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Packers Moving Bryan Bulaga, Josh Sitton to the Left Side

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Packers Moving Bryan Bulaga, Josh Sitton to the Left Side

At the NFL owners meetings in March, Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy made it abundantly clear that the play from his offensive line in 2012—especially on the left side—wasn't good enough.

Just a few days into May, and McCarthy is already making the changes he feels will spawn the improvement he's looking for come September.

According to Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, McCarthy will move Bryan Bulaga from right to left tackle, and Josh Sitton from right to left guard. T.J. Lang will slot in as the right guard, with right tackle up for grabs between Marshall Newhouse, Don Barclay and Derek Sherrod, if healthy.

"I sat down with Bryan and Josh on Monday and I told them I wanted to make the move to where they're on the left side," McCarthy told Silverstein. "Those two are our most accomplished and experienced players. I told them about the responsibilities and my expectations about playing the left side."

McCarthy hinted at such a move while in Arizona for the annual owners meetings.

“We need some improvement from the left side of our line," McCarthy said. "Our left side and the center position, we need improvement there. We need to get the left side to play better.”

Bulaga, a 2010 first-round pick, has made 33 career NFL starts, all on the right side. He played left tackle at the University of Iowa, but found his way into the starting lineup at right tackle when Mark Tauscher went down with a season-ending injury in 2010. Bulaga made 12 starts there his rookie season, and four more in the postseason, and has stuck on the right side ever since.

While Bulaga has steadied right tackle, mediocre play on the left side has plagued the Packers since losing Chad Clifton in 2011.

A fifth-round pick in 2010, Newhouse has started the last 29 regular-season games for the Packers at left tackle, with varied results. In 2011, Newhouse allowed 59 total quarterback disruptions and graded out as NFL's worth tackle at Pro Football Focus. He improved slightly in 2012, but still ranked 54th out of 80 eligible tackles after allowing 46 more disruptions.

Newhouse will now get a chance to play on the right side, although Barclay, a 2012 undrafted free agent, and Sherrod, who McCarthy expressed optimism for following the draft, will get an equal shot to win the job opposite Bulaga.

Shifting Sitton—a Pro Bowler at right guard—is likely a product of keeping the blindside of Aaron Rodgers, the Packers new $110 million quarterback, better protected in 2013 and beyond. Sitton has graded out as one of the best pass-blocking guards in football in each of the last three seasons, while Lang took a step back in 2012 while fighting through various arm injuries.

After researching the idea, McCarthy said he liked Sitton better on the left side. Lang, more of a power guard, might be better served on the offense's strong side. He also noted that positional decisions on David Bakhtiari and J.C. Tretter will come following the Packers rookie mini camp next week.

At the very least, McCarthy is taking a radical approach to accomplishing the guarantee he made for the offensive line in 2013.

"We will be a better offensive line next year," McCarthy said. "You can write that down."

Time will tell whether better is the right word. But different appears to be a certainty.

Zach Kruse is a 24-year-old sports writer who contributes to Cheesehead TV, Bleacher Report and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He also covers prep sports for the Dunn Co. News. You can reach him on Twitter @zachkruse2 or by email at [email protected].

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perrin's picture

The Packer Gods have heards our plea's and answered our prayers. Curly, Vince, Reggie; thank you. Subtract 20 sacks (at least) and add 10 td's. 2nd most exciting move of the offseason! (Drafting Datone Jones)

Kparis99's picture

It seems that the Packers fans that have been screaming the loudest are getting their wishes granted. All I heard up to the draft was we need Lacy, Lacy, Lacy. And we need Bulaga on the left side, over and over. This is very strange for the Packers, and it kind of makes me nervous.

Evan's picture

Ha. I've been pushing for it as loudly as anyone and now that it's happening I'm nervous too. What the hell do I know?!

But I trust McCarthy.

Fudding's picture

That made me laugh out loud while it was completely quiet at my work.

