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Packers President Wants to Retire Favre's Number Before His Hall of Fame Induction

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Packers President Wants to Retire Favre's Number Before His Hall of Fame Induction

As part of a monthly column written at the official website of the Green Bay Packers, team president Mark Murphy expressed on Saturday that the team would like to retire former quarterback Brett Favre's number before the his very likely induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2016.

"It is really just a question of timing in terms of retiring his jersey," writes Murphy. "The timing has to be right for both Brett and the organization. Brett will be a first ballot Hall of Famer in 2016, and we would like to retire his number prior to his induction."

Murphy frequently acts as mouthpiece of the organization and has commented many times on the potential of retiring Favre's number, but this would appear to be the first time he's publicly placed a timeline on the matter.

While a team can choose to retire a jersey in any manner they choose, most ceremonies take place during a regular-season game because there's a meaningful environment that creates maximum exposure.

In all likelihood, Favre's number won't be retired during the 2013 season. There's just not enough time to plan for an event of such magnitude. When such an occasion does happen, it will be announced months ahead of time with Favre's picture printed on the ticket and the publicity machine cranked into overdrive.

Because the Pro Football Hall of Fame's annual induction ceremony takes place in July, that would leave two seasons worth of games in which Favre's number will probably be retired, either in 2014 or 2015.

Until that date is announced, be prepared for even more speculation. In almost every interview Favre gives between now and the time it's announced his number will be retired, he'll be asked about the matter, which the media will air or publish.

Only until they firm a date for Favre's number will the cycle of speculation be broken.

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Cheryl's picture

I really hope Packer fans, with the added support of Aaron Rodgers, can be the classy people they've always shown to be and will make this a great day in Packer history. Yes, the divorce was messy, but Brett did so much for this team, he deserves a good send off. I will most definitely be at this game, whenever it is, cheering for my all time favorite Packer.

I bleed Green More's picture

I agree I know I know we all been there. Lets be that class act the organization has always been. Its in my blood for at least 55 yrs I remember the old black and white tv and turning the antenna.

ZeroTolerance's picture

I hated him in purple, but loved him for over a decade. Americans are known to be a forgiving people. I will be exceptionally tolerant and cheer for him during the event.

PackerNation's picture

This guy behaved very dishonorably towards the franchise and shouldn't receive the highest honor the franchise can bestow. It is an insult to Starr, Nitschke, Canadeo, Hutson and White to include this guy.

If "being classy" means being quiet, get ready to be disappointed.

PadLevel's picture

Couldn't agree more. I wonder what Lombardi would have done in this situation? Can't imagine him ever agreeing to this sort of forgive and forget nonsense. Brett is solely responsible for this mess and until he unequivocally apologizes (not the half apology he has been feigning the last month), we cannot begin the healing process. I guess NFL wants to milk the whole jersey retirement event, so perhaps Mark Murphy is under pressure from the league?

doug's picture

Mark Murphy seems to be pushing this event very hard. Bert is not as adamant about it, and the fans are still very much split over the issue. I've also wondered if good ol' Roger Goodell is applying some behind the scenes pressure....Maybe.......seems like a lot of offseason radio interviews for a retired QB.....just saying..........

Stroh's picture

I don't think Murphy is pushing too hard. No date is set yet, so we really don't know when it is. Possible Goodell is behind the scene, but I don't think that's the case. IMO, Murphy understands that the brand of the Packers is slightly tarnished when a long time Packer has such a negative relationship w/ the team. It probably matters little if at all in WI, and to hardcore Packer fans that know the whole truth it doesn't matter. But Murphy has to look at it from a global perspective, and viewed in that context, casual NFL fans see that the team doesn't have a relationship w/ one of the best players in team/NFL history. That doesn't look good.

Murphy wants to get this put behind us as soon as possible to remove that negative reference.

Calabasa's picture

They should bring Favre to Lambeau for the ceremony, and as he's walking onstage, announce that his jersey has "unretired". Then as he walks off dejected, say, "wait a minute, #4 has retired again!"

Damn, maybe it was his jersey's fault the whole time.

doug's picture


Breadman's picture

Yeah it's time, Just do it and get it over with. Man everything drags on with Farve.

Breadman's picture

Opps, spelled Favre incorrectly on my initial post.

MarkinMadison's picture

The ideal time to retire Farve's number? How about during, "Return to Titletown, a Super Bowl XLVIII Celebration?" Or better yet, have Brett come on stage to retire his number during Super Bowl XLVIII, at Lambeau Field. Or how about at half time during a Vikings home game? Just kidding. Let's get this over with if it has to happen.

I bleed Green More's picture

Its time to get it over goes on and on just get it down.

ZeroTolerance's picture


Stroh's picture

I like the idea of doing it during a viqueen game. Kinda has a poignant little dagger to it. :) Just a friendly reminder of what he did and why there was so much animosity.

Bearmeat's picture

Now THAT would be epic.

