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3 Skill Guys that Need to Emerge for Packers in 2019

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3 Skill Guys that Need to Emerge for Packers in 2019

The Green Bay Packers addressed plenty of things in the NFL draft and free agency, however, many of their moves were directed at fixing the defense. 

Outside of adding some pieces on the offensive line in Billy Turner, a top free-agent guard and Elgton Jenkins, one of the most talented and versatile offensive lineman in the draft, Green Bay stood pat offensively. 

Turner could prove to be a valuable piece that starts at guard but also offers some insurance at right tackle if Bryan Buaga goes down again. If that happened and Turner had to move, Jenkins could start in his spot. He could also start at center or right guard and offer a viable backup at all three spots, meaning we can all feel better about the offensive line depth going forward.

Green Bay did use its third-round pick on Jace Sternberger and there is reason to be excited about him. Tight ends generally take a minute to develop and after basically just season of major college football, he could too. Yet, after Jimmy Graham is likely jettisoned after this season, he could get his chance to star. Who knows, he could be like Jermichael Finley, a guy who didn't contribute much as a rookie but was a stud in his second year.

Obviously, the Packers have some great pieces to build around offensively in Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams and David Bakhtiari. 

An elite quarterback, a true No. 1 wide receiver and arguably the best pass-blocking left tackle in the game is a great starting point. And with some other guys looking capable of taking that next step, Green Bay has a chance to be very good offensively.

Much of it depends on what Matt LaFleur can get out of Rodgers. If he can help the two-time MVP find that form again, the Packers will be dangerous. 

But Rodgers can't do it alone. LaFleur will need to get creative and help some of these other weapons -- weapons Green Bay clearly believes in -- develop into legitimate playmakers.

While Green Bay has a number of young guys capable of taking a big leap next season, here is a look at three guys who are crutical to the success of the offense next season.

Aaron Jones: During his first two seasons with the Packers, Jones flashed enormous potential but was criminally underused by former head coach Mike McCarthy. Yet, injuries also forced him to miss four games in both 2017 and 2018, limiting him to 81 rushing attempts as a rookie and 133 last season. In both years, he averaged 5.5 yards per rush and last season he scored eight rushing touchdowns in addition to catching 20 passes for 209 yards and a score.

Of all the guys who could take the jump to a Pro-Bowl level, Jones is the most obivous and under LaFleur, he should have the chance to post big numbers as a runner and receiver. Jones is a shifty back with good hands and he should kill it with swing passes next season. Running behind an improved offensive line, if he can stay healthy, it's not hard to see him clearing 1,000 yards rushing and 1,500 overall. In my eyes it's pretty simple, if Green Bay is going to have a top-10 offense, Jones needs to deliver in a big way.

Geronimo Allison: Last season, Allison seemed to be on the verge of a breakout season, hauling in 20 passes for 303 yards and two touchdowns in not even five full games. He had five receptions or more in three of the first four games and went over 64 yards in each. That's very solid production for a No. 2 and if the Packers could get that over an entire season, they would be more than satisfied. 

While the Packers didn't add any wideouts in free agency, they did move to keep Allison as a restricted free agent. He is healthy now but injuries have held him back as they did last season. He has played in just 30 games but has 55 receptions for 758 yards and averages more than 13 a catch. Last season, he averaged more than 15 and caught a touchdown against Chicago in the season-opening comeback. With Davante Adams, the Packers don't need someone who can dominate, they need someone who can beat one-on-one coverage and get down the field. Ever since his rookie season, he has earned the trust of Aaron Rodgers and if he can stay healthy, it wouldn't shock me to see him in the starting lineup Week 1.

Marquez Valdes-Scantling: Of all the Packers young wide receivers, inclduing the all the rookies from the 2018 draft, Valdes-Scatling is probably the one to be most excited about. He sort of disappeared after 100-yard games against San Francisco and New England, yet in the last two games, he caught eight passes for 118 yards and had five catches for 75 against the New York Jets in Week 16.

