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Packers Question of the day - Coaching Staff

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Packers Question of the day - Coaching Staff

Whether the Packers lose on Sunday or they emerge victorious in Houston in early February, do you want to see changes to the coaching staff this offseason?

A lot of controversy has developed around defensive coordinator Dom Capers from fans who aren't happy with the way his group has performed, not just this season, but over the last few years. 

Should there be changes?

(My personal stance is no.)


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV. He's the voice of The Leap on iTunes and can be heard on The Scoop KLGR 1490 AM every Saturday morning. He's also a contributor on the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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Nick Perry's picture

I've already read that Wade Phillips probably won't be retained in Denver which I think is absolutely nuts. I've always like Phillips as a DC, his defenses are consistently ranked near the top of the NFL.

I've never been a huge Capers fans. The problems that have plagued the Packers defense 4 or 5 years ago are still there, and it's been like that Dom's entire career.

If the Packers go on and win the SB, it's pretty hard to fire your DC ...Right??? Tough call.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Wade Philips knows how to use 3-4 OLBs. Having him and Matthews together I think we'd be able to see more of what Matthews could do.

I don't like Dom Capers scheme. Unfortunately, it comes with Dom and he isn't going to change his scheme. When he keeps it simple and uses a few select complexities that the players actually understand I find that acceptable, but he never keeps it simple for very long.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

This thread and all of the down votes on Nick Perry and I remind me of Collinsworth going on about what a great defensive coordinator Capers is because he has this huge playbook. Meanwhile literally on screen the secondary is getting burned for 40 yards because the CB and the Safety are running two different zone coverages.

Nick Perry's picture

Don't bother Jeremy, it's not worth arguing with him. Capers had 2 good years, 2009 and 2010. In 2011 his defense was ranked 32nd and gave up the most passing yards in history at the time.

THAT'S his career, 2 good years followed by horrible years until he's fired or moves on.

Nick Perry's picture

So what you're saying is he was good 2 years and you can't find anything good to say about him since 2010.

In case you need a "Reminder" It's 2017 so basically you're saying you can't find a worthy stat to post for the last 5 years or so? Frankly who gives a damn what he did in 2010 at this point, it's 2017!!!!

BTW... Denver added the pro bowl Safety, CB, and OLB in FA.

Nick Perry's picture

LOL... Thanks...I'm curious, since you defend Capers with the same arrogant condescending attitude as you do with Thompson I have a question. So know are you suggesting Thompson could be the issue? I mean 30 draft choices since 2010 SHOULD be enough to fix the issues, at least enough for the Packers Defense to be able to hold up their end right?
Thompson has drafted 30 defensive players since 2010 yet Capers defenses have been the problem in Green Bay since the 2011 season. Players leave, retire, get injured all the time so your argument of Collins, Woodson, Williams, and Bishop is stale and old.

Yes Phillips has had the luxury of Free Agents signing in Denver. The Packers and Capers could have that same luxury yet they don't partake, not really. The Packers have added a few pieces but not unless they've been cut. I KNOW you're not in favor of adding cuts because you've blasted me and others about adding cut players I've mentioned in the past.

Or maybe just maybe you have a "Hard On" for certain people on this site and try to belittle them, normally making yourself look like a jackass.

Those really ARE the facts Danny boy.

Nick Perry's picture

I'm not the one who used to post a picture of himself wearing a powder blue skin tight spandex bicycle suit and YOU want to talk about "Panties"? Really??

John30856's picture

Just look at the teams record. That's all you need to know. A coach you aint and neither is anyone else in here

fthisJack's picture

and i have watched Capers over the last 5 years play the prevent defense at the end of the games. what it did was prevent them from winning some critical games. Seattle in 2014 comes to mind. i have seen him rush 3 and allow a team to march down the field and score in 30 seconds instead of continuing to play base defense. is it the players that are calling for the 3 man rush at the end of games?
his defenses have ranked near the bottom of the league for too long and it isn't the personnel in my opinion. there are better options for DC out there and its time to move on from him.

RocsCave's picture

A light bulb isn't worth crap without a socket to screw it into.

Nick Perry's picture

Great point!

fthisJack's picture

i have seen plenty 100 watt light bulbs become 20 watt with a change of scheme and vice versa.

John30856's picture

so very true Desert!

Ferrari Driver's picture

If Capers had the guys who manned the defense for our 1996 Super Bowl team, he would be just fine. We won that one with the number one defense in the league and a kick returner voted the most valuable player over our HOF quarterback during the game.

What we are going to put on the field against Dallas Sunday looks paltry compared the starting defensive line of Reggie White, Sean Jones, Gilbert Brown, and Santana (sp?) Dotson.

