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Packers place Jake Kumerow on IR, sign linebacker Korey Toomer

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Packers place Jake Kumerow on IR, sign linebacker Korey Toomer

While much of America enjoys a day off to celebrate Labor Day, the Packers are hard at work as they continue to shuffle their roster, bringing in more reinforcements for their defense.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Packers are signing veteran linebacker Korey Toomer.

Toomer was cut by the 49ers this weekend, after spending the previous two seasons with the Chargers. 

Here's a quick look at his game:

The Packers are also putting wide receiver Jake Kumerow on injured reserve. Because Kumerow made the initial 53 man roster, he is eligible to return in 8 weeks.

The team is also waiving cornerback Herb Waters, leaving one spot remaining on the 53 man roster. There's a good chance the Packers use this spot to bring in a running back.

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Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Which running back would we sign?

Coldworld's picture

There are a lot available. Think it would be one with experience though in order to be able to contribute immediately if needed and to bring some blocking credibility.

Still a chance it’s an OLB instead I think.

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

Hope Kumerow can heal up nicely and be brought back after 8 weeks (didn’t it used to be 6?). Would like to see if he’s really “all that” playing with the ones. The move with Waters is a head scratcher, but I sure don’t mind churning the bottom end of the roster. Keep trying to unearth keepers out of a group of players who probably won’t be dressed on Sunday. We’ll at least in a uniform.

PackfanNY's picture

Doug, I believe its 6 weeks to return to practice and eligible to return at 8 weeks. I think that has always been the case.

dobber's picture

They still have a spot on the practice squad and no CBs there. I wonder if they wanted to try to get Waters through but wanted other teams to settle on their players first.

Lare's picture

They just added CB Tony Brown to the practice squad. Ran a 4.35 40 at the combine.

Dash Riprock's picture

Well, that about settles it. It appears Herb's days in Green Bay are officially over. I am sure with his speed he'll catch on with another team. Speed is always in high demand.

tincada's picture

I sure don’t mind churning the bottom end of the roster. You mean everyone under AR?

GBPDAN1's picture

Isn't PUP 6 weeks - IR 8 weeks?

PackfanNY's picture

I think adding another linebacker is a good move. Toomer has some experience and appears to be a good athlete who can tackle.
Interesting to see who we will add at RB. Gute is staying true to his word that the roster situation is "fluid". I think I like this new approach.

Since '61's picture

Korey Toomer is working his way through the league. I think the Packers are his 6th or 7th team since 2012.

As for an RB why not promote Boaugnan from the PS.

More moves to come. Thanks, Since '61

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Maybe RB is not what they want?

Qoojo's picture

Right now it's Monty, and Williams. Plus, they have Cobb for some extra running plays that rarely work. Monty got hurt twice already in preseason. Williams had the guy twist his ankle after already down. There is a kind of high probability that one of them is not available at some point during this two game stretch until Jones gets back.

As far as FB goes, they probably have been training TEs (Lewis, Tonyan) for some FB action.

The TKstinator's picture

I have no idea why GB would have plays in its new and reworked playbook that don’t work. They should just tear those out.

TheKanataThrilla's picture

Not sure what sort of shape he is in, but Eddie Lacy is out there. He knows our system and could be a good addition for a couple of weeks. Relying on 2 RBs who are injury concerns just scares me. Our option of Cobb as the 3rd RB who is also an injury concern just adds to the problem.

Dash Riprock's picture

"Not sure what sort of shape he is in"

He did the P90X program and still looked out of shape two years ago. I can't imagine there's much hope for him at this point. Too bad as he was one of the nicest guys on the Packers. Just could not win the weight battle.

Donster's picture

I wonder if Lacy has gotten big enough to play tackle? Hee hee hee.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Bummer, no chance to see Kumerow until week 9.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Akrum Wadley.

stockholder's picture

KUUUUHN retires a packer?

stockholder's picture

New Food - Brat-in-a-Blanket. Ingredients: Brat wrapped by melted cheese curds, topped with beer mustard in a pretzel bun. ...
Yummy Yummy Yummy.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

That's totally off-topic...and sounds awesome.

4thand10's picture

That sounds yumMAY!

dobber's picture

Great Dane Brew Pub's brat burger: one 1/3 pound burger patty and one 1/3 pound brat patty on a pretzel bun with all the fixins you can stand to throw at it?

Chris Peterson's picture

I would have been down with that. I really like kid. I am excited about the new LB though. Nice for the Packers to bring in a guy with some experience. Him and Morrison should help.

Gbjon's picture

Packers really need to put Josh Jones at middle linebacker. Dude can’t cover and need to position him where he can play using instincts and not have to think

The TKstinator's picture

Not sure ILB is a spot for a guy like that.

Broehl84's picture

I think the Packers should look at a veteran running back like Thomas Rawls, but if they go young go get Bo Scarborough.

Grandfathered's picture

I agree that they need an RB who can pass block, and maybe a vet fits the bill. I think Rawls was hurt and is a ?

tincada's picture

OMG, a vet! Terrible Ted will be up chucking. Not to worry grandpa. As usual by the time they get around to doing anything all you have left is the scrap pile. Terrible Ted is salivating.

