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Packers Question of the Day: QB Swap?

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Packers Question of the Day: QB Swap?

Evidently, Brett Hundley isn't getting the job done for the Packers as the starting quarterback.

Do I feel they need to make a change? No. But I'll run the idea across everyone else.

The Packers have Joe Callahan waiting in the wing on their roster. And while many believe the season is lost for the 5-5- Packers, a Hundley-for-Callahan quarterback swap could be in line for a team who, according to many, have nothing to lose.

What say you?


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV and a contributor/analyst for the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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pacman's picture

Let Brett play. Farve, that is.

Rebecca's picture


rdent's picture

Mike McCarthy stated "Brett Hundley is our starter." And as stubborn as McCarthy is I believe his ego would make it too difficult for him to make a change.

dobber's picture

I don't think it's about ego, I think it's about the options they have.

I'm more than a little surprised that they haven't brought in any vets for workouts, if only to send a message to the team that they're looking. Doing nothing at all sends a bad message...

jeremyjjbrown's picture

"Doing nothing at all sends a bad message..."

They excell at that one.

dobber's picture

In the past, they could "stay the course" because they had the best player in football. They could "R-E-L-A-X" or "run the table". That's a calming, confident, or even envigorating message.

They ain't got that here. In 2013, they were able to find a fix on the open market (Flynn) that kept the ship from taking on any more water. Not at least kicking the tires on some of these players out there sends this message...

rdent's picture

This situation is similar to last year at RB. Lacy and Starks get hurt and there wasn't much out there. I believe that is why the Ty Montgomery switch was made. What viable veteran is out there besides Colin K? Again this points back to the fact TT chose to stick with his pick Hundley and an UDFA. Callahan instead of signing a serviceable veteran when there were a few left out there to back up AR. And after MM staunchly backed Hundley he backed himself into a corner.

rdent's picture

Face it, no one is going to come in and save this season.

bjkdad44's picture

Unfortunately I agree

Finwiz's picture

Another truly prophetic prediction on this site.
Whenever I log in here, it's a veritable fountain of information.

joe packer's picture

"I'm more than a little surprised that they haven't brought in any vets for workout..."

really? how long have you followed this team? they have made an art out of non-adjustment and cheap spending. my darkest, but likely, guess is nothing happens. hundley will get better, but the other problems facing the team ultimately defeat them. rodgers does not return. on to next year? more excuses, less action: tt, mm and opie at the helm shooting that stubborn gb lowball.

dobber's picture

"Evidently, Brett Hundley isn't getting the job done for the Packers as the starting quarterback."

And the award for most significant understatement in the opening sentence of a blog article goes to....
<<<tearing paper>>>

TheVOR's picture

NO s**t Dob, I love all this though, I want to see Ted Thompson and Mark Murphy standing in front of the Stock holders Meeting selling this rancid tur* to the moronic believers rah rah contingent they depend upon for their very multimillion dollar livelihoods? OMG... Callahan would have been on the field after the first failed drive in the 2nd half.

But it's OK, it will show the Packers fans internationally that it's about job preservation to the undeserved, and a story about an extraordinary talent who wasted an entire career propping up some decaying Skelton of a franchise which was mismanaged for almost a decade.

SB XLV was about the coming of age of a HOF QB, and had ZERO to do with the organization, and we all know it! WE need a new president, GM, and coaching staff, and a decent draft, and of course to be on our knees that Rodgers extends and doesn't "Opt Out" Nobody in this enlightened media is even talking about that!

dobber's picture

"a story about an extraordinary talent who wasted an entire career propping up some decaying Skelton"

...Red? ;)

There is no "opt out". There are no player options on NFL contracts. All he can do is play out his contract, sit out, or retire. I don't think there's any chance he's going to sit out or retire.

HankScorpio's picture

"Nobody in this enlightened media is even talking about that!"