James's picture

Think of it this way, Kparis. Bulaga has played Right Tackle at a high level for 2 years including a Superbowl win. His natural position is Left Tackle.

cow42's picture

1. Does this mean that the right side of the line is gonna suck now?

2. I think we might be seeing a lot less shotgun than we have the last couple of seasons...
a) legit rb's to put behind 12 as opposed to right next to him.
b) allows rb's a full head of steam as opposed to being handed the ball while standing still.
c) in shotgun there isn't as much of a "blindside". with a direct snap there certainly is - thus the need to solidify 12's backside.
d) not as obvious that the play will be a pass - slow down the pass rush... plus 12's always been $ with playaction (which calls for more time from the line)

3. I have never heard of a team completely flip-flopping their line. not saying it won't work... just can't ever remember it happening.

4. When's Bulaga's contract up? cuz if he performs, he's about to get PAID.

Kevin VG's picture

Totally agree with your thoughts. Last year, teams just sat back and dared us to run. And when we did, it was with minimal results. Add to the fact that opposing teams were constantly rushing at Rodgers, which resulted in the high sack/hit numbers. And I thought our RBs struggled at times with blitz pickups. Having Rodgers get the ball from under center will hopefully reduce the number of blitzes we see each game and open up more options for us on offense. I'm excited to see how Bulaga and Sitton do on the left side! What helps is MM is doing this early in the offseason so they have plenty of time to work on their footwork and technique.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Cow, u and I haven't agreed much lately. But I completely agree with you here..

The only thing though is I don't see them doing less Shotgun snaps. Or if they do it won't be dramatically less. Although I do agree with your points on why they might do it less...

I do wonder if they will put the Pistol in though. (Lining up the RB behind QB in shotgun.) It just gives more of a rushing threat from the shotgun look. With a true running threat it might work.

Tony's picture

I've never been a fan of giving the running back the ball 4 yards behind the line with no head of steam. I'd be all for less shotgun.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I agree. I would like to see less shotgun, I just don't see them doing it.
Although they have got 2 high round RB's now and they are moving the line around so who knows.
All I know is that if this offense finally has a rushing threat, its going to be very hard to stop.
Play action could actually become a part of the offense again...

mark's picture

Yes, hello again play action! Amen to that. I fully expect Jordy Nelson to repeat his #s from the season before last.

pooch's picture

Always hated shotgun,hate it even more when they handoff out of shotgun

ohenry78's picture

Does the running back run slower to the line of scrimmage with the ball in his arms? He's going the same speed by the time he gets to the line of scrimmage whether he gets the ball on the run or standing still.

Lars's picture

No matter which side Bulaga plays on he's about to get paid. So what? Anything is better than watching Newhouse suck on the left side. This move could have been made a year ago and nobody would have have blinked.

Stroh's picture

That assuming Bulaga is a better pass blocking than Newhouse. He's had his share ofpass blocking issues too. Seattle ring any bells?

We know Sittons good where ever but I'm skeptical Bulaga is a better pass blocker than Newhouse at LT.

Barutan Seijin's picture

Agree. For whatever reason, Bulaga wasn't terribly effective pass blocking last year. Rookie draft picks or no, the pass has to be the Pack's bread and butter because Rodgers is their best player. Bulaga's gotta be more effective pass blocking

I get the feeling that the line will get reshuffled in midseason.

Mel's picture

One bad game as opposed to a bad season I will take. Bulaga played poor in seatle and it took the final play for us to lose. Only the great LT's don't have bad games. I think Bulaga should have been LT last year. Makes sense to move sitton with him cause they play so well together. These guys are pros they will be able to handle the switch. Plus it is may not aug making this move.

Stroh's picture

It was definitely more than one bad game vs Seattle! Previous games were below average.

jim's picture

i think what it means is that the Man needs protection from the blindside, and drafting in the position that the packers usually draft in...near the very end of the round...means that the elite left tackles arent available. with bulaga being the best we have and he and sitton working together on one side, it may benefit the packers greatly to move them to the left side, and get some road graders for the right side. a lot of things may have changed with the packer offense after this last draft... getting some backs that can tote the ball and getting an offensive line that can push the pile might mean that we are going to push the pile a lot more than usual. if these new backs can get the defenses off that cover two defense, and the line can block for the run, rogers can have a field day. i like your thoughts with this.