Green Bay needs a deep threat and MVS can be that guy. Rodgers missed him on deep balls a few times last season and the two just never seemed to get their chemistry down. Hopefully that changes and they spend a lot of time this offseason together because MVS could be a legitimate deep threat on the outside. If he can just learn how to do the the little things like running the routes correctly and getting both feet down, he could be special. 

A wide receiving group of Adams, Allison and MVS has a lot of potential. When you throw in a productive dual-threat back, like Aaron Jones can be and some of the other pieces on the offense like Graham as well as some of the other young wideouts, it's easy to see the potential is there.

At the same time though, in order for an offensive to be really good, it's needs consistent playmakers. Green Bay knows it has two in Rodgers and Adams but it will need at least one or two more for the offense to be elite in 2019. 



Chris is a sports journalist from Montana and has been blogging about the Packers since 2011. Chris has been a staff writer for CheeseheadTV since 2017 and looks forward to the day when Aaron Rodgers wins his second Super Bowl. Follow him @thepackersguru

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Boneman's picture

Those three are the players most likely to step up and benefit from the changes coming to the play calling. The two most important factors for improvement won't be players though. First, I believe the defense takes a huge step forward. No more bend but don't break. They'll be physical and tough and they will get off the field more quickly. The offense won't have to worry about trying to hold onto the ball and will be a much faster paced and efficient group that looks for big play opportunities but takes the open plays. Defense and offensive pace changes everything for the Pack this year. Very exciting to consider!

dobber's picture

Chris, you say MVS, but with Allison back (and assuming he steps into his old role, as you indicate), how many snaps does he get? He'll be reliant on 4 wide sets and other outside WR going into the slot to create a spot on the outside. Whichever player takes up the bulk of Cobb's snaps in the slot will be the one who needs to play well...and if the end of last season is any indicator, that appears to be ESB.

Guam's picture

I was also surprised ESB was not on Chris's list. ESB came on strong as last season progressed and appeared to supersede MVS as the most utilized rookie WR. I think both MVS and Allison will have important roles, but I think ESB will take over the slot position vacated by Cobb and get more snaps than either MVS or Allison.

TheVOR's picture

Ya Dob, I'm with ya on the Cobb Snaps. Per the article the three guys named are the right candidates that need to step up, but again, with a guy like Aaron Jones, it's going to be about the quality of his touches, because he's not a guy who's going to handle the load, we lack a "bell cow" in the Running back stable. Jones is a complimentary back. People hate to see that in print, but what is simply is, he's not a Bell Cow. Some argue that may be Williams, and I continue to contest that the dude has Zero cutback lane vision, he simply runs up the arses of his OL, and misses the cutback lane that a semi truck could drive thru, he's not the guy either. In fact regarding Jones, he's the least of my worries actually, given the spirit of the article, the dude that needs to step up is Williams, not Jones? When has Jones "Not Produced"? The only time Jones hasn't produced is under MM's offense, where he'd rip off a huge play, MM would pull him, and you wouldn't see him again for a quarter. The problem is Williams saw all those touches and DIDN'T produce at the big play level. Also, under a more functional RB by Committee Model, both Running backs should have been contributing on all drives, not just switching guys out and forcing it into existence with Williams, they should have complimented each other throughout all drives, not shared the field on separated drives. Finally, someone said why not St. Brown? Because Jake Kumerow is a better WR right now IMO. If he hadn't done the dipstuff flip to injure himself in the preseason last year, he probably would have had a bigger role overall. Rodgers recognizes what most fans do, he works hard, gets open, and has huge playmaking ability. Kind of reminds me of a Wes Welker, Danny Amondola - ish kind of presence, maybe even Jordy Nelson "like" guy. Kumerow is way more of a wild card than St. Brown. Guy's we need to get off the roster are guys like Trevor Davis, what a wasted roster spot that guy is.

EddieLeeIvory's picture

I agree with you on Kumerow & Trevor Davis.

But don't be afraid to utilize the paragraph. Or a space bar.