Because the are enlightened enough to know the "opt out" option is an urban myth, started by a moron named Colin Cowherd---who just loves to poke at Packer fans. Congrats on falling for it. He's laughing, 'ya know. And I don't mean he's laughing with you.

Rodgers is under team control for 2 more years contractually. As Dobber said, he can play in GB or retire. The beat writers know that. Everyone but the people that listen to Colin Cowherd knows that.

Beyond that, the tag is available to keep Rodgers in GB for another 2-3 years. If he is tagged, he can sign or sit. What he can't do is move on to play someplace else.

joe packer's picture

"... it's about job preservation to the undeserved, and a story about an extraordinary talent who wasted an entire career propping up some decaying Skelton of a franchise which was mismanaged for almost a decade."

brilliantly said (especially the Red Skelton reference). One point I don't hear much is how quick TT is to trade, fire or let go of players, often still close to their prime starting with Wahl/Rivera, thru Woodson, and epically Jon Ryan, down to letting TJ walk. if tables turned, how quickly would he let himself and MiniMe go?

tlc1123's picture

I think that McCarthy's decision to stay with Hundley is the right one for now. However, Ted Thompson needs to bring in another quarterback who could be an option in the future. I don't know who might be available, but it is fairly obvious that Hundley is a long way from being a starting quarterback and if McCarthy thinks that Callahan is as step down from Hundley then it is foolish to not bring in someone else. I understand that Callahan knows the system and that another quarterback would need time to learn the system. But we need to start planning for the future. We need a team of quarterbacks who can at least be competitive when the starter goes down.

For this season, why not bring Flynn back, he knows the system and can play better than Callahan. At least he gives McCarthy an option when he finally gets fed up with Hundley.

dobber's picture

The future is Aaron Rodgers. Sure, they need a backup who can play, but they're not likely to find that now unless they want to roster an RGIII or a Matt McGloin: neither of whom is more than a 6-week player on this team. They'll find that player in the offseason either in the draft (most likely) or a journeyman QB when players are cut or become FAs. TT has a tendency to overcompensate when meeting adversity like this, and (since he's likely to be the GM come spring) I expect he'll both sign a FA journeyman and draft a developmental guy.

Matt Flynn has been out of football since the Saints let him go after 2015. Hasn't taken an NFL snap since 2013. My guess is that he and I are in about the same level of football shape right now.

joe packer's picture

"... (since he's <TT> likely to be the GM come spring) ..."

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww why? oh why?

Handsback's picture

A 3rd year pro has to perform better than what Hundley has shown. Of course I haven't seen how he was graded by the coaching staff, but so far he's not a back-up. I think Callahan probably has better pocket awareness (proved it in college) just not sure he's ready either.

mnklitzke's picture

I don't think Callahan could be much worse..

HankScorpio's picture

The Bills playing Nathan Peterman is a cautionary tale on the notion that it can't get any worse.

But I'm ready to see what Callahan can do. After the Steelers are two winnable games vs TB and Cleve so using the expected thrashing in Pitts to take a peek is not a bad idea in my mind.

NMPF's picture

As much of a train wreck it is now, you have to see Smokin Joe in real game conditions. A decision has to be made if you want to spend another off season taking reps from a possible FA vet and a possible draft pick. If he craps the bed then the question will be answered.

rdent's picture

I agree, TT& MM should now know what they have or don't have with Hundley. This season is a wash. It's a no- brainer to find out what they have in Callahan, at least to know what needs to be done in the off season.

Nick Perry's picture

I think it's pretty clear what needs to be done in the offseason. The Packers absolutely, positively, without a doubt have to completely retool the backup QB position.

While their at it lets "Retool" the GM, Coaching Staff positions too.

Curry Rambeau's picture

I’ll have what he’s smokin’ Joe.

