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Packers Question of the day - Takeaways from the win

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Packers Question of the day - Takeaways from the win

With Aaron Rodgers at the helm, the Packers are now 8-6 in the playoffs and are set for a date in Dallas with the Cowboys for the NFC Divisional round.

Engineered behind Rodgers' four touchdown passes - three of which to Randall Cobb, and a suddenly-stout defense that was wildly efficient in keeping Odell Beckham Jr. and co. well in-check. 

What were your takeaways from the Wild Card victory?

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croatpackfan's picture

Only one takeaway. We just need to be patient and believe organization knows what they are doing...

RCPackerFan's picture


Don't lose faith!

Spud Rapids's picture

I think we all need to look at injuries and give guys a break. Last year as fans, we were all tough on Adams but now that he is healthy he's playing well. I know I was tough on Cobb over the past few weeks along with a lot of this blog but look what he can do with a healthy ankle. I think Randall is this year's Adams. 2nd year playing injured. I think he'll bounce back nice.

Bearmeat's picture

That's our big hope.

But we'll still need a CB in the draft. (Or FA if TT retires). Sam being done hurts.

dobber's picture

Takeaway: When you've got a QB who's red-hot, just about anything can happen.

And now for the Johnny Raincloud part: what will this defense look like against an offensive line that is really good? Long string of games against middle-to-poor OLs. Time to strap it on and get it done.

RCPackerFan's picture

I'm not ready to talk about Dallas yet. I want to keep enjoying this victory.

But my early thoughts are that we may need to use more base defense against the Cowboys. More 3 man fronts.

stockholder's picture

Stop Elliott, and the cowboys will lose.

RCPackerFan's picture

Elliott is special. I don't think you can fully stop him. Hopefully contain him.

Honestly to win this game, the offense needs to stay on fire.
Rodgers with the way he has played, it will put a lot of pressure on the Cowboys to score a lot of points.

stockholder's picture

Right. And I think one thing that can be taken away from this game is OBJ. Complaining to the officials, and emotions, really can knock you off your concentration. Make your point and keep within your own expectations. The team win is more important then being a baby. It's contagious. Show by example. Keep it Fun.

croatpackfan's picture

Giants did. Stop the EE!

Bearmeat's picture

NY's Defense is way more talented (and healthier) than ours.

RC is right. The way to win this game is to score 45 points. And I think they can do it. :D

marpag1's picture

Elliott is certainly good, but it's that Dallas o-line that's special.

RCPackerFan's picture

I get the argument that the OL would make a lot of RB's good. But Elliott is special.

He breaks a lot of tackles, can run through people or around them, and has the breakaway speed to make a 1 yard gain into a 60.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Honestly, I think I agree that they might be best off stopping Elliot and Dak running from the ball. Make Dak out throw Rodgers and Company. Dallas has given up a lot of passing yards and tds.

RCPackerFan's picture

My most positive takeaway from the game.

-Packers offense put up 38 points against the Giants defense. Giants allowed the 2nd fewest points all year. They allowed an average of 17.8 points per game, and the most they had given up all season was 29 to the Redskins in week 3.
They also did that without having their top WR for most of the game where they scored the points.

To sum that up. Rodgers is playing at another level right now. No defense should feel safe going up against the Packers right now with the way Rodgers is playing.

-Packers defense and special teams were huge early in the game. The Defense only gave up 6 points when the offense struggled and the special teams especially the combination of Schum's punting and the job Janis did as a gunner, flipped the field position many times early.

-Great game!

Biggest negative is the injury to Nelson.

DrealynWilliams's picture

You know what's even scarier? After going over some plays (incomplete or sack), Rodgers had a player either NFL open or wide open on just about every play in the 1st half. In some cases, the receiver was wide open, but Rodgers was just a tad bit off.

This. Offense. Is. Scary.

I'm expecting more consistency and much more Montgomery (not just because of the Nelson injury) in the pass game vs the Cowboys.

Quick question: Is the MVP determined after week 17 or does the post season have some part in the decision? If so, this Rodgers run is going to steal the show.

