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Packers Question of the Day - Are you Bothered by Favre's Hall of Fame Locker?

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Packers Question of the Day - Are you Bothered by Favre's Hall of Fame Locker?

As Brett Favre is set to be inducted into the highest, most prestigious of accolades a professional athlete can reach this Saturday, his supports and believe it or not, some of his haters are preparing to tune in. 

A photo recently surfaced on social media of what Favre's Hall of Fame locker exhibit is slated to look like. Beside it, Joe Montana with his lone 49ers jersey and Kevin Greene with a single Steelers jersey. No Chiefs for Montana and no Rams for Greene. This begs the question: why a Vikings jersey for Favre?

Favre will go down as one of the greatest Green Bay Packers of all time without a single hint of a doubt. But it is undeniable the glory that was his 2009 campaign in Minnesota. Milestones, records, arguably his greatest statistical season. As much as it pains me and I'm sure a lot of other Cheeseheads as well, you can't be blinded to greatness. 

Regardless of not winning a title, which Reggie White never did in Philadelphia but is deemed as an Eagles icon, and regardless of going to a division rival, which Curtis Martin and Terrell Owens both have done, is it right for Favre's jersey to be displayed in his Hall of Fame locker? Or is it a slap in the face of the 16 years' worth of commitment the Gunslinger invested into the Packers?


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV. He's the voice of The Leap on iTunes and can be heard on The Scoop KLGR 1490 AM every Saturday morning. He's also a contributor on the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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marpag1's picture

Bothered? No. Couldn't care less than I do, actually.

The TKstinator's picture


EdsLaces's picture

At this point after all the agony ....what's it matter now?

RCPackerFan's picture

I understand that Favre's 2 jersey's are in honor of 2 major achievements with both teams. I get it, but at the same time I don't get why they chose to do it.

But Favre played for Green Bay for most of his career. When people talk about Favre they talk about him in Green Bay. The bulk of his career stats are from being in Green Bay.

When Peyton Manning retires are they going to put a Colts and Broncos Jersey in his locker? Because that essentially is the same thing as Favre.

MarkinMadison's picture

Peyton won a Super Bowl with each team. Farve didn't even win an NFC Championship with the Vikings. There was no "major achievement" with the Vikings. It's a bad call.

RCPackerFan's picture

From what I have heard the reason why they put the Vikings jersey in is because he broke the consecutive games started record with the Vikings.

That is kind of my point though. If they don't put 2 jersey's in for Manning who won 2 super bowls with 2 separate teams, IMO its a major miss with Favre.

MarkinMadison's picture

Understood RC. I didn't get what major achievement you were referring to. I guess I get the NFL's excuse, but then shouldn't the Jets jersey be in there too? This is just weird, but everything with Favre is.

Tarynfor12's picture

It's a ' I'll do it my way ' statement to the end and he's showing in a manner, the kiss my arse to Thompson, McCarthy, Murphy and to some extent the fanbase.
As Rambo said....." Nothing is over, you just don't flip a switch."

Bugeater's picture

Liked for a Rambo quote!

Duke Divine's picture

And yet Lincoln Hawk would say;

jasonperone's picture

The NFL made this call. Favre wasn't involved from what has been said

Nick Perry's picture

EXACTLY Jason. The HOF decides what goes into the Locker. Favre has NOTHING to do with it.

JJtheTraveler's picture

I can't believe the player doesn't have input. And he was a Green Bay QB. So I'm upset that he's doing this. I've come to the point where I say screw em.

D.D. Driver's picture

"As Brett Favre is set to be inducted into the highest, most prestigious of accolades a professional athlete can reach this Saturday...."

I'm going to disagree with this very first statement. The Packers retiring his number was a much---much---greater honor than HOF induction. It's a much more exclusive club.

Favre absolutely deserves to be in the PFHOF, but I will always be disappointed that the Packers retired his number. He wasn't worthy of that honor.

Tundraboy's picture

Yes and Hornung and others are not retired.

Tundraboy's picture

Yes but what bugs me more is that Farve gets a locker before Kramer.

Finwiz's picture

Totally ridiculous that he plays 2 years with the Queens and this becomes part of his legacy? What about the Jets, Jets, Jets? This is another chapter in the Favre butthurt over his release from the Packers and TT. Like I've always said, 'million dollar body, ten cent head'. I was never so happy the way he went out in that playoff game with MN, and the typical Favre 'crap the bed', boneheaded moment. Karma's a beeyatch.

