Packers Practice And Scrimmage Round-Up. Day 11. August 30, 2020

Today's practice was an unscripted scrimmage with referees but no live tackling.  It ended up just shy of LaFleur's 100 plays goal according to Ryan Wood.  LaFleur said he was shooting for 50 plays for the starters in practice and hit that number according to Silverstein. It is technically the last day of “training camp” per Owczarski. In-season schedule [is] starting, meaning off days on Monday and Tuesday, then Wednesday-Friday practices. Huber. So three practices left before cut downs.

This might be the most important practice of camp for many fringe players.  Not surprisingly, today's practice was the longest this year per Rob Demovsky.  Today's practice lasted 2 hours and 14 minutes.  LaFleur was going to go longer but some players got nicked up and he decided having healthy players was more important. 

Total practice time in this abbreviated camp: 19 hours and 50 minutes for an average practice time of 1 hour and 39 minutes. That's 14 minutes shorter, on average, than last year's 16 camp practices.  Demovsky



No sign of Billy Turner yet since the injury. 2. Billy Turner is running sprints to the side which is great news. 3. Billy Turner limped off. Herman [So, after the first series, Turner limps off the field, then is seen running sprints but he did not return to practice/scrimmage.]

Billy Turner is back on the field at right tackle. Wood [So, Turner returned to scrimmage.]

M. Adams, Sunderland, ESB, Hester, Burks, Greene, Ramsey Ento are all out.  PUP Roberts, Bolton NFI Taylor, Stepaniak. Owczarski

[First series in the scrimmage]  Swing pass to Jones but Kirksey is right there. He’s been all over those in camp. Jones back to the original line but KC is there for the stop. 3rd and 10 upcoming. Pressure but big conversion from 12 to MVS! Herman

Yannick Ngakoue, Danielle Hunter, Robert Quinn, Khalil Mack, Za’Darius Smith, Preston Smith, Tre Flowers You best have some very good OT’s in the NFC North. Herman

On the same day the Packers scrimmaged in Lambeau Field, they also worked out three receivers (plus a QB they previously cut) among their six visits: WR Chris Blair (Alcorn State). WR Derrion Grim (Fresno State). WR Marcus Simms (West Virginia). QB Jalen Morton (Prairie View A&M). G Daishawn Dixon (San Diego State). T Hunter Atkinson (Georgia State).  Demovsky



Love to Malik Turner in the back corner of the end zone for a touchdown to end practice. Some better throws from 10 today. 2. Love hits Shep down the seam on a gorgeous throw for a touchdown. Great day for Shep too! 3. Love throws high on a timing route but the receiver looks like he may have been held up a bit. FG attempt upcoming. [So, unclear as to Love.] 4. Love with a tight throw to Malik Turner for a first. Some confidence on that throw. [2nd rec for Turner] 5. Love hits Ervin but Ervin would have been laid out in a game. Love throws one to the middle of nowhere on 3rd down. Nobody open either. Herman

Love’s best series so far: 5-for-5 for 58 yards. 34-yarder deep middle to Shepherd and 4-yard fade TD to Turner. Demovsky [Duplicate of Herman's tweet #2 but more info.]

Matt LaFleur on Jordan Love: "It felt like it was probably his best day up to this point, just making some key throws downfield. I think he's consistently getting better." MLF thinks Love benefited from having playbook shrunk down in unscripted setting, wasn't thinking as much. Wood

QB Jordan Love goes 2/6 passing on nine plays total in his first drive. Highlight was a 17-yard pass to Malik Turner on 3rd and 8. Reiner

Boyle to Shep for a touchdown and a few players do the Lambeau Leap. [Shep's 2nd TD rec. - 21 yards up the seam per Wood] 2. After throwing what should have been an INT, Boyle Comes back and threads a laser to Ervin. 3. Boyle to Malik Taylor. Josh Jackson gambled, missed, and Taylor ran untouched for a touchdown. [Duplicate - I put this under DBs for Jackson as well.] 4. Nobody scrambles like Tim Boyle. A quick 5 yards on 1st and ten. 5. Shep beats D. Amos on a nice route and Boyle hits him in stride. First down. Packers bring on fg unit. Not sure why. 6. Boyle nice throw on the run to Malik Turner for about 15 and a first down. 7. Ty Summers should have had a pick (prob pick 6) on Boyle. Nice read by 44. Herman

I’m not sure Darrius Shepherd will make the team, but he’s doing everything he needs to make the Packers think long and hard about it. Having another nice preseason. Schneidman

After nearly getting picked off by Ty Summers on his third play, Tim Boyle came back with a beautiful drive, hitting a pair of 16 yard completions and scrambling for 5. His third down roll out and laser to Malik Taylor was impressive. Silverstein [This duplicates some of Herman's tweets above.]