Big T2's picture

Not to be a negative Nellie, but I believe that Jordy's career could be over. Broken ribs and internal injuries, tough to come back from that.

Nick Perry's picture

There's nothing confirmed yet is there? I heard a guy had SPECULATED it could be broken ribs, punctured lung, and/or an injured spleen, or some combination. I can't find anything confirming anything yet.

zeke's picture

Even if true, why would broken ribs end his career?

RCPackerFan's picture

plus, didn't cobb have a ruptured lung or something? I don't remember for sure what his injury was.

croatpackfan's picture

You forgot to add that the consequence of the broken ribs may be osteosarcoma, carcinoma, adenocarcinoma and several other tumors. Well in only 0.001% cases, but, hey, it is Jordy, so it must be something serious...
Edit: Erased!

Norm's picture

Please Croat, don't turn into certain other posters on this site. I loved your post until the last name-calling part.

croatpackfan's picture

Just for you. Thank on warning!

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Jordy has a chance to play Sunday. Please wait for real information before posting BS.

Duke Divine's picture

Sure he's posting BS with this ridiculous speculation but after spending a night in the hospital and seeing the anguish on Jordy's face after that hit it's just as much BS to think there is any real chance of him playing Sunday. It's gamesmanship by McCarthy to say there's a chance when it's obvious there's no real chance. Book it

The TKstinator's picture

What about hurt FEELINGS? Those can be extremely difficult to come back from!!

Nick Perry's picture

If the Defense plays like they did Sunday, this team can beat anybody. Remember guys, they put up 24 AFTER Nelson was injured. This is a totally different group than last year. For one Adams is healthy and a year older. Cook is what we hoped he'd be. Cobb needs to focus on treatment and make sure that ankle is in better shape next week, and I really liked the way Michaels ran the ball. Between Monty, Michael, and Ripper we have a ground game. That's all Rodgers needs. I'll also say that might have been the best defense in the NFC we just hung plus 30 on.

12 Quarters to go!!!

RCPackerFan's picture

Great points!

If Nelson can't play anymore this year, the Packers are a lot more equipped to handle it. Compared to last year Adams is a different player. Cobb is healthier, though still banged up. They now have Cook, Montgomery (though he is hurt now too). Add in Allison who continues to make plays.

But also Rodgers is playing in another world right now.

To add to your point about the Giants Defense. The Packers hung 38 on them without Nelson. Thats the same Giants defense that didn't allow anyone to score 30 or more points on them all season.

Handsback's picture

Start fast and never let up and they will beat the Cowboys. The Packer's defense will be pushed around by that offensive line., so making the Cowboys throw to keep up will take that off the table. Also, Dez is dangerous but Whitten and Beasley are the guys who move the sticks. Control them like the Giants did and you can win the game.

Spud Rapids's picture

Takeaway 1 - not s single post from Al Bundy or Cow after a lopsided win. Both of them predicted a one and done playoff for the Pack but they are completely absent in a win on this site. I know I tend to troll them a lot but sometimes they are just so purely negative I feel a duty to balance the world. I truly believe they are not Packers fans rather Bears or Vikings fans that are on here to antagonize us. I think we should all band together to ignore their negative posts moving forward. We have so many great contributors like Nick Perry, RCPackerFan, Croat, and dobber that we shouldn't overshadow their content with the turds the other lay.

Ok onto better things:

Takeaway - Resilence

It looked grim early on and I though here we go again another Giants coming into Lambeau to ruin our hopes. Then Rodgers hit Adams down the sideline and I though this game is going to change. I just had a funny feeling that Rodgers just needed to drop that first dime and he would begin rolling. The hail mary was so unexpected and delightful that I made my wife change the baby in the living room so she could watch the replay with me like 5 times. (FYI she is not a Packers fan... her only flaw) Then when the Packers were stuffed in Q3 and the Giants connected on the bomb, the offense marched right down the field and that punched the Giants right in the face. They were not coming back after that. This team believes they are going to win it all and I believe with them.

cheddarhead's picture

Maybe they are COW boy fans.
I think the Packers need to control the clock and. Play the short game and keep the Dallas's offense off the field. They can't score from the bench.

