Packers Practice Round-Up Day 7. August 23, 2020

There was a live scrimmage in Sunday's practice. aFleur said the live scrimmage was not scripted because they wanted to see how the players reacted to the calls in real-time and live action. He said it's something that helps tell him what he has in some players. Silverstein



Tim Boyle still wearing his helmet if needed but Jordan Love taking every snap of this young guys period. Hodkiewicz

Safety Raven Greene headed inside. Owczarski

Rookie G Jon Runyon is limping off the field. He got tangled up the play before and tried to play through it. Silverstein

No sign of Rick Wagner or Marcedes Lewis, ZaDarius Smith or Jaire Alexander. Schneidman [Lewis was at practice but might be a veteran rest day, per Hodkiewicz and Alexander worked on the sidelines per Owczarski.]

No boot for Montravius Adams, but he’s still walking rather gingerly as he exits the Hutson Center. Wood

Curtis Bolton and Yosh Nijman continue to workout on the side. We’re reaching the point that their inability to practice with the team could be a real detriment.... Herman


Rodgers hits Jake Kumerow behind Will Sunderland for a 45-yard TD. Wood

Love just underthrew Malik Turner badly. Had him open. Tough day for 10 today. Love overthrows Shepherd. Mixup with Jordan Love and Dexter Williams on a toss. Ball falls incomplete. Herman [Under pressure from Williams, Love throws high to Sternberger with Martin in good coverage - same as below.]

Speaking of speed, first time seeing Jordan Love let loose with the legs in a live setting. His arm has been erratic in this period. Overthrew open Darrius Shepherd on third down. Underthrew open Malik Taylor. But, indeed, Love has some wheels. Wood

Love ends his red zone with a touchdown to Lovett on an out. Hodkiewicz

Jordan Love with a fumbled pitch to Dexter Williams. Way off. Williams did a good job gathering it up. Silverstein

Boyle seeing field so well right now, steady, not rushing progressions. Hodkiewicz

Now another fumbled exchange with Boyle at QB. Second day in a row that’s happened. 2. Boyle on an absolute dart to Tyler Ervin. Beautiful play and throw. Herman

Boyle rips a 25-yarder to Ervin behind the dropping linebackers. Boyle looks so good this summer. Nagler

Phenomenal sideline grab by Malik Turner in one on ones. Skied to snag the ball and made sure to fall with feet inbounds. Nagler [Turner looks like an NFL receiver. Not sure of his ceiling but a savvy signing by Gute - Herman.]

E. St. Brown getting re-tapped L ankle after 1-on-1s. Looked good with his cuts winning easily twice prior. Silverstein

Turner has looked like an NFL receiver through his first week + of practice. Not sure his ceiling but was a savvy signing by Gute. Herman


Tonyan with a fantastic catch. One of the best catches of camp so far. Over the middle from 12. Tight coverage. Went up and made a play! Herman [Tonyan leapt over Scott per Wood.]

Offense goes down and sets up a 47 yarder for Crosby in two minute. Two completions to Tonyan for first downs. Rodgers was 6 of 7. Hodkiewicz [Tweet above is one of the two catches by Tonyan, I believe.]

Josiah Deguara has natural ability to angle leverage near sideline, like a box out from rebounder in basketball. Just turned his back against Darnell Savage in end zone on a red-zone rep, shielding Aaron Rodgers’ pass. Good coverage. Wood

Adams just beat Jackson for a touchdown. Beautiful play from Adams and Rodgers but give a ton of credit to Tonyan for holding up 1x1 in pass pro against Gary. Herman


And we got our first demonstration of how hard it is to tackle AJ Dillon who drags a DB for 5 more yards. Herman

AJ Dillon stiff armed Kabion Ento for an extra 8 yards off tackle. Silverstein

Redmond forced a fumble on Lovett. 2. Tim Williams gets in on a sack vs. Love. I believe it was Lovett on the block which would give Williams the advantage. Herman


Runyan walking off gingerly. Hodkiewicz [Towards the end of practice]

Jon Runyan has come as advertised, gritty dude. Willing to get his hands dirty. Had some nice showings in 1 on 1s. Hodkiewicz



Jonathan Garvin knifes through and bats down Jordan Love’s pass Dikembe style. Herman

