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Packers place WR Trevor Davis on injured reserve, announce other roster moves

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Packers place WR Trevor Davis on injured reserve, announce other roster moves

-- The Green Bay Packers announced several different roster moves on Tuesday.

One of them was swapping the team's primary kick returner, Trevor Davis, to injured reserve.

Davis had been dealing with a hamstring injury throughout training camp and it presumably lingered into the regular season, keeping him out of Sunday night's opener against the Chicago Bears. It's unclear whether or not the Packers reached an injury settlement with Davis, which would give him an opportunity to return to the team later in the season.

Davis was a fifth-round pick by the Packers in 2016.

In accordance with Davis' roster spot being freed up, the Packers claimed cornerback Deante Burton off of waivers from the Atlanta Falcons as well.

Burton, an undrafted free agent signed by the Falcons last year, made the transition from wide receiver to cornerback while on the practice squad for the entire duration of his rookie season. The Falcons promoted him to their active roster just days before their season opener against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Burton gives the Packers six cornerbacks, but the transactions didn't end there.

The Packers released safety Marwin Evans from their own practice squad and signed cornerback Will Redmond as the corresponding roster move.

Redmond was a third-round pick in 2016 by the San Francisco 49ers, but he's since spent time with the Kansas City Chiefs before landing in Green Bay.

General manager Brian Gutekunst ensured over a week ago after cut-downs that the Packers' roster was going to be 'fluid,' and that's still in full effect as they prepare for the Minnesota Vikings this weekend.


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV. He's the voice of The Leap on iTunes and can be heard on The Scoop KLGR 1490 AM every Saturday morning. He's also a contributor on the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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ricky's picture

The bottom of the roster churning continues, for the Packers and the rest of the league. This will be an ongoing situation throughout the season. I actually feel sorry for these "fringe players", who spent so much time and effort making it to their dream job, only to see their hopes dashed.

KenEllis's picture

And another Ted pick bites the dust, and another one's gone and another one's gone and another one bites the dust.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I doubt 2016 Draft is going to end up as bad as 2015. Clark and Martinez will make sure of it .

2015, {shivers} what a waste of an entire draft.

KenEllis's picture

Agreed about 2016 being a better draft than 2015. Clark himself is better than the entire 2015 Packer draft.

My thought is that Trevor Davis, Quentin Rollins, Vince Biegel and who knows what other worthless draft picks would still be on the current roster ... if Ted were still in charge.

Gutey is purging a lot of dead weight and he is doing it very quickly.

Oppy's picture

Trevor Davis to IR is not Trevor Davis cut from Packers.
That's what is being reported by the Packers themselves- Trevor Davis to IR.

KenEllis's picture

Option A) Trevor is going to stay on IR all season with a sore hammy that cropped up just before game time on Sunday.

Option B) The Pack is going to utilize one of its IR-designations to return on Trevor?

Option C) Trevor will be waived off of IR with an injury settlement in short order and thus be allowed to sign with any team in the NFL (other in the Packers) over the followng 6 weeks.

My $ is on option C and predict Trevor's time in Green Bay is over.


Oppy's picture

Your options don't account for how the NFL works and "Option C" which you are putting your $$ on doesn't hold any advantages for the Packers.

Placing Trevor Davis on IR doesn't waste a roster spot, it frees one up. The Packers DID keep Trevor Davis on the 53 to start the season though, which used up a roster spot at the time- if they didn't feel they wanted him in the program, simply waiving him with an injury settlement BEFORE the final roster cut-down would have been the time to do it, as they could have saved a roster spot for a player they intended to keep.

It is far more likely that they knew there was a chance Davis was going to be incapacitated, and they wanted to place him on IR for the season without exposing him to waivers.

Option B) There is no "Designated to Return" tag anymore- teams are simply limited to only bringing back any two players who have been on IR for at least 8 weeks in a given season. There is no limit to the number of players who can be placed on IR.

