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Packers Practice Roundup: Day 14. August 13, 2019

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Packers Practice Roundup: Day 14. August 13, 2019

Injuries, Usage, Formations, Personnel:

  • out today: S Josh Jones, FB Danny Vitale (calf), LB Oren Burks (chest), CB Kevin King (hammy), FB Malcolm Johnson (groin), WR Trevor Davis (stinger), RB Jamaal Williams (hammy), TE Jace Sternberger (jaw), CB Ento (hammy), S Ibraheim Campbell (PUP), LB Greg Roberts (PUP).  Schneidman
  • ILB Oren Burks said he originally thought he would need to have surgery to repair an injured pectoral muscle and would be out for the year, but after consulting with a specialist it was determined it would heal on its own. Said it’s day to day and no time frame has been given.  Silverstein
  • Equanimeous St. Brown is on the field and practicing after dropping out early on Sunday.  Reiner
  • WR Eq St. Brown (knee) and TE Evan Baylis (calf) both returned after missing Sunday.  Demovsky
  • safety Josh Jones is out of practice with an illness.  Wood
  • Packers have waived CB Derrick Jones, who was claimed off waivers from the Jets on Sunday, because of a failed physical, per a source.  Demovsky

Quarterbacks and WRs:

  • Aaron Rodgers had 3 throwaways in 2-minute still. It was 4th-and-10 from 31, 30 seconds left. Davante Adams double covered, but that didn’t matter. Rodgers tossed jump ball to his favorite WR. Adams jumped over Jaire Alexander and Darnell Savage for 42-yard catch.  Wood
  • Boyle threads the needle to Teo Redding in the middle between 3 defenders. Tough throw and catch. Redding has flashed in camp, but usually it’s his speed more than stuff like that.  Eversoll
  • Less than an hour into practice and DeShone Kizer has already thrown an interception. Will Redmond just picked him off.  Schneidman
  • Rodgers checkdown to Jones with a wide open sideline. (Just makes me happy.) — Quick screen to Shepherd. Quick. 1st Down. — Rodgers throws a dime to Tonyan down the right sideline over Redmond. Pretty.  Eversoll
  • Darrius Shepherd makes another big play. ESB shows off his hands.  Demovsky
  • "He's earned more opportunities," Gutekunst said of Shepherd.  Huber
  • Must be a forcefield that prevents Rodgers from connecting with MVS. Wide open a moment ago and overthrew him.  Huber [Many tweets so far on how this connection is not heating up in TC so far.]
  • Aaron Rodgers on getting on the same page with Marquez Valdes-Scantling: "I'm dialing in his speed. He's so damn fast."  Kruse

Tight Ends:

  • Jimmy Graham just had his biggest play of camp. Beat safety Adrian Amos on a deep post-flag. Nice double move to get open.  32-yard TD.  Wood
  • TE Robert Tonyan down right sideline against tight coverage. Perfect ball. That connection is becoming a thing.  Wood

Running Backs:

  • Aaron Jones doing team (11-on-11) for the first time since his hamstring tightness.  Demovsky
  • Aaron Jones takes first snap in team. Bursts around the corner.  Huber

Defensive Backs:



  • Curtis Bolton with the 1s again at ILB alongside Blake Martinez. Ty Summers and James Crawford with the 2s.  Schneidman
  • Preston Smith sacks Rodgers in two-minute and does the belt.  Huber
  • Gutekunst says he was impressed with rookie seventh-rounder Ty Summers at ILB in first preseason game.  Schneidman
  • Gutekunst feels good about the ILB depth without Burks. Summers stepped up in a "big way" vs. Houston and Bolton "has done a nice job." Hoping it's a "short-term thing" with Burks.  Huber


  • FG period: Crosby 27: Good 32: Good 37: Good Ficken 27: Good 32: Good 37: Good They really tested them today.  Demovsky

Offensive/Defensive Line:

  • LT David Bakhtiari making a rare mistake, holding rookie Rashan Gary.  Wood
  • 1st round pick Rashan Gary played 32 snaps in his debut last week.. Toggled from right/left sides. Set some strong edges in the run game (which I love to see) This was one of his better rushes - nice chop to soften edge... Will look to free him up with stunts/loops too.  Ben Fennell


  • Matt LaFleur says he expects QB Aaron Rodgers to play “a quarter or so” in Baltimore.  Wood
  • Brian Gutekunst: “We’re not trying to take the 53 best players. We’re trying to take the 53 that make the best team.”  Schneidman
  • Got Dean Lowry to jump earlier. Either hot Za’Darius Smith or Preston Smith (maybe both) to jump just now.  Wood
  • defense looks legit. A defense that neither got to the QB nor broke up passes last season is doing both with eye-popping frequency in training camp.  Huber
  • UDFAs, waiver claims & low key adds in the last 20 months: Tony Brown Jake Kumerow Danny Vitale Alex Light Raven Greene Tim Boyle Robert Tonyan Curtis Bolton Fadol Brown Tyler Lancaster Ibraheim Campbell James Crawford Natrell Jamerson Darrius Shepherd Will Redmond Allen Lazard.  Herman
  • You know you've hit THAT point of training camp when unidentified flying objects are what's most interesting.  Owczarski [On helicopter circling over Lambeau, jokes about Nagy being at practice, etc.]
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Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I chose to use GM Gutekunst's photo at the top of this article. No player got more than one mention, but the ones that did (save Davante Adams) were all newcomers, brought in by Gutekunst. Andy Herman noted the sheer number of UDFAs, waiver claims, and newcomers who have been making a stir so far this year.

