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Packers Practice Report: Many Key Faces Remain Out

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Packers Practice Report: Many Key Faces Remain Out

On the first day of practice for the week leading up to Sunday's game against the Minnesota Vikings, the Packers were missing several key figures due to injury.

Aaron Rodgers (collarbone), Sam Shields (hamstring), Nick Perry (ankle/foot), Don Barclay (knee) and Casey Hayward (hamstring) all missed this past week's game against the New York Giants with various ailments.

Johnny Jolly (groin) and James Nixon (knee) were injured during the Giants game.

There's still time for any of the injured players to return in time for the Vikings game, but the fact that they didn't practice on Wednesday indicates they're still not fully healthy at this point.

There was one positive piece of news coming out of the day's practice session:

A three-week window has opened in which Tretter can practice before the Packers have to decide whether to activate him, place him on injured reserve or release him.

Head coach Mike McCarthy will give an update at his press conference later Wednesday afternoon.

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Derek in CO's picture

Only Shields and Barclay concern me. I think they are just resting Jolly (that's a lot of weight on a groin). Not liking more hamstring problems. Nick Perry, are you ever going to be healthy? You are looking more like Justin Harrell each passing day.

Bibbon Hazel's picture

If he is looking more like JH every day does that mean we have to start persecuting Tinkering Ted for not being able to predict the future injuries before drafting this guy too. HOW DARE HE NOT KNOW THAT PERRY WAS GOING TO BE ON THE SIDELINE MORE THAN THE FIELD!!! FIRE TED!!!

PS Now that the team is blowing profusely is it time to contact one of these "Asian chicks" site you'll keep advertising around here??

Evan's picture

"PS Now that the team is blowing profusely is it time to contact one of these “Asian chicks” site you’ll keep advertising around here??"

Uhh...I think those ads are uniquely tailored to each individual. What have you been googling??

Longshanks's picture

lol.. in defense of Bibbon Hazel's googling habits, I get a ton of half naked Columbian women ads and I have never searched or googled these types of women I swear.

I am appalled at all the half naked women ads on this site. I wonder if Jayme knows about these ads. She would be appalled like I am.

I am getting this one ad that says: For Men Only and it shows some woman with her boobs hanging out and it's an ad for some video game. I don't even know how to play a video game and never googled it yet there it is.

I am disgusted with all the sexist ads that are here. I sometimes have to take a cold shower after coming here. It's disgusting these ads are allowed here but I guess we just have to deal with it.


P.S. Perry's on the report? I am shocked!!

A Dude's picture

It's Colombian. From Colombia, not Columbia.

PackerPete's picture

how do you know he didn't mean college girls from columbia?

TommyG's picture

You all need to just admit that you're cruising porn sites on one tab while waiting for this site to load. I use Chrome. My ads are all for Mazda and Sprint. You all are some internet porn fiends!!!!

Ray's picture

It's also based on demographic and gender. Google ads also tries to anticipate what you would like not just what you searched. For instance I see an ad all the time for an online T-Shirt company. The picture in the ad is a young adult woman with large boobs with tons of cleavage wearing a tank top. The picture says little about t-shirts. But google ads knows I'm a 32 year old male more willing to click on something like that than a picture of a man wearing a T-Shirt. This especially applies if your are signed into your gmail or google account where they have your personal information to cater to.

Longshanks's picture

Like I give a damn!! I watch Columbo on that oldies channel, maybe they screwed it up.


Adam's picture

All of the Google ad pages on this site are generated off of browser history cookies. The ad's you're seeing are being selected FOR you because there are cookies in your browser that relate to that, at some point from the past.

Example, all my current ads right now are from HP, Adobe, and MobileIron because those are websites and search pages I've queued recently.

Clear your cookies/cache and they should disappear.

Evan's picture

And stop visiting dirty sites.

PackerPete's picture

ahhh, and I was always wondering where those Cialis ads come from...

In all seriousness, the advice is good, but it also depends on the browser. works with IE or Firefox, but if you are using Google Chrome not so much, as big brother Google keeps your browing history on their servers and will place ads accordingly.

Longshanks's picture

I can name only ONE ad that pertained to any of my googling habits. It was an ad for some Dr. advertising his services for men that want to reduce their penis size and length.

I admit to looking into info like that a few months ago as alot of women I've been with thru the years have told me I'm "too big". Part of the reason I have this name Longshanks to be honest.

That was the only ad that pertained to me. These half naked ads showing beautiful women disgust me and have no clue why I am seeing so many of them all the time here.

I come here to get away from women and talk football yet here they all are half naked and smiling at me in ads trying to entice me to buy whatever it is they are selling.