On third-and-8, Aaron Rodgers finds Allen Lazard open down the left sideline for 23-yard TD. Lazard open after getting behind a DB. The DB was Josh Jackson. Wood

Rodgers to Adams on a timing route. Beautiful. [Multiple tweets on AR to Adams. I've omitted them for brevity unless the DB is identified.] Herman

Rodgers drives the offense 50 yards in nine plays for winning FG in 2-minute drill. Was 6 of 8 for 50 yards. Silverstein. [2 Min Drill, not the scrimmage, so no running plays.]

If you take away intentional throwaways, Aaron Rodgers was 25-of-28 today. Huber [So, how many intentional throwaways were there?]

Man I’ve been so hesitant because we’ve been here in the past but there’s real signs that MVS is putting the full body of work together. Almost no mistakes, more consistent, routes are better, Rodgers finding him on 3rd downs. He’s been really good. 2. MVS just picked up another first on 3rd down while being held. Flag game out as well. 3. Adams (really AR) hits MVS wide open. 12 read that perfectly. Herman

1. Two big catches for MVS from Aaron Rodgers, one on third-and-10 and the other on fourth-and-3. Growing confidence. 2. A third clutch catch from MVS, this one converting a third-and-2 with6 yards on an in route against Kevin King, who was also called for DPI. Wood [Same play noted by Herman in #2 but more description. Beating King is worth a duplicate, IMO.]

Matt LaFleur thinks MVS has shown improvement in many aspects, from getting off LOS to running intermediate routes. Also thinks MVS is much more comfortable in the offense: "Marquez is putting together a pretty consistent and strong camp." Wood

Tyler Ervin with a fantastic catch. He’s been so impressive. Herman [Drills, not the scrimmage.]

Short out to Kumerow and the crowd goes wild. Wait, that was just Demovsky. Hodkiewicz [Kumerow was solid enough so far in camp, but IDK if it was enough since Shepherd and Begelton had nice camps as well, IMO.]

QB totals (unofficially) from Sunday’s scrimmage: Aaron Rodgers: 25-of-31 for 192 yards, one touchdown. Tim Boyle: 6-11, 120 yards, two touchdowns. Jordan Love: 8-14, 98 yards, one touchdown. Demovsky



One player who has had a shockingly quiet camp is Jace Sternberger. Long ways to go but he’s been reallll quiet. Herman

Rodgers misses Tonyan. Looked like Tonyan had a step on Savage. Herman



Draw to Jamaal picks up about 8. He looks so much more spry this year. 2. Rodgers takes over at his own 3 yard line. Williams in the flat on first. Nothing doing. Williams left side for a nice run. First down. 3. Toss to Jamaal picks up 5 (on the first series with AR at QB). Herman

Dillon lays a pretty loud block on Sullivan as Ervin snags shovel pass. Could really hear that hit. Spofford

Nice pass outside to Jones. Easy play big yards. Preston may have been a step slow getting out in coverage. Herman

Lovett with a fantastic route and some nice speed and acceleration past Will Redmond but he dropped the pass. Missed opportunity. Drills, not in the scrimmage] Herman

Dexter Williams wins a blocking session against Barnes in drills. Herman



Lane Taylor continues to impress with two nice reps vs Kenny Clark in drills. Herman

And with two wins over Kenny Clark, Lane Taylor finishes camp undefeated (14-0) in the 1-on-1 drill. Demovsky

In one-on-ones, Elgton Jenkins blocked Za’Darius Smith. It was a good rep for Jenkins. Smith knew it. He patted Jenkins on the helmet. Then Smith turned around and ran by Jenkins on the next rep. Wood.

1 on 1 pass rush: Lane Taylor stops kenny Clark twice; Jon Runyan and Kingsley Keke battle hard (split); Yosh Nijman wins both tries. Silverstein [Who was Nijman's opponent?]