There is a lot of camp and several games left. AR just can't seem to establish the connection with MVS.

Coldworld's picture

Good choice on the photo.

As to Rodgers and MVS, Rodgers certainly sounds excited by MVS’s quality and about when they perfect that timing.

Rak47's picture

Thanks TGR. Been reading some very shallow comments lately by fans about Gute.
How in the world can anyone be disappointed in what he's done so far?

Nick Perry's picture

I'm with you Rak47... Gute has been in the GM chair for all of 19 months and 6 days. He's COMPLETELY rebuilt the secondary and OLB position in that time. If the season started today, Thompson's picks would make up just 3 positions on defense (Lowry, Martinez, & Clark).

King and Jones are still there as is Frackrell. King would be a preferred starter but you have to wonder if he'll ever stay on the field to grab the job.

This isn't a knock on Thompson though as most know... Not my favorite guy in Packer's history. This is the REALITY of what Gute has had to do in those 19 months. Pretty impressive IMO.

stockholder's picture

The response was to Rak comment about Shallow Comments. I laid in the examples on why he was seeing them. Not that Gute didn't do the right thing signing Free Agents. The Free Agents are starting people. Not the draft picks. Exception Alexander. If his players turn out great. But so far the free Agents are beating out his picks. Putting Gute's drafting under a microscope was favoring the shallow comments and logic. Not Gute's reasons.

dobber's picture

"But so far the free Agents are beating out his picks. "

You don't pay big money to FAs to sit them.

Since '61's picture

Exactly Dobber. I would hope that a veteran free agent would beat someone who has yet to take a snap in an NFL game. One of the reasons for signing FAs is to provide the experience that our rookies haven’t earned yet and to enable the young players to develop behind them.

Cookie for Dobber, ???!!! for Stockholder.
Thanks, Since ‘61

Coldworld's picture

Free agents as opposed to UDFA have experience.

I think he is referring to Tonyan, Brown, Bolton etc. However, it was Gute who brought them in!

So the argument I’d that you found street free agents and waiver pickups that are (for the sake of argument here only) better than your draft picks, so your drafting sucks.

To put it nicely, how about we throw the TT manual out of the window and look at this as a GM who very obviously uses all avenues of recruitment to secure the best roster.

No matter how good any FO is, it will only have 10 chances to pick I. A structured format where you can’t always get what you want. If you can snag a player you believe in off waivers or the street, why the hell not.

I don’t care if a player is a number one draft, a high priced FA or a discard off the street if he is a plus player. I just want as many pluses as possible within the cap. So I like Gute’s willingness to leave no stone unturned, and his scouting department’s ability to unearth gems. Gone are the days of draft first through 5th and post draft UDFAs we hold onto for years.

jannes bjornson's picture

Willie Wood was a free agent and Johnny Randall. Now in the HOF.

Tundraboy's picture

"To put it nicely, how about we throw the TT manual out of the window and look at this as a GM who very obviously uses all avenues of recruitment to secure the best roster.

No matter how good any FO is, it will only have 10 chances to pick I. A structured format where you can’t always get what you want. If you can snag a player you believe in off waivers or the street, why the hell not."

Perfectly stated. Leave no stone unturned to improve your team.

greengold's picture

Agree. He's done a remarkable job. Changed out a huge number of descending players with high salaries for a bunch of ascending talent at good value. Signed Rodgers to his extension. Fixed a ton of problems on this team: CB, WR, OL, TE, DL, LB, S, RB, HC.... of course, with the results pending. So far, in limited views of TC and 1 preseason game, it is all looking pretty good.

dobber's picture

" So far, in limited views of TC and 1 preseason game, it is all looking pretty good."

It's encouraging when your scrubs can beat up other teams' scrubs. It implies that you've got talent in your 3s and 4s...but 3s and 4s don't typically make 53s. You have to hope those 3s and 4s are meaningfully pushing your 2s, who are pushing your 1s and providing good practice reps. Here's to hoping the 1s give us more ups than downs against the Ravens.

greengold's picture

It is what it is, right? I agree, and I do think we are seeing that develop now in GB in all units.

Pretty encouraging with the limited stuff we've been able to see. Not to mention, its all vanilla we are seeing. Once the season starts, I have no doubts we will fare very well.

jannes bjornson's picture

New Energy and Better Players.

