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Packers Prepping for Next Season

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Packers Prepping for Next Season

To say that the Packers’ season was not up to par would be like saying Conor McGregor is a bit cocky. Once we knew Aaron Rodgers would be healthy from jump street, the expectations soared, and a deep postseason run was almost a foregone conclusion in the Green Bay area. But it’s hard to be king of the prom when you don’t even get an invitation.

In retrospect, it’s regrettably laughable that we believed the Packers would be vying for the NFC championship when in reality, they couldn’t even post a .500 record. If you click over to Sportsbook Review, a site that has all the best online sportsbooks in one convenient location, and read a BetOnline review, where you can learn all about what one of the preeminent online books has to offer, as well as that the Packers were right around the seventh choice in the NFL to win this past Super Bowl at 14-1 before the season began.

The Packers will need a massive overhaul, as opposed to a bit of retooling, if they want to bang heads successfully twice a season with the Bears, Vikings, and to a lesser extent, the Lions. In addition, Green Bay will meet the likes of the Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, Kansas City Chiefs, and the LA Chargers this upcoming season. Their 2019 strength of schedule ranks in the middle of the pack, with their opponents checking in with a .504 win percentage from the 2018 campaign.

Fortunately, the Pack should get immediate impact players with a pair of first-rounders in April’s draft with the 12th and 30th (via a trade with the Saints) picks. Some are crossing their fingers that T.J. Hockenson, one-half of Iowa’s twin tight end terrors along with Noah Fant, will be available with the 12th pick but most are clamoring for a stud edge rusher who will wreak havoc in opposition backfields. Although it is true this draft is deep on the defensive interior as well as edge rushers, and a very good one could be had with the 30th pick, it would be hard to imagine the Packers’ brass taking a pass on Florida’s Jachai Polite if he is still hanging at No. 12. If the Pack trades away the pick or opts to move in another direction, they can always use the 30th overall pick to pluck Mississippi State’s Montez Sweat to fill the pass-rushing void.

But Green Bay’s issues are not confined to the pass rush because if they were, then chances are we would have been watching them play in January. There are more holes on this team than you’d find at a bagel shop but that doesn’t mean the team is devoid of talent. Aaron Rodgers remains an elite quarterback and his blindside bodyguard David Bakhtiari was selected as a first-team All-Pro. Davante Adams is the real deal at wideout, and down the line there is enough talent to work with that an innovative young coach like Matt LaFleur could thrive with new schemes and ideas.

Free agency will play a role in Green Bay’s immediate future and fortunately, there are not many on their roster in that position. One somewhat notable name, however, is cornerback Bashaud Breeland, who has the potential to wrest a starting spot in the lineup or at least provide added depth to a secondary that could use it. Speaking of the secondary, Giants’ safety Landon Collins is a hot prospect, as is edge rusher Jadaveon Clowney, who would be a welcome sight for sore eyes at Lambeau. As a bookend to Devante Adams, Golden Tate could easily fit that bill and in the backfield, Pittsburgh’s Le’Veon Bell would morph a middling running game into an explosive attack. There are plenty of questions that will be answered in the coming months but hopefully, the Pack will be back and better than ever!

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haseo's picture

Awesome read. Thank you!

Lphill's picture

Packers don’t need anyone from the Steelers .

vj_ostrowski's picture

I hope our fans are level-headed and realistic about next season. It’s going to be tough for Gute to fill even most of our most glaring holes using only this offseason. Even if he nails the draft and FA, you’re still talking about rookies at a few of these positions. And even if those rookies play out of their minds, you’re also talking about a 1st year, 1st time head coach.

It’s not a recipe for playoff success and we should be okay with that for 2019. In 2020 we should start to expect a contender.

The absolute best case I would expect for 2019 is to sneak into the playoffs. Anything else would be gravy. And if we don’t? Well, as long as LaFleur and Pettine appear to have the arrow pointing up, I’ll be happy.

Bearmeat's picture

What you wrote is true. But if ARod plays like he did in 2014 or down the stretch in 2016, that will probably hand GB 10 wins by itself. He's not been elite since he hurt his collarbone in 2017, but an elite QB is the ultimate NFL Trump Card.

jannes bjornson's picture

He also didn't have Sitton or Lang holding up the inside, Jordy, Cook etc.
Get some talent around this guy. The entire Personnel Department has been put on Notice. If they keep bringing in stiffs, Rodgers could play at a 2010 level and still not win.

stockholder's picture

Massive over-haul. Thats just plan BS. I don't see anybody giving up. I see injuries and players put into positions they can't handle. People expected MM to win, and Yet we now need a overhaul. We need players that can stay off the IR. Fill the vacancies that were created by bad management. And players that want to win and not just collect a pay check. You start a Massive over-haul and players are not going to perform to capabilities. Experience doesn't mean squat when your heart is not into what your doing.