Duke Divine's picture

There are Jets socks in the Favre HOF locker as heard on Bill Michaels yesterday.... Not a Jersey and pants but something Jets anyway. I'm good and fine with whatever goes in there but I think for all fans to get a full understanding of the legacy they should have 2 mini tv's in the locker. One near the Packer helmet playing a continual loop of the last throw in the 07 NFC title game and the other TV near the Vikes jersey playing a loop of the last throw from the 09 NFC title game. Let's not sugar coat anything. Show highlights from the 6int Rams playoff game too. Hell. just put up a chart of his last 11 season's playoff appearance numbers and ratings and Paul Harvey would call that "the rest of the story" in it's entirety.

Finwiz's picture

Yeah that 6 INT Ram playoff game, I'll never forget how pathetic of a display that was. Spent the whole game just chucking and ducking on a wing and a prayer. Totally came unraveled under pressure in that one. Total embarrassment, and you realized the mid 90's party was largely over, and his peak/pinnacle had been reached. Toughest QB ever to play the game, but intelligence, and performance under pressure.......? Denver Super Bowl, he needed to make one final drive to win the game, and he was erratically throwing the ball on that one too. Balls too high, behind receivers, ect.

gr7070's picture

Antonio Freeman dropped a sure first down on that last drive. That greatly hurt the team.

Finwiz's picture

Yes I remember the Freeman drop, but Favre also missed an open Chmura somewhere in that sequence. I recorded that game on VHS, and never watched it again. Still have it. Talk about shocking. Ultimately it was the defense that had no clue how to stop Davis. It was so pathetic, Holmgren let them score on that last play to save the clock.

Duke Divine's picture

Doesn't get more honest than that, Finwiz.

Lphill's picture

I will see for myself I along with my son will be attending the ceremony and I'm wondering if anyone else from here will be there also ?

Packer_Pete's picture

I'm not bothered by it. He made it abundantly clear that he wanted to stick it to us and really only wanted to play for the Vikings, so it is only natural he wanted that jersey. I'm kinda surprised that he actually has the Packers jersey in it, but that is the one he won the SB with so he kinda had to...
But I do have the satisfaction that his last passes as a Jet and as a Viking were the same as his last pass as a Packer - INT... LOL

Jersey Al's picture

It's not going to bother me, but I think it would be more logical if a Jets jersey was in there too. Maybe even a Falcons jersey...

RCPackerFan's picture

My question, is for other players did they put multiple team Jersey's in their lockers? Deion Sanders, Emmitt Smith, Kurt Warner?

stockholder's picture

Al I think your a 100 % right on this. All four!

Bearmeat's picture

Eh. Whatever.

The "We'll never forget you Brent" comment still applies. Without him, there probably would not have been the 90's renaissance at all. But the dude intentionally went to Minnesota to try and stick it to TT and through that, his old team. GB was the only team that gave him a chance and he tried to ensure he buried them on his way out. He's never apologized for his actions. That is not excusable. Beyond that, the fact is that he personally ended the Packers title hopes in 03, 04 and 07 and the Vikings in 09.

I know they'd not have been there if it wasn't for his quality. But still, dude is a human like anyone else, and his "Aw shucks, I'm just a team guy" persona wore REALLY thin by the end of this career. So IMO it's fitting that he will be both a Packer and a Viking in the HOF. The glory and achievement and heartbreaking season enders of his GB years - mixed with the history of their team. More amazing than anything else. But there is a good amount of embarrassing in there too. I'm happy he was a Packer. I'm also happy that we'll be able to stop talking about the very flawed man as if he was a god after this week.

L's picture

Would the Packers have landed Reggie White in Free Agency without Brett Favre showing the star promise he did during 1992? Favre completed his first season as a Packer with 3,227 yards passing and a quarterback rating of 85.3 on a team that managed a 6 game winning streak at one point and finished 9-7 (just missing the playoffs), but it helped him earn his first Pro Bowl appearance despite starting only 13 of the 16 games.

Bearmeat's picture

I think the answer to that question is "No." Brett was the 3rd biggest piece of the renaissance: Behind only Wolf and Holmgren.

Bearmeat's picture

Dude. Brunell was NEVER the QB that Favre was. At his best he was top 10 at the time - barely. Favre is an all time great.

croatpackfan's picture

As I'm "brand" new, I knew a little about Brett Favre. I needed to be introduced quickly and, like someone from a side, this decision about jerseys are typical Brett Favre disrespect moment. If Ron Wolf did not take him from Falcons, he would be nowhere. That is the truth. On the other hand, Packers showed him a lot of respect, respecting the fact that he really did all to help Packers franchise to regain it greatness.
As I said, typical Brett Favre. It would be surprise if he did it differently...