Otto's picture

Josh Jones has wantstobetradeditice.

Lare's picture

Probably more likely that he has goingtobecutitis.

stockholder's picture

And what about Jackson? Brown has won the battle.

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

Jackson Brown is too old to make this team. And we don’t really need singer/songwriters in the defensive backfield. And he’s running on empty.

dobber's picture


BradHTX's picture

Hopefully Gute’s moves have the Pack as contenders, not The Pretender.

dobber's picture

They will need all these guys before it's all said and done. I don't care who is making plays as long as someone is.

Oppy's picture

Uh.. JOsh Jackson hasn't even been active in training camp yet due to a foot injury. He literally just passed his physical two days ago.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture


Rick F's picture

The packers got a lot of really good football players. Gutekunst has went more Ron Wolfe and keeps working the roster. The transition from TT sign your own core guys and not use free agency enough is over. They had major holes and he filled them with impact players. Then throw in two good draft classes and the roster is stocked with better players.
LaFluer best move has to be Pettine and his staff. That defense is going to be tough to deal with. Gutekunst is 100 percent right about team building, the best 53 for the season.

Cubbygold's picture

Agree 100%. Pettine sets the tone and clearly made a sound logical argument to gute that the personnel on this team was inadequate. The two of them (and many others im sure) have done a great job overhauling this roster and bringing in competition across the board

EdsLaces's picture

Preston doing the belt is hilarious .

kevgk's picture

hes seemed pretty tame in interviews, I always like hearing about what those players are like on the practice field

Daren726's picture

What I like is that Gute doesn’t wait around to see if the guys he has are working or if the injured player will heal and be back soon. He immediately goes and finds other options and brings them in. He’s constantly churning and trying new guys. He said it’s tough to find big guys right now, so he’s been focused on running backs, LB and defensive backfield. I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts bringing in big guys as rosters start to thin out. Great job, Gute!!

Daren726's picture

On another note, the 1’s are stepping it up in practice now, since they have to play in a tough game on the road in front of a hostile crowd. Dont want to get beat. Baltimore will be a good test. Can’t wait to see how we do against their defense.

RCPackerFan's picture

Darrius Shepherd was one of the UDFA's that I was excited about. And since being here all he has done has been to make plays.

The WR competition is really starting to heat up.

Adams, MVS I consider locks
Kumerow, Allison, EQ are in my likely to make it list.

After that there is a big time battle for 1 or 2 spots.
Davis was having an outstanding camp until he got hurt. Moore has the abilities just needs to catch the ball. Shepherd adds the return ability. Lazard is huge and has been said to be making plays each day. Redding is a guy that could earn a spot on the 53 if he can standout.

This battle is going to be fun to watch the next few preseason games.

Coldworld's picture

Oh your second group, the one who most consistently makes plays is now Shepherd. Before it was Davis. If Davis can get healthy then those two will be an interesting head to head.

Lazard has also done well. Like Shepherd and Davis, he excels on special teams. Moore the team sees significant talent but it has yet to break through into production. It is one heck of a competition between 8 receivers for six maybe seven places.

Redding is probably a PS candidate. Great catcher but does not look as talented as Shepherd or Davis have.

RCPackerFan's picture

Shepherd is a guy to really watch. Hopefully Davis can come back so we can see each of those guys really compete. Perhaps both make it but they could really be playing against each other for 1 spot as they do similar types of things.

Lazard is a guy to really watch too. He is huge. 6'5 230ish lbs. He made that great catch in the first game. If he can continue to make big plays like that he could definitely make the 53.

Moore I think its in his head right now. He needs to relax and stop thinking and just playing. He has talent but to this point has unreliable hands.

I agree about Redding. I see him as a PS candidate. But he could make a late push. Anything could happen in these next 3 games.

dobber's picture

Shepherd brings something that the Packers didn't already have. He's the smaller shifty type of WR...a true slot, but is likely slot-only.

"Lazard is a guy to really watch too. He is huge. 6'5 230ish lbs."

I think he's going to be a victim of numbers: a practice squad guy and/or auditioning for other teams. Maybe they can get a conditional late-round pick for him at cutdowns if he shows well in camp. His size might have distinguished him on the Packers three years ago, but not in this receiver group.

jannes bjornson's picture

Maybe they move someone else and keep Lazard as the possession guy.
I like Shepherd to make the squad. They need the inside slot guy with quicks.

Coldworld's picture

If there is interest I can see one of Kumerow, Allison or EQ being traded (at an increasing price left to right)

Also, if both healthy I can see Davis or Shepherd being attractive to a team needing a returner and WR.

Not recommending, but this time of year, personnel departments are monitoring camps and games and injuries and roster disappointments often encourage trading a pick to tie up a player before it’s a free for all.

