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Packers Podcast: Predicting a Week 1 Loss vs. San Francisco

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Packers Podcast: Predicting a Week 1 Loss vs. San Francisco

On Monday I joined Bart Winkler on K107 in Fond du Lac to preview Sunday's season opener against the 49ers in San Francisco. As I mention, I think the new defensive addition of Datone Jones plus seeing Mike Neal at outside linebacker will give the Packers a better chance versus the Niners than a season ago, but I still predict a Week 1 loss. By all means, I hope I'm wrong.

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Brian Carriveau is the author of "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," a member of the Pro Football Writers of America and an editor at Cheesehead TV. To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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JakeK's picture

" ....but I still predict a Week 1 loss. "

Just as I always thought, BC is just another troll. ... Oops, wait a second (LOL) one can actually be objective without being a troll ... Novel idea.

11-5 ... This is loss one ... What are the other 4 losses in 2013?

TommyG's picture

I'm going to go with 9ers, Bengals, @Minn, Steelers (cuz it's on CBS), and @Bears (because we will rest our best for the playoffs).

hayward4president's picture

We can not lose to the Bengals.....this guy has tickets.

Evan's picture

Switch Bengals with @NYG. The Steelers don't scare me at all, but there is almost always 1 random loss.

Cow42's picture

You mean which are the other 9 losses.

Jamie's picture

When have you ever been objective?? Damn troll.

JakeK's picture

You're an embarrassment to all Packer Fans.... Go away.

JakeK's picture

That's directed at the little brat named Jamie.

Evan's picture

I couldn't tell if it was for Jamie or Cow. I figured it was apt either way so I didn't ask.

Bibbon Hazel's picture

Aside from the uncertainty on the oline, the only other thing that concerns me is Mashed Potato Mike's and Domfounded Capers inability to make in-game adjustments before its too late. The in-game adjustments made quickly by Harbaugh last year after the Shields pick turned into 180+ yards rushing for Kap. MPM keeps to his game plan whereas it needs to be more fluid. And I don’t mean abandoning the run at the first sign of deficit. The skill players will be ready. The defense will he hungry. Spec Teams will produce. Lets just Hope the o-line is able and hope the coaching is intelligent and fluid .

Idiot Fan's picture

What adjustment did Harbaugh make? The stop-throwing-it-to-the-other-team adjustment? And that INT happened on their first drive of the game. If he made major adjustments after that he's an idiot.

Barry's picture

Im pretty sure that greenbay was the one who lost to harbaugh twice so I would not get to cocky all that matters is the final 45-31 so y dont u sht up i dont c u throwing td passes in the nfl so until u do u can jst sht up

Phatgzus's picture

Were you on the Niners' sideline during that game, how would you know what adjustments (if any) Harbaugh made? That was the Niners' first series, likely the main adjustment was made by Kaepernick, not Harbaugh.

Furthermore, Capers is almost always very good at making adjustments at the half, that game was an aberration-2011
season is a good indicator, the defense was much better in the second halves of games than the 1st halves.

packsmack25's picture

Sorry, I just don't see it. Niners had EVERYTHING go right last year, and it was still a game until the 4th quarter. Not gonna happen this time.

Ron Fourett's picture

Wow, my interpretation was that if the game went another 15 minutes the 9ers would have put up another 21. The score has nothing to do with the game. The niners were resting the best of their players with game in hand in the 4th.

I actually have the 9ers up by 21 before the first half. It won't be pretty on Sunday.

packsmack25's picture

A muffed punt inside the 10 yard line, a 56 yard QB run because Erik Walden went to sleep, and an unbelievably rare Rodgers INT into coverage. Those three plays go differently, and the Packers roll by 30 points. I don't think any of them happen again.

hayward4president's picture

I think we should be besties. Your optimism is awesome.

UP-Packer's picture

Can't eliminate plays in a game to show what might have happened. Eliminate 3 critical plays in ANY game & you're probably going to change the outcome in 9 out of 10 games.

Those same 3 plays may not happen this time around but they'll be replaced (maybe) by 3 or even more plays that give SF an advantage.

packsmack25's picture

If they're uncharacteristic plays, you can't predict they'll happen again. Those were all plays that weren't characteristic of this team, and were examples of everything going right for the Niners.

Idiot Fan's picture

I do enjoy optimism, but if you take those three plays out you basically get our week one game last year. Closer, but they looked like they better team. Last year they were a better team. Here's to hoping that actually game planning for a mobile qb helps...

packsmack25's picture

Well, no you don't, because you don't have Alex Smith and Frank Gore playing keep away if those plays don't happen.

