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Packers Practice Report: Rodgers Participates, Lacy Does Not

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Packers Practice Report: Rodgers Participates, Lacy Does Not

The picture of Aaron Rodgers is no clearer on Wednesday than it was a day ago, a week ago, even a month ago.

A report from another beat writer indicated Matt Flynn was still taking snaps from starting center Evan Dietrich-Smith, indicating that the plan, at least for now, will be for Flynn to play Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys.

If there's a silver lining, it's that Rodgers did more than he did a week ago at practice, at least according to Silverstein. Rodgers said during his weekly radio show on Tuesday that he experienced pain during practice last week as he continues to recover from a broken collarbone.

Head coach Mike McCarthy will have an update during his press conference later this afternoon.

Not taking part in practice was Eddie Lacy, the Packers' workhorse running back and Rookie of the Year candidate.

Lacy sprained his ankle early in last week's game against the Atlanta Falcons but later returned to play in the second half.

If Lacy was able to play on a hobbled ankle on Sunday, it's probably a good bet that he can play in their next game, but the Packers will try to give him as much rest as possible.

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Derek in CO's picture

Way to go MM! Great play call! Just what we love.

RC Packer Fan's picture

If Lacy doesn't get hurt. Are you ripping McCarthy for the play call?

Should probably rip McCarthy for his play call that got Rodgers hurt too. He probably should have ran the ball there instead of throw the ball...

Point Packer's picture

I yelled out loud to all my friends at my local watering hole after he handed the ball off to Lacy on that play, "why risk injury!!" And then the camera focuses on a limping Eddie Lacy.

One could make the case that Eddie Lacy is our second most important player on this team. Why in heaven's name you'd risk, even if its just a small chance, injury to your second most important player on a give-up play with 4 seconds left in the first half is just beyond me and a classic MM play-calling moment from 2013.

Only reason I can think of is that if he would have had Flynn kneel down, it would have provoked additional booing.

Derek in CO's picture

If you don't plan to score, you kneel it. It's just that simple. MM's defense of that series of 3 play calls (asked by Wilde) was absurd.

4thand1's picture

Lacy was already playing on a sprained ankle. Any player can get hurt on any play. Maybe he was hoping Lacy could break off a long run. Whine some more.

The TKstinator's picture

What DID he say in defense of it?

Idiot Fan's picture

I'm a very big MM fan and defender, but that was a dumb play. The chances of someone getting injured have to be much higher than the chances of some freak scoring play occurring. Just take a knee.

themasterfake's picture

the one time I called for time!

Evan's picture


RC Packer Fan's picture

How am I getting all my Packers News from you Evan?

Yesterday I first saw your report of Tretter to 53, White to IR.

Today Cobb to run...

Keep bringing good news.

Evan's picture

haha...gotta get on twitter.

PackerPete's picture

Maybe that's why they could move White quietly to IR. Get through another game with 4 WRs, maybe even just 3 being active, and then have Cobb back to play the following week.
The Cowboys D seems vulnerable against any sort of short passing to TE (besides against the run), so I would think TEs will play a prominent role.

Point Packer's picture

The Cowboy D is just straight up vulnerable.

PackerPete's picture

yes, but after seeing a couple of games (admittedly a very limited sample), they seem to have absolutely nobody to stop the short passing game, or the run. That should bode well for Flynn, as he won't have to throw balls 40 yards down the field.
I hope Lacy can play, as the Cowboys do not tackle at all. Don't know what happened to Ware, but he was invisible both games I saw.

Evan's picture

"absolutely nobody to stop...the run.

Aside from Sean Lee, who I guess is hurt again?

PackerPete's picture

and I forgot to say "aside of Jarius Wynn" LOL

4thand1's picture

F the medical report. Packers need this must win game. Players play hurt. If it rebreaks its not a career ending injury. Sit through training camp, big deal.

Point Packer's picture

Word on Acme is that Quarless spilled the beans and said #12 took some snap with the 1's today.

Glorious80s's picture

Don't get to cocky about Dallas. They were humiliated last week, will be motivated and changes were promised. Also, Romo could be tough against the Packers' D. This could be a really rough game.
Why are they wasting valuable practice time with a player (QB1) who is not certain for this week? Flynn and Tolzien really need the work. AR needs to find some other time to work out.

Idiot Fan's picture

I'm actually kind of in agreement with this. If Rodgers was still feeling pain last week, he can't possibly be ready to go this week, right? If not, then give Flynn all the snaps.

And I don't think this is going to be an easy game. The Bears offense is way better than our offense with Flynn, and the Cowboy offense is capable. I could see it going either way, but I'm more expecting a Cowboy victory.

4thand1's picture

Dallas reminds of Detroit. You never know what your going to get. If Lee is out, its a big blow. For people bitching about TT , WTF would they say if Jerry Jones was running the Packers. He's not cheap and the Cowboys come up sucking every year.

Bert's picture

The Cowboys are very much unpredictable and will put up plenty of points against our defense especially at home. Our offense will have to score and score often to keep up. Hard to say on this one. With Rodgers the Pack wins but with Flynn......I doubt it.

Lucky953's picture


Morgan Mundane's picture

There is no 'partially cleared', He is either cleared by the doctors to play and the coaching staff or not. Look, get over it, there is no way the guy plays this week. This is an 8 to 10 week injury and its like week 6.5. Put a fork in him he probably will be out two more weeks.

Stroh's picture

Actually its not an 8-10 wk injury! If it was a mid bone fracture it would be 6-8 wks and likely closer to 8. However, its a distal end fracture and given what has been reported its not as serious nor as long as a mid bone fracture. Also it wasn't a displaced fracture so the healing is quicker and cleaner! No reason to believe that Rodgers doesn't play this week, given that he got 1st team reps today! I doubt the Packers would take reps from Flynn (who needs all the reps he can get) if they didn't think Rodgers was going to play this week. Try another site troll.

steven's picture

When is the last tine we had a rookie of the year? Lol §

Evan's picture

OROY Brockington in 71

DROY Buchanon in 72

themasterfake's picture

so first round pick TIm Alderson in 73 didn't win?

packsmack25's picture

Won't have one this year either thanks to Keenan Allen's monster year.

treg's picture

Murray may get 200 yds. this week.

4thand1's picture

From watching MM press con. I get the feeling he knows this team won't be able to go deep in the playoffs. I think if Rodgers was the only significant injury and Finley, Cobb were healthy he'd be playing. The only chance is to play ball control and score to keep the defense off the field. Hell this team was just getting to some real play action and running great.

4thand1's picture

Overall defense, GB is 21st
Chicago is 27th
Dallas is 32nd and on pace to give up over 6,800 yards this season. I guess there's a good chance to win this game even with Flynn.

The TKstinator's picture

Sure looks to shape up as a high scoring game.

And then, of course, it turns out completely differently.

Or not.

That's why we watch, si?

Point Packer's picture

Si senor.

RunAndHyde's picture

My best friend is a cowboys fan.....I told him if they beat us w flynn starting it only counts as a half.

themasterfake's picture

COwboys will beat themselves.

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