If Gute is offered and feels the loss is minimal due to personnel on the 90, I don’t doubt that he would deal.

jannes bjornson's picture

Allison or Kumerow would be the trading chips. I don't think Taylor is on the block.

greengold's picture

Interesting how different perspectives are, not right or wrong, but different.

To me, the two most likely to be traded are MVS and/or ESB. I would not consider moving Allison in trade, as I believe he is going to launch into a huge breakout season. He would have to command the highest price tag, followed by MVS and ESB. Geronimo might be positioned to argue for a #1 WR position on many other teams in my eyes. Will have to see, but watch the guy closely tonight and the rest of the way. I am convinced that is the level of talent, size and speed he will be bringing. I'm doubting he plays a lot in preseason, but check it out.

I cannot fathom they would consider trading Kumerow with what he has shown, and what Rodgers has said about him.

RCPackerFan's picture

I completely agree about Shepherd. Its why I think his chances of making the 53 improve the more he plays well. As a return man and pure slot WR, he brings a lot to the table.

Lazard very well could be a victim of numbers. Or he could force their hand and make them keep him.
They do have other bigger WR's but I do think Lazard is still different. He has more bulk then the other WR's.
I do like having all these big WR's to be honest.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture


Will say every year us Packer fans over value the WR's. I also fully expect barring injuries Gute will make some type of player move impacting the WR's prior to our first game.

stockholder's picture

UDFAs. That should have been clarified. I hope Lazard and Shepard make it. 2 more UDFAs. See the pattern. The UDFAs and waiver wire pick-ups, are making up the team depth. With a couple of starters. The competition is hurting Gute's 1st draft. And it's too early on Gute's second. You guys love Gute for the roster turnaround. And while you don't question him now. You will later.

Packers2019's picture


I don't think we will keep 7 WR's. I think it is more likely it will be 6 spots. The way ML uses TE's and FB's in this offense, there is no need for 7 WR's.

I think Davis might have cooked his goose with the injury. If Shepherd continues his play, I put him as the 6th WR due to his ST's ability. Also, AR and ML really like the kid. I think Lazard could go on the practice squad if he passes waivers. Moore needs to be cut. He just does not have the confidence to catch the ball at this point.

hobowilly's picture

can we all collectively say amen?! J'mon may make something with another team; just think it's ironic his mental game just isn't up to snuff. Too bad, so sad, his body meets the criteria, yet...sorta reminds me of Josh Jones in a way, but Jones doesn't get the TEAM concept. If injuries continue, GB is "forced" to keep him around. GB wants/needs "hybrid" players on its D.

Handsback's picture

Pre-season games aren't won by the final score, but how the two 1st teams do against each other. The rest is a game between your reserves. I actually get interested when the 2nd and 3rd team starts playing. Green Bay and Baltimore are two play-off teams. Seeing their bench strength will give you an indication of their depth.

Cubbygold's picture

Pre-season games are won by having 0 injuries

Swisch's picture

Could it be that in addition to Adams and MVS, the receivers on the Packers turn out to be Shepherd, ESB and Lazard -- with perhaps Kumerow or Davis?
Is it possible that Shepherd is the third receiver on the team as the best guy in the slot?

Swisch's picture

Just asking.
Other than Adams, we have a lot of talented guys to root for, yet none has really established an identity as a Packer or truly distinguished himself in regular season games.
MVS and Shepherd seem to have unique abilities and real star potential, and perhaps Lazard as well. It may be extremely difficult to let any of them go.

Coldworld's picture

I could see Shepherd earning a lot of time in the slot as the season progresses. I think Gute is hinting with his best team comments that we will see something more surprising than was the norm coming out of camps under TT.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Agreed Coldwell!

I'm seeing all these predictions for WR's and I think a personnel move is coming to surprise.

I have said it last year but I would not be surprised at all if Tonyan has better numbers than Graham this year. Tonyan should start IMHO over Graham. News keep coming out hinting at Tonyan having big year. Fans get too locked into staying true and not looking big enough and long range with personnel groupings.

I think when we contemplate who the WR's are who make the team, particularly in slot you really need to consider who is going to be your TE? Will it be based on a very mobile TE such as Tonyan and Jace, or based on a slow plodding Graham?

PackfanNY's picture

Not sure what people see in Trevor Davis. He’s been here 3 seasons and I just haven’t seen that much progress. Sure part of that is because of injuries. However, that is the problem. Kind of goes something like this.

Looks great flying around in shorts. Puts the pads on and everyone says look out for Trevor Davis. Good camp. Then it becomes, he’s banged up. He’s going to miss some time. He seems to be the if only player as if only he could stay healthy.

Coldworld's picture

He did have a really good camp until his injury. He looked a lot better than in previous years. LaFleur pretty much said that his light bulb had finally lit in the off season.

That said, I share your concern that he is a player we need to see do it in a full contact environment. His real plus is deep speed, but he is a small guy and small burners typically struggle in the NFL once the contact is unrestrained.

