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Packers Question of the Day: Takeaways From the Loss

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Packers Question of the Day: Takeaways From the Loss

For many, it was the most unfortunate events to happen to the Green Bay Packers since, well, the last time it happened.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the cornerstone of the franchise, suffered a fractured right collarbone -- in his throwing arm, more specifically. As opposed to the left collarbone fracture he suffered in 2013 that caused him to miss seven games, this one may take a little more time to heal.

The Packers as a team struggled. Defensively, they couldn't get stops until late in the game when it was ultimately too late. Offensively, backup quarterback Brett Hundley couldn't get a rhythm going likely due to his lack of practicing with the first-team offense leading into the game -- something he's going to start doing more of as the Packers' new starting quarterback.

What were your takeaways from the 23-10 loss in Minnesota?


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV. He's the voice of The Leap on iTunes and can be heard on The Scoop KLGR 1490 AM every Saturday morning. He's also a contributor on the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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croatpackfan's picture

Packers are still in the mix...

That is what I can say I got from the game...

KenEllis's picture

My biggest takeaway is that Minnesota, with its staring QB, starting RB, starting (and best) WR, and starting LG all missing the game due to injury, was able to run for more than 100 yards, throw for 240 more and score 23 points while its QB was never sacked.

rdent's picture

Simple, TT poor drafting of Defensive players the last 6-7 years.

CrispyATX's picture

Every recent season, at some point, it seems like GB has more starters, backups, and third stringers simultaneously injured at most other teams. Every recent season has seen a proliferation of soft tissue injuries. Every season, GB is one of the youngest rosters in the NFL.

There HAS to be a correlation between these things. Does the almost maniacal adherence to draft and develop put younger bodies not used to the rigors of pro football at greater risk for injury? I know this doesn’t apply to vets like Bulaga or Bakhtiari, but there has to be something to it. Is it offseason and/or in-season training and weight room issues?

carusotrap's picture

I always want to say "it's football."


I just have to wonder if there is something there.

Razer's picture

I wouldn't put too much into it. Last year we escaped many of the injuries that others faced. This year - not so lucky. Ultimately, the only injure that really matters had nothing to do with training rooms or off season workouts.

Flow49's picture

Do we employ the Portland Trailblazers training staff? That would explain a lot...

flackcatcher's picture

I was afraid of something like happening. Losing Burnett crippled this entire defense, and the lost of House wiped out a great deal veteran savvy in the secondary. Being forced to play your third and fourth string DB early in the 1st half meant gaps in the middle were there for the taking. The difference in this game was third down, Vikings were able to throw over the short middle without Burnett. That is the entire reason for nitro, to man up on the TE over the soft middle. Go back and watch the Dallas game, Burnett shut down Whitten? for most of that game. More than anything else that allow the Packers to mount a comeback in the third quarter. We won't know which Packers players can play until middle of this week. Just remember, the NFL is a week to week league, in which anything can happen.

Since '61's picture

Flack - I agree that the loss of Burnett hurts but the Vikings were 4/12 or 33% on 3rd downs which is nothing exceptional. The middle of the field was exposed but our defense did OK on 3rd downs all things considered.
Thanks, Since '61

flackcatcher's picture

You right '61. I still in shock over what happened. I have never seen two position groups wiped out on the field before like that. Then losing QB1. As a fan, I still can't get my head around it.

Razer's picture

Read many of the comments in the other articles and must say that Packer fans need to step up. Calling our coach McFatty and running down others in the organization just because we lost our star QB in a hard fought game is juvenile. This team has been fighting more injuries and set backs than ever before and we were still 4-1 heading into Minny. Be grateful that we have the people that make this a great team to cheer for.

I have had confidence issues with TT, Capers and even MM but ultimately we are here because of them. Brett Hundley has his chance and with first team reps should get better. We will see what Brett and the coaches have under the hood. If we get healthy, we can be competitive and maybe fun to watch. Keep the faith and keep your nasty comments to yourself. they are not becoming of a true Packer fan.

scullyitsme's picture

Love it, finally, a packer fan and not a sissie! Time for packer fans to stop whining and put on their "man" pants.

