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Packers Need A Resurgence from Damarious Randall in 2017

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Packers Need A Resurgence from Damarious Randall in 2017

Can Damarious Randall live up to the promise he showed as a rookie?

Can Damarious Randall live up to the promise he showed as a rookie?

The Packers need help at the cornerback position, there is no question about that. But one of the biggest ways the team could improve there, would be with a bounce-back season from Damarious Randall.

Randall was the Packers first-round pick in the 2015 NFL Draft and during his rookie season, he played well. He finished with three interceptions and had 14 passess defensed. It looked like his future was bright.

But last season, he was constantly nagged with injuries. After the loss to Dallas, he missed six games and when he returned, it was clear, he still wasn’t himself.

The quickness, the ability to find the ball, just wasn’t there.

Randall still had some good moments, such as his two interception game against the Seahawks. But mostly, he just got beat, a lot.

It was surprising, given how well he played as a rookie.

When he was at Arizona State, Randall was a safety, but he ran a 4.46 in the forty and has always had good ball skills. In his first two seasons in the NFL, he has six interceptions and 22 passess defensed.

When healthy, he has produced, even when he was too weak and slow to cover up to his abilities. But this season, that should change and Randall getting 100 percent healthy is a start.

If the third-year corner can achieve that, he should at least be a viable starter once again for the Packers. He has already proven he knows how to make plays on the ball, now he just needs to learn how to excel in man coverage.

Much like Davante Adams a year ago, many are counting out Randall and calling him a bust. Many are calling for the Packers to draft a corner in the first round or draft a couple within the first three rounds and it’s true they need at least one.

But if Randall can find his form and have a resurgence like Adams did, that would go a long way towards making that need, much easier to satisfy.



Chris is a sports journalist from Montana and has been blogging about the Packers since 2011. Chris has been a staff writer for CheeseheadTV since 2017 and looks forward to the day when Aaron Rodgers wins his second Super Bowl. Follow him @thepackersguru

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Tarynfor12's picture

Call him what ever you want.....he needs to play better period.

MITM's picture

Are you an ASU fan? What do you think of Dj Calhoun

Tarynfor12's picture

Fackrell played. ...what team did you watch.

Finwiz's picture

Yeah Fackrell played less and less as the season went on.
Clearly they didn't view him as effective, and when he played I saw very few impact plays. Maybe he develops, but I'm not counting on him being a key contributor in 2017.

rdent's picture

Fackrell was a reach, is going on what, 27 years old this season, lacks strength,if he doesn't improve on that this off-season he won't be on the team.

Nick Perry's picture

Common give the kid a chance, he's MADE for a 3-4 OLB position. 6' 5" 252 Lbs. People act as though the kid is weak or something. He put up 225 at the combine 15 times. Do you know how hard that is with 33 1/4 inch arms?
The kid like most rookies on the Packers Defense struggled a little his first year. We waited 5 years for Perry to produce and he was a 1st rounder, but people are already calling Frackrell a bust after a single year? Damn, tough crowd!

stockholder's picture

I'll give him a chance. But I will say, TT screwed up the draft with this pick. He's 25 already. A little old. And Considering that he took Spriggs; When he could of had a faster ILB/olb earlier, in Deion Jones. And would of never had to draft Martinez. So lets rewind the draft of 2016. No Trade gives you Jones. The 3rd possibly, a T or Billings NT. (IR) 4th a Rb/Safety. I gave TT a chance. But his might be all busts. AS opposed to BPA! And not redrafting the edge or LBs. in 2017 (Just food for thought)

Bear's picture

Randall as Junior College Cornerback

Following his stellar sophomore season in 2012, he was named an NJCAA First-Team All-American, the Arizona Community College Athletic Conference (ACCAC) Defensive Player of the Year and a First-Team All-Conference member at cornerback and on returns and a First-Team All-Western States Football League (WSFL) pick at both cornerback and on returns.

stockholder's picture

Terrific Value. This draft has some 22 Cbs that could come off the board by pick 100. And 5 Safeties. Thats 27 picks! Why are we worried about Randall. I'm not worried about Randall. With 27 picks why are we pressed to take a cb? Randall will be fine.