I would like Jayme to look into this matter as I know she would not approve of this. I am sure she probably has no clue this is even going on. They are all sexist ads that stereotype all women as sexual objects and I don't like it.


IowaPackFan's picture

Incognito mode!

Evan's picture

Is that where your computer sends you racist texts?

Albert Lingerfeld's picture

Perry? This is now the second year where he has missed multiple weeks and no sign he won't miss more? I don't care how great or how much potential people talk about, when a player is on the bench you get nothing. Just like a car at a red light, zero miles to the gallon.
If he was playing steller football and looked like the number one pick he was supposed to be, no one would care but its beyond time he carried his weight.

Mean Jean's picture

Packers like to go with the surprise player.

SURPRISE - he's a bust!

Mean Jean's picture

Who is Nick Perry? When did they pick him up?

RunAndHyde's picture

It's about damn time they start figuring out ways to get Lattimore on the field with Perry ridin the pine. I know they play different positions but at least Lattimore wants to get out there and hit someone.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Honestly, why couldn't they do 3 ILB's? Keep Mathews in his normal spot and just put one of the ILB's outside but off the line some.. Take out Neal. I'm not saying doing it every down, but do it some on 3rd downs or long distance downs.

This is the thing that I don't get with Capers. I can see so many different ways he could use his players schematically, and he never does.
He used to use the Big Oakie, Psycho, and whatever other packages he used to have. Why not start mixing it up?

I just wish Capers would get more creative with his personnel. He used to be a lot more creative then he has been the last couple of years.

Tarynfor12's picture

I wouldn't say Perry is a bust...just another guy that was a reach as a #1 draft pick.

RC Packer Fan's picture

He was projected to go anywhere from 16-24 in most projections. Packers got him at 28. He wasn't a reach.

He has been injured. He was starting to flash his talent until he got hurt again this year.

There is a reason why they say give players 3 years to determine their worth. Perry is on year 2. Give him time...

The TKstinator's picture

Why not just ask prospects at the combine "Do you plan to miss a lot of time in the NFL due to injuries?" And if they say "yes", don't pick them.

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

i immediately thought of this:

Adrian Cronauer: [impersonating an Intelligence Officer] We've realized that we're having a very difficult time finding the enemy. It isn't easy to find a Vietnamese man named "Charlie." They're all named Nguyen, or Tran, or...

Adrian Cronauer: [as himself] Well, how are you going about it?

Adrian Cronauer: [as Intel Officer] Well, we walk up to someone and say, 'Are you the enemy? And, if they say yes, then we shoot them."

Tarynfor12's picture

He may have been projected mid 1st round if he went to a 4-3 defense and he was passed over even at that and the Packers grabbed at 28 as a 3-4 OLB..that was a reach and likely because he would have been taken in rd 2 by a 4-3 before we picked again...still,he has not (even minus the injuries) played to an acceptable level at OLB and its needs as such to think him anything more than just a guy.

Stroh's picture

Melvin Ingram went 18 he was mostly a DE in college. Shea McClellin went 19 he was projected as a 34 OLB and is playing 43 DE. CHandler Jones went 21 he played 43 DE and is now a 34 OLB. Whitney Mercillus was a 43 DE went 26 and is a 34 OLB.

Its the nature of most smallish college 43 DE to play 34 OLB in the NFL. All are in basically the same size/speed/athleticism and except for McClellin are now 34 OLB!

They were all rated in the 1st rd. All of them are playing different NFL positions than college! Get over it! They are rated by CBS as athletes and projections to different NFL positions.

Perry is also playing the strong side where most of the others are playing the weak side where they have more freedom, like Matthews had. On the strong side you have a lot more responsibilities to maintain rush lanes and run contain than weak side.

Did you happen to notice that when Perry played weak side he was much more effective? Theres a reason, actually 2, for that. But you don't give a shit about that do you?!

Cow42's picture

Perry's not a good 3-4.
He wouldn't be any good if he was a 4-3 end.
He doesn't play to his measurables.


Stroh's picture

Yeah we all know where you stand Troll! Go away like you were when Rodgers was playing. Only reason your here now is that Rodgers is injured! Fuckin Trolls...

4thand1's picture

And the Stroh nailed it.

Calf21's picture

Nailed it shut.

Tarynfor12's picture

Do you feel Perry can outplay Matthews for the weak side start?

Do you feel Matthews can play the strong side better than Perry?

Was Perry drafted to play the weak or strong side?

Was Perry drafted in hopes of being a rotation guy to fill each side according to circumstance?

My answers
3)Strong-see #1
4)If he was then = a reach..if not = then closer to a bust as he won't dominate either and lost out on another 1st rd pick.

As always I hope he plays up to expectations but I'm not buying his stock.

