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Packers Mock Draft Monday 6.0

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Packers Mock Draft Monday 6.0

Ross will provide a semi-weekly roundup of national mock drafts relating to the Packers picks.  He'll also utilize Fanspeak's software to do a few mock drafts of his own.  In 2019 the Packers will pick six times in the first four rounds, so those are the rounds that we will focus on.

This mock draft was done using DraftTek's board, user-voted team needs and the "difficult" algorithm.

This is one of my favorites.  Everying on DraftTek's board fell the way that I was kind of hoping for.  Polite is the perfect QB hunter for the Pettine defense, and we've talked about that before.  Hockenson is the top tight end in this draft based on tape alone.  Samuel instantly slides into a starting position as the slot receiver in the Shanahan/LaFleur offense.  He's a plus player, and probably immediately.  Bradbury is a tight end convert and a center by trade, but his ability to block in space and his technical abilities should allow him to play guard in a JC Tretter role where he's the backup center but talented enough to start at any of the three interior line spots.  Bradbury's specifiic skill is his ability to dominate in the zone blocking scheme.  He's so good in space.  Holyfield brings a more talented version of the Jamaal Williams spot into the fold and Amani Hooker has a real chance to contribute right away.  We'll see how he test becuase his film is fantastic.  

As far as an immediate impact is concerned you could certainly make a case that every player on that list has a chance to slide in as a starter except for Holyfield, who would share a part time role with Williams and Jones.


Brad Kelly - The Draft Network - Brian Burns, Irv Smith Jr., Jonathan Abram, Jakobi Meyers, Kaleb McGary, Beau Benzschwazel, Gary Johnson, Neville Gallimore, Andrew Wingard, Tommy Sweeny - Brad does a really nice job here.  Double dipping at offensive line, safety and tight end replenishes those rooms wtih drafted talent.  Brian Burns i a fine "gem" for this class and Meyers starts day one at the slot receiver position.  

Benjamin Solak - The Draft Network - Polite and Noah Fant - Same pass rusher different Iowa Tight End.  Both work.  Fant as a seam stretcher is a real problem in this offense.  People forget Kittle ran a 4.52 at 247 pounds.  That's movin'.  That's a big reason why ihe works so well in the Shanny offense.

Mel Kiper - ESPN + - Marquise Brown and Devin Bush - This is what you do if you're compfortable kicking the can down the street to 2020, and there are Packers fans, fans on this very site who are cool with that.  WR and ILB are both "non-essential" positions, especially as it relates to WRs at 12 and 1st round OBLBs.  I very much like both players.  I actually don't hate the idea of Bush at 30.  I think he's a tremendous fit and a good use of a "bonus" pick.  I think Mel is just trolling at this point in his career with these early mocks.

Brent Sobleski - Bleacher Report - Montez Sweat and Irv Smith Jr. - right positions, wrong guys.  - If you're gonig to grab a TE that isn't an Iowa TE, just wait until 44 or later.  The class is plenty deep and I think there's a real chance ISJ is there at 44.  If the Packers take Sweat with Polite and Burns both on the board I might cry.

James Siebers - DraftTek - Sweat, Greg Little, Taylor Rapp, TJ Hockenson - Tried to give the DraftTek Mock a look because I'm using their board this week.  I know I give people a lot of grief for saying "he won't be there".  I am here to tell you that unless TJ Hockenson runs a 5.2 in Indy he's not going to be available with the 75th pick.  Kiper just mocked him 8th overall.  That is not going to happen.  I'm out on this draft top to bottom.  I mean obvoiusly I'd be in the streets flipping over cars if they picked Hock at 75 but that specifically isn't going to happen unless he runs a cop car into a crate full of puppies.  Sweat was taken as EDGE3, he's not EDGE3.  Little is a tackle that doesn't project as an inside convert so he'll start the season on the bench.  Rapp is a box safety.  No, gracias.

Maurice Jones-Drew- Network - Jaylon Ferguson and Christian Wilkins - fire that one into the sun.  

Ryan Wilson - CBS Sports - Rashan Gary  and Noah Fant - This is fine.  It's just fine.  This is one that I would be mad after Gary, happy after Fant, and then eventually talk myself into completely.  Gary would be a weapon that could be utilized all along the front for Pettine.  

Dan Kadar - Mocking the Draft/SB Nation- Polite and Hockenson - I would need ot be pulled off the ceiling.  That is the level of hype this would bring into my life.  Home run.

Packers Draft Prospect Vid of the Week (no highlights) 


Ross Uglem is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter @RossUglem 

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Community Guy's picture

i am hoping that the Packers basically repeat last year in drafting defensive guys early, and, then, offensive guys. 3 defenders with the first 3 picks.. unless some gift falls to the Pack in round 2.

Pilprin's picture

I am very leary of both Polite and Sweat...yet intrigued by both. I would like to see a OLB in college be an OLB in the NFL. It has been a while since we have had that.

In the end...take the best talent regardless of position at 12 and 30.

MITM's picture

This would be ideal, but these mock draft sims usually always are. No way Holyfield is there in the 4th, Hooker wont be either. But damn do I love doing these sims and checking out others.

CAG123's picture

It’s possible Eddie Jackson was a 4th round pick

Minniman's picture

"Mel Kiper - ESPN + - Marquise Brown and Devin Bush - This is what you do if you're compfortable kicking the can down the street to 2020, and there are Packers fans, fans on this very site who are cool with that."