Option C) makes little sense at this point. Waiving Davis with an injury settlement only saves marginal cap space (rookie deal) and makes him available to all competition in time except the Packers. Unless Davis' leg is completely mangled, it just doesn't make any sense to cut him as opposed to keeping him on IR.

But, hey, everyone around here has a hard-on for canning the kid, so what do I know?

KenEllis's picture

"Davis would be eligible to return to the team after missing eight weeks, should the club elect to use that DESIGNATION on him." (All CAPS added to quote).

""On Sunday, Trevor Davis was a very late addition to the Green Bay Packers' injury report after he arrived at Lambeau Field with his hamstring bothering him. Packers coach Mike McCarthy said the team took him out on the field for an early workout, and "'he wasn't ready to go.'"

You can't just IR guys for the entire season who are not that injured anymore at least not without the player and the player's agent taking part in the sham.

Nobody is going to believe that Trevor Davis somehow transformed from almost being ready to go on Sunday to a season-ending injury by Tuesday.

As previously stated, Trevor is most likely headed for an injury settlement, but even if he remains on IR throughout 2018 his time as an actual "player" on the field in Green Bay is most certainly over.

Oppy's picture

I hate to be the one to tell that they don't know what the eff they are talking about... but they don't know what the EFF they are talking about. The NFL did away with having to place an "eligible to return" designation. It does not exist any more. You simply add players to IR. Teams can activate up to two players who have been on IR 8 weeks or longer. No pre-designation needed. Period. I believe the author is either out-of-touch with rules changes from 2016/17, or poorly wrote the statement.. Because there is no need to specifically designate a player eligible to return from IR anymore.

To you other "point", He's already on IR. The paperwork went through NFL offices already. It's where the initial report came from. So the idea he probably can't be easily put on IR is already shot- He's already there.

As far as his time as an actual "player" on the field being almost certainly over... He's signed through 2019 on his rookie contract. Even if he stays on IR all season and never sees the field, there is literally no reason the Packers wouldn't keep him at least through the entire off season and TC of 2019 season at this point.

The packers might go injury settlement, but it would be the most profoundly backwards thing imaginable. It's simply not logical. There is no real upside to it, and the fact that the Packers dedicated a roster spot on the 53 to get him safely on the team without exposing him to waivers is telling on their intentions.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

"I hate to be the one to tell that they don't know what the eff they are talking about..."

Well since they have no recent Nagler content, and his return here makes me suspect he's been let go then I suspect they don't too.

Michael Hughes's picture

Yeah to be honest I'm not convinced its great for team harmony to keep churning players. If we sign a OLB who was going to contribute then fine but if he is just going to play ST then it looks like change for the sake of it.

Rightly or wrongly at cut down day, davis was seemingly given the returners job. Probably should now let him do the job before making the change. Stick with your decision unless its a bad injury.

I reserve the right to retract comment if new guy turns into a HOFer.

Minniman's picture

Right or wrong what's that old saying - "the best ability is availability"

I hope that one A Jones reconsiders some of his off-field activities that unnecessarily keep him out of the game, and that this is a lesson to him that this is one cut-throat business and performance matters.

dblbogey's picture

It's time we stopped bashing Ted. He made plenty of mistakes, but he made a lot of really good picks. He certainly stayed on a couple of years too long. But, he took Aaron Rodgers with his very first pick, even though QB was about the only position where they had no real need. It wasn't a very popular pick at the time among Packers fans. Like Ron Wolf's trade for Favre, it was a franchise changing and gutsy pick by Ted. Let's give the man some credit.

Hawg Hanner's picture

The fact that over the years TT made some credible picks does not excuse the misses that became so common in the past five years or so. Thank God Murphy finally recognized the performance issues and pulled the plug. I will never forget the picture of Thompson up in the press box with a vacant stare, with all the appearances of a brain freeze.

TheVOR's picture

I just hoping they reach a injury settlement and jettison this guy. It's almost like he's holding secret pictures of the GM and president. This dude is not an NFL football player and never was. In fact the only supposed attribute was speed, and It NEVER did anything for this guy, you never really saw it. Want to see what speed looks like? Phillip Lindsey from the Broncos and Tyreek Hill from the Chiefs. It's not that hard, go find a guy like that and cut this dude already.

