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Packers "Reach Out" To Recently Released Kamerion Wimbley

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Packers "Reach Out" To Recently Released Kamerion Wimbley

The pass-rush starved Green Bay Packers have reportedly started dialogue with linebacker Kamerion Wimbley, who was released by the Oakland Raiders Friday.

This via Paul Imig of FOX Sports Wisconsin:

After the Oakland Raiders cut Kamerion Wimbley on Friday, a league source confirmed that the Packers were one of more than a half-dozen teams to reach out to the 28-year-old free agent.

However, the source said, Green Bay has not yet scheduled a visit with Wimbley. The Packers apparently want to see what the market will dictate in terms of contract demands.

To be clear, "reaching out" to a player is far different than having any real interest. As Imig points out, the Packers will wait out the market before taking the next step in a pursuit Wimbley. By the time other teams get a look at the top pass-rusher left in free agency, the Packers will likely have eliminated themselves as a potential landing spot for Wimbley. His price tag should push GM Ted Thompson away early on in the process.

The Raiders also couldn't afford Wimbley.

Former Packers personell man and current Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie was forced to cut the 28-year-old loose after the two sides failed to agree on a contract re-structuring. Due $17.5 million in guaranteed money over three years if kept on the roster past Friday—the fifth day on the league calendar—Wimbley simply had no incentive to alter the original five-year, $48 million deal he signed last August. The cap-strapped Raiders had little other choice than to release Wimbley.

While far from a prolific pass-rusher, Wimbley does have 42.5 sacks and eight forced fumbles in 94 career games. He had 16 sacks over this two seasons in Oakland after the Raiders traded a third-round pick for him in 2009.

Wimbley does have experience playing in the 3-4, as the Cleveland Browns took the Florida State product at No. 14 overall in the 2006 draft and immediately converted him to a 3-4 outside linebacker. Arguably his best season as a pro came during his rookie season, when Wimbley started 16 games and tallied 11 sacks. He has played the majority of his remaining career as a 4-3 defensive end, with varying success.

On 477 pass-rushing snaps last season, Wimbley registered seven sacks, 16 quarterback hits, 40 pressures and 33 "stops," a figure that Pro Football Focus calls "a solo tackle which constitutes an offensive failure." In comparison, Erik Walden—the Packers starter at outside linebacker for most of 2011—had just 3/14/22/19 on 426 pass-rushing snaps.

It's clear Wimbley would be an upgrade, but the market would have to be awfully dry for the Packers to get seriously involved. Keep a watchful eye on the situation, but don't hold your breath. Any reinforcements in the pass-rush are almost certain to come through April's NFL draft.

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scott's picture

the packers future is now!! and they should do more than show a interest in Wimbley. bring him in and find out for yourself what he wants and just maybe he wants not only to get paid but also wants to play for a super bowl contender

Kparis99's picture

Forget about it. No getting this guy, or anyone. Remember, Following the packers in march sucks, following them in January is great.

Cole's picture

I could go into the draft so much more at ease if we reeled this guy in.

Chris's picture


Bearmeat's picture

Not going to happen. He'll be too much $$$.

jack in jersey city's picture

yep. not gonna happen

PackersRS's picture

Packers reaching out means that if noone overpays they might schedule a visit.

Bearmeat's picture

Yep. And even then, the offer will be on the cheap side of things.

In the TT era, the rare FA's he talks to know 2 things:

1. You'll have a chance to win it all
2. You'll be able to live in a small town - much better for a family.

That's about it as far as selling points go.

chris k's picture

Chances of winning the lotto approximately: 18 million to 1

Chances of landing this guy: About the same

Norman's picture

I dunno; guy hasn't sniffed the playoffs in his career, may be willing to sacrifice a bit in terms of cash to play for a serious contender. Although that scenario typically plays out with guys who are a bit older than Wimbley and have earned more $$ thus far in their careers.

I'd give it a least 18 x as likely as winning the lottery. :-)

nerd's phone's picture

Ain't happening.

Jason's picture

Only way this happens is if he takes a pay cut to get a shot at a ring. I doubt that happens though.

We can dream though can't we?

aussiepacker's picture

I know i'm getting my hopes up but he would look pretty good in the green and gold running around with CMIII. just watched a highlight video which got me pumped about this contact. Hope he wants to play for a top contending team and ted signs him so he can concentrate on other problems in the draft. Fingers crossed

lars's picture

Reach out? What does that mean? Every player and agent knows the Packers aren't serious participants in FA'cy---especially in the first few weeks.

This, like the Kendall Langford and Chris Myers false rumors is nothing more than story filler and PR cover. It's not happening-- -at least not at the current market rates. If Wimbley want to play for peanuts just for a shot at a title, then in a few weeks HE can court TT and the Packers.