Old School's picture

Agreed, Stockholder. We're actually in pretty good shape. We have all our of starters and main backups returning with the exception of Matthews and Cobb.

We have money available to fill in with a FA or two, and we could engineer the draft so that we'd get 8 picks in the first 115.

During that time, Chicago has ONE pick. Minnesota 3 and Detroit 4.

If our offense scores 60 more points than it did last year, we'll be a Top 4 offense. That means protect Rodgers better, run more, use the backs more, and hope for development from MSV and St. Brown. I, personally, would resign Cobb on a two year deal.

Rather than spending that high pick on a TE, I'd improve the line and get another running back and tell teams we are going to run it down their throat. Now, if they stop the run, I still think we're a pretty good passing team. But we've gotta make them stop our run.

Throw more passes to the backs, but throw less passes overall. Throw to Adams and Cobb and MSV, not some TE.

holmesmd's picture

Don’t forget Moore who I think could also be pretty good in the slot. He’s a bit more suited to the slot than gigantic MVS & ESB IMO.

jannes bjornson's picture

Maybe Moore learns the playbook by the end of his rookie deal? See Treadwell and Cordarrell for sparkling examples from the vi-queens stellar drafts. Guy either has it or he don't.

Old School's picture

I would like to know how Cobb has not lived up to his contract.

From 2014-2018, that's the last 5 years....he's caught 334 passes. That's 18th during that time period. That's 14 less than Davante Adams. He also gets into the endzone, catch 28 TDs passes, just a few less than Julio Jones.

He's actually played in 69 out of 80 games during that period, and most of those 11 misses were this year. So he's had pretty good availability, and pretty good productivity. And I have personally witnessed him sticking a dagger deep into the heart of the Bears, which is pretty much worth whatever it costs.

He's 28. Spotrac says his value, based on his performance in comparison with similar players, is probably $15 million over two years. He has a working relationship with our QB. The other FA candidates that are being suggested are not surpassingly better. And the only WR we're paying right now is Adams.

So I'd encourage people to rethink Cobb.

holmesmd's picture

Fantastic points Old School! The problem is we have a log jam in the WR room and the season hasn’t even started! Adams, Geronimo, MVS, ESB, MOORE, Kumerow, and Cobb if he returns. That doesn’t take into consideration that we don’t land a guy like DK Metcalf or another WR in the first 3 rounds! Can’t keep them all and probably not ready for trade bait just yet? Tough call!

Old School's picture

Thank you. We don't have as big of a log jam as you'd think.

Adams is the only WR we're paying money to. Of the three drafted rookies, MSV has looked the best, Brown has looked like he might be a player, and Moore has failed to make any real impact. We also have the UDFA, Kumerow, who is only two years younger than Cobb and hasn't had nearly the kind of career Cobb has had.

Then you've got Allison, who was fine as a spot player for us, but as soon as he was made a starter he lasted 6 weeks until he was broken. And truly, he's not as good as Cobb.

Cobb is the 2nd best receiver we have. He's a smart veteran, he's got a lot of history with Rodgers, and I think think he's as good of a value as a lot of people who are being suggested.

We have a little better than $30 million under the cap.....Cobb would probably be a $7 million/hit. Still leaves us plenty of room to sign all our rookies, all of our minimum wage guys, and still pursue a quality FA for the defense as well as some second tier guys.

My FA plan would be Cobb, Breeland for about $1.5, a guard 27 years old who has started for about $5 million. That's about half of the $30 million. Then I'd look for a safety and an OLB. And I'd resign Gilbert and Brice for the vet minimums.

holmesmd's picture

Old School,
Alison is one of Rodger’s favorite and most reliable targets. If he returns to form he still makes the roster IMO. It took Adams 3 seasons to break out. Let’s not be too impatient with the 3 WR’s we drafted last year. I think there is some very real talent in each of them that the team needs to develop. JK is a bit of a conundrum but I thought he played pretty well during the reps I watched. Time will tell.

stockholder's picture

@ old school- Your wrong! Are these stats worth 12 mil year. Hasn't put in a full season since 2015. No way! He isn't nothing

Old School's picture

One of the most available, and most productive, WRs over the duration of his contract.

We offered him that deal, and now you're saying we should get rid of a very productive guy because we overpaid him before? Back in the day we'd have said that would be "throwing the baby out with bath water" .

$15 mil, two years. Best FA wr we could hope to get for that peice.

Old School's picture

One of the most available, and most productive, WRs over the duration of his contract.

We offered him that deal, and now you're saying we should get rid of a very productive guy because we overpaid him before? Back in the day we'd have said that would be "throwing the baby out with bath water" .