fthisJack's picture

you talk like all 27 are going to be NFL starters. there will be some that won't play a down in the NFL. some may be serviceable back-ups. you need to be spot on in the player evaluation so you get a starting CB for many years. that , my friend, is not a gimmee!

stockholder's picture

I understand totally what your saying about getting the right one to start for MANY years. But look how we kept Jarrod Bush. And I think many of these 27 will turn into Bush. Think of the top 3 rounds. 27 of these guys will go in the top 100. 15 need to Learn, regardless! Not to mention over-matched. There is no guarantee that any of the 27, will be starters for years. That includes all 27. A good example is SHIELDS. Who learned and just could not stay on the field. (Career shorten) But the savings in Cash and development, justifies all 27 being taken. If your looking for a shut down CB. You won't find him at #29 either. It takes time. And that's why TT signed House. Thats why Hyde and Hayward still found another team. The truth is it's not a gimmee! It's the player with the higher CEILING!

stockholder's picture

DPF you still have your head up your own tush. Remember the playoff game against the Giants. He only had to recover the ball, and the packers would have been in the super bowl again. Seems he was not the only player who could not pick up the ball though. Remember the on side kick. Just follow the bouncing ball and you can sing more comments.

Lphill's picture

I always say lets judge a player when he is 100 % healthy when there is no excuse that he was playing hurt, I think Randall will show us he is capable when not injured. Let's hope that's this coming season.

EdsLaces's picture

Wow did we really just have Joe Mixon in for a visit ....color me shocked.

dobber's picture

I'm a fan...I just don't believe the Packers will pull the trigger on him.

croatpackfan's picture

I said that first. TT has history of lookingt at young guys who made mistakes. Will he pick Joe Mixon or not, depšends how he see maturation process in Joe Mixon.

What Mixon did was childish and very, very low hit on someone who is much, much weaker than he is. If he matured to the level to understand what he did, TT may try to give him another chance.

Every young kid deserve 2nd chance...

4thand1's picture

People tend to give up on players to quickly. Before last year most people wanted Adam's head on a platter. We lost a guy because he got hurt ,and played hurt, then lead the league in ints last year after a promising rookie season. Patience, good things come to he who waits.

chugwater's picture

I couldn't agree more.

My outlook is a little broader in scope. I look at all three of the second year CBs and think at least one and probably two of them will develop into solid starters. Heck, Rollins may be the one who blossoms in his third year in the NFL (fourth year playing the position). It's not just (or only) Randall who needs to take the third year leap.

The addition of McCray to the O line allows TT to sit back and draft best available pass rusher/CB in a draft loaded with them.

I'm bullish on our prospects.

EdsLaces's picture

Rollins is and will continue to be terrible...

4thand1's picture

We'll find out soon enough ED

EdsLaces's picture

Yes we will sir

stockholder's picture

Rollins gets cut after this draft.

chugwater's picture

No way. Raw talent who has a cheap salary cap number.

You apparently are unfamiliar with TT's MO.

stockholder's picture

Rollins was an experiment. basketball to football. Raw talent he has. So does Janis. Bench warmer,maybe???? The Experiment will be over.

stockholder's picture

Then why sign House, or draft a CB.? How can you compare a DL to a CB? Worthy was making progress till he blew out his knee. As usual your posts don't contain merit.

Nick Perry's picture

No Worthy shredded his ACL in week 17 against the Vikings his rookie season, played 2 games the following season and was cut. He WAS terrible though.

stockholder's picture

You are correct. But I'm going to add a little footnote. Prior to his ACL in week 17. The televised game a week or so earlier. Showed Worthy limping badly coming down the tunnel. They said he was playing hurt. A picture is worth a 1000 words. The trainers should have stopped him from playing and did not.