Stroh's picture

Taryn... I think Perry should start weak side next year w/ Matthews on strong. Why you ask? Well if you were a Packer fan you would know that Matthews played and excelled on the Strong side in '10 when we won the SB. So we know Matthews will excel no matter which side he plays. Perry hasn't shown that same ability. He seems to be the guy that excels on one side but not the other.

Are you following this Taryn? I know its rocket science stuff to you, but please try!

IMO, the best use of all the talents would be Matthews strong OLB, Perry weak OLB. Jones RDE, Raji NT and Jolly LDE (where he excelled in '09). Find packages for Neal if he's a Packer next year. Use Daniels and Worthy, along w/ Jones and maybe Neal at DT on pass downs. Raji and Jolly for power DT.

I know this is difficult for you. If your having trouble cut and paste it so you can keep re-reading it. Sooner or later it'll sink in...

Tarynfor12's picture

"Taryn… I think Perry should start weak side next year w/ Matthews on strong."

Matthews is much more comfortable on the weak.Taking him from that will eliminate any pass rush from the OLB positions.

.."we know Matthews will excel no matter which side he plays. Perry hasn’t shown that same ability.

He excels better from the right side-weak side.But he(Matthews) will outplay Perry on either.

"He(Perry) seems to be the guy that excels on one side but not the other."

Seems is an opinion from ones eyes...I see no such thing from Perry on either side.

I'm not a rocket scientist or even a self proclaimed ex strength and conditioning guru as is often boasted by you, I'm just fan with opinions...Perry will never take the weak side start from Matthews unless its by injury or trading of Matthews.

Bibbon Hazel's picture

Chandler Jones is a 3-4 Defensive end... Just saying. I have him on my IDP fantasy team, not only is he listed as DL, its clear to see he is the starting Right DE for the Pats according to every PAt's snap this season. This was soooo awesome being able to correct Stroh! I think Ill take the rest of the day off!!!

Stroh's picture

Matthews had as many sacks at strong side as any year he's played weak side. Kinda hard to make s case he's more comfortable weak side. All we know is he excelled on BOTH sides.

Apparently you didn't see the 2 sacks he had in his limited opportunities on the weak side? Prtty obvious if you were watching.

Stroh's picture

BTW Bibbon... THe Pats website lists Chandler Jones as a starting DE but they list the D as a 43 now. Its pretty much a hybrid D and morphs depending on the team they are playing I think. However at 6'5 265, he would not be a 34 DE, he would in essence be a 34 OLB if/when they are in a 34 alignment.

I guess you didn't correct me after all.

The TKstinator's picture

My ads are all for Under Armour or electronic drum sets.

RunAndHyde's picture

Yeah haha. How ur bones feelin bub....brittle? Oh they are?...ok cya later. Perry is gonna be a beast if he stays healthy......if. Most of my ads are perverted....but....if the shoe fits.

4thand1's picture

The 1st 3 games Rodgers played in he threw 0 td's and 1 int with a qb rating of 39.8.

The TKstinator's picture

Dominant, right from the get go.
Patience, shmatience.

Cow42's picture

Cool stats.

Are they supposed to make me feel less upset about the fact that the Packers' season has been flushed down the toilet?

'Cuz they don't.

F*ckin' sh*tty defense.
Grumble grumble.

Brian Carriveau's picture

Cow42, what's your Twitter handle?

Cow42's picture

don't do twitter.
why would you ask?

Brian Carriveau's picture

If you sign up, I'll be your first follower.

RC Packer Fan's picture

first and only. :)

4thand1's picture

No but I'm sure if you were around back then you would have called Rodgers a complete waste of a #1 pick. Your opinions hold no merit on this blog. Glass half full? Shit its empty like your baseless comments.

KurtMc's picture

Perry is playing well...when healthy...for a one trick pony 4-3 OLB whose only move is the bull rush.

I think the NFL's draft analysis was spot on. From 2012 NFL draft analysis.

"Mayock's take: "They're looking for an edge presence across from Clay Matthews, and this kid's game film ran hot and cold. When he was good, he was really good. He can stick his hand in the dirt and pas rush. But the problem is that he disappeared at times. If they can get him to play at a consistent level every snap, they're going to have something"

4thand1's picture

So its all about coaching.

PackerPete's picture

Mayock is the best analyst in the business. At the time of draft, Perry was the best option, though. Ultimately he has to produce. One cannot predict the availability or injury-proneness of players. Sherrod missed one game his whole college and high school careers. Perry wasn't injury prone either. So one cannot fault Ted for that. Many people on Packer boards wanted Ted to take McClellin, and Bears fans label him a bust already. Of course the busts always seem to have career games against the Packers.

lennysmalls's picture

Citizens of Wisconsin will be irate at Minnesota come Monday, after the Gophers and Vikings triumph over our beloved teams.