Rashan Gary has had three really strong rushes to start the latest team stuff. Guy is going to be a problem for opponents. Nagler

Rashan Gary explodes through the line for a tfl on Jamaal Williams. Herman

Nice burst by Malik Taylor on a sweep. Just out of the reach of Kamal Martin who gets a slight fingertip on him tripping him up ever so slightly. Kamal Martin knives through for a huge hit and about a 3 yard loss. One of his best plays of camp. Herman

Kamal Martin times Jordan Love’s snap count perfectly, breaks through LOS untouched, and drops Damarea Crockett for 3-yard loss. Like a blur. Hell of a play from the rookie. Got an “OOHHH!” from entire defensive sideline. Wood [Sounds like play 2 in the Herman tweet just above.]

Kamal Martin just flattened Josiah Deguara, who was lead blocker at fullback. My god. Wood

Keke and Burks read a draw perfectly. Really nice day from Oren Burks so far. Inside linebackers are competing hard. Herman

Tim Williams with a quick pressure. Love throws high for Sternberger with nice coverage from Kamal. Herman

Tipa [Gileai] and Tim Williams meet at the QB for a sack. Herman

1. Randy Ramsey had a fantastic day today. Just stoped AJ Dillon in the hole for no gain. 2. Touchdown from Rodgers to Kumerow. Sunderland in coverage. Ramsey with the pressure. 3. Ramsey w/ a pressure on Love now. 4. Ramsey with a nice stop in zone coverage on a crosser to MVS. Herman

Live tackling period for the young players. Summers with two clean hits early. Jonathan Garvin busted through for a would be sack too. Herman

A great run stop by Oren Burks on AJ Dillon on a toss. One of the better plays I’ve seen from Oren. 2. Now he [Burks] does it again to the other sideline. Showing off some sideline to sideline speed and good instincts. Two back to back plays for Oren. Love to see it. Herman



Keke just burst through a double team and both linemen held on for dear life. Would have been an obvious holding call. Herman

Willington Previllion with another strong play as he busts through for a would be sack. The offensive line is having a really tough time protecting Love right now. Herman

Clark stuffs Aaron Jones inside next rep. Herman



Josh Jackson showing up again. Another pass breakup, this time in the end zone, had a chance at a pick. 2. Josh Jackson is having a day and a camp. Just had ultra tight coverage on Ervin. Pass falls incomplete. 3. Josh Jackson a great break on the ball for a pbu on EQ. Herman

Yeah, Davante Adams is back. First play team reps, he beats Darnell Savage Jr. deep, catches pass from Aaron Rodgers for some 50 yards. Vintage. Wood

Boyle to Begelton in the end zone but Henry Black makes a nice leaping pass breakup. Black makes a run stop on the next play. Nice back to back plays for him. Herman

Adams beats Hollman clean downfield on a post off play action but 12 missed him. 2. Rodgers has Adams downfield although some good coverage by Hollman. Adams uses his strength up to separate but the pass goes off his fingertips. 3. Nice coverage by Ka’Dar Hollman on Davante Adams. Ball over the middle falls incomplete. Herman



Crosby I think hit all seven FG attempts. Huber



Jake Hanson w/ some struggles vs. Wilmington Previllion. Patrick stuffs Keke. Keke wins clean with his hands on rep 2 but slips and falls to the ground. Garvin wins clean vs. Leglue. Willington Previllion with a win vs. Elgton Jenkins. That will get the udfa rookie noticed. Runyan stuffs Lancaster. Gary lights up Alex Light twice. Ramsey w/ 2 nice reps vs. Zach Johnson. Jon Runyan with a pancake of Delontae Scott. Tim Williams w/ a win vs. Billy Turner. Good battle for both on both reps. Tipa looked good again vs. Zach Johnson. Tipa has looked fantastic in 1x1s. Kingsley Keke beat Lucas Patrick clean on his first 1x1. Patrick was better rep 2. Herman

The Packers might have to find better competition to know if Kingsley Keke and Tipa Galeai are as good as their records would indicate in the 1-on-1 pass rush drill. Heading into Sunday's practice, they’re the Packers only defensive players with winning records in the drill. Demovsky