Grimbo's picture

Callahan needs to play. He would do no worse than Hundley, I am sure of that. and who knows? Maybe the kid has what it takes to be a good backup. How would anyone know unless he plays? McCarthy obviously did not know with Hundley. Start Hundley against Pittsburgh, let him bomb, then put in Callahan to start the 2nd half. I think the kid can play pretty decent ball, and he has good instincts in the pocket.

Razer's picture

I am not a fan of swapping QB's like underwear. MM is giving the guy enough time to prove it and that is the right thing to do. Unfortunately, they are asking Hundley to run a very complicated Aaron Rodgers offense and that isn't going to happen. We might as well ask Datone Jones play linebacker or anywhere on the D-line...

At this point, our only strategy is to find the next Aaron Rodgers because our coaches are not going to change their tune.

mnklitzke's picture

I think 5 games is plenty and only beating Da Bears, who really beat themselves. Give Callahan 5 games to prove he should be the backup next year, cause we know Hunley is a bust.

HankScorpio's picture

"At this point, our only strategy is to find the next Aaron Rodgers because our coaches are not going to change their tune."

I'd settle for finding a guy like Matt Flynn. He was able to QB them to a .500 record. That's a massive step up from Hundley.

flackcatcher's picture

In today's NFL a young Matt Flynn would be starting for 2/3 of the league.

RCPackerFan's picture

For now stay with Hundley. But if they lose the next 2 games, there really isn't anything left to play for. At that point, why not make the swap and see if Callahan can become their backup next year. The Packers have to find a capable backup that can come in and help win games when Rodgers is out. Since Rodgers got hurt they are 1-4.

The way I view it, this is a 12-4 team with Rodgers. Honestly with Rodgers right now we probably would be 9-1 or 8-2 at worse.

Without Rodgers IMO they should be no worse then 8-8 with average QB play. If they have better QB play, the games against the Vikings, Lions, Saints and Ravens all would be different. Not saying they would have won, but they would have been different.
While not all of those games are on Hundley, the fact remains he hasn't been good enough. Just this game against the Ravens. The defense was put in poor position all game long and they only gave up 6 points in the first half. They gave up 1 TD in the 3rd quarter. They were only down 2 TD's until the 4th quarter. Had Hundley done anything and stopped turning the ball over they could have been in that game.

Now, if Hundley comes out and plays horrible against the Steelers, I would not be surprised to see Callahan come in the 2nd half. So maybe the change happens sooner then later.

Lphill's picture

The opening drive went just fine against the Ravens , that shows Hundley is capable , the interception on that drive shows he is not smart , also there are other receivers open he does not see them again not smart on Hundleys behalf , 3 years in the system and he plays like he just got here . I say make the change let's see what Callahan has , it can't be much worse.

Finwiz's picture

You go from having the best QB in the league, to the worst QB in the league, and it exposes how bad the rest of the team really is.
It really is an indictment of management, both Thompson AND McCarthy, that they could actually think Hundley was a viable option as a starting QB in the NFL.
What he is now is exactly what all the scouts said about him coming out of UCLA.
There was a REASON he was a 5th round pick - because he didn't play all that great in the PAC10 conference.

RCPackerFan's picture

To be fair, they truly don't know how good/bad a player is until they get in live game action. I'm sure Hundley looks great in practice. McCarthy and others have hinted at that. But games are completely different then practice.

Finwiz's picture

To be fair, they should have taken into consideration the fact he was playing against CAPERS defense, and it isn't difficult for MOST QB's to look good doing that.
They were too delusional to consider the fact that maybe playing against their flawed pass D, perhaps they overestimated/overstated his ability?

Razer's picture

The question of the day should be:

How do you feel about the Vikings running away with this division?

Watching Rodgers getting collarboned - sick
Witnessing the Hundley experiment - despair
Vikes strutting the crown - pissed

The Hundley thing is like your meal showing up cold. The rest is food poisoning.

HankScorpio's picture

"The question of the day should be:

How do you feel about the Vikings running away with this division?"

