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Packers Reportedly Not Enamored with Clemson's Tajh Boyd

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Packers Reportedly Not Enamored with Clemson's Tajh Boyd

Long-time NFL Draft analyst Tony Pauline of is at the site of the Senior Bowl practices in Mobilie, Ala. this week, the nation's premiere college football all-star game where Packers general manager Ted Thompson and a good portion of the team's scouting and personnel department are checking out over 100 pro football prospects.

Pauline also has an established relationship with the Packers organization, being interviewed for videos on the team's official website during the week of the Senior Bowl.

So when Pauline talks (or writes), it pays to listen (or read).

On Monday, following the first day of practices for the North squad, Pauline had the following to say about Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd, giving a direct quote from an unnamed Packers scout:

To be sure, Boyd isn't being talked about in the same breath as some of this year's top quarterbacks such as Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M, Teddy Bridgewater of Louisville and Blake Bortles of Central Florida, all of whom figure to go in the first round. But to hear Boyd is not even worthy of being drafted comes as a mild surprise.

Boyd is listed as the 10th ranked quarterback in this year's draft class by (the gold standard among NFL draft media outlets) and projected as a fifth round draft choice.

The book on Boyd is that he's been a very productive college quarterback and good leader for several seasons at Clemson, earning all-conference and All-American honors multiple times. He's the ACC's all-time leader in touchdown passes.

Boyd was even named a finalist for Cheesehead TV's Career Achievement Award, given to a senior for outstanding play over the course of his career, an honor ultimately given to Alabama quarteback A.J. McCarron.

However, good college football players don't always turn into good professionals with Wisconsin's Ron Dayne being Exhibit A.

Measuring in at under 6-1, Boyd is slightly shorter than ideal height for an NFL quarterback and has perhaps been made to look better than advertised by one of the best receiving corps in all of college football.

As a senior, Boyd's top target was Sammy Watkins, who might be the No. 1 wide receiver drafted this upcoming spring to go along with another draftable prospect in Martavis Bryant.

The previous season, Boyd also was also lucky enough to have the services of DeAndre Hopkins, who ended up being a first round draft choice of the Houston Texans and named to the NFL's All-Rookie team by the Pro Football Writers of America in 2013.

Conceivably, the Packers are lookout for a backup quarterback to Aaron Rodgers, coming on the heels of a season that featured a merry-go-round at the position.

Dating back to training camp, the Packers tried the likes of Graham Harrell, B.J. Coleman and Vince Young before starting from scratch once the regular season began and bringing in Seneca Wallace, Scott Tolzien and eventually Matt Flynn.

By the end of the season, Flynn provided steady veteran leadership to the Packers but is now a free agent. Tolzien remains under contract, but Green Bay will have to decide whether to sit tight or bring in legitimate competition.

It makes sense that the Packers could look for help in the middle to late rounds of the draft, seeing as they're simply in the market for a backup to Rodgers and not a potential starter.

But if Pauline's reporting is to be believed, Boyd isn't the type of quarterback the Packers will be looking to add.

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Bobby D's picture

Need to find a steal with experience like the Bears did. MM is not the qb guru he's purported to be & we can't afford to have another situation where Rodgers misses substantial time. Tolzien or a rookie can have the clipboard and 3 spot. We need better than Flynn too. We were lucky not to lose all 8. They should be looking at nothing but D on this trip. That's the phase that was completely exposed when the offense faltered....we're toast anyway without A-Rod. Shake TT, fire Capers and try something new for once like a sensible FA signing or two. Seems to work for ALL rye contenders these days

cLowNEY42's picture

But not so much for all the pumpernickel contenders.

The TKstinator's picture


Phatgzus's picture


4thand1's picture

I was hoping the Pack would have made a play for Cliff Avril. Every time I've watched a Sea Hawk game he seemed to make a big play. Every one knows the Packers need another play maker on defense. They drafted Coleman because he had a "big arm" unfortunately the head wasn't good enough. Keep Flynn hopefully he learn fitting into new and different systems isn't so easy.

Evan's picture

Where would Avril fit in the 3-4? 6'3", 260 lbs. Could he play OLB?

4thand1's picture

That's what Perry is at. Even bigger 271 when drafted. Who cares, as long as he can rush the passer.

Evan's picture

Yeah, but Perry has been learning OLB for two seasons now. Avril would be another Neal-like experiment, learning a brand new position on the fly.

Avril is good player, sure, but I'm not sure he's a fit.

4thand1's picture

Yeah you're right. I remember people talking about he wouldn't fit in GB. You can't spend a lot of $$$ just for a 3rd down rush the passer player.

Evan's picture

I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not...