Archie's picture

Maybe seeing this team play w/o #12 at the helm will open your eyes to the quality (or lack thereof) of GB's GM, HC and DC. We saw it last time 12 was injured and we will see it again now in spades.

billybobton's picture

I have to wonder about posts like are seriously a fan because of ted thompson? There was no ted thompson when I and many others became ( or were born into ) being packer fans

get over yourself, we know what true Packer fans are it is more than new age band wagon jumpers here for one adminsistration

4thand1's picture

We don't know how good/bad Hundley will be. The organization saw something in him. After all they made the toughest choice of all years ago, picking AR over Favre. People say they were lucky he fell in the draft, but they drafted him. Then they knew what they had right away. They seem to feel the same way about Hundley. Only real game experience will help him grow. If he can help us to 10 wins that's 11 weeks from now. That means 6-4, Bears, Lions, Ravens, Browns, Vikes, and Tampa all winnable games.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

"Calling our coach McFatty and running down others in the organization just because we lost our star QB"

This is a false premise. Many have been calling MM names long before we lost our star QB. The reason folks have called MM names is simply because they think he is a poor coach. I do agree that calling him McFatty is juvenile.

Qoojo's picture

To back up what was written, I think the only reason the packers D started getting stops late in the game is because vikings went more conservative when it was apparent that the packers offense wouldn't get two scores. So vikings tried to avoid turnovers at that point.

My takeway is that Hundley must learn to recognize and handle blitzes very fast, and the packers must find a run game to help him out.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Yep, that and MN knows that Keenum is actually terrible. He threw at least 3 passes that he was fortunate weren't intercepted in addition to the one that was intercepted, even getting a PI called on one of his errant passes. That happens sometimes: throw a ball so badly that it turns into defensive pass interference.

Qoojo's picture

He was terrible, yet due to penalties, some 50-50 calls on catches, and bad tackling by packers, they still moved the ball up and down the field on the packers, till going ultra conservative at end.

rdent's picture

Capers even admitted the Defense reached an all time high on missed tackles sunday.

Mojo's picture

Yup, the Vikings were very beatable yesterday. Really didn't impress me at all. I think if Arod played the whole game, GB wins going away. And yet the Vikings probably win the division and get to the playoffs.

Razer's picture

It is what a great defense does for you. Love a good defense - they keep you in every game. Time for our defense to step up.

rdent's picture

I am not sure that defense is capable of stepping up.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

If AR is really done, enjoy watching the youngsters play and develop. Maybe even bring up a Michael Clark

RCPackerFan's picture

I would love to see Clark brought up. Not necessarily now, but by the end of the year I do hope he does get brought up.

tm_inter's picture

This is the chance of a lifetime for Brett Hundley to show how good he can be.

Injuries to starters also give chances to reserves, even practice squad players, to showcase their talents.

CBs and OL are practically decimated at this point.

flackcatcher's picture

I'm still trying to wrap my mind about the fact that the Packers lost three position groups yesterday. Both the offensive line and defensive back groups had nobody left on the bench. And we all know about QB1. Unreal. I don't know if there is anything to say. (There is, but I can not think of it :)

Mojo's picture

You hit on an important point. Even if Hundley improves his play this team has a decimated o-line and who knows what in the secondary.

Even with ARod this team would struggle running the offense with so much of his line out (and their backups).

Now add a very suspect secondary to a defense that's not a world beater to begin with and it's going to be tough even against the bottom-feeders.

TXCHEESE's picture

My take away is, if Bennett catches that damn pass, we are probably not having these discussions, and are probably 5 - 1 heading into next week. Also, if Monty holds onto that touchdown pass, it's a whole different game...What ifs....I think the offense when the line gets healed up will get going. The defense is another question though. The Packers got beat by a team without it's starting quarterback, so no excuses going forward. We will soon find out how well this team is built.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

My Takeaway:

We'll see if McCarthy is a Hall Of Fame Coach by what he does for the remainder of this season.

One of the best Quotes I've ever read is from the Bhagavad Gita:

"You own your actions, you don't own the results..."

And I can say that McCarthy's actions once Aaron went down where not good. He didn't do much of anything to help Hundley, and his playcalling put Hundley in severe risk. He just kept calling 5 step drops resulting in 12 quarterback hits of Hundley!

I lost a TON of respect for the man yesterday. He was a deer in the headlights.

This will probably get massive downvotes but IDK. I'm frankly disgusted. Not that they lost, but how it went down.

Tundraboy's picture

No down vote from me. I too had the distinct feeling that MM felt that he didn't need to adjust for Hundley because he has been training in and knows the system.