Nick Perry's picture

Goodson was an experiment, Rollins was a 2nd round draft choice. Ted isn't about to use a 2nd round pick on a "Experiment". Ted cut Knile Davis after less than a week after trading for him to avoid giving up a conditional pick, probably a 7th. I think Rollins could still turn out to be better than Randall, this year we find out exactly what we have.

stockholder's picture

That wasn't the scouting report. Rollins had a higher ceiling. No way Rollins will turn out better than Randall. TT took a chance, and rollins is just to slow. Goodson Bust! Rollins will too. But it was a great GM move. (Pay Scale) They lost williams and Hayward.

croatpackfan's picture


stockholder's picture

Chinese proverb #2. Girl run faster with dress up, than guy with pants down.

rdent's picture

Sure everyone HOPES Randall and Rollins come back better this season but hope is only hope, odds say GB picks at least 2 CB's

Michael Grunewald's picture

I was one of Adams few supporters his second year. I never had an issue because you could see flashes. I have yet to see anything resembling an outside cover corner out of Randall. His issues were not physical. The big plays consistently came with his eyes in the backfield, bites in double moves ... and in general not knowing his role in zone coverage. It was T Buck all over again.

Chris Peterson's picture

Yea I think it's way too early to give up on Randall or Rollins. I think both will play better next year if healthy. I also think Gunter is decent ... He just shouldn't be covering No. 1 wide outs. But solid depth guy IMO.

porupack's picture

Like others have said before, I think credit bearmeat and/or since 61; there are just too many positions where we just hope someone will improve. Not disputing the article.
But if all of last year's veterans step up next year....the team will probably be better:)

Handsback's picture

Good grief...didn't Adams show what happens when a young player comes back from injury? Randall and Rollins will be back this year with a vengance. Now, Green Bay is still going to draft at least 1 CB this year. When a draft is loaded, you pick that fruit and wait while it rippens. I also think TT will take a TE for the same reason.
Getting back to the article, yes Randall and Rollins need to improve from last year and build up their bodies for this season.

Mebrooks5291's picture


The TKstinator's picture

50% chance of being right.
50% chance of being wrong.
He either steps up or he doesn't.

I believe it was the immortal Nuke Laloosh who said, "Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. Sometimes it rains."

Turophile's picture

Too many people have a need to decide NOW if Randall and Rollins will be any good. Let it play out.

Finwiz's picture


Michael Grunewald's picture

Why is it everyone wants to keep blaming injury? Watch week two....Stephon Diggs going off for 187. Week 3, Marvin Jones over 200. Say what you will about these guys, but neither is blue chip receiver. He was problematic before the well as after. I think the guy is best suited in the slot.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Because while we know when Randall and Rollins started missing games, we don't know exactly when they first tweaked their respective injuries. Coaches probably know this, though. Many times I tweaked something and was able to play through it, and other times I tried to play through it but it got worse so I had to shut it down after a while.

Michael Grunewald's picture

To me, his issues were never physical...but mental. He seemed to co timually bite on double moves....and worse...didn't seem to know where his help was in zone. It was a lot like watching T Buck out there. Would additional reps have helped....sure. But when I look at the full package, even as a rookie, there has been nothing to suggest this guy can be a shut frown corner. Can he be a playmaker and a serviceable starter...part of a fair secondary...maybe. Would I rather have Benardrick McKinney thumping in the middle...he!! yeah.

cheesycowboy's picture

I believe our secondary has already improved with the additions on the D line along with Clark improving. Nick Perry has to earn his contract and become CMIII 2.0. CMIII needs to stay healthy and earn his money or this could be a very short season indeed.

egbertsouse's picture

What I saw from Randall at the end of last season was not encouraging. He looked totally lost out there. I hope he improves next year but I wouldn't count on it. Also, everyone says he will be better when he's not dinged up. Anybody remember a period of time when he wasn't dinged up? He always seems to have some nagging injury. He's the Nick Perry on DBs.

badaxed's picture

"But mostly, he just got beat, a lot"

PETER MAIZ's picture

Whether Randall and Rollins improve is not a given. And this being so, TT will have to recruit early for a CB. Why take chances?

Chris Peterson's picture

Yea I don't think Randall is a No. 1 CB, not a shutdown CB anyway. But NE just won a super bowl with 2-3 good corners but no shut down guy and no Butler isn't a shutdown corner either. They need competent cover guys and a guy or two that won't be physically dominated by Dez and Julio. Unfortunately, those guys are hard to find.

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