Idiot Fan's picture

True, but I guess that's my point. They beat us solidly in week one with Smith at QB and no stupid plays on our part. They were just better.

packsmack25's picture

Well, for some reason they thought it was a good idea to give Ced Benson a paycheck and carries early last year. I'm still dumbfounded by that. He was awful.

TommyG's picture

Not everything. We took their first drive for a pick 6. After that our defense went to the bar.

denniseckersley's picture

3rd and Long was our undoing. Again. EFF THAT. No Mas!!!!!

TommyG's picture

the 49ers are beatable. For our team to take them down we will need everything to go as planned and get lucky. In the playoffs we got one lucky play with that pick 6 to start the game, but nothing went as planned. I do think we have the ability and players to beat them, but I don't see us getting this one. and that sucks.

JohnM's picture

Caribou or whatever your name is, you should be seriously flogged. Do you know the meaning of offseason? It's entirety was based on this first game. We win plain and simple.

UP-Packer's picture

After Sunday what most will conclude is that the Pack with SF's O-Line would be hands down favorite to win the SB.

Unfortunately, the Pack with their own O-Line is a team in trouble. I see musical chairs all season long on the O-Line. There are players not even on the roster at the moment who will eventually start on the O-Line before the year is complete.

Phatgzus's picture

Willing to put money on that 2nd bit?

Tibbits's picture

We have the best line we've had since 2011. We'll be OK.

Idiot Fan's picture

Pack the box with run defense and don't let any runner through, have someone ride on Davis's back where ever he goes, and take your chances with the WRs. That's what coach Idiot Fan says.

4thand1's picture

o-line, o-line, o-line. Last year MM said it was the best o-line he's had since coaching in GB. This year even he seems to be in doubt. A really good running back can change a lot. Stay healthy Lacy and be a beast this year.

thehatefulnerd's picture

If Mike has this team ready to play, we will win.

If they go out there and shit themselves, we lose.

As always, it's hard to predict.

Stroh's picture

I could never pick the Packers to lose w/ Rodgers at QB. I'm not a betting man tho, so it doesn't matter. However, if I were a betting man I would guess 9ers. I definitely think the Packers can win and given my homerism, cant bring myself to say they will lose. Best I can do w/ a game like this is say the Packers have to be on top of their game. Which they certainly can be. I also think the 9ers will be over-confident based on beating us twice last year and might actually take us kinda lightly becuz of it. Paste Kaep a couple time to take the read option out of the game plan and the Packers will win.

Idiot Fan's picture

If Harbaugh's little hissy fit about our "hit Kaepernick" talk being like a bounty results in extra flags from the refs, I'm going to be pissed.

Tibbits's picture

Yeah. I'm worried about that, but on the other hand it did result in a rules clarification that will be fresh in the zebra's minds. As far as I'm concerned Matthews just told them we planned to hit him and defensive players saying they plan to hit the QB isn't anything new or shocking.

murphy's picture

I'm confident that Harbaugh has instructed his players to gently deposit Rodgers onto the ground, then offer an apology and a complementary shoulder massage, should they have the opportunity.

Pack's gotta play fair, you know.

chicago hooligan's picture

That's weird, I'm predicting 19-0, just like every year.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Hey, after carefully going through the schedule, that's what I came up with too! Just like last year... And the year before that... And th.....

marcopo's picture

The 49'ers are a bit weaker this year. The Packers are stronger. Yet everyone has the 49'ers on a pedistal, admittedly earned. We only got a few peeks at the real deal on defense this year. There's a reason so many DLmen were kept. With a few tweaks, the Packers are going to surprise everyone with their defense. Heard here first.

al's picture

if you cant see them wining every game brian cairavoodoo maybe you should go to work for the 49ers !!!!!!!!!!!!

mani2packers's picture

I can truly see our D back to 2010 form. Our D will help us out tremendously. Our D lead the nfl in sacks and turnovers.

Robert's picture

Seems to me that I see a lot of 49ers fans on this blog, so sad.

As for you Brain, what a letdown you are; I definitely will no longer be following you, dammed media. You cannot support the pack then I cannot support you. Piss off.

49ers SUCK!!!

zub's picture

If we loose on Sunday, I can see the Pack starting out 0-3 this season.

4thand1's picture

In the last few years, can anyone name a game that the Packers lost because of how Rodgers performed?

Phatgzus's picture

Are you really that scared of the Redskins and Bengals, 1 Terri LE and 1 mediocre pass D, with offenses that rely on the pass (1 with a turnover machine at QB), which the Packers are actually quite good at defending?

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