Green Bay has had too many successful seasons and Divisions championships which has left us sucking the hind tit when it comes to having a chance to pick when the cream of the crop is available during the annual NFL drafts. Chances of picking up a "difference maker" is much better during the first 10 picks than during the last 10 where Thompson has been picking year after year.

mnklitzke's picture

I think the system and coach are fine just need TT to draft better players for the system.

stockholder's picture

How very True. If you look at the all rookie teams year after year. TT's choices do make your head scratch. We have been begging for better defense since A-Rod was drafted. I liked Clark or chris Jones. Dt. - Jones 1st string. Can't complain on Clark. Most scouts said Clark will be the better football player when it said and done. Deion Jones. Fastest ILb in years. Selected after Spriggs. Sean davis. 2nd team Cb. and my biggest bitch. Taking Davis WR over Jatavis Brown. 2nd team ILB. Yes he's light and small school. But did we need davis More? The biggest bitch was not replacing Bishop,Woodson or Collins. So I feel we got a pretty coach in MM. Considering Lots of All-pro talent let go by TT too.

RCPackerFan's picture

I loved Jatavis Brown. I was hoping the Packers would have taken him.

fthisJack's picture

bet you were bichin when they let Sitton walk. that was a shrewd move by TT. i do hope they keep Lang though. he is one tough SOB.

mnklitzke's picture

I was at first but Taylor shut my mouth pretty dang quick with his play. Very please with it. I had horrors of Barclay style playing.

mnklitzke's picture

My biggest complaint with TT on defense was not taking Eric Kendricks complete beast for the Queens. Ryan and Kendricks side by side.... Biggest complaint for TT on offense is not drafting more TE like Finley and Cook. If they are soo important in the offense attack why haven't we drafted any of the good TE over the years?

porupack's picture

Time for change. Dom has done great overall, but seems that he doesn't always have his unit at top preparedness. I credit him with resourcefulness, as he has had to deal with so many key injuries over the years beyond the norm. But seems that there are some elements of the D that are characteristically weak (middle underneath) over long enough time, that it seems time for a fresh re-tooling strategy. I think the game against Dallas would be a good indicator; b/c a strong performance over that prolific offense would be a strong endorsement. And if that continued at Atlanta....then by all means the guy would/should stay with appropriate vote of confidence.

L's picture

Everything is more or less fine, but I'd still like to see the team bring in a young offensive minded guy from outside the organization to be an assistance offensive coordinator in order to help provide some new looks and wrinkles to the team's offense. Personally, I'd like to see more quick passing plays that scheme receivers open in order to help get A.Rodgers into rhythm sooner in games.

Also, if the upper brass believes in E.Wolf becoming the heir apparent to TT as GM and they fear he may leave to work for another team then perhaps consider promoting him to GM with TT taking on an advisory GM role while focusing strictly on the draft which is his specialty. Basically, Ted could finish out his contract while providing valuable console to Elliot on the draft side and helping him become more comfortable with all the added responsibilities.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

GB needs an additional offensive coordinator like a hole in the head. What it needs is just one, a good one.

Since '61's picture

If the Packers defeat Dallas this Sunday and the defense plays a strong game, especially in stopping the run I think that you need to keep Capers unless he decides to retire on his own. I have had problems with Capers since the 2011 season but his defense has been very effective during this 7 game win streak and he has been playing without his 1&2 CBs so he deserves some credit for that. Also, with few exceptions (CM3 and Raji) TT has not been able to draft any game changers on defense due to where the Packers have finished in the standings over the years. Even HHCD at #22, IIRC, has been about the lowest spot TT has had in the first round since 2009. So we haven't really had the chance to see who TT would have drafted or how much better Capers defense would be if he had a few top 10 or even top 20 picks out of the draft. Evaluations for later, for now, beat Dallas. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since '61

GVPacker's picture

Well said Since '61!

egbertsouse's picture

Capers has to go. His teams lack discipline and fundamentals and many players get worse the longer they play for him. Yeah, I know, he's put up aouple f good defensive games during the streak....but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

snowdog's picture

Nailed It !! . It's worth repeating .... Nailed It !!

Finwiz's picture

Nailed it is right!

egbertsouse's picture

Let's get a defensive coordinator that emphasizes tackling and don't give me that crap that the CBA doesn't let teams teach tackling. Other teams tackle; Seattle, New England, Denver, Baltimore to name a few.

jh9's picture

I have been critical of both Dom Capers and Mike McCarthy ever since they lost to the 49ers with Kaepernick as the quarterback in the 2012 playoffs. The Packers were not prepared for Kaepernick and I feel the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of the coaching staff. Ever since that playoff game, I have been critical of MM primarily because of the Packers playoff performances. They should have played better in the 2011 playoffs, but I’m giving them a pass.

2013 playoff - 49ers beat the Packers 23-20. Better coaching would have won that game.
2014 playoff- Seahawks beat the Packers 28-22. Better coaching would have won that game.
2015 playoff - Cardinals beat the Packers 26-20. Better coaching would have won that game.