Chris Peterson's picture

I actually kind of hope Davane is used in the shot too. And St. Brown was right there on the list. I think big plays are going to be a focal point in this offense. Throwing down field and Allison and MVS were the best choices to me. Really like St. Brown and Kumerow too.

stockholder's picture

They said earlier, that Adams would play more in the slot. (And Refused to draft a slot WR.) If that happens St Brown will stay outside. I believe Moore is still in play. If he shows the speed Adams did. He will make this club.

Coldworld's picture

Moore is sudden and agile. If he gets it it will be a major increase in our fire power, but he came in with little to no route expertise. Ironically he was known for his sure hands, catch radius and ability to win contested catches as well as for lapses in concentration.

James Jones has concentration issues early and overcame them. I think Moore will, but I think he was just drowned by the complexity of the offense compared to what he was used to. Another off season and a simpler system may do wonders for him.

Sometimes it’s better to keep things simple for certain players and let them grow after they have mastered a more limited role. Josh Jones is possibly another example where that might apply. The job of a coach is to get the most out of a player based upon that players physical and mental ability. MM got to a point where he refused to consider individuals as all either physically or mentally and just demanded they learn everything immediately and play to a scheme regardless of their physical attributes. Hopefully LaFleur and Pettine will not be so pig headed and thus unlock potential MM was too inflexible to.

Coldworld's picture

Not sure that’s true Dobber. MM. isn’t running the show so may be a very different approach to combinations and sets.

jannes bjornson's picture

Let the competition begin.

Rak47's picture

I hear what you're saying Dobber but to make that statement is to assume that slot receiver is more important than an outside deep threat which it is not. Slot receivers play the middle of the field to find openings but rarely if ever take the top off a defense. So the defenses will still be able to crowd the los and play the run effectively. All of that changes with a deep threat that the safeties must respect for deep speed. TE, and RB's running wheel routes, and in the flats can compensate to work the middle of the field like a slot but there is nothing that compensates for speed the that takes the top off a defense. In this aspect I would say developing that deep threat is more important to the overall offense than whoever is playing slot. But who knows what will happen, ESB may develop into a better deep threat than MVS and MVS could end up being a slot guy in LaFluer's offense, we'll just have to wait and see.

stockholder's picture

Emerge.?/ 1. Jones can't be over -used. 2. Allison doesn't have that #2 ability. ( Just not enough separation for me.) And if Arron still makes him a favorite. It will only hurt St. Brown, MVS, and Moore. 3. MVS just is to raw. It all comes down to durability with all 3. The guy who stays on his feet, will be the one who will emerge. The guy who can't, will get injured, or be sitting. Throwing time away on injured players must stop in Green Bay. Gaining Arron's confidence is what has to "happen". The Ball must not be taken out of Rodgers hands. Jones is not going to be a workhorse. And truthfully, I don't believe the offensive line can hold up running the ball down someone's throat. The Line got lighter over the years. The Show will come down to Rodgers moving the ball around. Not who will be the next emerging star.

Bure9620's picture

Stockholder you make a great point, the dislikes don't get it. Not only is Aaron Jones not built for 20 plus touches, the O line its not built for it either. The strengths of this offensive line are agility, feet and lateral movement. This is the strength off all 5 starters, the strength of Turner, Jenkins and Madison. These are not maulers that get downhill to the second level and blow people up. This is a zone blocking, pocket movement, cut back lane offense for running. The Packers favor Athleticism above all. The outside zone running will be split up with those 3 backs and the action will come off of it. There will be more of a "focus" on the run I think with Lefluer but he is targeting "chunk" running plays, not ground and pound the whole game for 4 yards a clip.

stockholder's picture

Correct. And The dislikes don't get that. The nerve is Allison. But Gute drafted 3 WRs with him on the team. (You don't draft 3 Wrs ) You also had Cobb in the slot. And Monty. Why did the Packers take 3 Wrs and nobody for slot? They didn't draft 3 DL to replace Daniels or Lowrey. (just an example). They had to replace Janis but had Davis. The dreamers don't want to know..