Hank Scorpio's picture

I guess it remains to be seen if Bulaga can play LT but I think he'll at least be better than Newhouse. I have no concerns about Sitton making the flip to LG.

Barclay was adequate as a rookie and should only improve from there. If he is the baseline at RT, I'm ok with it. If Sherrod or Newhouse beats him out, that just means better play @ RT.

I think Lang will be fine @ RG. I'm not quite as sold on EDS at OC. But I think Tretter and Bakhtiari will provide competition inside and competition breeds improvement.

Chad Toporski's picture

"1. Does this mean that the right side of the line is gonna suck now?"

That was my first thought...

Jamie's picture

The RT position will likely be better than last year, since Bulaga really didn't even play (or played poorly when he did), with Barclay getting more experience and strength...or if Sherrod or Newhouse beat out the (expected) better Barclay.

At RG, I would expect Lang to be solid, but not the very least.

I like the prospects of the move...mostly due to Bulaga going to LT, and the expectation we have multiple choices that are better fits at RT.

chazman's picture

Even if it does still suck at least Rodgers will (should) be able to see it coming and take appropriate action. It won't be coming from his blindside. Hell, maybe he'll even dump the ball off to a running back.

DHoward's picture

“1. Does this mean that the right side of the line is gonna suck now?”

Is Barclay an upgrade over Newhouse at RT?

Will Sherrod be healthy this year and compete at RT? Could he play RG if Lang under-performs?

I guess if it all goes to sh-t you hit reset and flip it back to the way it was.

Derek in Co's picture

This move makes total sense to me, let's just hope Bulaga is healthy (or will be). I like the competition they drafted as well. Imagine how good ARod could be if he didn't have to scramble around for his life back there. He can't get sacked 50+ times again, or he won't make it through his contract.

jeremy's picture

I would say this means they have very little doubt as to the health of Bulaga's hip.

Stroh's picture

His hip was never a threat to his career or anything. Just a broken bone (crack) of the hip bone (Pelvis). Bones heal themselves pretty easily. Not like he also had a dislocation like Bo Jackson that ruined the integrity of the joint.

Mike's picture

Wasn't even a Clifton-like level injury

Evan's picture

Whoa! Does MM read this blog?

I've long been in favor of moving Bulaga to the left, but never even considered moving Sitton too. Seems like a bold move. Here's hoping it works.

antonio's picture

Lucky for me I'm not Aaron Rodgers. He'll gonna get smacked down an awful lot next year.

Beep's picture

Can't hurt to try something new.
Now what about ditching the zone blocking scheme? Instead of having a running back always guessing where the hole might be, how about we man up and push some guys out of the way.

cow42's picture

you mean....

PackersRS's picture

The problem isn't the zone blocking per se. The #1 rushing team last year used zone blocking (Washington). Houston has been one of the best run teams in years and uses zone blocking.

The problem is that there's nobody on the coaching staff that knows how to properly teach it.

The Packers don't exactly have the personel to power block either.

However, right now, with Lacy and Franklin, the Packers have gotten 2 very good one cut backs to make the ZBS better. None of them are particularly great at finding holes, but that's teachable and they make up for it with other qualities.

With Lacy, they have a punishing back that will wear defenses down, and with Franklyn, they finally have a decent screen threat.

I wouldn't expect a great rushing team, because our OL isn't great at runblocking. But with good backs that complement each other as well as what the offense's strenghts are, it'll go a long way towards balance.

I really expect one of the best offenses in Packers' history, if both can stay healthy.

There's finally someone to win on short yardage and wear down defenses, and there's finally someone to make defenses pay when they sell out to the pass.

And they'll see 7 man boxes almost every single time.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

stay healthy.