Lane Taylor’s undefeated streak continues in one on ones. Gary opened with nice move vs light and light came back to split reps. Z smith continues to be a problem. Billy turner had nice reps vs Preston. Hodkiewicz

Run game is awesome today or run defense is not. Huber



Keke and Z combine for a tfl. Nice play by both! [Not the same play noted for Z and the 10 yard loss.] 2. Keke just smoked Runyan. Impressive move (in drills). Herman

Looks like they are awarding Tyler Lancaster a sack. 3rd and 10 upcoming. Herman

Jones back to the original line but KC is there for the stop. 3rd and 10 upcoming. Herman [Part of tweet under general.]

Packers DL Tyler Lancaster prioritized 'speed over my strength' in offseason training. Silverstein. [Remains to be seen if that was a good idea, IMO. Very quiet camp based on tweets.]


Kamal Martin just had a couple flash plays in run defense. He’s been the Packers best rookie thus far. 2. Kamal Martin with a run stop on Aaron Jones. [First flash play]. 3. Kamal Martin with a patient read and he was right there to stuff Dexter Williams when he cut back. So few mistakes for a rookie 5th round pick. [2nd flash play.] 4. Fantastic coverage by Kamal Martin in 1x1’s vs Dexter Williams in drills. Herman

Jonathan Garvin is having a freaking day. Another sack for the rookie. I’ve lost count of his pressure. 2. Meanwhile Jonathan Garvin just has another nice pass rush with Love at QB. Herman

Kirksey’s only 27 and he looks fantastic and in the prime of his career. He’s been all over the field all camp long. 2. Nice run stuff by Kirksey against AJ Dillon. 3. Swing pass to Jones but Kirksey is right there. He’s been all over those in camp. (1st play of scrimmage). 4. Kirksey with an impressive win in pass rush vs. Jamaal Williams in drills. That’s no easy win. Herman

Z just tackled Tyler Ervin for about a 10 yard loss. Herman

Another Gary sack. Hodkiewicz

Gary is doing is against starters this year (save for Bakh).  Herman in respons to question about difference btw Gary's good camp last year and his good camp this year.  2. Rashan Gary was a blur as he shot through for a “sack” on Rodgers. [Think this was a stunt.] 3. Rashan Gary had a nice bull rush on that prior 3rd down (first series with AR at QB). Herman

Tipa sets the edge perfectly for a tfl on Dillon. Now Tipa with a likely sack vs. Alex Light. Herman

Tim Williams flashed through for a pressure/sack a few plays earlier. He continues to show up as well. [OLB has been the best -deepest? - unit on the team per Andy.] 2. Jordan Love's first drive. Rollout right to start but Tim Williams is all over it. Love can’t hit Shep. Herman

Summers with a big run stuff on Dillon. Nice back to back plays from Summers. Herman [Nice read by Summers - should have been a Pick 6 - this tweet listed under QB section.]

Za’Darius Smith with a sick rush vs. Elgton Jenkins for a quick win in drills. Herman

Jonathan Garvin has also had another good showing. Toss in Randy Ramsey’s strong camp until his injury, the OLB room has been impressive. Rashan Gary is having another strong day. So is Tipa Galea’i. Owczarski [I'd add Martin and Kirksey, and Burks, Summers on occasion, and some others with positive camps.]


Amos breaks up a fade to Robert Tonyan. Herman

Rodgers - Lazard - touchdown. Great throw. Josh Jackson beat in coverage. He is having a very tough day. 2. Boyle nearly picked (should have been picked) by Josh Jackson. 3. PI or holding on Josh Jackson. [ball was tipped so the flag was picked up.] 4. Boyle to Malik Taylor. Josh Jackson gambled, missed, and Taylor ran untouched for a touchdown. 5. Dillon run outside, Jackson on the “tackle.” Herman [No live tackling.]