Unfortunately, he got an injury through no fault of his own immediately before pre season game one and has not hit the field since. So we have had no chance to see him during game time.

If he is healthy, I personally think Shepherd will beat him out, so not a Davis booster by any means, but he has earned the right to be in the running.

greengold's picture

It was a hell of an injury too from what I read in the TC feeds. Davis on a PR and a HOU player face masked him. Think he was taken off on a board, but cannot recall.

Really too bad, because he was making some incredible plays prior.

Coldworld's picture

I have never been a supporter of Davis and I still have doubts. That said, no one deserves that kind of Ill luck removing your chance to prove the likes of me wrong.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Than maybe Davis is put on IR depending on severity, which may not be all bad for the Packers if he say cant effectively come back in next few weeks.

fthisJack's picture

Allison is a lock unless he is traded.

greengold's picture

I'm hopeful part of the Daniels release was allocating some of those dollars to a Geronimo Allison extension. I think Geronimo is in for a great season, a real breakout year.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

That is the whole point IMO!
Just not sure GMO is worth the extension. He is a solid WR but game isnt going to evolve much more. There are 4 to 6 players coming on with rookie deals with several WR's going to over take him talent wise.

I think if still on team the Pack let's him go after this year and realize cap relief.

jannes bjornson's picture

They will draft a WR with a two or three pick in 2020.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

If they did it would mean they are not impressed with their WR's. At this point I'd disagree. I could see OL, ILB, QB, DB

LambeauPlain's picture

With the emergence of Kumerow and Shepherd, both Moore and Davis could be hearing their bubbles pop.

Moore seems to be a clumsy catcher of the ball..not a natural like Kumerow and Shepherd.

I read Shepherd ran the most plays, and caught the most passes from the slot last year in college than any other rookie WR in the NFL. He is a natural slot receiver. Seems to instinctively know how to navigate the traffic and finds open spots.

Davis seemed to have turned the corner as a receiver and is already a very good returner...then he gets hurt...again. He is just not dependable.

Still time, but I see Adams, MVS, Allison, Kumerow, ESB and Shepherd penciled in for the 53 right now.

greengold's picture

Agree LP, and that would be my 6 WR group. I would like for them to find a way to keep Lazard, and maybe one of that group of 6 gets traded before roster cuts.

I feel badly for Davis, because he was doing so well in TC, but we really need those players who are tough, and available. Davis has shown himself to be neither in his stay in GB, without knocking him.

On Geronimo, I had been feeling much like others here that we would just be letting him walk for his next big payday, but I've changed my mind a bit on that. Still need to see more, but I believe he might be our legit #2 followed very closely by Kumerow. Geronimo should prove to have a very interesting year. If he lights it up the way I think he might now, after seeing his development, he and Adams might be a tandem Rodgers would be unwilling to part from, and they may deem a contract extension necessary.

fthisJack's picture

i see Adams, Allison, MVS, ESB, Kumerow, Shepherd and if they keep a 7th....Lazard.

Coldworld's picture

Absent a trade that is a pretty realistic order in my opinion if everyone stays healthy and Shepherd shows enough on returns.

The one thing I would say is that the team obviously views Moore as superior talent if he can put it together. They made that clear this week. He makes difficult catches in practice and is constantly open. It’s the simple ones he overthinks it seems. If the lightbulb turns on, I believe, based on recent comments, that they may keep him whether or not he is currently among the best 6 or 7.

Matt Gonzales's picture

Agree on Moore. Rare physical specimens are going to get every chance to succeed in the NFL (see Cordarrelle Patterson, Jerrick McKinnon, Jeff Janis, etc.). If the Packers brass really think Moore has what it takes I could see them keeping him for specific play packages. I know he isn't an answer as a returner if he has suspect hands, but has he been used as a gunner on coverage units?

Oppy's picture

The rare physical specimen @ WR is ESB, when you look at his overall mix of size and athleticism.

greengold's picture

Great list, and I think it is the right one. I might put Kumerow at #3WR. I like Lazard, and I hope they keep him.

I'm guessing Gutekunst will trade Moore before its all over, possibly to NYG or WAS.

PatrickGB's picture

I do not see the team keeping seven WRs. Besides, we will keep four TEs and an extra RB or two this year.Moore’s hands and head is suspect. Davis can’t hold up due to injury’s. Lazard is a project.

dobber's picture

It's hard to say. Any TE not playing in-line is essentially a WR. The question becomes: how many TE do you really need to run the offense? Lewis is the only true in-line TE in this group. The others are all window-dressing in that regard. So if your 7th WR is a markedly better pass-catcher (and ST player) than that 4th TE, why would you keep the TE?

I think we saw last year at cutdowns that BG had a willingness to play fast and loose with roster norms.

Coldworld's picture

I also wonder how badly Sternberger was hurt. A jaw injury could be anything, including some long term issues.