Tundraboy's picture

Boy , all this discussion is getting me aggravated all over again. Love what Farvre meant and did with the Packers but the 07 game will always leave a bad taste in my mouth. Its fitting that after all his poor games with us against the Vikings, that he chose to play with them and of course he ended it just like 07. The 6 ints against Rams will also sting because it's not like he was washed up then. Cant remember any HOF QB with that stat.

scullyitsme's picture

Is it weird, or am I the only one? Once you sext pictures of your junk to somebody you kind of lose all credibility. It's amazing that people still love this guy and often tell me as a Packer fan I have too also. Between, alcoholic, womanizer, drug addict, and now womanizer x2. I mean The guy is a [email protected]@. How do you even care at this point what jersey he's in. I say I hope they take the Packer jersey down so I don't have to wince every time they say his name.

marpag1's picture

I realize that my personal views on this will sound pretty harsh and "un-fan-like," but the fact is that I really don't give a crap about players and personalities. I'm not saying that players should be used like pack animals and then discarded. I'm saying that I'm here for the GAME. Players come, players go. Sure, some players are a lot more likable than others are, and that's nice. But when ARod retires some time from now, I'll say, "Hey, thanks for the memories, bud," and then its on to the next one.

No one is a hero, a warrior, a role model, a mentor, a legend, an icon, whatever, because he can run fast or throw a ball for the Green Bay Packers. And we all know that there have been a good number of Packer players who - oh, I don't know - maybe molested a teenage girl, or took a dump in their ex's laundry basket. And if they do, cut their asses. I'm not in love with the player.

Whether a player or a team "shows loyalty" or not... eh, we all know it's a business. And whether someone "retires as a Packer" or not... what the hell does that even mean? That he will be "out of the league as a Packer?"

Anyhow, over and out.... I got football to watch.

scullyitsme's picture

Same go for that child beater Adrian in Minnesota?

marpag1's picture

Any player, any team.

My comment above would apply to AP as much as any other player: "If they do, cut their asses. I'm not in love with the player."

No matter what player you're talking about, football would still be football without him.

Tundraboy's picture

And while we're at it. Why no packers hat or jacket last Thanksgiving? I'm sure he could have picked one up at the last minute. What's next a retirement game from Vikings.

Ryan Brunner's picture

Doesn't bother me at all.. It's all a part of the story that is Brett Favre.

Ryan Brunner's picture

Doesn't bother me at all.. It's all a part of the story that is Brett Favre.

mrtundra's picture

It does bother me that there is a vikings anything in his locker. While with the Packers he played in 2 Super Bowls, winning one, was named MVP 3X. He did nothing even close to those accomplishments as a viking and instead lost their chance for a Super Bowl berth by throwing a, not unexpected, INT instead of setting up the game winning field goal for the vikings. That mistake was also part of his legacy that most Packer fans will recall vividly and that most vikings fans want to forget.

Bedrock's picture

My initial reaction was "ugh".
I may be one of the few, but what do fans really think Favre should have done in the "breakup". Get over yourselves, the man changed his mind about playing. I'm sure nobody out there has ever changed their mind. At that point, GB was ready with Aaron and Favre wanted to play. Each entity was really entitled to their view.
It really sucks Favre wanted to play for the queens, but at the time, they were basically a QB short.
Most of us have our GB loyalty glasses on. Some of us would benefit from seeing Favre is a human with perhaps a different set of values than others have.
My second reaction was, the display is an accurate picture of his career.

sub_zero_pr's picture

Really? Still hating on the old guy??? I read that the Packers jersey was the one he used when he broke the TD records. The Viking jersey is the one he used when he broke consecutive games record or other record... There is also an inactive list of the first game he did not play after 20 seasons. It is from the Vikings. Stop with the hate. In that locker will be whatever the HOF decides should be in it. He played for 4 teams. There should be something from each team. Maybe they should put the Falcons team photo... oh wait!!!

Bugeater's picture

That makes sense: connecting the jersey's to the records. Sounds like something that should be in a museum to me.

al bundy's picture

Im extremely upset. So much so I'm going to have some cocktails, a few beers and repeat this for several weeks until, I can't remember what the question was.