"There’s finally someone to win on short yardage and wear down defenses, and there’s finally someone to make defenses pay when they sell out to the pass"

Damn. Skippy.

Lou's picture

Even with as good an offense as hey have they know they need to get better and the areas that need to do better (line - backs) and welcome changing things, that is so encouraging for the fan base. To go a step further, I still believe Lang is their best option at center long term (McCarthy last week indicated he can play center), if (BIG IF) Sherrod is healthy he could take over at RT and they could move Barclay to guard, that would be their best offensive line in years.

Drealyn Williams's picture

I eff'n knew it (minus the Sitton move)!!! Now,if Barclay can improve his pass pro this move will be awesome! The Pack will now be able to run to either side. Last year's strong side was obviously on the right with Sitton + Bulaga (then Barclay). This season's potential pair (Lang + Barclay) will clearly be a better tandem than Newhouse + Lang of last season. O-Line Coaches: Do your jobs! Players: Bring your A-games! I love this move.

Jesse's picture

Bulaga graded out as below average in PFF rankings at RT last year. I know he may have been playing hurt, but I worry that this is more of a side-step than true upgrade at the more demanding LT position.

That said, I think we can all agree that Newhouse was not the answer at LT and I welcome this change since I don't know that we have any better options.

IowaPackFan's picture

LT is Bulaga's college position, and realize that he only played barely more than half the season before getting hurt. Not a great sample size for his grade.

Idiot Fan's picture

You probably have the Seattle game bringing his score waaaaay down too.

Tundraboy's picture

That is what for me has to now be in the back of everyone's mind. Yes people have one bad game and that is used to downgrade someone , and that is usually unfair but this is different. He was so over matched that game it was shocking, Can not even think of any time I saw someone beat so bad,it was embarassing.. Cant sugar coat that. Has to always make you wonder.

At the same time LT is obviously a position he is confortable with and if they move Lang to center and evryone else is healthy !! And if Barclay and the picks are real !!!!

Cant wait to see the team play this year.

Stroh's picture

Bulaga had all of training camp to be ready for the season. Yet Bulaga didn't play well from the beginning of the season. Got better after he blew up against Seattle, but he had no excuse for his poor play from the beginning of the season!

Ma Linger's picture

I sure like Beluga a lot and hope he has recovered from that hip injury. Those can be nasty and recurring.
You may recall Bo Jackson's career was cut short by a hip disease caused by an infection from a hip fracture, so its not something to blow off.
I don't think the staff has a lot of faith in Sherrod and Newhouse. Both will probably find a lot of time on the bench playing fill in roles. Or cut. Especially Sherrod whom the Packers expected back last year for part of the season. If he shows up terribly out of shape, I think he is toast. They move on.

Stroh's picture

Bulaga and Bo Jackson have completely different hip injuries! Bulaga has a broken bone but the joint integrity is fine and had no damage. Crack in bone just has to heal itself.

Bo Jackson had a hip dislocation. So the ball of the Femur (thigh bone) came out of the socket in the hip bone. When that happens the structural integrity of the hip is compromised. So the tendons and connective tissue that held the ball of the thigh bone in the hip socket was ruined. And I think Bo also had a broken bone, that needed to be replaced. Bo had to get a hip replacement surgery. Bulaga was never near that severity and didn't have the integrity of the joint compromised.

Drealyn Williams's picture

Oh sh*t! I just thought about Sherrod or Newhouse playing RT. What other reason would McCarthy bring both Sitton + Bulaga over to the left? In that case,my 1st comment would become void.

PackerPete's picture

I think Bulaga is just a stop-gap for now. I just don't see him as a LT. He wasn't really a good RT either. I liked Barclay better, so I think this is also a move to play the better RT there. I know he is inexperienced, but he displayed more power in the run game than Bulaga, and I also think over time he'll be a better pass protector. What I hope is that Sherrod will be healthy sometime this season and take over at LT. Moving Sitton to the left probably is a good move, but may also be done to help Bulaga. Oh well, what do I know? We will all see come September. I really like that there will be a lot of competition, though.