Lucky953's picture

Okay, I'll cheer but only if he gives the franchise a lifetime supply of his miracle "pain ointment". ( so that's how he made it through all those games).

Breadman's picture

Wonder which pain ointment is better Favre's or Joe Namath's Flexall 454? Probably good o'l Ben-Gay.

Bearmeat's picture

Brett Favre has always been a bundle of contradictions.

He was one of the principal figures in bringing the Green Bay Packers back to a winning tradition after 30 years of almost continuous bad football, and for that he deserves a place in the ring of honor and to have his number retired. He is undoubtably one of the top 10 QB's ever to play the game.

However, he also was a grade 1 Dbag. He threw teammates and coaches under the bus. From 1997 on, he routinely choked in big games. He threw way too many stupid interceptions. He was a womanizer. And, oh yeah, he lied his way out of town in order to play for an archrival, so he could (his words here) "stick it" to the Green Bay Packers organization.

Until he straight up apologizes to the franchise, to the coaches, to Aaron, and to the fans for his years of bad behavior, (and it'll be a cold day in hell before that occurs) I've got no time for him. I'm not going to boo him when the retirement ceremony happens, but I'm not going to cheer for him either.

Thanks for the many years of overall great play Brett. Now go away.

Mojo's picture

I feel much like Bearmeat. I won't be derisive, but don't expect me cheer. I'll stand in silence in deference to what the Pack means to me.

For those of you "forgive and forget" types, well that's your bag. I will always remember the unending crap Brent put the team through for the sake of his ego. Especially how he tried to turn sentiment against our current GM, who seems like an unusually decent person and who never reciprocated.

It doesn't make me angry anymore - just indifferent to 4. So fete him if you will, but don't expect me to join in.

al's picture

cant wait bart scott said it best lol

STANLEY's picture

I love the names, plain and simple.

Turophile's picture

If he can handle the huge massed chorus of boos, well, ok. It may just bring home to him like nothing else, what a childish and spiteful creature he became at the end.

dawg's picture


"Murphy frequently acts as mouthpiece of the organization and has commented many times on the potential of retiring Favres number,"?

Who the F^*k is Murphy? And how many years did he play in GB?
Sounds like a CEO wanting to get into GB folk lore!

Tundrabum's picture

Fine, but only if they spell his name 'Brent" in the ring of honor.

PackerNation's picture

Retiring his number sends this message: If you're a good enough player, there is no consequence for bad behavior. None. You'll still get the highest honor the organization can give.

Bad message, not one I'd ever send to anyone I loved.

packeraaron's picture

This is absurd.

Did he ever miss a game while with the Packers due to his "bad behavior"? No? Oh.

PackerNation's picture

No, Aaron, he did not miss a game. Did he ever act dishonorably and maliciously towards the organization? Should there be any penalty at all for that, or should we just say "Hey, he didn't miss any games because of bad behavior?"

MarkinMadison's picture

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone? How about considering the way teams will cut aging players adrift? Don't get me wrong, I've been as pissed at Farve as anyone. He totally lost sight of the fans in pursuing his vengence. I'm not sure that he is a top-10 all-time quarterback. I argued against retiring the number until it became clear that HOF = retired number. But at the end of the day he has reached out. If you can accept Chewy after what he did, you darn well better be willing to accept Favre after what he did and move on.

PackerNation's picture

Since when did HOF=retired number? That's certainly going to be news to guys like Willie Davis and Forrest Gregg....both of whom are more deserving of having their number retired than #4.

MarkinMadison's picture

So the debate continues...

PackerNation's picture

I also think it's interesting that Aaron Nagler thinks this opinion is "absurd" but doesn't seem to think that what Pack66 says is. Pretty much lets everyone see where the bias is there.

Evan's picture

Nagler ignores the obvious one should do.

Glorious80s's picture

No problem with honoring him or other great GBP stars. Just wish they would do away with the number retirements (never to be used again).
The numbers could develop a chain of history and young players might get a sense of some of the history of the team learning of the players who previously wore that number and also derive some incentive from it.
Wouldn't some young qb like to wear 15 or a defensive player have Reggie White's number?
Also, while 4 may not have a long history, other numbers may have and there could be complications - ie: 12.

Brooklyn81's picture

I will be sooo glad when this is over. Yes it needs to be done but IM tired of hearing about it

Johnny Mac's picture

Until Favre has his number retired, they should assign '4' to the third string quarterback.

Bearmeat's picture

No. To the


GBPDAN's picture

Im just reminiscing on king favra's last year in the league. The Packers punked him and his bi-queens twice. Favra gets killed on the field and misses his first game and The Packers win the SB and rub it all in his face. Haha

dawg's picture

YES +1 And theirs the dagger! yessssss!

Well said Dan!

dawg's picture

BF admitted that TT made the right move w/AR!
In BF way of talking!?
I like that he's starting to talk,- BUT-
he's got a long way to go!

