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Packers Question of the day - Takeaways from the win

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Packers Question of the day - Takeaways from the win

The Packers didn't necessarily do it in a pretty fashion, but they earned their second-straight win since Aaron Rodgers said they could run the table down the last six games of the season.

They're almost halfway there.

After a 21-13 win over the visiting Texans in a snow-covered Lambeau Field environment, Rodgers was hobbled by a bad hamstring but still managed to get the job done for his offense. The defensive unit gave up a handful of garbage time yardage to Brock Osweiler and co., but nevertheless, hung on for the eight-point victory.

What were your takeaways from the Packers' sixth win of the season?


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV. He's the voice of The Leap on iTunes and can be heard on The Scoop KLGR 1490 AM every Saturday morning. He's also a contributor on the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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jeremyjjbrown's picture

My take away is that the Packers fixation with forcing the deep passing game is still not over.

The whole thing reminds me of a 13 year old boy who is in love with the sparkly mean girl who treats him like a dog, but ignores the less flashy but still cute girl who adores him.

John30856's picture

Really, did you watch the game??? They were quite successful with the long ball yesterday and last week

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Yes I watched it. If a db does not fall down it wouldn't have been nearly as good. I also watched Rodgers hold the ball again when guys where open underneath. One occasion lead to him sliding on his injured hamstring.

4thand1's picture

Adams dropped a catchable deep ball. If you don't try a few deep passes defenses won't respect the deep ball. You have to give them that look.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture


Doesn't have to be a true #1 WR, just a respectable WR who is a deep threat. Yes, if we never go deep, those DBs will creep up and make the short passing game difficult. Still, AR again passed up open WRs short to throw the ball long to extremely well covered guys - Adams one time when he was double covered.

dobber's picture

I think this is exactly what we'll see Seattle do on Sunday. They'll press the Packer WR at the line and take away anything short and timing based.

Tundraboy's picture

Absolutely. That's how they always play us.

RocsCave's picture

This team will need a heck of a lot more next week than they have shown the last two even though both were wins. A loss may not end their chances but a beating of anything close to what Seattle gave Carolina would likely punch them out in more ways than one.

John30856's picture

The Eagles game was damn near perfect. What are you looking for sheesh

RocsCave's picture

Near perfect against a team that was near a clone of us with injuries and missing players....Well ok then.

zoellner25's picture

Still gotta have Detroit lose a game or it won't matter

zoellner25's picture

and I'll be sick if we miss a wild card spot to the Buccaneers. Ugh

John30856's picture

In the mean time control what can be controlled and enjoy the ride

RCPackerFan's picture

Takeaways from the game.

-Just getting away from the anxiety during the game, and thinking back about the game... It was just a fun game to watch.
Is there a more fun game to watch then when it snows?

-Starks is done. The running game now should be all about Montgomery, Michael and Ripkowksi. All 3 guys made positive plays where Starks couldn't. Mongtomery continues to be productive when he touches the ball. averaging 7 yards per touch.

-The defense does look much better having Randall, Rollins and Gunter, vs Gunter, Goodson, Hyde at CB. Also Burnett and Clinton-Dix are able to do more knowing they don't have to cover WR's that the CB's miss.

-4th Quarter offense is really good. Last week they have a 10 minute drive that essentially ends the game. This week they have 2 drives end in TD's. 1 was a 98 yard drive and the other was a 89 yard drive.

Handsback's picture

Well said. At this time I'm enjoying watching them play decent ball. Playing all of these young guys may pay-off next year, but definitely paying the price this year.

dobber's picture

Takeaway: they can win a game without looking especially strong on either side of the ball, without dominating any area of the stats page, and without 'winning' the TO battle.

carusotrap's picture

Yes, Starks is done, so why do they insist on playing him? Is it ego-driven blindness? Is there something happening in practice that we don't know about? Does Starks have an envelope of incriminating photos?

Inquiring minds want to know.

zoellner25's picture

Two words. Dalvin. Cook.

pacman's picture

We beat a bad QB in slippery snow. They busted out a few long runs on 3rd and long. Even still, they had a long passing TD on poor coverage. Our only long TD happened because defender fell down. After all this time, still started with the old game plan and still went long with nobody open.

We looked better but proved little. Let's get real here folks. Beat Seattle and I might give up my 'push' for a better draft choice.

John30856's picture

Really?? get some new glasses

croatpackfan's picture

Oh, please, give up your push, please... I'm all terrified about that...

dobber's picture

...because any of us "pushing" for draft position will make any difference?

NMPF's picture

Once again I think from posts throughout Packerland, fans have mixed up figure skating with NFL football. No style points are given out when a W is earned. If you want style points watch Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski. I'll take an UGLY win any day.

RCPackerFan's picture

was this an ugly win?
I didn't think so.