Again, another player just starting to break out taken out by the same idiot.

hobowilly's picture

players taken out by other players, humm. I think (was it last year?) when Te Adams was severly concussed twice, the NFL blew it by 1) not having the rule in place like NCAA, 2) bad hit also puts you out of the game & for at least the next game. I think Adams must be super-human! But i conclude this:
if a team (e.g. Saints with headhunter bounty) seeks to take out players, then either the hitter gets taken out for same amount of time the hittee is out, or, if it's a return offense perhaps the player earns himself out of the NFL. Agreed? I get it, football is football, but to hit an "undefensable" is asking to be removed. Just think, like in hockey, it could be a 2nd or 3rd stringer (enforcer) they are willing to sacrefice. Remove them from the game 4ever. This same idiot rookie did this in a practice scenario, and he's likey on the "watch list". No excuses...

Matt Gonzales's picture

Very true. Though we have a glut of WR prospects and TEs that are basically big WRs, I'm most interested to see what happens with the RB/FB rotation. With this offense I could easily see 3-4 RB/FBs getting snaps in every game, especially if you have a FB that can block inline and RBs that can line up wide and make catches in the flat.

Tundraboy's picture

Exactly! Great point.

Packman60's picture

Gute has done a tremendous job in the short time he has been in role. The quality and depth across the board have improved dramatically. The Packers had so many holes in their roster and depth was completely lacking. Anyone who is being critical of Gute is not looking at the big picture. Sure we could've used a draft pick on a swing tackle, but the interior line was a bigger problem last year, OLB was decimated after releasing Mathews and Perry, Safety was the biggest need on the team and yeah we sacrificed some draft capitol to ensure we got the one we had ranked the highest, but early indications are it was worth it to ensure we got Savage and finally Tight End. This is a position that takes time to develop. Graham and Lewis will both be gone next year and after having a year to develop Steinberger would be ready to contribute. This team is light years ahead of the team he took over and he should be applauded for that fact and not nit picked to death for any flaw still remaining. It was projected to be a 2-3 year rebuild and he is right on track.

dobber's picture

BG seems to have a somewhat different philosophy than TT did, but every GM will have his pet projects that he'll be reticent to give up on. He's given up on many of TTs, but we have yet to find out who BG's projects will be. In another year or so, we'll know more about that. I give him credit for acting decisively in several cases, whether it's draft or other personnel. We'll have to wait to see whether he's assembling the right pieces, though.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Jace will not over take Tonyan in a year.

jannes bjornson's picture

Sternberger is more talented.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

I dont think you know that yet. Going to take least 2 years and maybe 3 years for Jace's body to fill out to NFL level. Just my opinion but think Tonyan going to surprise and Jace will require several years to challenge Tonyan.

Tundraboy's picture

Based on that one photo of him, Jace needs a year in the weight room. Doesn't have an NFL body yet.

JohnnyLogan's picture

I'm for putting the brakes on the Gute praise until after this season. Lots of moves but nothing is proven yet, with the potential he's already made some major blunders. The biggest screwup could be with the drafting of Gary, who has gone from incredible athlete to try-hard rookie. The defense of the pick centers around the versatility thing. Who cares if he can play DE and OLB if he can't do either particularly well?... and from what we've seen so far he's average at best at both positions. Someone casually mentions he can't bend around the corner but he's fast. What good is fast if he can't get by the blocker? Then the argument is made that he wasn't drafted to rush the passer but to be an OLB. But at OLB he's stiff as a board, or worse, as stiff as Nick Perry. I thought pass rush was our #1 need going into the draft, even with the signing of the Smith Bros. But, with the cutting of Daniels it seems a good DL could also have been a need since his replacement is an unproven Adams. So we take neither a rusher nor a legit DL, but instead, a project. There's the annual refrain of "let's judge after two or three years" but that's not what you want to hear about the #12 draft pick. It's likely Gute has made other major mistakes as well. Trading for Kizer, a Hundley clone, with no legit QB backup... draft picks to move up for Burks, who even when he is on the field shows nothing... no legit #2 receiver in the draft this year leaving Rodgers with a gaggle of late-round picks and FAs that everyone is gushing over because they make catches in practice. Rodgers will continue to throw balls into the fifth row because once the games start the new "exciting" receiver corps will suddenly have to get open against real NFL defenses and not one of them has shown he can do that with regularity. All this talk about Gute having improved the team is way too premature. He's changed the team. We have yet to see if it's improved.

Coldworld's picture

If I can draft a player in the top half of round one that I think has exceptional talent yet needs time, I would not hesitate.

Gute did exactly that with Gary. If it needs underlining for you, that’s just after he had brought in his starting rushers in FA. This isn’t TT, draft or bust anymore, FA was very openly a major plank in his strategy. If you need more, contrast that with Savage, drafted to play now at a position of need.

As to your receiver #2. Rightly or wrongly, it is extremely clear that Gute thinks that, through the draft and otherwise, he has assembled a strong corps of receivers. Given the posts above, it seems we all agree except over which final mix and that there are more that we can get on a roster.