4thand1's picture

LMAO, no sarcasm.

cLowNEY42's picture

Another reason why I dislike the 3-4... eliminates a roll for 6'4" 270 pass rushers. Also excludes smaller fast ILB's, and explosive DL'men in the 280 range.

Barutan seijin's picture

Yeah, and those 6'4" guys could use an extra roll or two for dinner.

cLowNEY42's picture


Stroh's picture

Neal played OLB at 6'3 275 this year. I think the Packers found a role for him pretty damn well.

Jordan's picture

I don't think Ted Thonpson is dumb enough to waste another draft pick in the first 6 rounds on a QB. He's been there and done that.

I don't fault Thompson entirely as McCarthy told him he was a QB guru at his interview. College QB's are difficult to project in NFL.
Ted Thompson keeps a picture of 2nd rounder Brian Brohm hanging in his office to remind him of that.

I'll bet Thompson wishes that he had that 2nd round Brohm pick back. I know I sure do.

The last thing the Packers need to do is be gambling on a backup QB in the draft. There's plenty of teams (like the Bears) that don't have any problem finding a free agent backup QB that can win games. The Packers need to be gambling on all the other positions that need help.

Personally, I think Christian Ponder would make a decent backup that could win some games in Packers offense as he has pretty good mobility. He might be available. ;)

Last I heard, Brian Brohm was a backup QB for the LasVegas Locomotives <>. He couldn't even beat out the starter for the LasVegas Locomotives.

Hank Scorpio's picture

I agree a little and disagree a little.

I agree that signing a vet QB (be it Flynn or someone else) should be a priority for this offseason. We all saw not having a guy ready to play cost them big-time during that awful 5 weeks after Rodgers went down. Get someone in town for the entire offseason so he can learn the offense and they can learn what parts of the offense he does well.

Here is where I disagree. I think Tolzien showed a little promise and might beat out that vet for the #2. In that case, having a fallback late rounder would not be a bad thing to have. Again, QB is just too important to be concerned about "wasting" a 5-7 round pick.

PS..I think the Packers are set to get 2 comp picks for Jennings and Walden. If TT decides to move back once or twice, he could further create a surplus of possible day 3 picks to use on a QB--without passing up other positions of need.

Jordan's picture

You're argument might hold up if the Packers didn't make the playoffs and get a home playoff game. But the fact of the matter is they did make the playoffs and got a home game and couldn't beat the 49ers with Rodgers.

If they can't beat the 49ers with Rodgers, how in the world are they going to beat the 49ers with a backup QB or a guy like Flynn?

Which goes back to my original point of......the Packers need every pick from rounds 1-6 to try to find a sleeper at any position except backup QB.

My gosh, Matt Flynn played in that offense for years. It's not like he forgot it overnight. Matt Flynn has proven he can beat a weak team/defense. And that's good enough for me to keep him as a backup QB if the price is right. But if the price isn't right, he's not worth it. He'd have about a 1 in a trillion odds chance of beating a good defense like the 49ers or seahawks. Flynn would be strip sacked every other play against a good D due to his lack of mobility.

Hank Scorpio's picture

"Can't beat the 49ers" and "didn't beat the 49ers" are two different things. I watched the latter this year, not the former. In both SF games, the Packers led in the 4th quarter. In both, if the Packers make one more play, they win.

I'm just not into the whole sky is falling thing. Better health and another player or two would make this team as good as any in the NFL, IMO. There are plenty of picks focus on both 2014 and the years beyond 2014.

Jordan's picture

oh brother. I didn't realize you were a homer. My bad.

Who said anything about the sky falling?

The Packers are 0-4 against 49ers in last 4 games.
Woulda, shoulda, coulda.

Hank Scorpio's picture

If you define being a homer as watching two close games (by any objective measure) and not panicking about the ultimate negative outcome, I'll gladly plead guilty as charged.

You may consider that blinding myself to the Packers weaknesses (sort of the definition of "homer") but I would say that I'm just not blinding myself to their strengths. They have good CBs, a playmaking OLB, quality depth along the DL and an offense that doesn't take a back seat to many in the NFL. They don't need much to close the gap to the 4 teams that played last weekend. They can use the draft to double up at Safety, ILB and TE (their weak spots) and still add in more depth at QB, WR, OL and DL.

packeraaron's picture

Perfectly stated sentiment Hank.

The one part where I quibble is <em>quality depth along the DL</em>

With Raji, Jolly and Pickett all hitting free agency, Daniels is about the only proven, decent player at DL. After that there are some bodies and a lot of questions.

Hank Scorpio's picture

Yeah, it seems I am a bigger fan of what they have up front defensively than most people.

