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Packers Question of the Day: The Future of The Janis

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Packers Question of the Day: The Future of The Janis

You could certainly argue that the Packers have underutilized wide receiver Jeff Janis, who has managed to climb his way up the ranks as one of the most productive special teams gunners in football.

He's currently in the final season of his contract, and while his services aren't necessarily required at the wide receiver position, the Packers would take a hit to Ron Zook's special teams group if he wasn't brought back to the team in 2018.

What do you think will be his future? Barring he doesn't get signed by Bill Belichick's Patriots and get turned into a 2,000-yard receiver.


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV and a contributor/analyst for the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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dobber's picture

Janis isn't a WR anymore in GB.

Every team has roster spot(s) reserved for a guy(s) who really only play special teams. Janis's got at least one more contract coming in the league as a special teamer. Why not in GB?

Tundraboy's picture

Exactly. No need for a step backwards on ST.

marpag1's picture

"Janis isn't a WR anymore in GB."

Indeed, he never really was.

tylerbigred's picture

You got that rights-- Janis just never had it in him to run the accurate routes upon which the Aaron Rodgers passing game is built. He has been great on special teams.

Since '61's picture

Chuck him! Draft a game breaking WR who can actually run routes and catch the football. We can find plenty of JAGS for the gunner role. Thanks, Since '61

fthisJack's picture

i agree..... his time in GB is up!

Nate-1980's picture

I’ve been wanting them to draft a elite receiver in the first round for years.. AR needs a stud, and if Jody moves to the slot, they’ll be almost impossible to defend, plus there’s good rbs now.. If they don’t go wr/olb in the first round, it better be a cb, but I don’t want another 1st round cb really.. If there isn’t a decent te in fa to grab, they better draft one in the first three rounds.. I still think there needs to be a house cleaning, but if tt fails again to address the holes he needs to leave.. The only coach I’d keep is maybe mm, but I’m pretty much over him at this point.. I can’t stand looking at him with the same bs about needing to get better, with the same old crap happening the last few games with Hundley stinking up the place..

RCPackerFan's picture

Jeff Janis should be considered a WR as Jarrett Bush was considered a CB.

Janis is a core special teams player.
I think he could be utilized on offense in certain ways, but it probably takes a different coach/coordinator to find those ways to use him. For example in Philly or New England I think those offense would find ways to use Janis' speed.

I would bring him back as a special teams player, but would also try to find a replacement for him at WR.

rdent's picture

RC, I have to agree.GB's ST's have not turned any heads for some years now, It would be a wise move to try to keep Janis, plus he can play WR in a pinch.

RCPackerFan's picture

They can't afford to get rid of great special teams players for players with slightly higher upside on offense. We have seen that kill us in the past.

2014, that year they got rid of Ryan Taylor whom was a great special teams player. They basically replaced Taylor with Brandon Bostick... I'm not saying Taylor wouldn't have went for that ball, but he likely doesn't do that. He likely blocks and lets Nelson recover it like he is supposed to.

That one move might have cost them the super bowl.

carlos's picture

I agree Janis could be utilized on certain teams. New England would figure something out.

Ferrari Driveer's picture

I think a two year minimum wage contract is in order.

He's a decent guy who causes no problems on or off the field and these days that's worth something.

4zone's picture

Can we trade him to the Saints for Hill?

stockholder's picture

Janis is done in GB. Never to escape the dog house. Whether it be A-Rods or MM. He has a future on another team. This was a learning experience. He still is a great gunner. Someone will give him a better chance than he got in GB.

GRB1531's picture

He has never given less than 100% for this team. Release him and I would think that another team can find a way for him to be more effective and help the new team

Handsback's picture

He's a good ST player. Not sure he can ever be a starter but remember the AZ game!

Tundraboy's picture

Totally unrelated, but I was looking at an article about Aaron Jones record for one play touchdown and came across an old favorite of mine John Staggers. Blast from the past

lou's picture

I remember Staggers well, he played for Devine at Missouri and started his career with the Steelers, He was was small and elusive, a really good kick returner who also played a considerable amount at WR for the Packers who struggled throwing the ball with Tagge & Hunter at QB (I believe they even activated Zeke Bratkowski who was the O-cordinator at one point it was so bad).

Tundraboy's picture

All, coming from back to me now. Thanks. We have always had some flashy returner. Not in recent years, really since Desmond.

Arthur Jackson's picture

I remember I thought he had a cool mustache. Rodgers should maybe take note of Staggers' 'Shaft stache'. Staggers and Ken Ellis cost each other the return crown in '72.

lou's picture

Janis will get his opportunity to play WR next season but my guess is it will not be in Green Bay, someone will take a flyer on him and it could well be the Bears. The Draft & Develop mantra is sometimes knocked but the number of consecutive playoff seasons shows it has worked. In that regard considering Janis skill set (superior size/speed combination plus lthe linebacker mentality he brings to special teams) why hasn't the teams WR/QB coaches and Offensive Co-ordinator "DEVELOPED" him to the point he at least is a consistent contributor on offense ????? Most fans question his IQ (his Wonderlic score dispells that) or his hands (his hands are fine, but he has shown problems tracking the long pass). It will be fun to watch how he does once he accepts an offer from another team.

