Packers Practice Roundup: Day Five

The Packers held a more robust practice today.  The team will put on pads for tomorrow's practice.



Practice No 5 is over for the vets at 11:55, 1:45 from the listed start time in the Hutson. Pads go on tomorrow.  Hodkiewicz

Randy Ramsey is injured. Being helped off by training staff.  Nagler

Packers OLB Randy Ramsey unable to put any pressure on his left foot.  Needs to be helped off by two trainers and is now going inside the Hutson Center after going down during last play of team period.  Schneidman

RB Patrick Taylor is off PUP and is practicing.  Silverstein

One of my notes from week one of camp was that Patrick Taylor really needed to find a way back sooner rather than later with how well Kylin Hill and Dexter Williams have practiced. Great to hear he’s back practicing today!  Herman

Marcedes Lewis wouldn't say whether his return was tied to Aaron Rodgers returning, but acknowledges doubt crept into his mind this offseason. He's glad he didn't have to make that decision now that 12 is back.  Marcedes Lewis won't get into details, but says he and Aaron Rodgers had frequent communication this offseason….  Wood

Jaire Alexander back in team drills after two practices watching from the sideline.  Schneidman

Assuming that LaFleur is using the same metric the NFL uses, that puts the Packers at 88% with at least one shot based on the full training camp roster.  Kevin Seifert

Matt LaFleur says the Packers have 11 players who aren’t vaccinated. They have 89 players on the team, so that means 78 are vaccinated. That’s 87.6%, more than the desired 85%.  Schneidman

Matt LaFleur said there are 11 players who are not vaccinated.  Silverstein

Preston Smith says he took a pay cut to come back to Green Bay because the Packers have been so close to the Super Bowl the past two seasons and he wants a chance at a ring.  Schneidman  [Maybe yes, maybe he had to.  Ryan Wood tweeted this as well]

Preston Smith says he wasn't tempted to turn down the Packers pay cut request: "Because I understand the business. I didn't have a great year the year before." He says he's pleased his pay cut helped re-sign Aaron Jones, made the team stronger.  Silverstein  [So, both.  It is kind of interesting which members of the media included Preston Smith quote in which he mentions not having a great year last year and which don't mention it.]

Matt LaFleur says the Packers will have officials at Family Night on Saturday.  Wood



Rodgers heaves it deep to EQ who looks double covered but makes a GREAT adjustment and a diving catch for a huge gain.  Nagler

Sweet throw from Love to EQ on an Out to the far hash. Some mustard on that one.  Equanimeous St. Brown has had a really nice start to camp.  Nagler

Pocket starts to break down, Rodgers steps up like he’s going to run but then finds Funchess open over the middle for a big gain. 12 is dealing.  Nagler

Rodgers hits Cobb on a delayed shallow crosser where everything else has been run off deep. Expect to see that a lot this year.  Nagler

Jordan Love underthrows a deep ball to Juwann Winfree.  The good news: He underthrew it enough to draw a certain DPI on Ka’dar Hollman, who ran into Winfree when he came back for the ball.  Wood

Gorgeous throw on the run to his right from Love up the right sideline to Chris Blair for a big gain.  Nagler

First team period ends with Jordan Love rolling out to his right and, on the run, hitting Chris Blair deep down the right sideline for a TD over Kabion Ento. Blair from Alcorn State. The last player to be drafted from there was Donald Driver.  Schneidman  [Same play as Aaron's tweet above - Ento in coverage.]

Jordan Love and Jake Hanson really having trouble with their QB/center exchanges. One was under center, one from the gun. Love then just ran into RG Royce Newman trying to move up in the pocket.  Schneidman

Love is getting the last rep with the ones every cycle.  Nagler

Love under two min drill: swatted down [by Lowry], then connected with Thompkins, handoff to Hill, pass to Rodgers, keeper.  Hopmayer 

Malik Taylor was two steps past everybody, wobbly underthrown deep pass from Love ends up in what would have been PI because Taylor had to slow up so much.  Nagler  [Love with a couple of underthrown balls.]