Stroh's picture

I don't care for Bulaga at LT either. I'm not convinced he's better at LT than Newhouse. Better run blocker, but I can't say I think Bulaga will be a better pass blocker at LT than Newhouse.

Whats gonna happen if Sherrod is healthy and shows he's the better LT? Or if Newhouse steps up an shows he is the better LT? You move Bulaga back to RT and then have to move Sitton too?

IMO, they should just have a LT competition but leave Sitton and Lang alone.

Ideal OL IMO...
Sherrot LT, Barclay or Lang LG, EDS C, Sitton RG Bulaga RT.

Have an open competition at LT and LG if you want but I wouldn't move Sitton for sure.

dawg's picture

Interesting, I guess after giving up 50 sacks a yr., somethings gotta give.
Seams like every year they are trying something different along the line, hope it works.

Evan's picture

"Seams like every year they are trying something different along the line, hope it works."

I don't see that at all. The last 2 years have been the same, minus the center (and that was a change that was forced upon them).

I think this is them finally trying something different.

dawg's picture

Clifton, Wells, Saturday, all gone last two yrs. I'd call that something different along the line, just sayin!

dawg's picture

Maybe it's a a Coaching thingy?

Tarynfor12's picture

I was adamantly against the thought of moving Bulaga to the LT spot from the beginning.The thought of moving Sitton over as well NEVER entered the thought process but moving both is a solid move but I won't call a check mate just yet,but a check has been called in this chess game.

If this allows our (hoped for expected)run game to become an actual factor,then the right side will need to procure a dominant duo and Barclay IMO, would likely be half of it right now.

Is it possible to see an early season Tretter,Bahktiari and Barclay from center over on the right side with EDS,Lang and Newhouse/Sherrod fighting to not become backups,cut or traded?

This move will make camp very interesting!

Evan's picture

That would be a huge shock if both Tretter and Bahktiari cracked the starting lineup this season.

I think Lang is just about as entrenched as you can be at RG (though someone above brought up the idea of Lang at Center, Barclay at RG and Sherrod at RT - that'd be great, I think).

Cpheph1's picture

FWIW, I think Lang is at least the 3rd best OL on team. I like the reshuffle and think the competition at RT will be interesting; I also like Barclay as favorite there. Thought of moving Lang to C crossed my mind after we lost Wells...regardless, Lang is a keeper at either G and C would be icing. ED'S is at least serviceable @C.

cow42's picture

the more i think about this, the more i feel that they must REALLY like Barclay.

the only way they could make sure to give Barclay a legit chance to be a starter was to move Bulaga.

-can't have Barclay playing LT.
-he's not a C.
-i suppose he could play LG or RG but they just handed both of their starting G's a bunch of $.

this move may have been made to get Barclay on the field.

Evan's picture

The Lang at C and Barclay at RG scenario really intrigues me.

perrin's picture

Langs a monster @ guard, Barclay is a mauler & a much better run blocker than pass blocker. Barclay or the Ivy leaguer Van Roten for Center, Lang @ RG, Sherrod, Bakhtiari, and Newhouse battle it out to the death for the RT spot... since we're all making a Christmas list.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Who would be your RT in that scenario?

Evan's picture


I dunno. The last man standing among Sherrod, Newhouse, Datko, Bakhtiari...

RC Packer Fan's picture

Yeah, I didn't know if you had someone in mind in that scenario. I didn't know if you liked someone more then others.

Evan's picture

Oh, well among the 4, Sherrod is probably the most talented offensive tackle. I'm crossing all my fingers that he's healthy and ready to go for training camp. After him, I really have no strong feelings.

jim's picture

yeah...interesting thought

Jake's picture

I think they know what Barclay brings to the run game, and based off the draft, that's something they'd really like to focus on.