The TKstinator's picture

“go find a guy like that”...I’d wager easier said than done.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I bet it's really easy and BG just doesn't want too. :p

The TKstinator's picture

I had an acquaintance in a previous life who frequently complained about MM’s playcalling.
So, one time I said to him, “Actually I think MM is DELIBERATELY calling plays that he KNOWS won’t work. I haven’t figured out a motive yet, but it’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen!”
We don’t watch football together anymore.

4thand10's picture

Maybe Davis is in the special club that Jared Bush was in....

Jonathan Spader's picture

He is. It's called the special teams club. They're special. And a team.

croatpackfan's picture

I think this fixation on Trevor Davis is ill. Coaches, even Brian Gutekunst were talking favorable about Davis, but at least 50% of fans here demands Trevor to be fired. I wrote FIRED on purpose.

I want to ask all those "haters" how would you like that 50% of your co-workers constantly bulling rest 50% (with 95% of them relatively uninterested regarding the issue) asking you to be fired! How will that works for you?

Also, if it is so easy to find KR/PR and gunner I wonder what keeps of 25 other teams to hire these guys. Not only Packers, but 25 (arbitrary number) other franchises?

And, to clear up one thing. If Brian Gutekunst thinks that Trevor Davis should be released I will accept that, be thankful to the guy who tried to help Packers win as much games as it is possible, and move on. Also, I will wish Trevor the best. And will always be against spitting on him or on any other player who tried to help team I like and support. We can discuss if he is good enough or not. But when statistics shows that he is in top 5 KR/PR and gunners in the whole league, what arguments do you have against him? Oh, your "experienced" eye, which Trevor Davis did not pass? That "experienced eye" which gave you the scouting job in NFL team?


Minniman's picture

Your responses Croat are a hoot! :)

... you remind me of my father! That's a compliment, not a criticism too.

You made a very good point - if one is to be fired, who is the replacement? Only fire if there's a viable replacement that's better.

With Monty and MVS handling kickoff returns and Cobb handling punt, I guess that Davis' absence left the door ajar.

... The new kickoff rules have probably affected the needs of the gunner too - further jeopardizing Davis

croatpackfan's picture


Possibly, you are right about Davis faith. That does not mean he is available for spitting on him, or insulting him with no reason...

Oh, I forget. Trevor is playing football on the level many fans never saw by their eyes. They think if they are playing madden they are good football players...

badaxed's picture

Davis is underwhelming as a receiver. look for him to also be released with injury settlement.

Oppy's picture

In related news, Mason Crosby is underwhelming as a punter.

Lphill's picture

Would have liked to see some linebackers signed .

L's picture

I've been hoping the Packers would bring in OLB Tyrone Holmes for a visit.

egbertsouse's picture

Screw the LB’s and the O-line, we need another CB!

Jonathan Spader's picture

BPA. Maybe there isn't a good LB or OL man sitting out there. With OL it's easy to believe. It's not like these PS squad players will be relied on in 2018 and if they are we're in trouble. After the past few years of injuries at CB depth there isn't a bad thing.

I bleed green more's picture

Well have to admit Gut is doing all he can to improve the team. I was for releasing Trevor so to me It's a good move.

Lare's picture

Ignore the areas of need and add to the areas of strength. Seems like Ted moves to me.

Bert's picture

Not really. I applaud Gute for trying to constantly look for opportunities to upgrade the roster as a whole. Probably not much on the market in "the areas of need" right now.

4thand1's picture

Yes Bert, you have to take whats left to help the team. I'm sure it'd be hard pressed to find a good olb just sitting out there and o linemen. What I'd like to see is gute make a deal with some of the really bad teams that need help through the draft. We have that extra pick from NO.

The TKstinator's picture

I think Anthony Munoz is available.

4thand1's picture

And Tony Mandrich

RCPackerFan's picture

I will admit, I am not surprised by the Davis to IR move. But I really thought they would have looked for someone on the DL or LB. Someone that could help with the pass rush or rotate in more to spell the guys they have.