Jordan Love’s inconsistency showing up again. Misses some easy completions, but he finished the last two periods with long TD receptions on nice throws.  Silverstein

Rodgers carries out the play fake to Dillon then hits MVS on an in breaking route for a significant gain.  Nagler



Robert Tonyan makes a one-handed catch on a ball thrown behind him in drill work. Draws an approving applause from the fans. On air or not, the guy catches everything.  Coach Matt LaFleur says TE Robert Tonyan "has grown as much as anybody in our time here just as a complete player, and I think there's more out here for him." He says Marcedes Lewis' veteran leadership is big reason for Tonyan's development.  Wood 

Lewis on Rodgers' situation: "I think everybody was nervous right? Me, being close to him, there were times we didn't even talk ball. We talked life. But hindsight is 20/20. We're here now and I'm happy that it is this way."  Marcedes Lewis: "I live my life like I'm on a one-day contract."  Hodkiewicz 



Another day of no one being able to get around Elgton Jenkins. He’s legit been on “set it and forget it” in pass pro at left tackle.  Nagler

Royce Newman getting more inside work now with Kelly at RT with twos.  Hodkiewicz

Turner says Cole Van Lanen’s  technique stood out to him right away.  Hopmayer

Ben Braden with the ones at LG for the second team period.  Runyan gets first reps at LG in team.  Nagler



Krys Barnes says he was "super heavy" last year, didn't realize how much weight he was carrying. He dropped 10 pounds over the offseason, down to 235 pounds. "I feel a little bit faster."  Wood [Oh, the modern NFL.]

Preston Smith calls Rashan Gary a "freak athlete" on the edge. Now, he says, the game has slowed for him: "He's shown a lot of growth. He's not making steps, he's making big leaps each year."  Preston Smith says last year's dip in production was because of what he was asked to do, not what he was capable of doing. He says Kyler Fackrell's departure before 2020 season meant fewer pass rushes for him, more coverage drops.  Wood  [This has been debunked - Preston dropped into coverage about the same number of time in 2019 and 2020.]

Za’Darius Smith still out with the back but he’s on sideline watching early portion of practice.  Hodkiewicz

Gary just blew up a play in 2 min exploding through the middle. Forces Rodgers to throw early on an incomplete corner to Davante.  Nagler



2 min drill, Black is opposite Amos at safety with Amos playing down alongside Barnes in the middle.  Nagler

After getting a PI in 2-minute for pushing Cobb in the back, Savage breaks up pass at goal line to Tonyan on final play.  He got up and facetiously throw his arm up to signal interference. None was called. Practice over.  Silverstein

Rodgers went twice at Adams on EZ fade vs Stokes but couldn’t get in. DPI on second.  Hodkiewicz

Stokes is getting better by the day. His coverage on 17 has resulted in at least two failed passes today.  Hopmayer [Stokes has time to learn and improve.]

Rodgers tries to zip one in to Tonyan on a crosser in 2 min but broken up by Savage who was in tight coverage.  Nagler



Crosby hits chip shot “winner” on 2-minute. Drive helped by PI on Savage’s pick. In FG drill, Crosby made 5-8. Misses from 36, 45 and 53.  Huber [8 of 8 in last report, so 13 of 16?.]

JK Scott working on his directional punting. First two were pretty ugly. Next two are fantastic.   Nagler

By my count, St. Brown received 2 favorable mentions today.  There were several players possibly on the bubble or who are rookies with one favorable mention: Winfree, Funchess, Blair, Malik Taylor, and Van Lanen.  Stokes received a few mentions, both favorable and unfavorable.
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jeremyjjbrown's picture

August 02, 2021 at 10:26 pm

It's got to mean a lot for Eric Stokes to get to practice against Davante. I remember Earl Doston credited practicing against Reggie with making him a vastly better player.