New cow smell's picture

It would be impossible to have this player be on the packers. Every other team in the nfl might be interested, but not the packers. Every packer player is so good that releasing them to be able to afford this guy would not be possible. Every player on the packers whose contract is running out over the next three years is so good that resigning them will be next to impossible. The other teams might be able to make room on their rosters for a player like this but not the packers. Their roster is just that much better than that of every single other team in the entire league.

shawn's picture

I would trade all 7 of the OLB we have accumulated to play opposite Matthews for this guy. Every one of them is so Mediocre that we could pick up 5 more of them after the draft in Free agency, which happens to be how we got 4 of them.

Sam's picture

The headline of this made me so happy at first then I read it and got depressed again... I would love to see Wimbley in green and gold tho hope all the other teams pass him up.

chris k's picture

We dont need Wimbley! We got Frank Zombo, Brad Jones, Jamari Lattimore, and Vic So'oto!!!!

Lynn Dickey 12's picture

...and Erik Walden, D.J. Smith, and Robert "The Pastry Chef" Francois to boot!

shawn's picture

I'd trade them all for one good player.

Woodson4prez's picture

Dj smith is pretty good....i bet he has a great season

Khawaja's picture

Get him! Just watched his highlights. This guy is perfect! He is exactly what we need. Even a better fit than Mario Williams would have been. Man I hate Mike Neal. First he cost us Cullen Jenkins which single handely destroyed our D. Nick Collins getting hurt was also a huge part of it! Then he gets suspended for substance abuse. he should be released! I think that is enough of this Neal Experiment! Get Wimbley!

redlights's picture


I see lots of people are getting up on the wrong side of the bed with a green beer hangover. Come back when you're rational.

New cow smell's picture

Yup-everything fine. The pack will go 15-1 again next year because they did last year. A center and a pass rush are non essential when attempting to win a championship. It is a fact that every free agent is always too expensive. It is also a fact that every free agent would be a bad fit for the packers. It is also a fact that any weak spot on a roster should only be filled with a draft pick. Veteran free agents can Never help a team.

Brock42's picture

Agree with new cow 100%

Shawn's picture

"Veteran free agents can Never help a team.".....Tell that to Charles Woodson.
You people seem to forget that we have some veteran Free Agents on the team and one in particular has been an anchor on our Defense for a good few years. So yes Free Agent pick ups can help your team.

cow42's picture

dude - i was being sarcastic.

this didn't give it away?

"The pack will go 15-1 again next year because they did last year. A center and a pass rush are non essential when attempting to win a championship."

toolkien's picture

A reason to be optimistic isn't simply that they went 15-1 last year, but that the Packers have been arguably the best team in the league the last three years running, and the man who put that together is still at the helm.

People are using the yardage thing to beat themselves over the head and be pessimistic. The Packers' defense was mediocre last year. It gave up a lot of yards, but it also led the league in takeaways. The Packers were NINTH in QB rating surrendered out of thirty-two. The average points surrendered in 2011 was 354, the Packers gave up 359. A wonderful defense, especially compared to how it did in 2010? No, but certainly not so bad to get so depressed about.

The Patriots' D wasn't much different, and what has BB done so far? SIGNED OFFENSE. The three best teams in the NFL the last three years - the Patriots, Saints, and Packers - are all built the same; great offense and mediocre to fair defense that can take the ball away. Two Super Bowl champs and a Super Bowl loser out of the set. What it takes to win it all is winning the turnover margin in Jan/Feb.

It's amazing just how down people are on TT. They don't seem to understand this is 2012, not 1985. I guess being arguably the 1st in the NFL the last three years isn't good enough. I guess TT is supposed to build the negative 3rd best team in the NFL or pack it in.

Brian's picture

+1...A number of "expert" GM's!

MarkinMadison's picture

Flynn signs with Seattle for $26 mil. Leaves Dolphins hanging. Someone smarter than me will have to tell you whether the Seahawks or Fins would have given him more than $15 million guaranteed, AND handed the Packers a first or second.

PackRat's picture

Wembley = Driver + Clifton

Woodson4prez's picture

I dont think we pick Wimbley up,but itd be nice. Would it kill old Ted to trade up though n make sure we get a good pass rusher!? Im so sick of never making any moves!!

bigunit94's picture

How do you think Ted got CMIII? Did you forget already?

toolkien's picture

"so sick of never making any moves"

Yes, it's been a bitch being arguably 1st in the NFL over the last three years. I want March and April flash, damn it.

Packer fans are breathtakingly spoiled. Perhaps those who want fireworks would prefer the days of Judge Parins/Starr/Gregg making the personnel decisions for the Packers. Being the best team in the NFL TT's way is all boring and stuff.

It's amazing that being the GM of the best team still isn't good enough - gotta be better than number one.

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