Hands's picture

I think you are right. The draft picks this year will provide significant depth and competition but I also think Barclay may be the reason. Now he did show up for off-season workouts pretty heavy, but maybe it's just water weight!

bryce's picture


Mrweit27's picture

Hey Packer nation. Longtime reader, first time writer. Love the move but what about Datko? Any chance we see him?

packsmack25's picture

I doubt he'll disappear. He'll likely be in the running for a backup T spot and if he shines in camp, could steal a spot on the starting line. The key for him is how well he's healed up. He spoke last year a lot about not trusting his shoulder mentally even though he was physically cleared. Either way, he's a good "problem" to have.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture


ArodMoney's picture

I don't think TJ Lang has ever been confused with 'a power guard'

Evan's picture

Also, who was it who shot me down a couple weeks ago and said this was never a real consideration by the Packers but just idle fan chatter?? How's my ass taste??

JK, obviously.

cow42's picture

wasn't me.

by the way - i like this move.
can't fully explain why.
just sound right.

Evan's picture

Yeah, I agree. I think I just like that they're trying something different after two years of the same issues.

SHODAN's picture

Might have something to do with the fact that it improves the physicality of the line (or at least creates that perception). Additionally, it potentially shores up what should be the most important part of the line -- the part that protects Rodgers' blind side -- with our two best linemen (provided Bulaga's healthy).

Kind of a two-for-one proposition.

BubbaOne's picture

TT, MM and the coaching staff have proven themselves culminating in a 52-20 (.722) record over the last four years including winning a SB.

What I don't get is if these moves are so obvious why weren't they done last offseason? Mybe they were waiting to see if Newhouse could make the jump to a solid LT, other than that I don't get it.

packsmack25's picture

They talk a lot about continuity on the line, and I think that, coupled with what you said about hoping Newhouse would make a jump, were both factors. Also, I think the fact that Datko and Sherrod weren't as far along as they'd hoped in recovering from injuries made them less comfortable with their depth last season.

packsmack25's picture

This further solidifies the fact that they want to run the ball, and not just to the right side. They must have looked at the tape on Newhouse and thrown their hands up when it came to running plays. I'd say the guys that are the most aggressive on the right side are going to be the guys that get the job. Barclay would seem to have the inside track at RT right now, but it really seems like it will be a VERY open competition at RT and C.

Camp is going to be full of great questions:
Can Sherrod block?
Is Datko a dark horse if healthy?
Can Bakhtiari make a push to play?
Will Newhouse get fired up and keep a job?
Will EDS, Van Roten, or Tretter step up as a quality C, or will someone else have to switch(Lang)?
Can a T-Rex play LT?
Does any of this matter with Campen as coach?

Things to think about, for sure.

cow42's picture

Not to be negative (again) but I don't think either of the new guys have any real chance of starting this year. I'd be surprised if more than 1 made the roster (with the other on PS).

they just need too much work.

Evan's picture

I agree. I'd expect Tretter to be, at best, the top backup for G and C.

I'd also expect Bakhtiari to be a backup RT while Newhouse is backup LT (that assumes Sherrod isn't 100% and Barclay wins the RT spot).

If Sherrod is healthy and doesn't win RT, he'll be backup T, obviously.

Cpheph1's picture

I don't disagree that both rookie 4th rnd OL guys need reps/work. However, I think both stick on 53. JMHO...

dawg's picture

+1 Packsmack

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

"Can Sherrod block?"

How about, can he get cleared first. Baby steps, man.

packsmack25's picture

That's what I meant. He can probably walk and work out without incident, but when he tries to block, will he have a setback?

Tundraboy's picture

that is it in a nutshell !

Idiot Fan's picture

Man, think about how good Rodgers has been with no running game and a mediocre Oline. If he gets either (or both!) of those things.....holy crap.

dawg's picture

Yep, and if they had top flight OL coach.

Brian's picture


cow42's picture

sure hope the reason that they moved sitton too ISN'T that they think Bulaga won't be able to man the left side without a probowler next to him.

Evan's picture

I don't know if that's the case.

I think it's more likely they feel Sitton and Bulaga's familiarity playing alongside each other should help smooth the transition.

mark's picture

Does it even matter if that's the case? Sometimes guys do well side by side...look at Crockett and Tubbs, Bo and Luke, Ponch and Jon, Maverick and Goose, Ben and Jerry...