I don't care one teeny tiny little bit. I'm not going to let that team and those idiot fans get into my head.

If they think it is exciting to beat a Rodgers-less Packer team, more power to them. Whatever gets them over staring at that empty trophy case.

Flow49's picture

Start Cobb at QB and run the triple option until Rodgers can return. Got to be better than what we’ve been watching....

Rebecca's picture


Qoojo's picture

From preseason, Callahan is much worse than Hundley. Hill showed more than both in preseason, but MM has 3 years invested in Hundley.

sonomaca's picture

Callahan was 4th in depth chart in preseason. Had New Orleans not claimed Hill, Callahan wouldn’t even be a Packer.

Not sure why they don’t give Flynn a call.

4zone's picture

How about a Callahan and conditional 7th rounder for NO's Hill?

RCPackerFan's picture

Do you have a time machine to go back to make that trade before the trade deadline?
But if you have a time machine, how about going back to the beginning of the season and warning Thompson/McCarthy of what is going to happen so they can keep Hill as the 3rd QB...

But really if you have a time machine can you just go back to the game in which Rodgers was hurt and warn him of the injury he was about to suffer so he could avoid it and we would be 8-2 or 9-1 right now.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

New Orleans already had Jo Callahan and then they cut him and then I believe he went to Cleveland and they cut him and then he came back to Green Bay so I don't think New Orleans would that.

AK Cheese's picture

Let Hundley play. Too much hot air.

Point Packer's picture

Who knows if he would have done it, but if Romo would have in any way wanted to come to GB, Ted should have pulled the trigger.

pwpacker66's picture

I'm all in for the switch to Callahan!!! Like everyone else..Hundley's had his chances and bombed it bad!!!
Can't be worse!!!!
Joe reminds me of Doug Flutie!!!

Doug Niemczynski's picture

It's funny that you say that I've been saying that all along that he reminds me of Doug Flutie I'm not saying he is Doug Flutie by no stretch of the imagination but I do like the way he plays it's got that attitude of a Doug Flutie Brett Favre but by no comparison I said he's Doug Flutie or Brett Favre but he just has a little Flair about him that I like that Mike McCarthy evidently does not like

4zone's picture

I think Hundley should probably start the next game. I expect he will get a heavy dose of 'in your face' from Pitt. If it gets real bad though, I'd put Callahan in just to get him some real game experience just in case you need him later on due to injuries or something.

It's hard to watch but you have to let the kid work through stuff. At some point though, you have to make a decision on whether or not he 'can' work through it if he doesn't make any progress. It's odd that he seems to run a great opening drive but can't sustain or finish them. He's made some great throws and some baffling decisions. Not running with 10 yards open field ahead of him, or just throwing the stupid ball away instead of taking a sack on 4th downs.

It seems the game is too fast for his brain which he may never get over. Performing in practice is one thing, performing against a top defense in a game is quite another. With Jones or Monty in the backfield we would have a more balanced attach and take some pressure off him but with us down to Spriggs on the OL, I hope TT sees we need help there next draft.

I don't think we will score much against Pitt this week but if he can put up maybe 17-21 points without any interceptions or idiotic sacks (there will be sacks regardless) who knows. . . ?

Leo Smith's picture

Matthew Clayton Flynn is American football quarterback who is currently a free agent. He was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the seventh round of the 2008 NFL Draft.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

I'm trying to tell everybody that McCarthy doesn't want Jill Callahan in the game because Joe Callahan is a creative player who scramble around the pocket he will find the open man he can get the job done but McCarthy doesn't like it because why would we need McCarthy to call the place no he has strings and treating me like a puppet that's why he didn't like Brett Favre that's why he put Aaron Rodgers in the game because he didn't like what Brett Favre was doing out there and that's why he like Aaron Rodgers because Aaron Rodgers does what coach McCarthy says make some for you plays outside the pocket when he needs to but Mike McCarthy likes to have rains on his quarterback and that's why he's saying I'm sticking with Hundley I'm telling you

Doug Niemczynski's picture

I will tell you this joke Callahan whether he would live win or lose I guarantee you you would have fun watching him but watching Brett Hundley is as boring as watching a toothpick going to banana bread

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Joe phone sucks

Point Packer's picture

According to all those Packer writers Mike McCarthy is a great coach. Just laughable at this point. Those idiots don't know what they are talking about. Their credibility has been eroded. I'm looking at you Aaron Nagler. Chief Mike McCarthy apologist.