And that is why he did not make any attempt or consider the mess the OL was in. He left Hundley hanging out to dry. Sad. The man just does not make in game adjustments

4thand1's picture

MM looked like he was in divorce court without a lawyer.

Bearmeat's picture

Aaron Rodgers is Michael Jordan. How good would the 90’s Bulls have been without MJ? Well, turns out we saw. They made it to the Eastern Conference Finals. How good were the Pats without Brady? In 08, they were good, but missed the playoffs. 4 games in 16 was fine. How good were the 49ers in 92 without Montana? They were fine, because they discovered that their back up QB (a guy by the name of Steve Young) was a probowler.

I just don't think our roster is as strong as the above teams. Our defense, when healthy, tops out around 10-12th in the league. As it stands with the injuries in the secondary right now, they’re a bottom 1/3 unit. The offense without ARod will not be the same. And that’s with an OL that isn’t decimated. Right now, they are literally playing UDFAs at both OT spots.

With ARod and a modicum of health elsewhere, this was a super bowl contender. Without either, it will be a miracle if Hundley can get the Packers to 9-7. IF that does happen however, GB will be able to trade Hundley for multiple 1st round picks in the offseason. If it doesn’t, then Capers will finally be fired and TT will hopefully retire.

This sucks. But it’s not the end of the world.

PS: The Vikings looked like crap yesterday. Against a shell of the Packers squad. IF they get to the playoffs, they’re going to get absolutely shredded. :)

Mojo's picture

This week the Packers will be priming Hundley on quick hitting slants, screens and delayed draws. He'll probably practice some longer patterns and toss a few just to keep them honest.

The problem is opponents will be expecting this and stacking the box against short-patterns and the run game.

Will Hundley be able to recognize the tells defenses show and execute in a few seconds? Will he see how the secondary shades his receivers and will both be in sync as to what pattern to run? Will he be able to audible out of a bad play?

ARod had years to develop unspoken communication between his himself and teammates. He could see what the defense was going to do before the play was run. This is what Hundley is going to struggle with more than foot-work and arm strength.

Now add a patch-work o-line and I just don't see this offense doing much. There are going to be long periods of stagnation. Look for Vogel to get a lot of work.

Add a so-so defense to the mix and well ... good luck.

A Pickled Packer's picture

With the scrubs now starters on the O line I unfortunately see a concussion protocol in Hundley's future. At this juncture we are going to need a quarterback who can avoid the rush and extend plays with his legs that's why I find Callahan an interesting possibility. In preseason last year he showed he can do that, the ability to avoid the rush and throw on the run. Can Hundley do that? We shall see and hope for the best.

nostradanus's picture

The Packers had one great player, a few very good ones, the rest are mostly average to below average. They will maybe win a game or two, doesn't matter, they have been exposed for who they are, not very good.

Finwiz's picture

No sheet Sherlock. Take Lebron away from Cleveland and what do you have? A below average team I'm sure.

dobber's picture

Packers apparently to promote Callahan today. No corresponding roster move announced...but my guess they might have their pick...

flackcatcher's picture

Rollins to the IR with an achilles.

4thand1's picture

We can't use this for an excuse. His play was turrible

azmtns's picture

Football is just not fun anymore. Too many injuries, too much heart ache. Not worth it. Every year I try and limit how much I watch and how much I read.... I have to quit cold turkey. This is way too depressing. When Seattle won the championship game... its been all down hill from there.

Marklindy62's picture

To add to your heartache, how about poor tackling and "thug" football?

porupack's picture

Every team is beat up this year, and playing without key pieces. I can probably excuse the offense, missing such essential Oline. But GB defense has been sub-par with practically the same liabilities year after year regardless of the personnel changes.

My takeaway is the final verdict: based on yet continued evidence that Capers has for years inadequately prepared his squad each week. (Even NYG with NO WR corp pulled out a dramatic win).
So having backups that have practiced and prepared CAN perform at high standards. He hasn't delivered quality and effectiveness. Past time to go, and it may as well be mid-season change.

The Judge has rendered his verdict; Capers is guilty.

flackcatcher's picture

There is only one judge, and his first name is Mike. You're DQed.

4thand1's picture

Keep trying the same thing over and over again..........................INSANE!