StarkVegas's picture

It doesn't bother me since the HOF makes the call on what artifacts are displayed in the locker. He always kept me on the edge of my seat during the good and bad times. I choose to remember the good times. Life is to short otherwise. Go Pack Go!

ricky's picture

"Bothered" is too weak. Incensed, outraged, extremely angry is closer to my emotion. He had a great year in Minny- but had three MVP years in GB, and two SB appearances. This is sacrilege. This must not stand.

DD-393's picture

Continually amused by the drama surrounding Favre.

4thand1's picture

For almost his whole career in GB he was treated like royalty. Then he was shunned and cast out. The queens bent over backwards and gave him back his stature as king once again. It was a tough pill for him to swallow, and he insisted he had a lot left in the tank. But the big game let him and his team down once again. TT was right to move on. He did say he'll always be a Packer, I didn't hear Viking or jet at any time. It's enough for me that he gave 16 years and a title ,and none to the queens was icing on the cake! They can admire the purple jersey with no title...........EVER.

lou's picture

Anyone who starts 297 straight NFL games at QB has earned the right to do whatever he pleases. That record and Joe D's 56 game hitting streak are the only "unbreakable records" in major sports history.

lou's picture

Translated that means that the player who his peers refer to as "the greatest football player to play quarterback" , not the greatest QB ever although he is in the discussion there as well deserves the right to put what ever he wishes in his HOF display, you can't put the comment any more simpler than HE HAS EARNED THAT RIGHT.

the real russ letlow's picture

I think he's got the interception record sewn up forever too. That will never be broken. No one will be able to throw that many picks and still have a job as an NFL QB.

lou's picture

That may be the case and it has led to the pros and cons of being a "gunslinger" and even has divided Packer fans in that regard. But based on The number of passes thrown and his 508 TD's vs 336 picks is why he still stared every game. Many HOF QB's like Namath and Bobby Layne had many more picks than TD's and our Bart Starr had only 14 more TD's than picks in his great career. You have to look at the total body of work.

murph27's picture

Two jerseys. I am thinking he also should have had 2 presenters. How about Diana and Jenn Sterger?

LeagueObsrvr's picture

I just found this on Youtube if anyone hasn't seen it yet, it's an episode of John Gruden's "QB Camp" with Brett Favre, it's pretty good:

Nick Perry's picture

I'm sorry guys I just will never understand the "Disdain" Favre receives from Packers Fans, especially here. Favre was human and certainly had his faults. Yes the back and forth every damn year was tiresome to say the least, but he WAS the best thing to happen to Green Bay in a long, long, time. I will forever say "He made Football matter in Green Bay again".
His first game against the Bengals was the start of something special in Green Bay. They recently played that game on the NFL Network and I've watched the 4th quarter several times. That comeback was a thing of beauty, something he's done better than any other Packers QB. The Packers never seemed out of a game with Favre, especially considering his number of "Comeback Wins".

At the end of the day did he screw the Packers? Yes and No... He wanted to screw TT and so would ANYONE of you who'd been "Fired" and replaced by your boss. YES, I know Farve brought it on himself and the way he went about it was wrong. The Packers were also correct in moving on from the circus, but when TT offered him $20 Million NOT TO PLAY was what really fueled the fire. Personally I thought that was one of the more embarrassing moments of the whole mess. Here Brett, here's $20 Million NOT to play. Gimme a break!

BTW... Favre has nothing to do with what's put in the Locker, the HOF decides that.

Nick Perry's picture

I was making an analogy, I never said Favre was fired. And no I don't change my mind after making a life altering decision, but I wouldn't have made the decision 40 days after losing a chance to be in the game I played the sport for in the first place. Obviously the Packers needed an answer and I never said Favre didn't have a role, he obviously had a huge role. I thought it was pretty clear.

A personal services contract as an ambassador of the Packers? You can't possibly believe that's what that was. Thompson and Management were scared to death of Favre going anywhere in the NFC and would have done anything to prevent it. And they did, including trying to pay him off. You can wrap a bow around it anyway you like but that was nothing more than a payoff attempt. Personally I was embarrassed.

"His number of comebacks were mostly set up by his INT'S earlier in the game".

His number of comebacks were because he lead the Packers down the field to score the winning points!! I know you don't like Favre, I think we can all look at any player and find faults or things we don't like about them and Favre was no different. Yes he threw a TON of INT'S, he also made a TON of throws no one else could have made.

the real russ letlow's picture

I believe it was Mark Murphy who made that offer for a personal services contract. Not Ted Thompson, or TT as he is called.

DannyPatterson's picture

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michael562's picture

It is what it is....There are better things in life to worry about...just my .02 worth....

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