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Packers Podcast: Sitton Oversteps Boundaries in Criticizing Lions Defense, Coaches

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Packers Podcast: Sitton Oversteps Boundaries in Criticizing Lions Defense, Coaches

On Wednesday morning I joined Bart Winkler on K107 in Fond du Lac to preview the Packers' Thanksgiving Day matchup against the Detroit Lions, and of course, discussion turned to offensive lineman Josh Sitton and comments he made on Milwaukee radio station WSSP on Tuesday, calling the Lions defense and coaches "scumbags" and "dirtbags" and having a few choice words for coach Jim Schwartz. We also touch upon Matt Flynn filling in for Aaron Rodgers and the impact Lions receiver Calvin Johnson will have on the game.

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Brian Carriveau is the author of "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," a member of the Pro Football Writers of America and an editor at Cheesehead TV. To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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Derek in CO's picture

I don't think he overstepped anything. He spoke his mind, wished more guys did that. The Lions are dirty punks and are coached that way by Schwartz. We all know that. I loved his comments.

Evan's picture


Cow42's picture

I would like the comments if they were coming from a player who played for a team who could back up such talk...


For a player on a team like the Packers to do this is stupid.

It's like a guy on the Browns talking sh*t.


gbslapshot's picture

Because the Lions D-line did what last time they played against Sitton and the Packers O-line?

Cow42's picture

"Because the Lions D-line did what last time they played against Sitton and the Packers O-line?"

How about held a GB offense with Rodgers/Cobb/Finley to 22 points... at home.

So What can we expect from Flynn/Boykins/Bostick?

'bout 10 I'd guess.

C's picture

I know, right?!? It's almost as bad as some schmuck that constantly trolls a board with shit predictions coming back and making yet even more shit predicitions.

Idiot Fan's picture

And those teams in your list would all be just as amazing without their starting QBs, right?

Also, why do you have to be on a good team to say that another team plays dirty?

Cow42's picture

Each one of those team would be able to win at least 1 game without their qb. Because they have balance.

Packers can only win one way... Rodgers being perfect.

Idiot Fan's picture

How do you know that? Our defense looked a lot better when Rodgers was playing too.

Cow42's picture

look who they played.

Morgan Mundane's picture

Could not agree more. The only reason you can't bench the sucker is we have zero players to replace him and he sucks so that is even worse.
I mean there is no one on the offensive line who can play the position. They are all bums. The one decent guy tripped over the chalk line in an non exibition game - gee he was in football shape, and is out for the year. Ya he'll come back just fine.

Longshanks's picture

Yeah, it's refreshing to have this type of honest trash talking going on again. What Sitton said reminds me of what Dan Hampton said one time about the Packers that really sparked the Packers/Bears rivalry to another level. Yes, it did cause the Packers team to be motivated but this game is like the fucking super bowl for the Packer so I guess Sitton is going all in on this and wants everyone else too as well.

This is what makes watching football fun. I am sure MM is pissed but the people at FOX are all smiles. Controversy attracts viewers and now everyone will want to tune in to see if Sitton can walk the walk along with his teammates. The good news is if we lose we can blame it all on Sitton instead of the backup quarterback. lol


Ranch Tooth's picture

He went overboard. I get that Sitton hates those guys, but I wish he would have taken the high road. Don't stoop to their level. Better yet, let your play do the talking.

Evan's picture

Calling them out =/= stooping to their level.

Playing dirty and taking cheap shots would be.

Barutan Seijin's picture

It might have been strategic. Get 'em angry & ready to draw a lot of flags.

Bart's picture

Sitton's comments don't bother me at all. Nice to see someone with an edge. Given the way things have been going lately a little edge can't hurt.

jack in jersey city's picture

no doubt. these guys ARE dirtbags and their coach IS a dick. josh is just dropping some truth on everyone!

RC Packer Fan's picture

Sitton's comments bother me, but they don't bother me.

They bother me because I don't want the Lions (who are exactly what Sitton said they were), to try to be even dirtier, or extra motivated.

His comments don't bother me because he is telling the truth. Not making anything up and they pretty much know what they are.

I just hope it doesn't make them even dirtier, and I hope the refs are watching very closely in this game.

Bugeater's picture

I LOVE this. Detroit has shown in the past that they take the bait in situations like this and play even dumber than normal.

Derek in CO's picture


Cow42's picture

The talent gap is too wide. This sort of drama-crap is irrelevant.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Yeah, when your talking Starters to backup players...
There of course is going to be a talent gap.

murphy's picture

On the one hand, the Lions have more *healthy* talent. On the other, they are pictured next to the definition of the phrase "playing down to your competition".

Who's going to win on Thursday? Hopefully somebody, not sure I watch another tie :)

I do agree with you about the drama-crap. These two teams already hate each other. Sitton's comments are a burning match thrown into a 4 alarm fire.

murphy's picture

*not sure I CAN watch another tie

UP-Packer's picture

My guess: ---- Sitton basically gave the Lions another 4-7 points with his mouth. The odds of GB pulling this one out are already slim. It's T'giving & the game is at Detroit. Detroit is relatively healthy, GB is not.