Bret Iverson's picture

The talent evaluation for the Packers is lacking. The Packers are missing Dorsey and other who left. They are missing Pro-Bowl players and let a few go banking on younger players that have not stepped up. They need to reduce or cut Nelson, Cobb, Matthews, Burnett and Bulaga. I would rank each player a plus, avg. or a minus. All minus players must play for a roster spot and the avg. players. As I look at the roster, there are only 6 plus players on offense, 6 Avg. Players and 13 minus players with Crosby as one of the plus players. Defense has 4 plus players, 8 Avg. and 14 minus players. That means half the roster needs to be replaced. Lets say you can trade several for extra picks. Draft 15 this year and bring in 5 Good FA players. And hope some minus , avg. and injured players develop. Next year you would have a better overall roster. Just look at 2010 and this team is not close. We had 8 plus players on defense 9 avg. and only 9 minus players. The offense had 10 Plus players, 8 Avg. and 9 minus. We are 11 players short of a good team.

Razer's picture

I must say Bert that this is a creative and insightful way to look at the roster. I like it. I am not sure that it accounts for the year-to-year development of players but I like the argument.

Overall, your comment that we lack the skills to accurately evaluate talent is bang on. We are having trouble starting at the draft on through to player development. It is why we are not getting any better.

billybobton's picture

I agree with you but you may have green and gold covered glasses on.

As an assignment go back and rewatch the chicago game, eliminate plays against kyle fuller and grade...the grades are consistent with the other 4 games of the BH era

We have more negatives than positives on offense with ROdgers hurt, as I have stated many times before Rodgers adds a letter grade to every OL on green bay

On offense we have one plus guy at OL LT in DB
we have no plus WR
we may have a plus in Jones but it is not yet otherwise negative
we have negatives at TE
we have negative at RT

Bret Iverson's picture

What we need? Offense: Starting Tackle, Two TE's, a Number one WR, Number One RB, Number 2 QB. A consistant Punter and Returner. Defense: 2 OLB, 1 MLB, 1 shut down CB, 1 Hard Hitting Safety. This team has had trouble with injuries: Finley, Shields, Collins and has not replaced these players. They cut ties with some too early: Hyde, Hayward, Walden, Zombo, Peppers, Woodson, Hill. We all know there are others. This is a loss of talent and we have not replaced the missing pieces. Sad part it is talked about by the media and fans but never the front office or coaching staff.

croatpackfan's picture

I read very interesting article here and I think author is on something good:

4zone's picture

MM probably doesn't want to risk losing his prized backup QB to injury. Would knock down his trade value. Question now becomes, is BH our backup again next year because no one will trade for him?

JLab3's picture

Like any other first time starter Hundley has a lot to learn but benching now serves no purpose. We forget Taysom Hill, not Joe Callahan, would have been the Hundley backup if New Orleans hadn't grabbed him from our practice squad. Let's maximize Hundley and see what happens.

wimiller's picture

if management had any guts and said screw the fan base they would pick up wisconsin native colin kaepernick and all would be forgiven if he put up wins. but now it is too late. hundley will not be in the league next year or should not be. he as much as the consistently lousy defense is a poster boy for just how much MM and TT have lost whatever magic they might have once have had. a qb simply incapable of stepping up in the pocket? give me a break. give kaepernick the chance to make up for the harm he did us as a 49er and finishing our season not once but twice

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