Since '61's picture

Should we expect Toomer to be better than Ahmad Thomas who we just released? I wonder if Thomas’ tweet got him chucked? Thanks, Since ‘61

Qoojo's picture

What tweet? I doubt a tweet would do it if he was good enough.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture


Dash Riprock's picture

I had to look up the tweet, "thank you for not believing in me". From what I read that was not a shot at the Packers but actually at the Raiders who were the first team to sign and cut him. It's twitter so who the hell knows what's true or not.

Since '61's picture

He sent out that tweet right after the Packers acquired Morrison. May have been bad timing or poor judgement.
Thanks, Since ‘61

croatpackfan's picture

You might be right, Since... If player thinks that Packers do not believe in him, Packers will not...

badaxed's picture

Evidently Kumerow was hurt worse than let on.

Either that or I believe they are stashing him to see what the "Three Draft pick recievers" can do in regular season games.

4thand10's picture

I know....weird. Last I heard it was minor shoulder and then it magically turned to IR. Didn’t hear much about it either.

Minniman's picture

I just double checked and if he's on IR he can't practice - but can attend team meetings.

So it makes sense that they stash this guy for half a season to see what the 3 draftees do. If they lift, then perhaps bye-bye Jake. if not, then hello Jake.

If correct, it's as tough business at the bottom of a NFL depth chart.

I think it was Since 61' that posted for Kumerow to lose the show-boating.

Jake, if you do return then google "Colt Lyerla"

I bleed green more's picture

I thought Kummerow would go on IR at the get go, but better that he is now get it healed you know more moves will be coming.

stockholder's picture

They should have just kept Rollins. Then IR. Had to be salary cap savings.

Coldworld's picture

Nothing more than a project at this point with no clear indication of safety upside and contract in final year.

dobber's picture

...and a second round pick on his rookie deal. Savings aren't going to be that much.

Daren726's picture

I think talk about going after a running back is a smoke screen. Something else is going to happen. My guess is offensive line.

TheKanataThrilla's picture

Not much out there, but the Browns cut Spencer Drango who did start many games for them over the past couple of seasons.

4thand10's picture

My guess is DL or DE.....but I am wrong often.

Tundraboy's picture

I agree, after the Rodgers extension I kind of felt something was brewing. Perhaps the unwritten part of that deal is that we get better O line talent.

Daren726's picture

Guess it was a back. Not a OL. What do we know about him?

Bure9620's picture

Just signed Darius Jackson

Coldworld's picture

Another very high measurables player that had a lot of proponents in Dallas but lost out to a truly packed RB roster, specifically MacFadden, in 2016. Then injured through 2017. Signed by Dallas again but put on their PS yesterday, from which we poached him.

Supposedly outplayed Bo Scarborough in the preseason. Interesting.

Dash Riprock's picture

Gutey's been quite the pirate lately. I like it. Cowboys do have one of the best backs in the league so at least he stole from a team with more than likely great rb depth. I wish him well in Green Bay. Monty is on official alert. Better stay healthy. Gutey does not screw around with injured players it seems and the Packers have no more need at receiver. Perhaps this pickup will make up for the Taysom Hill loss so many people are still bothered by. We'll see.

Daren726's picture

Cast off from the cowgirls.

RCPackerFan's picture

I haven't had a chance to come on here since the roster moves have been made.

Just a few thoughts on the roster.

I wasn't surprised that they didn't keep a FB. Just watching the offense during the preseason they seemed to move away from the FB position. I thought Tonyan earned a spot on the 53 plus I think they will use more 3 TE sets. Kendricks can be used as a FB

8 WR's was a lot but it felt like that was going to change. And now Kumerow was placed on the IR. I do wonder if he will be brought back.

The most surprising cut to me was Biegel. While he didn't show a lot during the preseason I felt they would have tried moving him around before cutting him. I honestly thought he would have made a good tweener or ILB. Similar to Joe Schobert.

Overall not really to surprised with the moves.
Now its time to focus on week 1, Sunday night football against the Bears!

dobber's picture


In Edit: Didn't see Taryn's post before. I apologize for my lack of least this time.

NJMagic's picture

It's a welcome relief to see young, veteran backups interspersed with the UDFA.

Finally a stop-gap plan instead of a hope & prayer.

Fordham Ram's picture

So you stash Kumerow, activating him later to be utilized as your secret weapon on the back half, the move allows you to keep Davis sacrificing him to the punting and kick return wolves instead of a prime prospect while at the same time allowing some time to see what you have in the rookies... brilliant. Could also tell he was not satisfied with the run defense displayed so far, we did get pushed back and gaping holes created, even if the scheme was vanilla. The first priority of a defense is to stop the run. By picking up Morrisson and Toomer and discarding with inferior talent I can see he's attending to that.

Tundraboy's picture

"Good pursuit and excels at avoiding and shedding blocks."

Hmmm. We we probably could use a little bit more of that to shore up our middle of the field defense.

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