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Packers Pushing Out Favre?

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Packers Pushing Out Favre?

The internal debate on Favre began late Sunday night and isn't going to end any time soon, even if he decides to return for an 18th season. For perhaps the first time, there are advocates within saying it's time to move on.

Thus does Bob McGinn drop a barely noticed bombshell (sorry, sub required) in the Sunday edition of the Journal-Sentinel.

I don't pretend to have contacts with the team. But I know Bob McGinn has real juice inside the Packers' organization, and he writes the above as no light matter. I find it interesting that, at the end of the day, this little nugget has not garnered more attention, so I bring it to you, dear readers, to do with as you will. (I also find it interesting that McGinn echoes my call to remove Bob Sanders, but that's for another post...)

One thing's for sure - it's going to get interesting real early this off season.

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Packers Fan's picture

There is no reason to push Favre out. It is sickening to think people want him to leave. This Packers team was supposed to be 8-8 or so this year and they went 14-4. A great season, thanks for the memories and the media needs to shut up about it.

lostinutah's picture

I tell you this. I am a Packer fan going back to Super Bowl I, as I sat on my dad's lap as a 3 month old infant. Brett is priceless. He deserves another year and another ring. If he decides to get it.

I'm sorry, but disrepecting this man is just wrong (and yes, I get that disrespecting his play or mistakes is okay, if done with respect for what he's done for the team).

And if they dismiss him, I will not re-evaluate my Packer fan status, but I will re-evaluate what the Packer organization is all about.


j4a1's picture

No one...I mean NO ONE loves Brett more than me. I think he maybe the greatest Packer to ever play the game. That being said, I think considering life without Brett has nothing to do with "disrespecting" him. Brett had a great year...but at 39 I think it's unreasonable to think that he can keep it up. And I think the best judge of that is Brett himself. He's not going come back if he feels the effects physically. And I think if he does, he should hang them up and enjoy his retirement.

Sometime in the near future we will get a chance to watch a football game without Brett at the helm. You can view that prospect with dread, or you can embrace the change and watch this team become something else.

Enjoy the ride. Remember, we are the Green Bay Packers...not the Brett Favre Packers.

Keith's picture

These emotional and philosophical arguments are all well and good, but it comes down to performance. The fact of the matter is that Brett had an extremely productive season (he could have had a shot at the MVP if Brady has one of his career norm seasons), and considering the state of the QB position in the NFL, one could argue that Brett is still a top 5 QB. Even if you don't buy that, I believe it is inarguable that he is top 10 material.

Trying to push Brett out is foolish, however they should push for a fast decision. This is a team on the rise, and it would be unfair to the team to drag this out too long.

lostinutah's picture

When I talk about disrespecting, I meant what Keith says. If the man is performing (and he did) - why would anyone want him out? If he decides to stay home, more power to him. When it's time to go, it's time to go and I hope it happens in a proper and reasoned fashion.

But I will be like the guy who said in an article I read that he would have to take the day after the announcement off from work.

It may not be the Brett Favre Packers, but he sure symbolizes a lot of what is good about being a Packer fan.

packerhigh's picture

Brett Favre allows Green Bay to have a chance at winning the whole thing next year. Who would be at quarter back? Aaron (pull a hammy) rogers? Craig Knall? Come on! Get a guard (left side) that can pull, block, and play at a professional level.

Ross a.k.a. Packerhigh
Highland, CA

j4a1's picture

OK...let's put it this way. Let's say MM and TT look at Favre's performance and think it's slipped...or see things that indicate he's losing his edge. Do you think they should tell him? Would that be "disrespectful"? I don't think it would. I think it would be looking after Brett's best interest. I really don't think Brett wants to hang around until he's ineffective or forced out.

That fact is, the coaching staff and Brett have a much better idea if he's still got it than we do. He had a great year, but in the 3 or 4 biggest games of the year he couldn't get it done and looked miserable.

All I'm saying is, do we want Brett to stick around so WE can win...or do we want Brett to stick around because it's best for Brett? I wonder what's best for Brett.

lostinutah's picture

My point is Brett knows what's best for Brett. And for any of us to call for him to stay or go is crap. I believe he knows even better than the coaches if he can pull it off.

P.S. Eli Manning didn't look all that hot in a few games this year either and he's what - 26, 27?

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