$15 mil, two years. Best FA wr we could hope to get for that price.

stockholder's picture

2018 GB 9 61 38 383 42.6 10.1 1 2 0 0 0.0 0.0 0 0 2 1 0 0 46 0
2017 GB 15 92 66 653 43.5 9.9 0 4 9 17 1.1 1.9 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0
2016 GB 13 84 60 610 46.9 10.2 1 4 10 33 2.5 3.3 0 0 1 0 0 0 54 0
2015 GB 16 129 79 829 51.8 10.5 1 6 13 50 3.1 3.8 0

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Well stated Stockholder!

Anyone seeking mediocrity or only slight improvement is...well...I wont say it!

The Pack has ability to be right in the thick of things in 2019 if the Personnel and Scouting Department do a good job and I believe they will.

Handsback's picture

It took several years for the Packers to get to this spot and it will take more than one year to dig their way out. It will require a dedication that players on the Packers haven't had to make before. Maybe the new staff will make the difference, but the players have to be focused. They don't have the luxury of being a talented team anymore. They have to play as a team to win. That will include number 12 as well.

leaerin4's picture

Our secondary could be one of the best in the entire NFL this year. I watched the Rams game last night on NFL Network. Alexander looked incredible. Kevin King needs to stay healthy and Bring back Breeland. I heard an ex Dallas corner who works for ESPN say last year that the Packers secondary could be the best in 2019. This draft could go a long way to filling holes on the offensive side of the line and the tight end and slot receiver. With 6 picks in the first 112 we need to keep all those picks and draft accordingly. First and foremost let's see what free agency brings to the team. Landon Collins is my guy to enhance the safety position. Rodgers will have receivers who now have a year under their belts and start working with them in OTAs and even sooner.

Old School's picture

Alexander and King can both cover. The trick is getting them healthy and on the field at the same time.

We've also got Jackson and Tramon. IF we could fix safety, that'd give us a pretty good pair of backup corners. Breeland, objectively, is going to not get starting corner money, but he'll get a little better than the vet minimum....around $3 million for 2 years. He'd be well worth it, IMO. If some team wants to sign him for starter money, then he's going to leave.

holmesmd's picture

I don’t think there is any way they don’t sign BB unless the bidding war gets way out of hand. He was quite good last year considering we obtained him mid season. Can you imagine if King, BB, & JA can work together as a unit all off season? That sounds pretty scary good to me!

Old School's picture

They'll offer him a backup contract. They aren't going to pay him like a starter.

I think he's resignable for $3 million over two years, half guaranteed. But if somebody wants him as a starter they'll offer twice that.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Breeland is likely to get close to four times that. Probably a four-year deal as well at four times the AAV you suggested.

Just my guess. We will find out soon enough.

Old School's picture

Six million a year?

dobber's picture

Sounds about right. That's a little less than what he would've gotten on the injury-voided contract from last year.

nostradanus's picture

The Packers have talent, just not enough of it.

There are holes at just about every position group.

Young free agents and a great draft is needed

Jettisoning under performing Vet's with fat contracts is a must!

A winning record is the goal for 2019

Draft well Gute, draft well!

That is all...

The TKstinator's picture

Go Pack!

leaerin4's picture

The fact that we have a new head coach doesn't mean we can't be a Super Bowl contender. The talent should be enough if we draft well and bring in free agents to help give us depth and experience. The biggest issue is staying healthy and having the depth to keep fighting all season long. Our schedule last year had us facing four of the best teams in the NFL one after another after our bye. Rams,Patriots, Dolphins,Seahawks and Minnesota. I forgot about the Dolphins,but remember they knocked off the Patriots with the Miracle In Miami. Injuries plague every team,it's how you rise above them.

mamasboy's picture

Collins' Clowny ,Tate and Bell. We can afford all of them. A stupid article!

Fubared's picture

My assessment is on line with the writer. Lots of holes to fill. We need skill players and a good free agency acquisition if were going to compete with bears and vikes.
I say do not move back in the draft, stay put get quality guys who can play. Accept fact it will take two years to fix this mess. Remember our competitors get to draft too and have money to spend. It's time for quality picks not lots of picks.

Fubared's picture

My assessment is on line with the writer. Lots of holes to fill. We need skill players and a good free agency acquisition if were going to compete with bears and vikes.
I say do not move back in the draft, stay put get quality guys who can play. Accept fact it will take two years to fix this mess. Remember our competitors get to draft too and have money to spend. It's time for quality picks not lots of picks.

EddieLeeIvory's picture

Who is Devante Adams?
I know of a Davante Adams....

The TKstinator's picture

Eddie Lee who???

EddieLeeIvory's picture

Is there any way we can get Slim Kevin King in a new HGH diet so his brittle wiry body doesn't break down every 2 or 3 games?
String bean can cover. But not from the sideline or training room.

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