Rough day for Josh Jackson. Broke on Tim Boyle pass and had chance at INT, but just knocked it away. Two plays later, DPI. (Should be his second penalty after holding in end zone.) Two plays later, bites on out route vs. Malik Taylor, gives up 45-yard TD. Wood

Jackson with a PBU, PI and TD allowed in five plays. Huber

Man I can’t say enough good things about Chandon Sullivan. Just sniffed out a WR screen and stopped it immediately. 2. Tipped pass by Sullivan off a blitz. 3. Adams beats Sullivan inside. First time I've seen Sullivan beat in a long time. Herman

King diving pass breakup - great coverage, oh btw, Gary probably would have had another sack. Herman

Redmond nice coverage on Shep in drills. Herman



Crosby good from 38 in the two minute offense during scrimmage. Huber
Crosby good from 27. 2. Crosby makes a 42 yard field goal after nine plays. Hodkiewicz
Jaire Alexander returns a punt 70 yards to the end zone after the play was blown dead, he does a Lambeau Leap with nobody in the stands, then spikes the ball and whips out a celebration dance with Kevin King. 2. Boyle to Shepherd, who creates good separation, for a 21-yard TD. Shepherd hands the ball to backup center Lucas Patrick, who gets about three centimeters off the ground for his Lambeau Leap. Even Kuhn got higher than that. [I might need a Lambeau Leap/Celebration heading.]
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Thegreatreynoldo's picture

August 30, 2020 at 10:35 pm

I chose to use Shepherd's photo (most of the good photos of Shepherd I couldn't use for technical reasons, which means I don't know why I couldn't download them). It could have been MVS again as he showed he could run crisp intermediate routes to move the chains and wasn't just a deep threat. It could have been Gary, WR Turner was active, and AR had a nice day. Still, with two TDs passes for 21 and 34 yards, plus another rec of two, it sounds like Shepherd had the best day. MVS' performance might be more important, but that isn't the point of these roundups.

Minnesota goes all in by trading a 2nd and a 5th for Ngakoue. The 5th moves to a 4th if Ngakoue is a first ballot pro bowler and to a third if he is a pro bowler and MN wins the super bowl. Ngakoue wanted out badly enough to take a pay cut. He hadn't signed his tender year, so he re-worked his deal from $17M plus to just under $13M for the Vikings. Vikings are all-in. Jacksonville is all-out.

I didn't get the impression that the running game was doing as well as Bill Huber suggested, but I do omit some tweets about runs by Aaron Jones and recs by D. Adams. They are common. No other observer suggested that the run defense looked bad or even that the run offense looked good. Again, pretty good running left a few times. Hester was out. So the DL were Clark, Lowry, and Lancaster. Actually, not sure if Previllon played and of course M. Adams was out. No one indicated he was out so probably played. Marcedes Lewis played but there were no tweets noting him specifically.

Josh Jackson had a rough day. Some observers wondered if he was too grabby earlier in camp when there were no refs. IDK. CB looks thin. Have to have 3 and a back up like a Tony Brown is handy.

The linebacker came to play. ILB, OLB, doesn't make a difference. Deep with good results. Burks didn't play and Bolton is still out.

I have to wonder what Gute will do with Greg Roberts, Stepaniak, Bolton, Ento and RB Taylor. $2M plus to keep all of them. Have to believe they get waived except for Stepaniak and probably Ento.

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stockholder's picture

August 30, 2020 at 11:32 pm

So lets get on to the roster predictions.

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Thegreatreynoldo's picture

August 31, 2020 at 01:25 am

3 QBs. AR, Boyle and Love.
4 RBs: AJ, Jamaal, Dillon, Ervin. PS for Dexter, Lovett.
5 WRs: Adams, MVS, Lazard, and 2 more.
9 OL: Bakh, Elgton, Cory L, Lane, Turner, Wagner, Patrick, Runyan, Hanson.
4 TEs: Jace, Tonyan, Lewis, Deguara.
One of Begelton/Shepherd and one of ESB/Turner.

5 DL: Clark, Lowry, Keke, Lancaster, Previlon
3 LB: Kirksey, Martin, Burks
7 OLB: P & Z, Gary, Garvin, Gileai, T. Williams, Ramsey
5 CBs: Jaire, King, Sullivan, Jackson, Samuels.
5 Ss: Amos, Savage, Greene, Scott, Redmond

3 STs: Crosby, Scott, Bradley

PUP: Stepaniak, IR: Ento

Hanson and Previlon probably don't deserve roster spots in that they are not ready. Light and Leglue don't deserve spots either, but they play tackle, so they have a chance, and Leglue did some long snapping. Nijman has 3 more practices to impress - very long odds. The depth is weak at OL. Hester has a chance I suppose but I look for a waiver wire pick up here or a signing.

