but he is simply too expensive

Arlo's picture

A WR in round 3 in May will make JJ expendable. Any injuries to Nelson and/or Cobb and a regression from Boykin (one year is still only one year) and #89 would still look good in G&G in 2014. I just don't think it will happen.

Good or bad, the greatest roster shake-up in GB in many years will start in about two weeks.

ATS's picture

They're just letting the market determine his value.

Can't keep everyone.
JJ's 30 and coming off a knee injury.
If he comes cheap - cool. If not - thanks for some great memories.

Don't underestimate White. I like that guy. There are lots of teams with worse #3 and #4 receivers than Boykin/White.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Arlo, I think we should take all the money we can save by letting James Jones go, & give it all to A.J. Hawk. He is apparently the Best we have on Defense. He's had a Career year, & as Arron Nagler told me, a Pro Bowl caliber year, ( both of which I missed). I would think a player of his caliber should be in for a Big Increase in salary, or a huge extention of his contract, maybe another 10 years.

Arlo's picture

Biting sarcasm.
How about a few facts to clear the muddied waters that always seem to follow AJ. (Pro-Bowl ? --- Unlikely)

"He played more snaps (1,059) than ever before and registered three turnover plays after being shut out the past two years. He led the team in tackles (159) and tackles for loss (5½), finishing second to Brad Jones in tackles per snap among LBs. He also led LBs by allowing six passes of 20 yards or more (his career-high was 7½ as a rookie), led the team by allowing 3½ runs of 20 yards or more and gave up a career-high total of 3½ TD passes. He blitzed 100 times, more than twice the total of anyone else, and had his poorest success rate (one every 10 snaps) since '09. He also tied for third in missed tackles with 12."

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Arlo Thanks!!, I guess I've been wrong. I can now see why GB best keep this guy. I've seen linebackers all the way back to Ray N. AJ's in a class all by himself. We may have to consider letting Jordy or Cobb go next year. I wouldn't want to see this guy get away. WHAT A PATHETIC JOKE!!

4thand1's picture

Well Tom to Hawk's credit he once again was the last man standing when it comes to LBer's. The one thing he is durable that's for sure. When was the last time the Packers have had a cast of starting LBer's play the whole season. To constantly play with raw rookies and plug ins has to be tough, especially when you're responsible for calling plays on defense.

Stroh's picture

Same can be said for Burnett at Safety. He's kinda had a reliable player, only in the sense he played each week, but he was definitely saddled by playing next to Jennings for the past 2 years! Lets hope that doesn't happen again and we find a FA at safety.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

4thand1, Well, As I've said a number of times, "I'm a James Jones fan" I'm going to be sorry to see him leave. I think he's a much better receiver than he's being given credit for. He's also, as someone said, "A CLASS ACT" I don't believe everything I hear, this time of year, when it comes to free agents. We don't have Cobb or Jordy signed yet, & we don't have that many receivers, that we can let one walk like JJ. I'd like to think TT is smarter than that. Not saying it isn't true, but give TT a little credit for playing the game. If it happens, I'll remain a James Jones fan, even if it's in Purple.

One thing I'm taking comfort in is this, "I know for sure that next year, we'll be just as strong up the middle, as we were this year".

Point Packer's picture

Not surprised.

I have always been a big James Jones fan. From what most say and what can be observed by a fan, he's a stand up guy who overcame a very difficult childhood. He's had a very good career in GB, to this point. Lots of big catches, seemingly a great team-mate.

That being said, I've long thought last season was his last in GB. Boykin's relative emergence combined with the need for a speedy young receiver makes him expendable. I wish him the best wherever he lands.

Hell, maybe he comes back to GB on the cheap as a #4/5 WR. Unlikely, but stranger things have happened. Given his knack for adjusting to broken plays, I can see him being a and reasonable pick-up in Seattle.

Buck's picture

Big mistake to let JJ go. Rodgers fought to keep him the last contract to keep the wide receiver chemistry. Match any offer and we will have five great receives.
Jenison, Mi

Jameson's picture

I'm not sure how I feel about this.

On one hand TT seems to know how to draft WRs. It's one of the very few positions I trust him to draft. And this draft is supposedly deep in the wide receiver talent. Therefore it seemed way too likely JJ was gone and it's hard to think of a reason to keep him with Cobb/Boykin/Nelson plus two talented rookies on the roster.

With that said, all it takes is one injury to Jordy or Randall and Jones would be very necessary. Not to mention the likelihood of drafting two wide receivers that would be ready to play day one seems highly unlikely. I wish there was a way to keep JJ at a relatively cheap price and get a couple more years out of him. GB sorely lacks leaders and he seems like a solid veteran willing to be a good role model for the very young locker room.

Sadly, those reasons are hard for the business side of football which I get. It's too bad. I liked him a lot. I wish him well/success. I just hope he doesn't end up in Detroit, Chicago, or Minneapolis.

4thand1's picture

I could see him going to the Vikes. Jennings and JJ are really close. GJ would lobby for him I'm sure and the Vikes love Packers cast aways.

Stroh's picture

I would hate that, but at the same time I don't see signing Jones to another contract. Hope he goes somewhere in the AFC and gets a good contract! Just hope its not given to him by the Packers. Just don't think putting money into Jones is in the Packers best interests.

4thand1's picture

It looks like they are freeing up as much cash as possible. They said change and looks like the ball is rolling. Hopefully we'll see a couple of FA signings that will make an impact.

Stroh's picture

Agreed. Find me a Safety that is at least dependable, if he's a playmaker all the better. But Safety is the FA I think they need to find.

Bert's picture

I agree Jameson. I have mixed feelings on this one. Given our dependence on the passing game going into the season with only 3 proven WRs is a big gamble. We drafted 2 WRs last year (Dorsey & Johnson) and both made a big the whirlpool. Counting on a rookie 3rd-late round pick to even be a reliable #4 in 2014 may be s stretch. Oh well. I understand we have other holes to fill and only so much $$$ to fill them. Maybe sign a FA or two and draft a WR early.

L's picture

Jones’s agent, Frank Bauer tends to agree, saying, “I don’t think Ted Thompson wants him.”

I don't believe TT doesn't want JJ; but, that he doesn't want to pay JJ what he's probably worth because he'd ultimately be overpaying for a 3rd/4th WR on the team. If he doesn't get traction in FA then TT would probably gladly welcome him back at an affordable cost in relations to the team's financial plans.

These comments from the agent are idiotic IMO.

Stroh's picture

Agree... If Jones is back in GB it'll be on a very team friendly deal due to lack of interest on the FA market. I can see paying him 2M per not more on a 2 or 3 yr deal. Less than his recent contract. Been saying it for months.

ray nichkee's picture

James jones deserves more money than the packers can realistically afford. I would love to see him make his money based on the market. I'm sure we will all welcome him back in a greenbay uniform but we need to focus money on other positions. Good luck to JJ. He will always have his place as a packer-and a ring.

William Serrano's picture

All i really care about is that we re-sign Sam shields, Johnny Jolly, Mike Neal, Andrew Quarless & Evan D-smith. Let everyone walk sign draft picks and non drafted free agents. Sounds like Mike McCarthy would like J-mike back and i would love it. He stepped up this year then got injured. I would consider Nick collins & woodson both great leaders and could show the young guys the ropes even if they play less then 20 snaps a game. Wellonly if nick can be cleared.

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