Coldworld's picture

We get it regarding Jones. Some of us have written on that for ages. We need to use RBs in multiple set ups and to utilize their talents. Williams gets a rough rep here, but a lot of that is MMs one size fits all use of everyone and refusal to pass to RBs (despite success in 2017). So I agree, Jones is not an every other snap pounder. He is also not an 8 snap a game gimmick. I don’t know who disagrees with that.

But that’s not really ever your point, it’s just a blind to lead into your next retread of the same comments on The younger receivers (now everyone not named Adams). I strongly suspect that this is why you get a negative reaction.

Gute drafted 3 receivers because the cupboard was bare. Jordy was slowed by age and injuries and Cobb couldn’t get on the field. No young receivers in the pipeline. He inherited a mess and started with the skill positions that take longest to gel. Multiples were needed because not all picks will make it.

Each of the three draftees are capable of playing the slot. If you haven’t noticed the smaller receiver type is less in vogue recently and EVS and Moore are very sudden, agile types. Moreover, while MM played the slot in a traditional way most of the time, LaFleur has typically not.

Don’t take my word, listen to what the team and LaFleur have said and look at the roster at the time Gute was hired.

dobber's picture

"EVS and Moore are very sudden, agile types."

EVS? Who do ya know wants ta catch a WR screen?

porupack's picture

Stockholder, good points on what I understand you saying, that the running game will still be modest relative to the passing game. Nonetheless, the article still maintains Aaron Jones remains a high key player from the RB corps, anticipated and needed to make an impact on the offense's output. If he does, the offense's, versatility running and receiving really challenges the opposing D, even if he isn't handed the ball or has limited carries. So yeah, I would put him in that category of 3 weapons that need to make an impact.

Re; MVS, or ESB, Alison or Kumerow? Well, one of them. Reasonable to suggest MVS at this point till another player shows otherwise.

I say JGraham, old guy, so what. If GB has a TE that does what we all hoped to see ever since Finley departed. That versatility and threat at that position is huge. It is still reasonable that we can expect JGraham to do better in 2019 than last year. He can divert so much attention if he and ARodgers can work the seams and middle of the field. So I think there are 4 weapons that all (or any 3 of the four would do) need to make a big impact.

Coldworld's picture

Re Allison. Then how did he get the yards he did in the first four games last year? Somehow Allison managed to pull in 20 passes for 300 plus yards at a very healthy YPC of 15.2.

How does any player do that without getting separation? Luck, Bad defenses? If I recall Chicago and Minnesota weren’t shabby on D.

I just don’t see any basis on which the facts support your assessment. For his career Allison has 55 receptions at an average of 13.8 ypc. By comparison, Jordy Nelson averaged 14 ypc, Greg Jennings 14.5 and Donald Driver 13.6.

stockholder's picture

Allison can run a route. He has good hands. But did the defenses zero in on him as a game changer? No. (Thats what is needed to be a #2.) Not Brownie points. A DC will always give Allison yards. Shifting the attention to other strengths. Until Allison is a threat. He will never be taken seriously. The match-up on the field is what the packers were looking at when they drafted 3 wrs.

jannes bjornson's picture

Allison was not doubled like Adams and Graham, no doubt.and Cobb was played 1:1 by slot CBs. It will be a different dynamic this year, but LeFleur still believes in scheming the verticle game without the circus routes and waiting for a year to get open. I am in agreement on the one-cut zone running game. At some point a team will need power to control a defense.
I think Gutekunst made a mistake not picking Ingold in the draft to fill a FB role. He has the receiving skills to go with it. McVay was neutralized by Big Bad Bill in the run game without the power lead play. But then again, his QB couldn't figure out the three safety scheme taking away the middle, verticle routes they lived off all year.

Coldworld's picture

James Jones wasn’t a game changer but i’d Have his younger self any day. No team is going to have 3 or 4 game changing receivers. All rely on the good pros. For cost as well as supply. If Allison is capable of getting 15 or so yds per catch and approach 1000 yards, I will take that all day every day.