I seem to have a more favorable opinion of Datone Jones, Jerel Wothty and Josh Boyd than is typical among Packer fans. I'm not saying any of them are "proven". Obviously they are not. But I'm ok with heading into 2014 with counting on them to assume a bigger role than 2013.

I expect they will bring back Pickett. Jolly, too, if he's cleared medically.

I'm not saying they couldn't use more depth from the draft. I just don't think it is a big need, especially in comparison to Safety, ILB and TE.

So maybe I'm a little bit of a homer. :D

Phatgzus's picture

Good posts (awesome moniker) Mr. Scorpio, I feel the same, though I'm more confident in our TE situation than DL.

4thand1's picture

As far as Brohm goes, he was pretty high on a lot of teams boards. I remember watching ESPN on draft day and them saying it was a great pick. Who knew?

Jordan's picture

That's pretty impressive that NFL teams would share their boards with you or ESPN.

You can't believe everything you hear or read on ESPN especially when it comes to the draft.

Just trust the facts. Brohm sucked. He sucked in Green Bay. He sucked in Buffalo. And no team wanted him to even be a backup QB or third string QB in the NFL. Even after spending an entire off season in McCarthy's world famous quarterback school. lol

4thand1's picture

Yeah Jordan he really suck at Louisville. His senior year he threw for 4024 with 30 td's and 12 ints. Actually he was really good over 4 years. No wonder nobody wanted him coming out of College. FAIL. He did suck in the NFL. He's not the only QB to strike out in the pros.

4thand1's picture

I was saying after they drafted him, DUH!

David's picture

A 6'1" qb isn't always a bad thingas long as he very quick. Connor Shaw from South Carolina would be a great backup. Very Mobile when he has to be. Also he's had Boyd's number 4 years straight. And unfortunately beat the Wisconsin in the capital one bowl. Something to look into. As far as defense nothing like having clowney opposite of Matthews

Stroh's picture

I liked what I saw of Shaw in the bowl game vs the Badgers too. If he's available later in the draft I would consider taking a shot on him. McCarren in the 5th or Murray in the 6th would be fine w/ me too. Haven't studied QB's much if at all. I just know the bigger name/school QB's for now. Probably won't look at QB much. Its not worth the time for a backup.

DAVID ROSE's picture

You gotta understand Boyd looked very good against lesser ACC competition, He did have a handfull of good games, LSU, Jawja, NoHio State. He had meltdowns for 3 years against their biggest instate rival South Carolina. Carolina knew to put pressure on him and he would get rattled !! Another thing rush him from his right, make him run left then he is toast !!!

Andrew's picture

Coming from a South Carolina fan myself, (I clicked the link when I saw "Tajh Boyd" and "undraftable" in the same sentence) (really dont like that dude) Connor Shaw would be a great addition to the Green Bay Packers QB rotation. All he does is win games, and I personally can attest to that. Look at what he did against Missouri this season. Down 17-0 to start the 4th and brought us back to win 24-21 in 2OT. He's a winner. As for Tajh Boyd, look at what he did against weaker schools, Wake Forest, NC State, Boston College, and then look at what he did against the good schools on their regular season schedule, South Carolina, FSU. I think we can all agree that the Nohio State win in the Overrated Bowl is kind of irrelevant, considering the over-hyped status of the Suckeyes and the HORRIBLE referees. Simply put, Tajh Boyd is good against sub-par competition and Connor Shaw is a player you can count on in crunch time

dontagree's picture

Well Boyd throws one of the best and most accurate deep balls of any qb in the draft. Boyd did have great #1 wr last 2 years but he delivered the ball as good if not much better than anyone esp johnny football. Boyd was not heaving prayers and miracles.

He is also extremely tough tho he does make some cowboy mistake ala Brett favre.

Brian's picture

Smoke screen by the pack?

4thand1's picture

Could be. Teams never come out and say, "we really love this guy, can't wait to draft him".

Jordan's picture

Would another NFL team really trust an opinion of the Packers about a QB after they wasted a second rounder on Brian Brohm? I wouldn't.

4thand1's picture

Oh get off your horse. He had really good numbers in college. He was a really good college QB. Not every college QB makes it at the NFL level. How many QB's did the Vikes, Lions, and Bears go through from the time Favre and Rodgers were in GB?

4thand1's picture

How many teams wasted a 1st round pick on QB's.

Evan's picture

Only teams with 100% success rate drafting QBs are allowed to offer an opinion. Those teams are....

Barutan seijin's picture

You guys want to have it both ways. TT gets credit for seeing through the crap, bucking the draft's herd mentality and picking the greatest QB of all time. But when it comes to flops like Brohm, it's "the draft is a crap shoot", "who's perfect"? etc etc etc.

