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Packers Question of the day - Would Christine Michael be Useful?

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Packers Question of the day - Would Christine Michael be Useful?

As an alternative question to this post, would Christine Michael even see the field?

Knile Davis did, the last running back brought into Green Bay for rushing support. He saw a grand total of five carries for the same amount of yardage. It was a failed experiment that never really got to take off, however, would Michael's arrival be any different?


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV. He's the voice of The Leap on iTunes and can be heard on The Scoop KLGR 1490 AM every Saturday morning. He's also a contributor on the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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Point Packer's picture


Seahawk fan friend assessment of Michael: "Bad attitude. Locker room periah. Fumble prone. Low football IQ. One of the bigger draft busts of the Schneider era."

L's picture

Agree on several of these things:

<> Bad Attitude - that's what I've heard too.

<> Locker Room Pariah - haven't heard this but given the bad attitude that I have heard I wouldn't be surprised.

<> Fumble Prone - yeah, not the best at ball security but it's a part of his game that can continue to be worked on. Remember: A.Green had big fumble issues when he came to Green Bay, but worked on improving them over the years he was with the Green and Gold (not really trying to compare the two, but my point is that it can be improved on).

<> Low Football IQ - I've heard this too and it might also help explain why he wasn't able to make any positive impact on the field with two other teams in between his time with Seattle. This might also prevent him from contributing much here too.

Nevertheless, he's been fairly successful this year running behind a pretty poor offensive line in Seattle (not that the current Packers O-line is any better given the injuries) so perhaps if given time to get comfortable with his role and what's being asked of him he could prove to be a somewhat productive player for the Packers. Also, worth noting is that Christine Michael is a freak of an athlete (99th percentile for athletic ability at running back) so he does have that going for him too.

Ferrari Driver's picture

You stole my thunder.

Point Packer's picture

I'm not saying it is the wrong move. Can't be much worse than the status quo. I'm just not expecting much. Happy to be pleasantly surprised.

dobber's picture

Still better than anything they have on the roster right now, James Starks included. Has to realize he's in the process of washing out of the league and that this is likely his last stop. If he proves to be what Point Packer says, then he's a cut and no real loss.

Razor's picture

Won't hurt to give him a try. And no one can figure out their assignments in MM's super-sophisticated offense.

Can he run the toss play?
Does he have hands of stone?
Can he blitz protect for 4-5+ seconds?
Can he read AR's mind?
Is he overweight?
Can he catch a screen pass that's below his knees?
Can he give MM the secrets to beating Seattle?

Bring him on. Welcome to the No F'ing Chance north!

Ferrari Driver's picture

Made me laugh; worth a thumbs up!

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

LOL. Thumbs up.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

"super-sophisticated offense"

Nah, It's easy. If you are not open on your deep iso route, just run the route deeper next time.

mnklitzke's picture

I have had him in FF all year. He has 6 Tds... Can't hurt any to try him for partially nothing.

RCPackerFan's picture

Lets not forget that Michael has averaged 4.0 yards per carry and has 6 TD's on the year for Seattle. Who have a bad offensive line, and had a QB that was injured for most of the year.

Michael will help the Packers out this season. It might not be this Sunday, but he will help.

Tarynfor12's picture

" Michael will help the Packers out this season. It might not be this Sunday, but he will help."

Because with a loss this week you still believe there's a chance we'll need him to do what exactly? Carry the team to the Super Bowl?!

RCPackerFan's picture

Maybe they will lose. And maybe they will win. That's why they play the games.

BTW, who said anything about the Super Bowl? I just said he would help this season.
Why blow everything out of proportion?

marpag1's picture

"Why blow everything out of proportion?"

...because that's what they taught her to do when she was at the "2016 Trolls A-Poppin' Convention" in Boise...

Curry Rambeau's picture

Why are you making fun of her?

Tarynfor12's picture

Don Jackson is out for season with knee this right.

There goes our playoff weapon.....impressive.

Bugeater's picture

That's pretty classy: bagging on an injured player.

I wish I could dislike this comment more than once.

RCPackerFan's picture


Tarynfor12's picture

Knock yourself out.....You do know that due to his first appearance of 6 carry 10 yard output weeks ago he was deemed impressive and than not seen again until the injury news. I'm not bagging on an injured player but those here who automatically label all impressive after an actual poor showing.