Packers2019's picture

I agree, Stock.

I am very concerned we did not draft a WR in round 1 or 2 this year. We have not drafted a WR in the top 2 rounds since 2014. (Davante Adams) It is not a coincidence that we do not have a #2 WR right now because we have not drafted any WR high on the board in 5 years.

They better hope that Adams does not get hurt because if he does, we could be in trouble offensively.

jannes bjornson's picture

. Gutekunst figured Graham would help him out in the scheme but he was dinged up a bit. I agree with your assessment, but they got value in Equan and MVS has perimeter speed to take a CB away from the action. The question is will they improve?

Rak47's picture

So you're saying that if Gute drafted a wr in 1 or 2 and Adams got hurt we would be just fine? I highly highly highly doubt it. Who exactly were they gonna draft that was gonna pick up Adams production? More than likely no one. They would use the same wr's they have on the roster now while the rookie figured things out like every other wr who comes into the league as a rookie not named Landry, Beckham,Greene, Jones or Hopkins. In the meantime if Adams stays healthy we don't have either Savage or Jenkins but we do have a 5th or 6th receiver sitting on the bench taking up space learning the pro game behind all the other vet receivers. Thank goodness Gute is GM and you and Stockholder are just commenters.

stockholder's picture

RAK, YOU NEED TO REALIZE HOW MANY EXPERTS WERE MOCKING A WR TO THE PACKERS. Harry was scouted by the packers. And many wanted Brown in the 2nd. With so many picking a Wr for the packers.(Slot) Seems I'm not the only person who feels Allison is not the answer. Many don't have a problem with Savage. But the draft picks used to get him, is a Reach. Much like your comment on saying any Wr drafted would sit the bench. Cobb sat the bench, and made 10 mil. plus doing it. Jordy Nelson was waived. The packers have had a WR problem for several years. Drafting a WR would have been the thing the experts would have praised. The picks of Gary, and Wilkins could end up on the bench, just as much as a WR. The game changers are WRs. Allison is not viewed as a answer. Nor was he ever!

Rak47's picture

You keep bringing up Allison as if he is the only wr a rookie would have to beat out while pretending like MVS, ESB, and Moore don't exist. Like they all weren't drafted last year as very gifted athletic prospects. And like MVS and ESB didn't perform above expectations and better than most rookie wr's last year. There you go again cherry picking on Allison like he's the weak spot on the offense. And I don't care how many morons mocked a wr to GB pre draft, that doesn't mean I have to follow behind them because I can't form my own assessments. But go ahead Stockholder keep following your draft guides and gurus and stay ticked off come draft time. Btw, Gute had a chance to draft Marquise Brown or N'keal Harry in round 1 and passed on both. And unlike you I have more faith in our teams GM and personnel department to know better what this team needs as opposed to those dipsticks in the media you keep talking about who mocked a wr to GB early.

Rak47's picture

And how exactly does Allison not get enough separation? Oh,I get it, it just sounds good to make your point. Everyone knows Allison is not a blazer and doesn't create separation with speed, so please tell us oh wise stockholder exactly how he catches so many passes and scores regular TD's not being open and all, Like you suggest. The fact of the matter for fans who don't evaluate film and don't really know what they're looking at is that one of Allison's strength's is his ability to use his agility and short area quicks to create excellent separation and that's one reason why AR likes and trusts him and throws him the ball. We all also know AR doesn't like to throw int's into tight windows. But that was a nice try and all attempting to suggest his lack of straight line speed equates to poor separation. You've always had disdain for Allison in all your posts so I understand the urge to fight eating crow as long as possible.

stockholder's picture

Point: Allison was waived in 9/2016. His long arms and ability to run the slant is his forte. And thats why he gets the Targets. Also the ability to find the "Cavity" in a defense. Forget his agility etc. !! You don't draft 3 Wrs if you have your #2 guy. Let's not confuse Adams with Allison here. There is No Doubt A-Rod has his favorites. If Allison starts it's because of A-Rod. Not Allison's shake and Bake. Allison won't be any different year to year. MM was criticized for lack of innovation, explosiveness, and boring. Will Allison fit Lefuer's offense, more then he did MMs. Doubt it.