Could they have done more, sure. Should they have, probably... But I don't consider this one an ugly win.

But the defense played good all day, the offense, stepped up and played the best when it needed it the most in the 4th quarter.

RocsCave's picture

This game certainly was farther from a swan than it was closer to an ugly duck.

John30856's picture

Good game to watch. perfect not at all. Eagles game on th eother hand was awesome.

RocsCave's picture

Wait, I've read here often when the Packers lose because they're banged up and without players it's a game we could have won if healthy. ..when we win against a team in similar position was awesome....sorry, I don't get the rationale.

dobber's picture

Just can't qualify games. Every game is winnable up til kickoff.

I don't think Washington or Indy or Tennessee are qualifying their wins against the Packers... ;)

cpitt's picture

We're going to get torched by Seattle, and hopefully McCarthy will finally be fired. His personnel choices, game plan, play calling is awful. Couple this with the fact that he cant discipline Rodgers to take the short throws. This team should be 8-4 at worst, even with injuries.

murphy's picture

The Seahawks are a good team, but the Panthers also looked like they don't even have pride to play for anymore, and it's been a while since I've seen something as stupid as benching the entrenched starting QB for the opening play for a dress code issue. Even if it hadn't ended with a pick and great field position for Seattle, did Rivera really think he was improving his chance to win by voluntarily fielding Derek Anderson?

John30856's picture

wow, tons of short passes yesterday and some long need that too. Also successful long

dobber's picture

"This team should be 8-4 at worst, even with injuries."

With all due respect, I think you're delusional.

Lphill's picture

I think Rodgers steps up his game against Seattle , I hope the Packers defense does the same, as far as the Texans , they still have very good defense and some playmakers on Offense , any win in the NFL is a good win and the snow makes it even more difficult.

John30856's picture

You got it right LP

RCPackerFan's picture

Over the last 7-8 games Rodgers has been playing at an MVP level.

I'm hoping Rodgers can be more mobile against Seattle. That would go a long ways to helping the offense.

Getting the ball out quick would be a good thing as well.

Another thing that will help the offense out is that Earl Thomas is done for the season. Earl Thomas is the Nick Collins of their defense.

As Tampa showed last week, Seattle can be beaten. Anything can happen.

dobber's picture

"Over the last 7-8 games Rodgers has been playing at an MVP level."

Is there really anyone out there who's a runaway favorite for MVP? They're talking Matthew Stafford here in Michigan... ugh. If the Packers end up playing Detroit for the division title in that final week, Rodgers has got a shot (assuming he continues to play well). He's carrying this offense on his back right now...good and bad. This might be a year a RB wins it.

"As Tampa showed last week, Seattle can be beaten. Anything can happen."

Tampa didn't do it by running away from Seattle, either. 14-5? That was low scoring and Tampa just didn't make as many mistakes as Seattle did. They pounded Russell Wilson (6 sacks) and didn't allow their run game to get anything going...their defense owned the LOS.

Did Tampa template how to beat Seattle? Maybe. Can the Packers do it? Just because you think you know what you need to do doesn't mean you have the horses to make it happen.

RCPackerFan's picture

'Is there really anyone out there who's a runaway favorite for MVP? '
I don't think so. Honestly right now you could probably say Elliott. He has helped Dak a lot and is a big reason why he is as good as he is. Since week 2 Elliott has lead the NFL every week in rushing. Thats an impressive thing.

I didn't see much of the Tampa game. Just the end of it.

The Seahawks have a very bad OL, but right now the Packers best pass rushers are hurting. Mathews is almost a non factor with his shoulder injury and now Perry may miss time with his hand injury.

The smart money would be to bet on Seattle in this game. But Seattle isn't nearly as good on the road as they are at home. And losing Thomas really hurts their defense. Seattle's OL is bad and playing on the road with a bad OL is usually never a good thing.

dobber's picture

This may be a week where the Packers turn the pressure loose and take their chances in coverage. Wilson is finally healthy and has been playing better. He'll break off some runs. But if they can take away the run game and pressure Wilson, they've got a shot.

Nick Perry's picture

Good point dobber, but they'll have to have a "Spy" who can at least limit Wilson from breaking off 1st down after 1st down. Osweiler had at least 3 runs over 7 yards for 1st downs. Wilson is 10 times the runner and with Seattle running so many deep routes he could be 10 or 15 yards downfield before the Packers knew what hit them. Daniels and others have to push the pocket, not give him anywhere to step up and escape.

jh9's picture

Two down and four to go. If the Packers can't beat Seattle, they don't deserve to be in the playoffs.

Tundraboy's picture

Packers have to control the ball on offense and really mix things up offensively. 3 and outs will kill us. Can not leave it to the D to win this one. Time to unleash Montgomery and Cook as well.

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