My major criticism of MM has been his inability to make in-game adjustments and his tendency to play conservative when he has a lead and not put opponents away. If you look at the historical data of the Packers under MM and with Aaron Rodgers, they have an awful record of coming from behind and winning. Since 2008 and including this year, if the Packers go into the 4th quarter 14 points or less behind, or tied, or lose the lead in the 4th and have to come back to win, their winning percentage is around 33%. They’ve done a little better toward the end of this year AND THAT IS WHAT GIVES ME HOPE FOR THIS YEAR’S PLAYOFFS.

MM can say to the world that he is a successful NFL coach. However, IMO, his coaching performance in critical games can be justly criticized. My hope is that this is the year MM proves me wrong.

croatpackfan's picture

I really do not know which DC would do more with personnel left to him after all those injuries on defense...
Also, who would you hire in place of Dom Capers? Rex Ryan?
You can not just take someone's DC to be yours. And any position coach to be hired to be DC is huge risk. I'm for keeping main guys intact!

MarkinMadison's picture

Based on what we have seen this year it is hard to justify giving any particular member of the coaching staff the boot. Change will come soon enough. TT will be gone within two years, one way or the other.

longtimefan's picture

I love how people are so fast to say fire him..popigna and greene both said it's the players. They mentally can't understand the system. Dom dumbs it down all the time and they still have issues. He is given rookies more than any other group.
How would offense do if the lineman had rookies every year... Or wr?

fthisJack's picture

its not the players. how many frickin times has the defense allowed the other team to march down the field and score the winning touchdown at the end of the game in the last 5 years? tired of watching his prevent defense that has prevented them from winning many games. time for some new blood.

carusotrap's picture

I think that many of Dom's issues come from having to populate his incredibly complex defense with incredibly young players. When you have so many rookies and UDFA who are relied on to start and produce immediately, sometimes even while moving to a new position, there's little wonder that the defense is something of a lottery.

You know where this is going. Ted Thompson is often a great judge of potential talent, but because he simply won't participate in free agency beyond the occasional signing in August or the despiration pickup in October, too many players have to be instant stars before they've had a chance to grow into their potential. I am NOT suggesting that we throw bags of money at free agents on day one, but a playmaker or two on D would really help Dom run his defense.

Ted needs to retire or step back. We need a GM who is conservative but is also willing to use all the tools the modern NFL allows him.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

"incredibly complex defense with incredibly young players"

The game has gotten really fast. Defensive players need to be able to play without too much complexity. Capers is capable of keeping it simple. He's done it the past few weeks. I hope he keeps doing it.

Pack12's picture

I know that Dom Capers is the popular whipping boy and tends to always get the blame for anything that goes wrong with the Packer defense but I feel that this is unfair. Dom Capers has been a successful defense coordinator for over 20 years and has had success in Pittsburgh and with the Packers, especially during their Super Bowl run in 2010. A coach doesn't tackle and cover people. All he can do is put his players in the best position to be successful and in my view Dom Capers has done that. The Packers tend to use young players and lack talent in a lot of positions making Capers' job a lot more difficult. Bottom line is that you need a talented horse to win the race and I don't care how good a jockey you are, you are not winning the race without a first class horse.

Lphill's picture

COW , Al Bundy nothing to add? You guys are just hoping for that loss to the Cowboys Sunday so you can slide back in and spew your disrespect but you know what ? The Packers are going to win , experience comes through in big games.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I think MM is a good coach. I don't think he is a great coach. I don't think I'd describe him as a really good coach. If his back is against the wall, he can be creative, but otherwise he isn't. We could well do worse. I am open to the notion of hiring a new HC after the season. The offense has been generally loaded with talent, including a generational talent at QB. MM appears to me to have gotten most of what was possible out of the offense, but never all that was there.

I think Capers gets somewhat better results than the talent he is given suggests he ought. I think he is far more creative than MM. Too often he plays the wrong player but he is much better at recognizing possible abilities in his players. He realized that Burnett can play SS, can play in the Box, can play ILB in some situations, and can even cover straight up. The jury seems to be out on how good Hayward is (is his performance this year a one year blip?), but I thought he limited Hayward to situations in which Hayward could excel. At any rate, one can see why he liked Hyde so much despite Hyde's limitations every time we watch Hyde out there battling.

We finished 21st in points allowed somehow despite not having a capable #1, #2, or #3 CB, one OLB in Perry who was very good for 8 or 10 games and then tapered off and got hurt, another whose availability is limited and whose play has dropped due to age, another who no longer is the prototypical OLB but can do a number of good things, one good DL, one very mediocre one, a rookie who has started to come on, and no other proven depth (but Lowry has been better than expected), and a set of ILBs who best can be described as adequate (though Ryan is starting to look solid).

Samson's picture

All the experts. -- The fickle fans of the Pack. -- During the losing streak all wanted heads. --- Now you're naming your kids after TT, MM and Dom. -- Get real.

If the Pack wipe out against the 'Boys this Sunday --- this is just another repeat of the last six seasons.

AR is doing his best to get to the SB. --- He can't do it all by himself.

John30856's picture

you do realize that what you just stated makes you one of those fickle fans lmao

John30856's picture

At this point why are we even discussing or caring about this? lol

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