Bearmeat's picture


Help with the pass rush is not coming, unless it happens via trade and BG gives up not-insignificant resources to make it happen. Those guys are valuable and hard to find.

I was the first on the Mack train and the last off, for this reason. I would have paid what the Bears did for him. Maybe a tad more.

Hopefully we can work out some type of a trade with the Jags or Texans - some team with a surfeit of OLB types.

RCPackerFan's picture

Yeah, real help will have to come in the offseason. It looks to be a good draft for pass rushers, and they will have 2 first round picks to use (assuming they don't trade either away)

I agree with the Mack trade. I would have given up both of next years 1st round picks for him. The problem was (from what I heard) was that the Raiders were NOT trading him to any teams they figured would be picking after 15th pick.

I do think Pettine will scheme up more of a pass rush.

carlos's picture

An outside rusher and an OT for the first round.

Since '61's picture

Not surprised about Davis to IR. Continuing to pick up CBs may be an indication that Pettine plans to use 6 or more DBs on the field throughout the season. It might also mean there weren't any LBs or OLs available that would make a difference.

I expect that we will see on going bottom of the roster churning throughout the season. It does send a message to the team "don't get very comfortable, contribute or you're gone". I like it. Thanks, Since '61

Qoojo's picture

I don't it's a message. I think it's all about the focus or key to Pettine's defense, which is corners that cover in man, so that he can apply pressure with blitzes. But it doesn't work if the corners can't cover.

So if you can get a DB that cover, get him.

Coldworld's picture

More likely special teams with the hope of added depth on D. If they rate a player who is waived, why not punt on a waiver?

That does not mean we should not be looking at OLBs if one is available!

JohnnyLogan's picture

There must be some promising OLB on some team's practice squad that's worth picking up. If you're ridding yourself of Davis why not take the chance. Those are real football players on practice squads.

Bert's picture

I dunno. Could be that the OLBs on other team's practice squads are about as promising as Biegel and Fackrell. In other words, not very promising.

Coldworld's picture

Donnerson has promise. Need someone who is more game ready and has promise perhaps? Not too many of them out there now. Still, this was a waiver claim, so take the chance when offered, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t looking for others.

croatpackfan's picture

I found one promising OLB on some team's practice squad - Kendall Donnerson!

Packmaniac's picture

We’re picking up a converted receiver to DB project because that’s what’s available for a roster spot Teams covet their good and even average edge players and rarely let them loose. A lack of decent options Is the only reason Kyler Fackrell is still on an NFL roster. In other words, you better draft pressure if you want pressure. Perry, Datone Jones, Fackrell and Biegel ain’t the way to get it done. Some will cite Clay as an example of Ted doing well, but in my opinion, one great edge guy in the past dozen years highlights how poorly Ted did when it came to drafting guys who could pressure the QB. And now we’re talking about a guy like Davis, who I assure you would be picked up by exactly no one if he were released today. Why would anyone want the guy? Please let the Ted purge continue.

Archie's picture

Gutey is doing a great job from my point of view. It will be completely obvious to all in another year or two. The Ted purge will be complete when Ted and Mike are gone. Is MM really married to a Packer Board member? Might that be why Mark Murphy, the consummate politician, let him stay?

Packmaniac's picture

We’re picking up a converted receiver to DB project because that’s what’s available for a roster spot Teams covet their good and even average edge players and rarely let them loose. A lack of decent options Is the only reason Kyler Fackrell is still on an NFL roster. In other words, you better draft pressure if you want pressure. Perry, Datone Jones, Fackrell and Biegel ain’t the way to get it done. Some will cite Clay as an example of Ted doing well, but in my opinion, one great edge guy in the past dozen years highlights how poorly Ted did when it came to drafting guys who could pressure the QB. And now we’re talking about a guy like Davis, who I assure you would be picked up by exactly no one if he were released today. Why would anyone want the guy? Please let the Ted purge continue.

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