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Packers Question of the Day: Early Draft Need

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Packers Question of the Day: Early Draft Need

We're going into week seven, sure, but it's never too early for many -- including the draft geeks -- to start discussing what position their team should target in the upcoming draft.

Given the state of the Green Bay Packers' roster at the moment, where should general manager Ted Thompson and co. aim in round one? Given whether or not they actually have a round one pick by then and don't trade it away sometime between now and April, which is almost impossible to happen.


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV and a contributor/analyst for the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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lebowski's picture

Pass rush. Rinse, repeat.

dobber's picture

And how...

Dzehren's picture

Trade back OL & WR cut Cobb & sign OLB FA with Cap savings from Cobb

Razor's picture

O line, cornerback & maybe safety.

EdsLaces's picture

OL Pass Rush CB and RB. I have no idea how old he is or whatever, but Johnson from Auburn is Bell Jr. and I want him on our team.

Somedumbname's picture

OLB. We need a guard too, but usually not worth a first round pick. Also CB.

RCPackerFan's picture

Middle of the year is a good time to look at draft needs. The teams flaws are more fresh in your memory.

The problem with a year like this year, how do you determine actual needs with all the injuries.

Sure we can say we need OL. Not hard to say that when we are playing our 6th, 7th, and 8th OT's. But when Bakhtiari, Bulaga, Murphy and Spriggs come back, is that need as high as it is now?

We can say we need CB's. But when your playing without 3 of your top 4, it makes things complicated again.

We can say pass rushers. but again without Brooks and not having seen Biegel yet, we don't know how much depth we really have.

That being said, pass rush and pass defense are almost always going to be the top needs. We need more guys to get to the QB. And we definitely need more upgrades at CB.

Bearmeat's picture

Brooks is on a 1 year contract and over 30. CM3 has played well this year, I admit it. But he also is over 30. House is on a 1 year. We need CB and OLB.

All that said, it is absolutely too early to talk draft. The season is not even close to over yet. Our team could still win the division.

RCPackerFan's picture

Yeah, the biggest point I was making was that its tough to get a feel for what we need when we can't even see the players we have play.

For example if Brooks plays well perhaps they resign him? If Biegel comes in and plays lights out, all of a sudden we have 4 great pass rushing players. That would make the OLB less of a need. But we don't know since we barely have seen Brooks, and Biegel has yet to play.

CB and OLB will be our biggest needs going into the offseason. Probably CB being the top. King looks good, and Randall is way to up and down. House will be a free agent.

I agree its to early to discuss offseason stuff. But at the same time I do like looking ahead. Seeing what we need or may need and watching the college players at those positions.

I'm definitely not ready to throw the towel in on the season. There is a chance Rodgers can come back late. We are 1 week from the bye which will hopefully get us some players healthy. And our schedule is not that tough.

flackcatcher's picture

Packers have and will focus on the defensive side. NFL rules changes make skill level players (DB OLB) a higher need than ever. I doubt that this years injuries will change the Packer front office view. We fans live in the moment, that's our right. Packers front office lives three years in the future. They have to if they are to be successful.

RCPackerFan's picture

Completely agree!

stockholder's picture

You guys are all wrong. TT will draft a DT/NT. The #2 will depend on signing Adams. But I'll bet WR. Cobb stays and his contract too.

RCPackerFan's picture

Maybe. Thats a long ways away and we have no idea what they will draft.

But that doesn't change that the top need right now will be OLB and CB. That could and will likely change by the time the draft comes around.

4zone's picture

I honestly don't see a lot of need out there. I see more of planning for the future. Take the best available wherever and we should be solid still.

Having said that, we have no clue how our FAs will fall next year. That will probably be the most significant factor I think.

tincada's picture

You don't see a need? Really. At first I thought this be Ted writing with a ghost name but then you mentioned FAs. Can't be Ted.

dobber's picture

I think what he's saying is BPA.

4zone's picture

What I'm saying is I like our team for the most part. Of course, you can improve some backup positions but we have a great starting OL, two solid RB's, at least 4 good WR's and two good TE's. Our DL is great against the run but could use some push up the middle on passing downs, our OLBs are good with at least one new unknown about ready to step up. Our starting DB's are half young and half solid and we are loaded at Safety. Our depth at any position isn't the greatest but it rarely is for any teams to be able to afford great talent at backup.