Peppers is age less.
Datone is awesome.
Perry is elite.
Daniels dynamic.
Rich Rodgers is a end zone nightmare.
Lacy is our Marshawn Lynch.

These guys cannot play to expectations whether via lack of talent or constant injury.

They are all impressive though.

croatpackfan's picture

You frogot one line (one person) in your list of descriptions! It goes:
Tarynfor12 is trolling.
That sentence will justify your "They are all impressive though."

croatpackfan's picture

You frogot one line (one person) in your list of descriptions! It goes:
Tarynfor12 is trolling.
That sentence will justify your "They are all impressive though."

Ferrari Driver's picture

Good posts to this question, guys.

pacman's picture

I guess we'll all be watching but the anticipation level has definitely declined. At the beginning of the season, there was a realistic SB in sight. Now it's just because that's what a fan does.

RCPackerFan's picture

Season isn't over yet.. Its close, but its not over yet.

I'm not giving up on the season yet. We have seen other teams struggle through the year, barely make the playoffs and go on a big time run. Packers did it in 2010.

Getting some players back from injury will definitely help.

pacman's picture

That's true for the offense. But D and special teams seem to have some fundamental problems and too many injuries. Nothing that MM/DC can't correct - yet again<g>. I'm just really tired of hearing that.

I have never been a big MM fan for all the reasons discussed over the last couple weeks that now everyone except Packers management and players seem to see. Now I perfectly understand that what MM,etc says in public might bear no resemblance to what goes on in private. And nobody here probably understands everything a head coach does. But we can see the game plans and how they don't work, how AR has regressed, the lapses in the D, etc. It's a lot less fun watching a team fall apart than to watch them battle towards a SB. A lot of people complain how our posters are always worried what will go wrong (Vic used to comment on that a lot). Since 2010, we've seen too many things for this to be just random bad luck.

dschwalm's picture

Believe me, IT IS OVER! (in capital letters, just like Mcfatty). I especially like the comment, "getting some players back from injury will definitely help".
By the time we get the injured players back, we will be out of the play-off race. I think I will enjoy the play-offs for a change because I CAN'T be disappointed yet again this year! What a relief!.

RCPackerFan's picture

Fair enough. You have checked out on the season. I haven't.

Cook looks like he will be back this week. Starks came back last week. Cobb is a week healthier. Mathews has a chance to be back.

They are getting players back.

I'm simply not going to root for this team to lose until its completely over.

croatpackfan's picture

And even if they lose, and have bad season, I'll still root for them!

RCPackerFan's picture

Me too...

I want them to win. not lose.

croatpackfan's picture

Double post!

Tundraboy's picture

"I'm simply not going to root for this team to lose until its completely over."

I must admit that for the first time ever I actually have thought of wanting them to win only one more game, two at most. If we dont make playoffs I'd much rather get a top of 5 pick. We need a real difference maker, whether at WR or LB. That would well be worth the sacrifice. Might also light a fire under them for next year. If it resulted in new GM /HC all the better. One step back and hopefully a lot more forward.

MarkinMadison's picture

The Packers have absolutely nothing to lose by bringing Christine in for a try. Attitudes can change when guys are staring down the barrel of the end of their career. Football IQ? OK that will not change, but RB is not the most cerebral position either.

Razer's picture

...The Packers have absolutely nothing to lose by bringing Christine in for a try...

Absolutely true and good starting point for our new RB.

MarkinMadison's picture

Where's that Christine fan at anyway? I thought for sure I'd see some crowing here about how it was going to be so awesome that a guy better than Lacy got cut and the Packers got him on waivers. Seriously, here's hoping that the guy can play.

Nick Perry's picture

I don't think it's a stretch to suggest he's better than any RB on the Packers 2016 Roster, even Lacy. While I think Lacy was having a fine season he still seemed a little heavy and slow. Drove me nuts that Lacy would break into the open only to always be ran down from behind. If the O-Line opens holes like that for Michael, I'd bet he doesn't get caught from behind or run out of breath.