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Thegreatreynoldo's picture

August 24, 2020 at 06:04 am

When I was trying to decide whose photo to use, the phrase, "pick a linebacker, any linebacker" came to mind. Garvin, Gary (but he's making the team), Martin (since he is showing speed, made quite a few plays, and has some pop when he collides with people), Burks (just one positive mention, IIRC), Tipa Gileai, Summers, and finally, Ramsey all had good days. I chose Ramsey. Mind, Gary might be the most important. Kirksey got a mention, something like Jamaal Williams up the middle and stopped by Kirksey for a short gain. Good problems to have. Some of the defensive linemen got some mentions, but I wouldn't say anyone has stepped up behind Clark, Lowry and Keke for spot #4 much less 5. It could have been Martin or Ramsey, but I figured Martin is going to make this team as a 5th rounder. Still, more than one media observer thought the Packers might have to figure out a way to get Martin on the field in real games this year (Nagler and IIRC Silverstein).

Lancaster hasn't merited a positive tweet so far, and only his losses in 1x1s have been noted. With Jaire out, Hollman drew Davante Adams for part of practice, and that wasn't pretty. Adams is really good and AR was on fire, but still. Ento was up and down, but sounded more down than up. I don't bother putting in tweets about Bakh, who has looked dominant. Jenkins had a good rookie year, but it doesn't sound like he has been dominant (time will tell - it is camp). Love had a bad day and he got all the reps after vets were excused, so not too many tweets on Boyle. Couple of receivers looking good for #5 WR in Turner, Begelton and Shepherd. Lazard and Kumerow caught passes (Kumerow's was a 45 yard TD) but there wasn't much description given so I did not put them in the article.

4 points
Bure9620's picture

August 24, 2020 at 10:11 am

TGR, it is interesting Lancaster has really not warranted a positive tweet as you say. He was awesome against the run 2 years ago and definitely took a step back last year. DL is the most interesting group to me this year because I truly believed we were set for a while going into last year, in fact I thought it could be the strongest group. Now it has most question marks.......Clark is obviously a monster and long term key piece. Montavius was starting camp well and got injured, Lancaster has become a JAG as his Northwestern UDFA pedigree should indicate, Keke seems to have flashes but is he ready for significant playing time? Lowry was inconsistent last year and that contract is not looking to be a good idea.. Herman mentioned Willington Previlon had some really nice reps against Jenkins.......DL seems to be very much in Flux, and with the way the Packers struggle against the run, there are questions. The base seems to be 2 DL so Clark and whom else becomes that guy??

0 points
NickPerry's picture

August 24, 2020 at 06:02 am

No OTA's or normal offseason is really hurting Love...At least that's what I HOPE it is. I know he's young, raw, all of that but I hope I start reading some positives about him.

Speaking of positives I love reading all the positives about Jackson, Gary, and Keke. The Packers will need those 2nd and 3rd year jumps from them this year. If they ALL jump, this defense could make a serious run at a Top 5 unit.

Garvin and Tim Williams seem to be making plays every day. Can never have enough pass rushers. Hopefully they keep it up.

Thanks TGR!! I really look forward to these roundups!

2 points
Thegreatreynoldo's picture

August 24, 2020 at 06:34 am

OLB is pretty well covered, though I love to see good stuff about Garvin, Williams and Gileai. What is exciting me is positives I am reading about Kirksey in the middle, particularly in coverage, and a possible upgrade at the other ILB spot (that would mean upgrades at both ILB spots!). Greene has been doing his thing.

I am content with Jaire, King and Sullivan, but we need a 4th CB and a 5th would be nice. Jackson perhaps has made some progress, but Hollman and Ento less so. Samuel I have mentioned but I will wait for him to get his day trying to cover Adams. Safety seems okay with Amos (2 INTS so far) but the Savage mentions have been sporadic and up and down. Scott has flashed. I guess Lovett and Hanson didn't have good days.

Note that other than perhaps reading more tweets and seeing which players get mentioned by multiple observers, I am basing opinions strictly on the same tweets as you read in the article.

1 points
nostradanus's picture

August 24, 2020 at 07:06 am

Great stuff James thank you perfect with my morning coffee.

-2 points
PeteK's picture

August 24, 2020 at 07:32 am

I wonder if there will be some scrimmages with other teams.

0 points
mrtundra's picture

August 24, 2020 at 09:03 am

With the virus in battle mode, I'd say there will be no scrimmages with other teams. Why risk infecting your players?

1 points