8 points
Coldworld's picture

August 02, 2021 at 10:29 pm

Definitely the best collation of camp insights I’ve seen. Thanks again TGR. It will be interesting to see which receivers can carry it over into the more physical pads sessions.

7 points
Since'61's picture

August 02, 2021 at 10:29 pm

Great report. Very informative. Thanks, Since ‘61

5 points
JQ's picture

August 03, 2021 at 12:02 am

Thanks TGR, for continuing to extract the the pithy comments from the noise, and I appreciate how you sort by position groups. Your personal interjections are a fun bonus! Rock on! -JQ-

9 points
CoachDino's picture

August 03, 2021 at 12:11 am

Good stuff thanks.

looks like Love is emulating AR in the under thrown longball category. AR had way to many of those last year.
Love that a media guy pointed out how not including complete quotes can completely change the perception.
Great news on Stokes improving so quickly, went from AR to DA was unstoppable to almost unstoppable. in 1 practice
IMO M Lewis is the one guy who I can understand basing his decision to play on AR coming back. At this point, i'm sure the money is nice but the ring is the biggest factor.

When it comes to Love, IMO, its about him making plays that most QBs can't. You can improve on your consistency with repetition, it's what practice is meant for much harder to impossible to practice your way into making big plays. Same exact path Brett and AR took, just becomes how consistent can you become.

People can hate on Scott all they want, he is going to be the Punter and if he were to be cut he would be starting on another team the next day. He can punt like few can when he's on and he's off no more than half the punters in the league. Check the stats and pay closer attention to other games, the punting is terrible now days.

OL - Runyan (Bad last year) and Patrick (ok last year) scare me then add a rookie between them. Please hurry David B and OL young guns development. What about Kelly at RT and Turner at RG? Best 5?

1 points
Coldworld's picture

August 03, 2021 at 08:34 am

I think the first question with any QB is whether they can throw long balls with pin point accuracy. In his case there is no doubt that he can. The next question is why does one who can not do so normally. That’s usually (ignoring pressure) either technique as applied to different throwing circumstances or decision making: hesitation due to uncertainty about the receiver’s actions or lack of full commitment to the action. Of course both may come into play, but both are areas that can be improved with training and repetition. Love has the ups, and that is a good start.

5 points
Thegreatreynoldo's picture

August 03, 2021 at 01:31 am

When I read that Player X did something good, I always want to know who he did it against. Winfree getting separation against Jaire for example, or Savage/Amos, would be quite notable. Getting open against a second stringer less so while still being a good thing. Gary is doing great. I don't know how many times Gary has battled Jenkins - at least one mention which Jenkins won. Still sounds really good.

Tuesday's practice will be in pads. Should tell onlookers quite a bit more.

But not me, so much. These guys tweeting out tidbits are good. Aaron Nagler, Andy Herman, Ryan Wood, and the other media types always give a good overview of what happened at practice. I plan to attend a practice a week from now. I am attending for fun; I will not even attempt to do as good a job as Aaron, Andy Herman and Ryan Wood do on an almost daily basis.

5 points
Coldworld's picture

August 03, 2021 at 08:39 am

One thing we always see at this time of year is a focus on the number ones and those playing opposite them. That’s not surprising with so many on the field and often split practice but often the real insight is what happens behind them. I always try to watch that for a fair proportion of the time when I’m there, knowing others will tell me what is happening with the starters. Not sure I will be this year, which is why I am so grateful for this daily compendium.

2 points
NickPerry's picture

August 03, 2021 at 06:23 am

Thanks TRG....Great stuff and as always appreciate it!

2 points
nostradanus's picture

August 03, 2021 at 07:08 am

Thanks James

Love these recaps!


2 points
LambeauPlain's picture

August 03, 2021 at 10:34 am

TGR, keep 'em coming!

Fine synopsis and comments.

3 points
flackcatcher's picture

August 03, 2021 at 01:24 pm

Love the pithy asides... Like others, waiting for the pads to come on. Not only will does it change how the players play on the field, it gives us fans a true view of them as football players.

3 points