Sitton's a LG. The best game of his career (because he's pumped) will have just a small effect on the outcome. ---- The BB material he provided will be priceless for da Lions. --- No pre-game motivational speeches are required by Schwartz --- Sitton's already taken care of it.

C's picture

Makes perfect sense. I was only expecting a 75% effort from a divisional opponent trying to make the playoffs. Now, due to Sitton's statement, the opponent is likely to give 25% more effort, Schwartz will suddently have a disciplined performance on both sides of the ball and Stafford will effort harder to not throw stupid passes. All due to words.....

UP-Packer's picture

Don't reword my post. Just take it as written.

Obviously, you've never played the game at any level.

Idiot Fan's picture

On fire today C

UP-Packer's picture

Ya, C's on fire. --- Does he ever post about football? --- This could be a blog about anything. His purpose here has nothing to do with football or the Pack.

RC Packer Fan's picture

isn't that the case with about 75% of posters here?

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

why does one need to have 'played the game' to question that a professional athlete being called a name by his opponent will somehow motivate him beyond the millions of dollars he earns by busting his ass every day -- so far as to swing the score "4-7 points" (which is about as arbitrary a number as one could assign)?

i'd have to agree with bugeater ( never written that sentence before) -- when you call a dirty cheating dumbass a dirty cheating dumbass, the result is usually an increase in filth, cheating, and stupidity.

i predict somewhere between 3-6 more stupid penalties by detroit linemen and 1.4 groin kicks by Suh, solely due to Sitton's comments.

i did, however play the game. it was with a nerf turbo with a bunch of other 110 pound 12 year-olds 20 years ago, but that should count.

Steven's picture

Come on.... how many of you guys are actual fans. Believe in your team... and cow i would love to meet you in person, im sure alot of us would. The packers will win. Will win. This sunday. Write it down.

Steven's picture

Come on.... how many of you guys are actual fans. Believe in your team... and cow i would love to meet you in person, im sure alot of us would. The packers will win. Will win. This thursday. Write it down. Sorry typo kn the days

Cow42's picture

There is no fucking way in hell they can win.

DET run O > GB run D
DET pass O > GB pass D
DET run D > GB run O
DET pass D > GB pass O
DET st > GB st
DET @ home

Simple math.

packeraaron's picture

<em>There is no fucking way in hell they can win.</em>

There you go being stupid again.

Cow42's picture

If Megatron gets hurt on the first play from scrimmage... they'd have a chance.

Prediction time!

Megatron scores on the Lions' second play and ends the day with over 250 yds.

Idiot Fan's picture

Just like how Patterson was going to have a 50+-yard TD reception last week?

Nerd's picture

Here's a prediction. Jeremy Ross fumbles a KO return, Packers recover, score an easy go-ahead TD late.

The Loins rally for the winning TD, but Megatron doesn't hold onto the ball all the way through the catch.

Packers win.

steven's picture

How about this cow. If they win your gone till next season. If they loose I'll be gone. Deal?

Cow42's picture

i'll even give you 20 points.

Steven's picture

Goodbye cow. Your twenty points just sealed your fate

Al's picture

Sorry guys were definitely going to lose now. Everytime a player talks crap about another team, that players team loses the contest between the two. Maybe it's giving the other team extra motivation, I don't know but it happens consistently. We're done before we even stepped out on the field. Sitton should know better and keep his trap shut. He sunk us. We will probably lose convincingly too.

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

i can't tell if your tongue is planted firmly in your cheek, or your head is buried deeply in your ass, but either way you aint talkin' straight.

if it's the former, pardon my misunderstanding, if it's the latter, can i just ask, where did all these whiny little bitches come from?

a big, burly man on our team said the big, burly men on our opponent's side play like punks and about 50% of the reaction here is "oh no, he shouldn't have angered them!" he called a spade a spade.

last time i checked this is football.

Cow42's picture

But the Packers are soft as shit.

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

the shit of a dehydrated, constipated opiate addict who only eats grape nuts and jawbreakers.

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

my abdomen hurts just from writing that

TommyG's picture

Hey, maybe these comments get Suh and Fairley fired up and committing a ton of personal fouls. That would give us an extra hundred yards of offense if those two a**holes get going. Perhaps this is part of the game plan?

4thand1's picture

Suh has been voted by his peers the dirtiest player the last 2 years. Sitton spoke the truth. Schwartz is a dick and I believe he promotes dirty play. It usually costs the Lions. What Sitton did was smart, all eyes will be on him and who he's blocking. Nut cases like the dirty Lions will be focused on the wrong thing. Hey brave boy cow, tell it Sitton's face,lmfao!

Nerd's picture

Nice to see someone step forward and take some leadership.

Uncle Louie's picture

Who gives a fuck?

Just Tie Baby!

TommyG's picture

This wouldve been nice considering what the outcome ended up being instead.

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