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Packers Podcast: Playoffs Looking More Likely After Green Bay Win and Detroit Loss

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Packers Podcast: Playoffs Looking More Likely After Green Bay Win and Detroit Loss

On Monday morning I joined Bart Winkler on K107 in Fond du Lac to take a look back at the Packers' win over the Falcons on Sunday. We discuss the Packers' playoff chances now that they got a win combined with a Lions loss. We also talk about the job Matt Flynn did filling in for Aaron Rodgers, and whether Rodgers will play in the weeks to come.
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Brian Carriveau is the author of "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," a member of the Pro Football Writers of America and an editor at Cheesehead TV. To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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mark's picture

I was bummed by all of the Packers fans (and media) talking about "conceding the season" and "shutting Rodgers down" after the Thanksgiving disaster.

We need to do better as fans, straight up.

murphy's picture


Also, if someone could replace the "20 seconds left in the 1st half" section of McCarthy's play book with a picture of someone Tebowing, I'd really appreciate it.

Stroh's picture

Really you don't think every NFL coach has called a running play for their RB w/ 20 sec left in the half?! Get real... They all do it. If it catches the D napping a little expecting a kneel down and it busts a long run you would call it genious for not giving up!

murphy's picture

On 3rd down, on your 32, with 4 seconds left?

Did you watch the game? You can try that crap on 1st with 20 seconds left. Run, toss screen, whatever. See if you pick up a big chunk and get in Hail Mary or FG range.

You don't run that shit from your own 32 with your star RB on 3rd and 10 with 4 seconds left.

You. Do. Not. Unless you're MM, and you want to make the 2nd half against a 3-win team more difficult.

Oh, and it's 'genius'.

Stroh's picture

Really? SO I assume you feel you know more than almost every HC/playcaller in the NFL. I guarantee you every one of them has done exactly that every year! 3rd and long little time left the D is playing soft and dropping like a mother. A long run is as likely to succeed as any pass play in that situation!

Morgan Mundane's picture

I agree but for a different reason, the guy is getting 121 mil over X number of years, time to go back to work and earn some of that even if the team tanks. You get to go down with the ship too Mr Rogers. It will make you a better man and hopefully teach you a lesson to get rid of the ball if no one is open.

cLowNEY42's picture

I miss Cobb.

cLowNEY42's picture

"Playoffs Looking More Likely After Green Bay Win and Detroit Loss"

Don't know about that.

I think it's more...

"Playoffs Looking Less Unlikely After Green Bay Win..."

RunAndHyde's picture

I miss watchin the bears get beat by the cowboys ......oh wait that's about to happen.....

Morgan Mundane's picture

Da bears will win and knock the pack out of the race. Oh, no Dallas will win and knock the pack out of the race. For those fool idiot fans who refuse to understand or don't want to brace reality: The eagles,bears, dallas and the Lions all have to tank for the packers to make the playoffs, assuming they can win three tough games themselves. Put a fork in this season.

Stroh's picture

Hey dumbass the Packers almost control their own destiny! We need Det to lose ONE game and the Packers would control their own destiny! That is ONE team and ONE loss, nothing more needed. Get Rodgers back and run the table and Packers will be in the playoffs! Do you honestly think Det won't blow a game or 2 yet?!

RunAndHyde's picture

Hey....I called him a dumbass first Stroh!

Stroh's picture

Props to you! Wasn't trying to steal your thunder. Copying is the sincerest form of flattery! Isn't that what they say?

RunAndHyde's picture

Haha bears still suck.

greenbaysavant's picture

People keep forgetting about the tie and tie breakers. Packers will have to have more wins than Detroit to win division. We split with Detroit, they swept Bears while we have one loss to them, we have one win vs. Vikings, same as Detroit. This could come down to week 17.
I wouldn't bet the deed on my house that we win out.
Playing in Jerry world won't be easy as well as Soldier's field.
This defense still stinks in my eyes. 2 potent offenses in 3 weeks (the ones that played Monday night). I need to see the defense play better in all 3 games to believe in them.
If we make playoffs the 2 wild card teams are likely San Fran and Carolina. Our best shot at pulling one off is Carolina at Lambeau. that beings said williams, stewart and newton will run all over this team plus beating up whoever is under center.

Stroh's picture

What do tiebreakers have to do w/ anything? Packer have a tie on their record. There are maybe one of those a year in the NFL... Maybe. Tiebreakers won't mean a thing unless the Bears or Lions have a tie in the final 3 games. If the lions and bears finish w/ the same record tiebreakers would come into play for them, but they won't for the Packers.

The Packers chances of winning out hinge on Rodgers. With him they have about a 50/50 chance or better of winning out. Without Rodgers in any of the final games their chances are slim and none. No way the Packers win out w/o Rodgers.

Al Fresco's picture

Just how stupid are you? You only control your own destiny when winning out means your in. The Lions control their own destiny and that of the Bears and Packers. Lions win out, its over. If they lose a game and the Bears win out its over. Its really that simple dumb ass.

Stroh's picture

I guess you don't read very well do you?! I said the Packers ALMOST control their own destiny! All they need is one more Lions loss and the Packers are in control of whether or not they control if they make the playoffs! How Stupid are YOU?!!

Ma Linger's picture

Stroh here's clip for a news article for you:

Detroit, at 7-6 and with every tiebreaker advantage, is in control of the division. If the Lions win their final three games, home against the Ravens, home against the Giants and at Minnesota, they win the NFC North no matter what else happens.

Apparently he isn't such a dumb ass as you are.

RunAndHyde's picture

He meant because the lions will probably lose one more and I'm pretty sure he said that.

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

well double dumbass on you!

(anyone who gets that reference gets a free hours' worth of positive psychic vibes)

Morgan Mundane's picture

WHere were the fans in this game. The cameras showed a bunch of stills sitting there with heavy clothes on, no one was cheering or making noise. This is the worst crowd in football. Noise? Didn't here any noise.

RunAndHyde's picture

Why would the eagles/cowboys have to tank? Do you even know how football works? We need to win the division dumbass and they aren't in our division.

lennysmalls's picture

Playoffs? Playoffs? The Bears game is now over. Dallas is toast, Lee is injured. Packers will have to throw to the TE often and expose the soft Dallas D, as well as a heavy dose a Lacy. Cowboys are going to be playing for their post-season. Unless Rodgers comes back, I don't see how GB can win. That said, the Bears still suck.

lennysmalls's picture

Cowpies are completely falling off the face of the earth at Soldier Field. While the chances of the Packers making the playoffs may be slim, it would be fun seeing them play the role of spoiler at the end of this season. I'd like to see the team create some injuries, all in a perfectly legal manner of course. Frankly, I'm tired of seeing the Packers be one of the most injured teams in the NFL year in and year out. Romo's going to break his collar bone next week. I'm calling it.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Starting to get really sick and tired of these trolls trolling...

Coming on here, spouting crap about nothing... Getting really old, really fast...

I like to come to have actual chats with REAL Packer fans. Not these people out here to start crap and try to get people going...

This is something that every child hears. If you don't have something nice to say, then don't say it...
This can go well with these trolls. If you're not here to talk actual football with fans who want to be here. Then leave!!!

denniseckersley's picture



Al Fresco's picture

Ya we should be able to win out, especially taking on the Bears in Chicago. Lets see they put up 42 points before I shut the game off, and there passing game looking super-bowlish, but no problem, we will just fly in there and take it away.
Hell, by the time we get to Chi town we will be out of it anyways. We've got two teams were behing now in our own division, the Steelers are coming and Dallas then the Bears. Not this year!

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"The Bears still suck!"
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