-1 points
Bure9620's picture

August 31, 2020 at 02:00 am

Wow Previlon must have played well, you have him ahead of Trayveon Hester and Adams both? 7 OLBs? Samuels ahead if Hollman as well.

0 points
Thegreatreynoldo's picture

August 31, 2020 at 06:46 am

I am mostly going on production. Gute might like Hollman's upside enough to keep him over Samuels. It sounds like Hollman couldn't begin to cover Davante Adams, but I suppose that can be said of many CBs. Maybe Gute keeps 6 CBs?

Previlon flashed a few times. I am not overwhelmed by Previlon, but Hester did nothing. Montravius Adams was wearing a boot on Aug. 11 which is before the first practice. Gute got to see him in walk-throughs I suppose. And Montravius was dreadful last year. I put Previlon on the roster because there isn't anyone else, and that's why I suggested a waiver wire addition at DL if Gute doesn't want to spend any money. Not sure what they do with Montravius but I'd waive him and consider him for the PS.

7 OLBs because that's where the talent and production are. But that's a lot of OLBs. The contenders for spots might be Summers and Hollman. Perhaps knock off 1 or 2 of the OLBs, or maybe Redmond, not that he had a bad camp, or Previlon. Even keeping 7, OLB K. Barnes might be a nice PS candidate.

Lovett might be a contenders for a spot on offense. Kumerow can block downfield but he doesn't seem to have shown improvement: rather, he was about the same. Really Shepherd, Begelton, ESB, and Turner all had good camps. Taylor was okay as well. I grouped Begelton and Shepherd as competing against each other because I want a shifty, quick WR skillset. ESB probably did enough. Shepherd probably had the most production. He did last year as well among the long shot WRs. Does that matter?

0 points
xemay2banh's picture

August 31, 2020 at 02:47 am

xe may 2 banh

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xemay2banh's picture

August 31, 2020 at 02:47 am

-1 points
jackracksel's picture

August 31, 2020 at 04:25 am


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Roadrunner23's picture

August 31, 2020 at 06:47 am

Thanks JR, great recap!

2 points
Thegreatreynoldo's picture

August 31, 2020 at 07:50 am

Thanks. I know the article was long, but they apparently ran almost 100 plays, including 50 by the starters, and it is the only unscripted scrimmage this year, lending weight to its importance.

2 points
PeteK's picture

August 31, 2020 at 10:08 am

I'm really going to miss the preseason this weekend because this was when the roster battles got intense. Ah well, at least no injuries so far.

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CheesyTex's picture

August 31, 2020 at 09:09 am

Thank you, TGR.

It's always difficult to put the final roster together, but this year... Crazy.

Really appreciate your insights.

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Rick1's picture

August 31, 2020 at 09:20 am

The front 7 if they can stop the run this defense can be a turnover machine. The secondary is aggressive and will have plenty of chances to take the ball away. Gutekunst has done a really good job of gathering talent for this defense. Offense if the line holds up they have the balance to let Rodgers be aggressive.

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murf7777's picture

August 31, 2020 at 11:22 am

It’s great to hear MVS is playing so well. I think the injury affected him more then many of us thought. Maybe also why there not bringing in one of the top FA’s out there. Good work TGR.

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Jackwagon's picture

August 31, 2020 at 03:13 pm

3 QB. AR, Boyle and Love.
3 RB: AJ, Jamaal, Dillon,
6 WR: Adams, MVS, Lazard, ESB ,Ervin, Kumerow
9 OL: Bakh, Jenkins, Linsley, Taylor, Turner, Wagner, Patrick, Runyan, Nijman
3 TE: Jace, Tonyan, Lewis
2 HB. Deguara,Lovett


6 DL: Clark, Lowry, Keke, Lancaster, ( Adams or Hester & FA )
4 ILB: Kirksey, Martin, Burks, Summers
4 OLB: P & Z, Gary, Garvin
5 CB: Jaire, King, Sullivan, Jackson, ( FA T. Williams )
5 S: Amos, Savage, Greene, Scott, Redmond


3 ST: Crosby, Scott, Bradley

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Bure9620's picture

August 31, 2020 at 10:13 pm

Tyler Ervin makes this team, they have used him in too many way for him not to

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