RC Packer Fan's picture


I predict both Wisconsin teams will be triumphant.

I predict we will have a double victory Monday again...

RunAndHyde's picture

I would like to throw out there that ponder had his career high 120 passer rating against us last game. This makes me sick....and a little worried.

Bibbon Hazel's picture

Thats because this defense is terrible!! I could have a 100+ rating vs Dom's reactive (rather than proactive) defense. He loves his nickle!!! Meanwhile in gets gashed after the QB stands back for 4 seconds and just waits for every route to open up. If Eli didn't miss a few throws in the first half last week to wide open receivers the game would have been over really early. Eli bailed us out in the first half with the INT and inaccuracy on a some potential big plays.
I blame this solely on Domfounded Capers. If any one wants to disagree I will point directly to Kansas City and New Orleans! Coaches changed, 90% of the rosters stayed the same and there was huge success. Dom has lost the ability to put his players in a position to have success or cant motivate them to play and focus in a way that leads to success. Most likely both! To the Domfounded sympathizers all I can say is that there is a lot more to coaching than just the scheme. (which also blows) unfortunately it looks like Tater and Ted are a bit late in seeing that Dom is done.

Point Packer's picture

I'm completely worried. I predicted we would lose last week to a bad Giants team and I feel we are going to lose again this week to a very bad Vikings team. I hope to god I am wrong. Nothing worse than Greg Jennings winning in Lambeau.

How? Over the top passing and a decent day from Adrian Peterson.

Of the three MN QB's Ponder is by far the best (which admittedly isn't saying much). After a great start, our run defense has been on a downward slide. If we are forced to stack the line of scrimmage to stop AP, and given the amount of time our feeble pass rush has been giving opposing QB's, I can see Ponder getting some solid opportunities down the middle, especially through PA. He has beaten us this way in the past. If he makes the throws, the Vikes put up some points and once again, our offensive scheme falls on its face. Game over.

Things that will alter this:

- Getting down early: We need to put points on the board early in the game. Take the pressure off Tolzien. Force Ponder to throw more than the Vikes want and make some mistakes.

- Kyle Rudolph: Looks like he is out, which is good for the Pack. Can John Carlson do the same things Rudolph did up the middle. He sure as hell did the last couple weeks.

- Vikings corners: They are hurt and generally one of the worst units in the entire NFL. Can Tolzien take advantage of this fact and continue to make some throws downfield. He has shown the ability to do this and we need him to continue this trend.

- Greg Jennings: Will he play? And if he does, can he shake loose for a long-ball or two from Ponder? Jennings doesn't scare me. He won't catch 10 balls. But will he catch a long one or two that shifts momentum in the Vikings favor? He will have opportunities to go 1:1 with a CB.

- TO's: This one is obvious. We need to win the TO battle. Unlikely that many points will be scored this game - then again who knows given the D's that are out there. Either way, field position will be huge. We need to win the TO battle if we are going to win this game.

PackerPete's picture

looks like Hyde is injured. good luck on KR/PR. It would also mean that Bush is starting nickel CB. Or McMillian. Well, rather play bush. but in any way, I predicted that Tolzien would throw 3-4 INTs and the PAckers would lose against the Giants. Got the exact same feeling before this Vikings game.

RunAndHyde's picture

Franklin at returner actually makes me happy....hold on to the rock and do ur thing u speedy lil mofo!

Point Packer's picture

The "hold onto the rock" part is what I am worried about. He can do that, yes. He can't, oh hell no.

Longshanks's picture

Gotta remember, Lacy and Franklin come from warm weather areas in the U.S. Neither has played in 22 degree weather which is what is forcast for that day. I can see either one of those guys fumble. I want to see MM open it up with Tolzein a little more and use Starks a little more simply because weather will be a factor in this game. We can't have fumbles by our rookie rb's in this game.


Stroh's picture

Franklin wont I can virtually guarantee that. He hasn't touched the ball on offense in weeks, specifically becuz of his fumbles! Cold doesn't cause problems w/ fumbling, not unless its below 0. Its wet conditions that causes fumbles. I'm not worried about fumbling at all, much more worried about the INT's Tolzien has been throwing!

Icebowler's picture

Humor me: Replace the Strength & Conditioning team this off season. Three out of the past four years we've been one of the top few injured teams in the league. Maybe it's not all their fault but so what. Maybe their a jinx. Maybe they're the victims of voodoo, juju, or witchcraft. Humor me: How much worse could it get with a new S & C crew? It might just get better.

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