Clay the 1st's picture

Good one!

Since '61's picture

Spud - COW is a Bears fan and Bundy is a Viqueens fan. We won't hear from either of them for a while. Thanks, Since '61

Duke Divine's picture

Your list of great contributors was missing Duke Divine....

Portland Mark's picture

At home, against two of the toughest defenses, they put up 38 points each time. If they can do this on the road they'll win the SB.

Razer's picture

Don't forget that the defense showed up big time for the Packers on each occasion. We 'picked' Wilson apart and locked down Eli and company. Capers has been making due with a patchwork secondary and numerous rookies throughout the season. Lot of credit to those coaches on the defense.

LayingTheLawe's picture

Takeaway: 38 points against that defense. This team can score on anyone.

Lphill's picture

My take away is never say never when you have Aaron Rodgers as your QB, as far as the two losers Al Bundy and Cow I'm sure they are reading these posts and they are just praying for a Packers loss to the Cowboys so they can start posting again . Two assholes.

Bearmeat's picture

Yeah. This team can score on anyone. Hopefully Nelson is ok.

Let's go GBP!!!

Denise Chanterelle's picture

If the Packers can get their running going on Sunday, we stand a very good chance of winning the game. The Cowboys will need to adjust to that and it will open lanes for Rodgers to throw into, we will control the tempo of the game, and annihilate Dallas. Go Pack!

4zone's picture

The longer we have the ball, the less damage Zeke can do. A few stops, a TO or two and we could hang a boat load on the Cowboys.

jlc1's picture

takeaway - in addition to Rodgers' scrambling ability is the fact that the O line very rarely gets called for holding on those scrambles. It's easy to overlook but many linemen would lose position and then just grab. Not these guys. I'm thinking that this is part of what the coaches work with them on when they do scramble drills.

caruso81's picture

I liked the adjustment from the 1st to 2nd Q. The 1st was what got them to 4-6. Trying to beat the other guys deep one on one. I thought, "Oh, here we go again."

And then something clicked. Whether MM went back to calling the short, quick plays that won them 6 straight or he suggested that Aaron not audible to a 40 yard backshoulder pass on every 3rd and 2, something happened. The 1st quarter was the 1st 10 games...The rest of the game was the last 6.

Tundraboy's picture

Very well put.

Since '61's picture

My takeaways are that our offense can score on anyone from almost anywhere on the field. Also, when our defense makes stops the offense can build and build upon their lead. Solid play from our STs make a difference and we need to keep winning the turnover battle. Let's not forget how well our OL has been playing. Their play will remain the key as we go on in the playoffs. Keeping our opponents off the field is our best defense, especially when we get the ball back quickly into Aaron's hands. Against NYG we won the TOP battle 35 to 25. My final takeaway is that this team has peaked at the right time, they just need to keep it going. No let ups, no excuses and no prisoners. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since '61

4thand1's picture

A cool to warm Rodgers 22 td's 7 ints. A good year for most NFL QB's. A red hot AR 22 td's 0 ints, nuff said. Take away for me is a healthy Adams and Cobb are unstopable. Now a more involved Cook, Monty, and Geronimoooooo and the sky is the limit. Dallas o line gets all the attention but I think GB's is just as good.

croatpackfan's picture

Well, to be honest I do not get that keep alive long drives and opponent offense can not put points from the bench. Hmmm...
Well lets analyze:
Say every drive Packers take off 7:30 from the clock and, of course, score - 7-0! Then opponent comes and score (they are not at the bench any more!) in 2:30 - 7-7! Then again Packers spare 8 min from the clock - 14-7! Than opponent offense comes and score in 2 minutes - 14-14! and so on...
I thought that idea of the long drives is to keep your D fresh and opponent D exhausted... Idea of that principle is to allow your D to make stop your opponent O, not to allow them to score in less minutes, so they can sit on the bench...
But, what I know?

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