Denver's picture

I was hoping they'd move Bulaga over, but never even thought about moving Sitton as well. I like it.
And I sure hope it works!

G's picture

You move them both so that there is still one side of the line that is better. A line is like a chain link fence - you'd rather have all the holes in one spot.

cow42's picture

if all the holes were in the same spot wouldn't it more like a doorway than a fence?

PackersRS's picture

Not a fan of shuffling the OL, but it's not like it was working the other way around.

Sitton's play the last 2 years have been subpar, and after a superb, top 5 season in 2011, he was really bad last year.

There's plenty of evidence that the blind side isn't relevant anymore (see last 10 SB winners and their respective LTs), so I don't really understand why this move was made.

Rodgers does have a tendency of rolling to his right, though.

Evan's picture

"he was really bad last year."

You're the only person I've seen/heard/read who thinks that.

PackersRS's picture

That's one. Pro Football Focus stated it a while back, but since I can't find the article, don't quote me on that.

Also, Seattle game.

Evan's picture

You said Sitton (hence my objection) but I assume you meant Bulaga.

Yeah, no doubt Bulaga had a down year last year. Here's hoping it was injury related and has a big bounce back 2013.

PackersRS's picture

Oops, my bad. Yeah, first part about Sitton, second part about Bulaga...

PackerBacker's picture

"There’s plenty of evidence that the blind side isn’t relevant anymore (see last 10 SB winners and their respective LTs), so I don’t really understand why this move was made."

That's easy to say when it isn't your backside that might get planted by a 300 lb'er, just saying ...

PackersRS's picture

The problem with that sentence is backside.

Both articles clearly show (first one is behind paywall) that the LT position is overvalued in the NFL, that the latests SB champions haven't had elite LTs, and that QBs don't throw primarily to their right, instead spreading the ball around even.

So, backside is relative, enough not to warrant an extra focus on the left side.

But, as I've said, it would take a proper study on Rodgers' preferred throwing/escaping side to make a proper account whether to move Bulaga and Sitton to the left side or not.

At first glance I would say it's not worth it, but McCarthy has said a lot was taken into account, so I'm left with no choice but to root for it.

Lucky953's picture

Change in personnel = change in tactics
Agree with point made about less shotgun. Solid on te left, fierce competition on the right. I'll be surprised if ED'S keeps his starting spot. Lacy and Framklin are obvious catalysts but IMO the sleeper is Charles Johnson who ran a sub 4.4, if he can catch the ball 3rd and short is going to be a lot more fun than last year

PackerBacker's picture

My guess is that AR prefers the shotgun. It gives him a better POV of the defense and allows him to make better pre-snap adjustments.

Mojo's picture


007's picture

Having your two best offensive linemen on your QB left side (which Arodg throws right handed) is a good move.

Fish . Crane's picture

in a small defense of the OL of Christmas Past, our excellent quarter prefers taking sacks to making risky throws.

Cpheph1's picture

Risk adversion can be a good thing...turnovers obviously are more negative plays than sacks. Although I love QB1's decision making, I'm confident he'll get better; would love to see completion % increase (receiver cooperation needed too). I'm really excited about the RB's.

Evan's picture

I don't know how much higher one can realistically expect his completion % to increase. It's already around 68% year in and year out - that's top 2 or 3 in the league.

Evan's picture

Not sure what your point is. That link seems to reinforce my point, actually.

dawg's picture

MM, Lets run==ok, Can you block?
Campen, how did you did you get this job???

BrianD's picture

Something else to consider (which is NOT why they made this decision), if Newhouse excels at RT he'll cost a lot less next offseason than if he were to stick around at LT and have a good year.

jim's picture

i am intrigued by somebodys post above that suggested that barclay move to RG and lang to C. if RT can be found, it sounds like a much tougher offensive line.

Fish/Crane's picture

With a tough and nasty RB behind them.

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