The positive on this signing is Thompson doesn't have to worry about a conditional pick and cut him after 10 days, no danger losing a 7th rounder Ted.

I think the main reason for this was Rawls is practicing and ready if not this week next, someone had to go.

Bugeater's picture

I'm not sure, but weren't similar questions being asked about Marshawn Lynch when Seattle got him from Buffalo?

Yeah, I know, I'm grasping at straws here. But its been a tough week!

Lphill's picture

Andre Rison came to GB with baggage things worked out ok for him, Charles Woodson also came with some issues. Fresh start sometimes works wonders.

RCPackerFan's picture

Howard Green was a waiver wire pickup in 2010.

This is the write up about Green on Wikipedia.

'Green was claimed off waivers by the Green Bay Packers on October 27, 2010. Green was signed in an effort to boost the Packers' injury-depleted roster. He was an assistant specialist with fellow nose tackle B.J. Raji in the 3–4 defense. In Super Bowl XLV against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Green was able to hit Ben Roethlisberger's arm forcing an interception that was returned for a touchdown. The Packers eventually won the game 31–25.'

Wouldn't it be nice if Michael could have a similar impact.

dobber's picture

Sure, but he's going to have to bulk up a little to play NT...

carusotrap's picture

I'm hoping the guy can play, but what I'm really hoping is that he gets a chance to play.

Curry Rambeau's picture

Yes, Christine would be helpful. If s/he can find a hole to run through. Except for 2013 & 2014 the Packers' running game has been very average. It seems that Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy have little use for running the ball most games. Christine will do fine.

Couch Cleats's picture

I'm starting to think this wave of disappointment is mostly on the fans (including me). The league is designed to help move the weaker teams up and the stronger teams down with the draft slots they earn.

The other teams have professional talent assessors too. It's easy to blame the GM but everyone assumes that the picks he makes were his first choice for each position. We'll never know for sure but it's entirely possible that the first 3 or even 4 players he wanted at a certain position came off the board before he even got to pick.

Then you take into account that the players that he settled for end up on IR and now you're really playing "just guys" against players that you actually wanted.

We want to believe so badly that everyone that make our roster has potential greatness but honestly they're most often over hyped by coaches and the media and we love to eat it up.

The turn over is inevitable and if you have one of the choice QB's you can overachieve for a while but not forever. Hopefully, you can get a resurge of talent before that QB is too old to get it done again.

The real tragedy with this group was the blown Lombardi trophy in Seattle two years ago. I believe we were the best team that year (as evidenced by the whoop ass we put on NE in GB earlier that year). If we had put another trophy in the case then like we should have, I don't believe the team would be this scrutinized with it's current performance. It just seems like 2010 was way too long ago for us all now.

Lphill's picture

Maybe a good approach Sunday is to keep Richard Rodgers off the field , use Perillo who has good hands and is a decent blocker .

GVPacker's picture

Low football IQ and he doesn't know the offense. I'am not expecting much but what the hell do they have to lose. This is a no brainer, give him a chance!

pacman's picture

All a RB has to know where the hole is supposed to be, when to run out for a pass and how to pick up any blitzer. They might have to huddle more but it shouldn't be that hard to tell him where to go in plain English.

The true talent of a RB is just natural ability to read the gap, be patient when needed and to break tackles. That's not something that changes from team to team.

Ferrari Driver's picture

Low football IQ? He was able score a resounding 11 on the Wonderlic test. Try doing that when you aren't able to read.

Spud Rapids's picture

I don't know what he has to offer but it's funny to see everyone ragging on the guy. Everyone complains TT doesn't use free agency to enough or that he doesn't address injuries and needs during the year yet he had taken a run at the top 2 RB's that have come variable during the season. I think if he fails all it should do is reaffirm that Thompson has done things right in the past.

NMPF's picture

Damn you TT for picking up Michael, Thank you TT for picking up Michael. Proverbial damned if you do damned if you don't.

Curry Rambeau's picture

I'm surprised the long winded blowhards haven't jumped all over you for your post.

al bundy's picture

Ya he is a Rhodes scholar that will have that play book down in a couple of days. By the time this gus has a clue the Pack could be out of the hunt. They have two tough road games and if they fail there who cares whether he can run, the game if pretty much over.

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