If you want to be miserable, go ahead, but if you open your eyes, it isn’t so bad out. This is a lot better roster than last year or the year before if you look. How much better, well that remains to be seen

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

What is interesting to me is how many fans screamed all off season leading up to draft that the team needs some over the hill experienced WR (like the ex Cowboy head case). Now not one word now about needing a vet WR pickup and it's all about oh my goodness we have too many talented WR's. LOL!

Old School's picture

I agree, Mr. Logan. He’s 6-9-1 so far. He’s released some good players. He’s signed som FAs that may....or may good players for us.

He has a five year deal. He’s going to have to have a winning season before I’m gonna jump on the bandwagon.

greengold's picture

I have no problem judging the success of a draft until a few years down the line, but, people can see if a player is producing or failing with relative ease.

As for Damarious Randall? Who cares if it was Kizer or a bag of peanuts? He was a cancer.

JohhnyLogan, your view is not neutral. It is pessimistic.

Maybe you have not seen the WR group, and how Allison, Kumerow, MVS and St. Brown have all pretty much transformed themselves? I'm here to tell you that they have, and I really have zero problem naming Allison or Kumerow as a legit #2 WR. Darrius Shepherd is going to make this team. He is tough, runs great routes, and knows how to catch. Decent returner too.

And, if you don't think GB is a real NFL defense, that's sad. You'll see.

Swisch's picture

I'm intrigued by what both greengold and JohnnyLogan have to say as seemingly opposite viewpoints on the current Packers.
These are the kind of comments -- and at this point, neither can be proven wrong or right -- that make for good discussion among strong and sincere Packers fans.
I'm on the more optimistic side of things, with the Packers in the playoffs this season at 10-6, and contending for a Super Bowl thereafter.
Perhaps the key is Aaron Rodgers accepting coaching even when he disagrees, and even if things don't always go well.
I think he has to keep the vast majority of his comments with coaches and players private, and that his criticisms have to come with even more encouragement.
I'm a big Rodgers fan. He's already had a stellar career; but the drama is whether he finishes his last years as an elder statesman who truly leads a rebuilt team to its fullest potential.
That's a lot more than just great throws!
Aaron has to be who he is, but the best of who he is -- with the discipline, humility, and patience to elevate both himself and his teammates.
I'm rooting for him, in this considerable challenge, to make it happen.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Agreed differing view points are good and healthy creating good debate.

hobowilly's picture

amen GG! Look, JL....McCarthy is gone, TT is gone. Most of the posters here have praised Gutey for the re-build. Agreed, you are a pessimist sir. Yes, for many reasons/facts, it's too early to say this is a playoff team, but i'd optimistically argue that the new GM has done an exceptional job to date. Repeat, MM is gone and i don't care if MLF is a first time coach--listen and watch and with him keeping Pettine and a stronger defense ALL of Packer nation would be absolutely shocked if the Packers have a losing season for the 2nd year in a row--but last years' fiasco is essentially on the falling star of MM. Not alot of fans speak of this, but i do. Hiring MLF was a very strong move for the future winning ways of this great franchise.

flackcatcher's picture

I agree. I will only add that we fans tend to go over the 'edge' from time to time on coaches and front office moves. It is our want to see our teams do well vs. the reality of how a football team is built and run. Two points. 1. Just like Ted Thompson before him, BG is a Ron Wolf man, thru and thru. The only difference is the degree of which tools he uses in building this team. Under Thompson later years, the main problem was not the coaching or the starting units, it was depth. Thompson was limited in what he could do by the lack of cap space, and the need to prepare for QB1 upcoming contract. For those crying about last two losing seasons, each time this team had winning records before the massive wave of injuries each season. Lack of depth caught up to the Packers. Why? Because Ted was clearing cap space and gathering draft choices for the next GM to rebuild this team. In other words, Ted took the hit for what had to be done. 2. Mark Murphy did a great deal of damage short term interfering in personal matters and cutting future GM Gute room to maneuver in the Rodgers signing deal. Yes Rodgers was going to be paid, but as GM, that was BG call, never Murphy's. And lets not forget, that the Thursday night firing of McCarthy directly challenged Gute's authority, and finally forced the BOD to strip Murphy of his power, and leave him as a figurehead. Firing coaches is a personal decision, one that should been left to BG under the Packers system. All and all, IAMGUTE has done a remarkable job in a very short amount of time in refilling and upgrading the Packers roster. As for the rest, we will just to have to wait, and see.

greengold's picture

Actually, I was quite shocked at seeing how Geronimo Allison has transformed his build. Clearly, he's grown into the #2 WR position just by looking at him. He's fluid in his route running, is catching just about everything, and has Rodgers' trust, as does Kumerow. Both really worked hard this offseason in strength training, and it shows.