Now, if we let half our UFA's walk this off season, then we are talking about a totally different team.

For me, I'm looking for at least 10 wins this season and possibly more. It's what stories are made from. They have the talent, all they need is to come together as a team and play the best football they can play. No more talk, just do!

Nick Perry's picture

Like others I think OLB is the most pressing need for the Packers. The Packers could actually take 2 pass rushers in the first 3 sections and it wouldn't be overkill IMO. Hopefully Hundley plays well and they can get at least a 2nd rounder for him. With a draft pick for Hundley, 4 comp picks, plus the Packers regular 7 picks they could make quite a haul.

I think a WR is a pretty big need too. Even if the sign Adams and Jordy is still Jordy, they'll need that "Big/Fast" guy who can stretch the field like Nelson used to. O-Line is a big need too. I don't think they can count on Spriggs and Murphy right now, not after what they showed in the preseason, especially Spriggs. Obviously they'll be here next summer but it would be unwise to count on them being able to contribute based on their play up to now.

I guess the silver lining to this horrible injury to Rodgers is the Packers will still be a decent club next year. With ALL those picks the Packers could really set themselves up for Rodgers last few seasons.

tincada's picture

Aim at Ted's head. That cheapskate has got this team in a deep hole with all of his undrafted rookies and bottom of the barrel FA's.

At least he stayed in form and signed yet another undrafted rookie as a "QB"

nostradanus's picture

Pass Rush OLB
Workhorse RB
O. Lineman

stockholder's picture

Not happening. OL at 3 is a good guess. But this team is not going to go belly up. So they'll pick late! They kept 3 rbs and have monty. Bet is on DT/NT that way Clark can move around like Raji. WR at #2. Small school. #3 and 4 will be OL. I'm going with a Center and C/G type to move inside. A good example is Tretter.

JohnnyLogan's picture


NitschkeFan's picture

and GM

NitschkeFan's picture

I think we all know that adding a quality CB would be nice. The other positions really depend on what we find out over the next 10 games from the needs at OL, what do we get from Spriggs & Murphy (or Lucas and the others that I have low expectations for)?

From the needs on D (other than CB) what do we see from Montravious, Lowry, Biegel ?

Let us not forget that we will also probably lose someone of value in free agency creating another possible need in the draft.

Bure9620's picture

I think we draft TE in the first 4 rounds somewhere and WR in the top 3 rounds, pass rusher high also

HankScorpio's picture

The early draft is all about finding a guy to play the next 8-10 years, not next one year.

Besides, If this year has demonstrated anything at all, it has shown that you add the best player you can and don't worry about the position. Through 6 games the Packers have de-activated starters due to injury at CB, S, OLB, DL, OT, WR & RB. QB will be added to that list this week. Perhaps OG, too. Their TE has been healthy but has a serious case of the dropsies. They already could have used a productive rookie at really any position on the field without regard to their "needs" back in April.

If this year goes south, as seems likely given the injuries, I'd hate for the Packers to pass on an opportunity to draft a true superstar because he played a position that had a higher bar to clear in order to see the field in year one.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture


Nick Perry's picture

Interesting TGR...What round??

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I wasn't being facetious. I don't watch college football really at all, so I was inviting some of our posters (RC comes to mind) who really know the college prospects to comment. Sounds like 2018 is a good year for QBs.

I figure that if Hundley does well enough to be worth a 2nd rounder, he won't want to sit and hold a clipboard for AR, so it is still best to trade him for a decent second/third rounder, or better.

Assuming that AR makes a complete recovery, it is a bit early ideally to spend premium capital (= a first) on a QB. If Lamarr Jackson or Allen fall into the forties, they would be tough to ignore. If GB has any concerns about AR's complete recovery, I've seen two mock drafts that have Rosen falling to 10th or 12th. It sounds like it would be hard to ignore Rosen. Probably all these mocks change radically over the next 7 months.

I have our needs as OLB, CB, and WR. The draft as far as my limited knowledge of college prospects goes doesn't seem strong for any of those positions. Landry might look good in GB, if he were there. I'm not much on trading up.

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