Archie's picture

".... The Draft & Develop mantra is sometimes knocked but the number of consecutive playoff seasons shows it has worked...."

Has it or have the Packers enjoyed the benefit of playing in a weak division while having the GOAT1 or GOAT2 playing QB?

No defense. Often no run game. WR that can't get open. TE that are ineffective. And now add mediocre OL play. So what is their strength? Play-calling? No. Scheme design? No. I guess only 12. Been more than 10 years since we drafted AR, we should built a much better team by now.

RCPackerFan's picture

'Has it or have the Packers enjoyed the benefit of playing in a weak division while having the GOAT1 or GOAT2 playing QB?'

Can't the same be said for the Patriots? Just comparing the NFC North to the AFC East the North (minus the Packers) over the last 5 years has a combined record of 110 wins, 129 losses, 1 tie. The AFC East has a combined record of 108 wins, 132 losses.

Almost identical records....

GRB1531's picture

I understand that MM calls the plays but who is responsible for drawing up the offensive plays? I never hear our offensive coordinator mentioned on the Packer site or during any of a televised game. What is his function ?

flackcatcher's picture

E. Bennett (greatest 'dirty field' RB the Packers ever had. 1st class Bear killer :) his job is to set up the game plan with player sub packages that MM calls. If you look closely, he is slightly off to the left or right of MM during the games. A good deal of Bennett's time is spent resetting the game plays and player packages during the game it self. Hope that helps.

Tarynfor12's picture

NE, Oak, would be my guess but if he wants a chance for a long stay than Oak is the team.

packerbacker051653's picture

I like Janis very much, but there is no future for Janis on the Packers. McCarthy hates him and won't let him play offense even though he always seemed to produce and score TDs. If I was Janis I would run as fast as I can to get the hell out Green Bay and go some place, any place where I could have a legitimate chance to play. I wish him well.

cuervo's picture

I agree, if I was Janis there is no way I'd come back to GB. As I've mentioned before, besides being one of the top gunners in the NFL (which has alot of value), everytime Janis has been forced to play an expanded role, he has produced and made plays...that is undeniable.

Does that mean he should start, or play 40 snaps a However a real offensive genius would have figured out by now how the get the ball in his hands a few times per game...but we're stuck with MM.

fastmoving's picture

I agree 100 %, he is a good guy and a better WR as he gets credit for. He should try to find a place where they use him and his abilities way more.
I also wish him only the best.

GRB1531's picture

I second that idea. I don't have any idea what Janis did or said to MM but he will never be given a chance with the Pack. Good luck to him where ever he lands.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

If I were he, I'd bolt GB. From GB's perspective, this is a no-brainer: he gets re-signed.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

If I were he, I'd bolt GB. From GB's perspective, this is a no-brainer: he gets re-signed.

Finwiz's picture

I have a very strong feeling Janis is going to land with a team that has a good QB, and simpler offensive scheme, and turn into a star. I just hope it isn't the Patriots because I have visions of Billichick tuning him into 1100 yards and 55 receptions.

GRB1531's picture

I will say this again, Who sets up our schemes??

MM or our OC

lou's picture

It used to be Tom Clement, former Notre Dame QB and CFL Hall of Fame QB and he did quite well in that role. Since he left and Edgar Bennett took his role as Offensive Co-ordinator when he was promoted to Assistant Head Coach Offense it is anybody's guess who has the final say in the offensive game plan.

flackcatcher's picture

See my comment up thread.

Free agent's picture

Odds are Janis will be in a Viking Jersey next season

dobber's picture

These days, the Packers castoffs are eventually ending up in Detroit.

Tundraboy's picture

MM needs to go. For all his genius he does not use what he has until he is forced into a corner. He is his own worst enemy and in turn the team's. Wish he would bury some of the D players the way he does those on the Offensive side.

Nate-1980's picture

Exactly, feel the same way.. Where are the bunch formations to SCHEME players open to help a struggling qb have open wrs..Stale and predictable, he takes multiple games or years to adjust.. 2015 was so frustrating, Jordy goes down before the season starts.. Why prepare for change or adversity??? Then it took him till the middle of 2016 to adjust his game plan.. But he takes full responsibility for it, whatever the hell thats worth.. Answer= nothing !!

MarkAlan's picture

Just shows how weak MM is on talent evaluation ,Janis should be playing

Arthur Jackson's picture

He will be like Allen Rossum who still is #2 all-time in kickoff return yards and #10 in punt return yardage. Atlanta promised he would be a starting CB while the Packers said no so he took the same money to go. Then just like with the Packers he played DB only when there were injuries and deep in sub packages but almost never started.

I seriously doubt Janis can be a good receiver. He's kind of a Bill Schroeder I suspect. If somebody throws him the ball enough and the guy opposite is decent then he can approach 1,000 yards. If speed, size and a couple of spectacular plays were all that was need then Al Davis would be known for drafting the 15 best receivers of all-time.

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