Coldworld's picture

Sorry, how is it relevant that he was waived? It’s not at this point. If he produces he can be whatever number until someone forces their way past him. But if he produces at near the rate of the start of last season, he will still be a valuable NFL player for the Packers or someone else for years to come.

Personally, I think he will fit what I see if LaFleur’s approach. But I look forward to seeing him battle the others to confirm that and to a system that uses players varying attributes.

IceBowl's picture

Allison was playing great until he got hurt.

He wants to be here, and to prove himself. He's my #2 until he flops or is beaten out. That is what he put on the field.

That is where the talkin' is done.

Rak47's picture

C'mon Stockholder really? The slant? You're kidding right? I see Allison catch a lot of passes but not a whole lot of slants. He has a career average of 14 yds per catch, averaging 16.8 per catch his rookie year and 15.2 last year. His yds per catch average suggests he a capable vertical threat not the dink and dunk guy you wanna make him out to be.

Handsback's picture

The biggest improvement for the Packers on offense comes from number 12. If he improves to where he used to play...all of the other players listed will/could have very good years. Adams is a true playmaker, and the other wideouts will make it very tough to cover everyone especially if the rookies from last year make that 2nd year leap.
My problem is at RB with Aaron Jones and his size. He's just not that big. I believe that Green Bay's RB group will be more like NE, and Atlanta where each back has his specialty and makes teams account for them. You can only do that if you have a QB that stretches the field with the pass and works the backs into the holes left by the defense. Green Bay doesn't have a workhorse running back. They have several good ones that have their strengths. So my belief is if Rodgers gets better....the whole team will benefit.

jannes bjornson's picture

It all comes down to line play.

baldski's picture

I agree. I would like to see Aaron Jones run in screen plays, but do we have two good pulling guards? I doubt it.

jannes bjornson's picture

Jenkins and Turner .

4thand1's picture

The season will depend on AR, plain and simple. AR is rejuvenated IMO, and will be playing with a chip on his shoulder which is bad for the rest of the league. I see a lot of doom and gloomers getting down on AR and have to laugh. What would you rather have, a proven all pro QB or a rookie who may never pan out? It's been said over and over the Packers need to put players around AR, and they have. The D will be better, the o-line will be better, the running game will be better, and we have vets in the passing game with promising 2nd year WR's. CAN'T WAIT, GOPACKGO!

Coach JV's picture

There is a bit of mislead in the article regarding Aaron Jones' injuries last season. He DID miss 4 games, but 2 of those were for his pot suspension. The final two games, he WAS injured, but not so badly that he could not have played if the games had mattered. His MCL was sprained, not torn... and he could have gone if we had a real shot at the playoffs.

I agree that MVS will be one to watch. I think he has superstar potential and I'm betting LaF can conjure up some great stuff for him. And if he develops chemistry with AR, he will get big chunks of yardage and will be the target on AR's penchant for free offside plays.

Gmo is Gmo... a solid #2... no surprises there.

Go Pack Go...

Lphill's picture

The offense was addressed by increasing protection on the O line and by improving the defense so that they will force more 3 and outs , how many times did we have to watch the Packers defer the kickoff only to watch their opponent march down the field and score. Hopefully that is over with , Feed the ball back to Rodgers more and let him do his thing.

jannes bjornson's picture

Even Bill will take his offense on the field first. The only time he will defer is if the other team starts a backup or greenhorn.

Freezn's picture

I believe LaFleur will have a more deceiving offense and Pettine will have his fast hungry defense beating up apposing offenses and beating up quarterbacks. The packers will surprise a lot of teams and I am going to love the first game against the bears as I think a lot of teams don't realize how Pettine is going to attack them or how LaFleur will attack them.

jannes bjornson's picture

The Bears will still be defense and running game. Stop the run and make Trubitsky beat you. Ergo, big OLBs and Gary vs Sweat or Burns as the rookie edge guy. I wouldn't be opposed to Lancaster holding the Nose with Daniels and Clark playing DT in a big front. Lots of games for Pettine to have fun with.