I should clarify, Geronimo looks not only stronger, but he's playing with a confidence I had not seen before. You know that look? All business. This is a more mature Geronimo that we will be seeing this year.

jannes bjornson's picture

It's his contract year. He wants to dominate and get paid.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Everyone is saying that we can't judge the talent of the draft for 3ish years. Yet Packer fans are already saying how much better this team is. Paper is paper lets wait until the 2019 regular season to see how different the Packers look. Lets watch the Browns to see how good the Packers 2018 coaching staff looks. Then in a few years lets look back and say Gute was a success or failure as a GM. For now enjoy the honeymoon phase. No need to talk trash about TT he had a good run.

buddrow53's picture

Hats off to the GM. This team is so much faster than any previous Packer team that I can remember.

He will have huge decisions to make, trust the coaching staff, I hope they are worth their pay.

Finally watched the game the other day, enjoyed what I watched, almost got excited, lol.

Go Pack Go

greengold's picture

This is part of my point, and of course anyone could counter with "every team has fast players." Having spent time studying drafts for decades, there are combinations of attributes that when put together can give a fan a little more or less confidence in the new product on the field.

Not only has BG done an exceptional job of sloughing off highly respected Packers talent who've crossed a value threshold, where their effectiveness and value has flipped into the negative, but he's added incredible speed, talent and athleticism. Added to that are unique abilities that make them possibly exceptional players at their respective positions.

When you combine all of that together, you're onto something as a GM.

Look at Elgton Jenkins as an example. Incredibly fast, athletic, gifted talent at OC and OG. He's already sizable enough, and talented enough, to plug in and start day 1.

Look at Savage. While he's been absent from his dental procedure for much of TC, not only is he incredibly athletic, fast, he's also a play machine with the resume to prove it. His size, speed and talent for ranging to the ball at FS is going to be something we have not seen since Nick Collins in his prime. I'm convinced of that, as he is incredibly bright on the level of Blake Martinez, Aaron Rodgers, with similar love of the game. Of course we will have to see when the real schedule kicks in, but after all I've learned about him I'm convinced he's going to be a superstar in GB. Say all you want to counter the argument, and I agree, we will see.

Pick any of the players from this last draft, and while they have size, speed, athleticism that is top level, they also bring football smarts and unique talents.

Hell, just compare that to some previous picks, guys who've played the game just a single season, but they played basketball, or others who you're left shaking your head after the selection saying, "but, how???? WHOOO???" Kyrie Thornton? Datone Jones? Justin Herrell?

Another point, we were in dire need of a ILB. DIRE. By the time our selection came down in 2015, having had a good enough season to reach, win, then lose the NFC Championship, giving us pick 30, we have our pick of the very best ILBs the draft could offer. Instead, we take Damarious Randall.

BG is not afraid to select what his team needs, players that fit exactly what his coordinators want to make their schemes work.

All kinds of garbage thrown around about Gary, but, give the guy an opportunity to learn what they want him to do. Expecting him to be getting sacks all over the place immediately is preposterous. He fits exactly what they want, and are confident that they will get that out of him, so much so that Gary was their #1 player on the board, overall.

We needed S help, and BG signs Amos, a great SS, knowing he still needed a true ranger who was effective at making plays on the ball, and at stopping the run. Gets arguably the fastest, most complete FS in the draft to pair with Amos. Traded up to insure his team got Savage. There was no player flying up draft boards more swiftly than Darnell Savage last April.

Point is, he went and got EXACTLY what he wanted, "don't draft for need" be damned.

Each new player on this team is ascending, and experienced, or loaded with athleticism and prime resumes and character.

Let's wait and see, but, I feel quite confident saying this team is vastly improved already. If you've gone to practices to study players for years, and you see what has been assembled currently, I think one could say that with some confidence. No problem.

jgando12's picture

Some of you long-time, supposedly faithful "stockholders" need o take your heads outs your cheese.
Do you know what your talking about acquiring personnel via draft, FA or UFA? You expect every pick to be a Barkley? in 2 seasons Gutes has cap-friendly rebuilt roster, acquired rising talent,resigned essential core and re-shaped a humdrum roster into a hungry, team on the rise. You continued salvos at his expense are not only incorrect and kinda humorous, but come from a reference that seems stained in a bias that has no place here.

jannes bjornson's picture

No room for crybabies...Denny Green.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

He died of heart attack. Dead anyway!

Grandfathered's picture

Maybe M. Lewis will be released in favor or keeping only 3 TEs. and pickup a FA ILB.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Gute's guys I'm comfortable with if/when they play:

DL: Lancaster, perhaps a NFL average NT level.
CB: Tony Brown at an average + level.
SS: Raven Greene at an average level.
SS: Ibraheim Campbell at a decent level.

That's a UDFA at almost every level of the defense. I couldn't put Bolton in at ILB, at least not yet.

TE: Tonyan (a lot of snaps) at a good level.
WR: Kumerow, perhaps Shepherd.
RB: Vitale - okay, he's a FB.

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