Marklindy62's picture

I think the hit on Rodgers was "legal" but not needed. Also, just can't wrap my mind around all of the injuries, it is crazy.

lou's picture

I realize that in June they added Dr. Robert Anderson one of the most highly respected sports medicine professionals to their staff but based on pure number of injuries it is time to hire and "outside" firm to review their strength/fitness and training staff personnel/proceedures, the NFL is Big Business. Doing it "internally" another time and expecting to find what you have not to date is not the answer. This is the first step going forward.

4thand1's picture

Ted drafted him, he's staying.

croatpackfan's picture

Your suggestion is confirmed by action from Ravens, they did exactly that as they have already 15 playes on IR, not just injured...

Cool down. Only one injury is big for Packers. Aaron's injury. All other injuries just confirming that you never know what will new season bring to you...

dobber's picture

Rollins to IR, makes room for Callahan...

Good thing they brought all those DBs with them out of TC.

Since '61's picture

My takeaway is that we're going to realize how good we have had it with Favre then Rodgers for the past 25 seasons. We're going to receive a view of what to expect when Rodgers retires or leaves the Packers down the road at some point.
For the present we're going to see if MM can keep this team together and rally them as he did in 2013 when Rodgers went down the first time.
We're going to learn if our defense can step up and make stops.
We're going to see if Aaron Jones and Brett Hundley can play.
By the time this season is over we're going to know what this team is about for better or worse.
Thanks, Since '61

NitschkeFan's picture

For those of us old enough to remember the 1970's and 1980's, I am afraid that is what we will see now in 2017 and then in three or four years when Rodgers retires/declines.

Buffalo spent about 10 years as perennial contenders. That was with Jim Kelly as QB. Now they haven't been to the playoffs this century.

Have the Dolphins ever replaced Dan Marino?

We can go on and on but with Favre and Rodgers we Packers fans have had such a fun run that I am really feeling sad to waste one more year of Rodgers prime. Damn shame.

Since '61's picture

It's a lousy way to lose a season that's for sure. Rodgers was on his way to another MVP season. Any chance that Zeke Bratkowski is still available? Thanks, Since '61

nostradanus's picture

Like your take, agree

Tundraboy's picture

That's for sure, but I hope everyone we can play, plays.

Slim11's picture

Years ago, in Dallas, Brett Favre was knocked out of the game and an unknown quantity named Aaron Rodgers took over. He played well enough to keep the Packers in the game. That game was when I knew Rodgers had "it."

The following off-season, Brett Favre retires after Favre is named the starter. We know what happened.

We will now see how Hundley handles his "Aaron Rodgers" moment and opportunity.

Duke Divine's picture

0.0 sacks by the Pack and 9 missed tackles by D-backs. Dynamic Dom was Dumbfounded by Case Keenum. Rush 4 sit back and get gashed in the zone, proceed to miss a tackle or two after the catch, first and 10..... Same old shit, different week. Yes Rodgers went out but the lack of any sort of pass rush and multiple missed tackles lost this game. Brett and the Offense should have had many more opportunities if tackles were made and Vikes were forced to punt. But Dynamic Dom was really dialing up the pressure yesterday! When Troy Aikman can't believe your aren't sending more pressure you know Dom is napping again. Injuries my a$$, I'm sure an extra rusher might have made a play or two on the QB because they sure as hell can't cover for shit sitting back in zone!! Brees may not be as good on the road but he has been historically good vs Dom's defenses at home and on the road. Look for that to continue and unfortunately no #12 to help keep up and pick up the slack.

azmtns's picture

Another take away is that artificial turf sucks. How many injuries do we get every year when we go to Viqueens and Detroit on their concrete carpets. Rodgers would not have a broken bone on grass.

croatpackfan's picture

Aaron had broken collarbone in 2013 at home game against Bears. On grass! So, your conclusion is not valid...

But, I agree that arftificial turfs might be responsible for soft tissue injuries as well as for lot of sprains in joints (tendons and ligaments).

nostradanus's picture

Sorry meatheads, let me make it nice and simple for you.

No Rodgers-No Playoffs- No Wins (except maybe Cleveland) and thats a big if.

This team goes as Rodgers goes, they are D.O.A.

The gravy train is over for 2017, time to call it a season

And thats the cold hard truth, Vikings will win the North

It would be nice to have a Defense but the Packers will not as long as Dom Capers is running that show

Looking forward to a high draft choice in 2018


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