MarkinMadison's picture

I forget who said this the other day, but they were right - the Packers just need to limit Jones' carries and keep him healthy. Asking him to "step up" is just the wrong thing to do. They drafted the golden domer, they need to hand him the ball or find someone else to add to the mix.

sam1's picture

I think way too many are putting way to much faith in the hope of Pettine and his defense! People have to remember this coming year has way too many new personnel all the way around and way to much speculation!

wildbill's picture

True, but we probably are only adding one rookie on defense as the other additions are veterans who have played well at the NFL level as I expect Gary will have to work himself into a starting position. The assignments they will be given are ones they have handled well many times. I expect veterans to be able to pick up the terminology a lot quicker than a rookie would do, I would expect some teething issues in the beginning but feel very good about our upcoming season as our defensive front seven looks strong as either a 3-4 or 4-3. This allows Pettine to have flexibility we haven’t seen in a long time. I am anticipating a much better defense this year

cheesycowboy's picture

Aaron Jones only issue has been that POS field they lay down in Chicago.

Qoojo's picture

What's exciting is the prospect of TE being a useful threat in the offense after so many years of being mostly a vestigial position under MM.

Of the 3 amigos from last year, I expect one to make a big leap. Not sure who it will be. MVS does seem like the most probable.

If any on the cheeseheadtv writers are looking for a topic to write about. Put some thought into writing what happens if Bak goes down. Most talk is about the guards and Bulaga. But Bak out for a significant amount will really cause some issues I think.

jannes bjornson's picture

It was the talk of the pre-draft blogosphere. Who replaces the LT and do we draft an OT for that spot this year vs. 2020. Jonah Williams vs. Dillard , Greg Little, etc. Its a big risk that Gutekunst has accepted. At least he has shown a willingness to trade during the season to dump or obtain a player.

IceBowl's picture

I am on a different plane.

What I see is the biggest emergence will have to be "ST."

After last year, ST's will never be the same. I hope our new coach (s) understand this. (I trust they will) The Pack has to be able to attack with this team at any/all times. Proper opportunities. Not hap-en-stance.

With execution, 1st downs/pts are available. And the D better understand this also.

Notice, I said, with execution!

EddieLeeIvory's picture

Bad offense down the stretch by the Bucks.

Speaking of offense, I'm calling it first here:
Our starting RB in the NFC Wildcard win at the Rams will be #22 Dexter Williams.
Perhaps because Jones will be nicked up or hurt. Or perhaps because Dexter does too well when given the chance that he ends up becoming the bell cow by December.

Rudedawg67's picture

I disagree Jones can’t be more like an every down back if you are going to say that based on his size.

Emit Smith. 5ft 9 210lbs
Marshall Faulk. 5ft 10 211lbs
Aaron Jones. 5 ft 9. 208lbs

They look very similar. I am not saying his career will be like theirs. The Packers offensive line is nowhere near the run blockers the Cowboys and Rams where.

Oh yeah, Barry Sanders. 5ft 8. 200lbs. But he was a freak of nature.

AgrippaLII's picture

I think it's impractical to expect Jones to get twenty plus touches per game and make it through the entire season unscathed. The Packers have three good RB's and I look for LaFleur to use them all over the course of the season.

leaerin4's picture

The Packers WILL go into Soldier Field and win the first game of the entire 2019 NFL season. Rodgers will have time to light up the Bears secondary.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

I was reallly hoping G. Allison was going to have a breakout year. Injuries no matter how small keep dampening our hopes for these players. Aaron Jones is poised for a big year, but I believe he has had 2 mcl sprains in both seasons. Kevin King a great pick, but once njuries again has forced him to miss 17 games. A. Rodgers isn't made of stone either.

Ryan B Dub's picture

As long as we limit Jimmy Graham’s snap count to around twelve plays things will improve.

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