Stroh's picture

Brohm was drafted to be Rodgers backup! Sure it was a missed pick on Brohm and Thompson made a mistake. At least he didn't make a franchise changing mistake on a QB. You know, like Chicago has done multiple times. Minn has done. Why is missing on Brian Brohm such a concern? We DO HAVE the best QB in the NFL and Thompson DID draft him (when he didn't have a need I might add)!

Phatgzus's picture

For every Brian Brohm, B.J. Coleman, etc. you want to throw out there I'll raise you an Aaron Rodgers; good luck seeing that bet.

Jordan's picture

If you read my original post, that's exactly what I said. It's difficult to project college QBs in the NFL.

Thompson got lucky with Rodgers and unlucky with Brohm. Not a lot of scouting, player evaluation skill involved.

Which is why no NFL team thinks Thompson has some sort of crystal ball when it comes to QBs. Brohm is proof of that. Which is why no NFL team would say "The packers think he's undraftable, so he must be undraftable". NFL teams wouldnt say "remember the Alamo", they would say "remember Brian Brohm".

That is all. Carry on.

Phatgzus's picture

By that logic 23 GMs got unlucky with Rodgers and have no skill while all 31 other GMs (including the previous 23) were lucky by not drafting Brohm, yet still not skilled. Yes, that makes sense.

Hank Scorpio's picture

What is your obsession with Brian Brohm? He's been gone from GB for quite some time now. Whatever your obsession is about, I suggest you seek help to get over it. You sound like a fool.

Especially with the suggestion that the same braintrust that drafted and developed Aaron Rodgers is viewed incompetent by the rest of the league when it comes to QBs. I mean, Rodgers is only regularly discussed among the best players in all of the NFL. So it is kind of a lunatic opinion to suggest that is cancelled out by Brian Brohm.

Jordan's picture

That's classic homer speak hank. Who said anything about Thompson being incompetent? Homers always react the way you do. They put words in your mouth. Just like your "sky is falling comment". Classic homer.

This article is about an anonymous Green Bay scout claiming that a college quarterback is "undraftable". My comments merely point out that the packers organization have certainly proven that they are no different from any other NFL team, whereas they do not have a QB projection crystal ball. Brian Brohm is exhibit A. I emphasize Brian Brohm because he was a 2nd round pick for backup QB. In case you didn't know, second round picks are important. Exhibit B Greg Jennings Exhibit C Jordy Nelson et al.

To be honest, your homer comments and defensiveness make you sound like something. But I won't say it, because name calling is also a classic homer response that I should have expected from you. I won't stoop to your level and I'll take the high road. You should consider trying to refrain from putting words in people's mouths in the future.

Good day.

Hank Scorpio's picture


It's a good thing you're not resorting to name calling and stooping to my level. :rolleyes:

And you sure tore apart that straw man you set up. Nicely done.

WKUPackFan's picture

Hank's not a homer, whatever that term means. He's one of the most thoughtful, logical, and considerate posters here. Even on his opinions I disagree with (such as switching to a 4-3 D), I appreciate his approach to the subject.

By the way, nice response Hank. And I apologize, you don't need anyone to stand up for you.

4thand1's picture

Hey cow, log on to WCSN water cooler sports . We can have a real good, smash mouth con. Stroh too. Not arlo, he sucks. It pertains to the NFCN and NFCS. The f word is prominent.

jmac3444's picture

who is this?

andrewgarda's picture

If Taj Boyd is undraftable - a dubious notion - then the rest of the QBs here are destined to be fry cooks. Well maybe Derek Carr can be a QB still.

Evan's picture

No QB named Blake Bortles will be a successful NFL qb.

How's that for analysis?

4thand1's picture


RC Packer Fan's picture

I am very skeptical of QB's that I barely heard of being talked about as high 1st round picks. I know scouts know about these guys.
But every time I hear about a QB that is going to go high in the draft (top 10) I think of Blaine Gabbert. I follow the draft strongly and if I haven't heard of a guy I question him.

This year Blake Bortles is that guy for me.

Evan's picture

A lot of mocks I've seen have the Vikings taking him. That's all you need to know. ha.

RC Packer Fan's picture

lol. good.

Phatgzus's picture

I admit I haven't seen much of Blake Bortles, but solely based on his Bowl performance, I think he'll be a successful NFL starter, and one of the best in this year's draft.

redlights's picture

Colt McCoy. I'm telling you, if Flynn flies; this is the man. But I like Tolzien, too.

al's picture

need a nasty ilb or two ............

Hank Scorpio's picture

One speedy and one nasty ILB would be better, IMO. I've kind of given up on finding a speedy, nasty ILB, much less two of them.

They need to cover the pass in the middle of the field better. Part of that is on the Safeties and part is on the ILBs.

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