Fish/Crane's picture

His effort in the Viking's loss to Saints in championship game sums up Favre's entire career. True awesome, true grit, and throw in a blunder. Hmm, a human. #4ever

Ten Best Plays:

Lucky953's picture

Oh man. I could not stop laughing after that play. The ironic justice was too, too funny. I just kept seeing legions of viqueen fans sitting in disbelief in front of their TVs. It still puts a big smile on my face.

Stroh's picture

For me the best part was sitting in a sports bar next to an obnoxious viqueens fan. Right after the play I looked at him and said "I told you so."
The guy just stood up and walked out w/o saying a word! Priceless!!

Pack66's picture

This is why I hate the Packers and hope they lose..lose...LOSE..every fkn' game because you so called, "fans" are the biggest jerk offs in the history of NFL fandom...

You drove me away from my team...A=Rodge and Ted the Fag only have 1 championship, and that's the way it's going to stay, but you will never turn on them (even if Rodgers became a Viking) because you are scumbags..for some reason and shit where you eat.

If it wasn't for FAVRE, Green Bay would have REMAINED in OBSCURITY for 20 years after the Magic Man got hurt!

Pack66's picture

You "jitbags"..

Stroh's picture

Go away viqueen troll. Ron Wolf brought Favre to GB and he knew full well the importance of a QB. If it wasn't Favre he would have found another QB and Holmgren would have developed him. Both were keenly aware of the need for a franchise QB. Favre helped but he wasn't even the primary reason for the Packers Rennesaince. You could even make a case for White.

Lou's picture

Agreed, without Holmgren Favre would never have been the success he was, Homgren's occasional hand on his neck allowed Favre to utilize his talent to the fullest. As soon as Holmgren left and Sherman gave Favre his "own set of rules" the gunslinger attitude became the norm and cost them dearly in big games as it did in Minnesota when Childress did the same thing as Sherman.

MarkinMadison's picture

Right on Pack 66! There were no great quaterbacks that the Packers could have gotten other than Farve for the next 20 years. Brady, Manning, Brees, they are all schmucks. And you're mad, so you need to be a real man and swear and call TT gay. And #12 only has one ring, and these idiot Packers fans will never turn on him like they turned on #4, who also has only one ring. And that's why you can't be a Packers fan anymore, because fans on Packers blog sites are way bigger homers than fans on the blog sites of any other team! So there. You take your ball and go home. We don't deserve to ever hear another word from you again!

zeke's picture

"You drove me away from my team."

To the extent that I can take some credit for this, no matter how small, I thank you. May day has become just a bit brighter.

Evan's picture

I really can't bring myself to care about this anymore.

Turophile's picture

Ah Pack66. You are the living, breathing and ultimate definition of a Favre fan, not a Packer fan. If you have been driven from your team, it's because you never really had one.

Just support whoever you think will win the Superbowl this year and change as often as you like. The Packers want you as a fan as little as you want to be a Packer fan.

Wutech's picture

Why do people have to think there is a loyalty for a player to a particular team? It's a fricken business that makes business decisions every day.
To Packer Nation, you do remember that White retired and then came out of retirement a year latter to play one year as a Panther because of the money.

MarkinMadison's picture

I hate that argument. We get it, we really do. But then now you tell me something, when was the last time that a player admitted that he played for his former team's biggest rival just to stick it to them? That's not, "hey, this is business," that is a lot of hate.

PackerNation's picture

I remember it clearly. I also remember him saying "I want to stick it to the Packers". I also remember him saying "One year in Carolina is worth 10 in Green Bay".

Oh wait...I don't remember that, because it didn't happen. He never openly acted maliciously towards the organization.

I have no problem with Favre playing for another team. I have a big problem with him manipulating the system, including two faux retirements, so he could play with our division archrival for the express purpose of getting revenge against the franchise that made him rich and famous.

Starr and Nitschke...five titles. Hutson changed the game. Canadeo had a quarter century of noble service to the franchise. White changed the perception that Green Bay was an undesirable location for black athletes.

These guys made HUGE contributions to the organization. Favre had lots of individual records, for which he will be inducted into the HOF. But the franchise's highest honor should not go to a guy who acted so dishonorably towards it.

dawg's picture


redlights's picture

How long did Barry Sanders remain estranged from the Lion's? I remember thinking that that was awkward, maybe even bad business on both of their parts. Lost marketing and endorsements .... To me, it looks like the franchise wants to minimize the icky stuff and move on.

Don Trask's picture

I don't get this whole "Favre saved the Packers" angle. Favre was merely a part of an entire team and won a total of one Superbowl. If you look at his numbers beginning in 2000 thru 2007, Favre was a terrible postseason Qb, dare I say, a choker. That was it is ironic that he would end his career with the Vikings, the biggest choke franchise in the NFL. And then combine his INT in the Saints Championship game with the Vikings propensity to choke and its a match made in heaven.

Fish . Crane's picture

Lambeau is the house that Favre expanded

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