Ross, I think that you will find that those fans are hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. The reality is that if the football gods shine next year then the Rodgers led Packers could make some noise, however the most probable thing is that a good off-season of acquisitions this year legitimately set them up for a run the years after (with the depth to take the inevitable injuries in stride).

Your mock, if it panned out, would give the Packers huge potential. thumbs up from me (holyfield is a personal favorite - I don't imagine that this kid was raised soft)

CAG123's picture

I actually like Hooker as a later round pick it’s a small sample size but Iowa seems to produce DBs that won’t blow you away athletically but have high football IQ. Desmond King was a 5th round pick 2 years ago because of his combine numbers and was an all-pro corner this past season and you had Micah Hyde in 2017 also being an all-pro. If Hooker is there in 3rd or 4th the Packers should snatch him up.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

I don't even know Holyfield, but if he came from UGA and is Evanders son then I'm all for it!!

Lare's picture

This is supposed to be a deep draft for defensive players, I would be very surprised if the Packers don't trade down out of the 12th spot.

Lots of holes to fill on this roster, more picks in the first three rounds would help do that.

CAG123's picture

They’ll essentially be picking up only one extra pick they would swap first round picks then the other team would throw in either a 3rd or 4th maybe a 2nd if they’re lucky.

Demon's picture

No more trading down!!! TT built the packers current roster(which isnt very good) by trading down. If you want a bunch more JAGS ,by all means. Packers havent had a pick this high in nearly 2 decades dont waste it by pulling another Thompson move.

BamaPackFan's picture

I could stomach a trade to 15 with Washington, knowing they need
a QB. An extra 3rd could be a great player or ammo to move up into 2nd for a surprise faller. No further, and only if there are enough elite level Edge guys that we can still get one at 15. Below Bosa and Allen, I think there are another 3 in the same level.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

We should take Daniel Jones and trade Rodgers for 2 more 1 st round picks...we are rebuilding into a new younger team. Time to move on from the Rodgers pony show.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Get your point but boy with #12 sure would like taking that player that should be a difference maker for years to come. I know last year worked out but I think it is harder to move back and get that difference maker as a pass rusher.

Moving back from #30 and picking up an extra 2nd and 3rd round pick works for me. That is unless there is a star caliber player who for whatever reason fell in the draft that normally shouldn't be available.

Minniman's picture

If this year's draft fall is cruel to the Packers and they do decide to trade back with one of their first rounders then I'd advocate only for a 2020 first rounder (plus more).

I also think that this trade should probably be the #30 pick and not the #12 - BPA is going to be a difference maker whomever they select.

Monsmoy's picture

Obv depends on what is on the board, but I also think trading back could be likely. If Jonah Williams is there, then take him but I think the best result would be to trade down with the Skins and take Hock at 15. This should get an additional 2nd, worse case 3rd. What do we lose out on in the trade? Well, most people are saying we can get Polite at 12 (or one of Sweat, Ferrell, Polite, Burns). I am not sure they are way ahead of a number of other bona fide college OLBs that will go in second or even third. That is the depth people acknowledge in this draft. Hockenson is a genuine difference maker and deserves a 1st round pick, but who will take a TE that early? 15 is about right. If we could then get Dillard or Ford at 30, that would be brilliant. Will be interesting to see the final Big Boards settle after Combine

J0hn Denver's Gavel's picture

a tradeback from #12 to #15 would net a low 3rd rounder and a low 6Th rounder according to the ol' points system.

BamaPackFan's picture

I like the way you think. I would be thrilled with that trade if we got Hock and Ford. I think Ford will be gone, but I think we could use 30 and 1 of our 4ths to trade back up and get one of those Edge guys. I also wouldn't object to Simmons from MSU. His injury may make him available at 30, even though he may be a top 10 player.

stockholder's picture

I have to stay defensive. That was the way to the super-bowl prior to 2010. @12 Oliver, but Polite is fine. @30 Bush @44 Risner is the pick @ 75 Bradberry is a steal. @112 Blair S @118 Cooper is a steal S.

nostradanus's picture

I would be so geeked if this was how the Packers draft transpired

stockholder's picture

Deebo Samuel should not happen. Past injuries. Hammy.

BamaPackFan's picture

I prefer Mike Isabella. He will be there at least 1 round later, and man, you can see his speed/quicks. It jumps off film. He's a slot with 102 catches for 1698 yards last year. Amazing.

Rak47's picture

I think you mean UMASS Wr, Andy Isabella. The kid is fast. I watched a video recently of him smoking Denzel Ward in the 100 meter finals in Ohio while in H.S. Ward ran a 4.38 at last years combine btw.

AgrippaLII's picture

I look for Pettine to have the last word on which defensive players the Packers select in the upcoming draft...and I seriously doubt that he will go after a one trick pony Edge rusher with the #12 pick. I think he will want a DT or DE type that can collapse the pocket with some regularity and also stuff the run. A quality DL at #12 is definitely doable.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Andy Isabella

leche's picture

I don't understand the fascination with a TE in the first round. By every objective measure Jimmy Graham was (and still is) an above average TE option in the league. The increased production at the TE spot isn't going to significantly improve the team enough to justify that pick. I'll pass on Hockenson and grab a Safety or OL with that second R1 pick and wait until the 4th to grab a TE.

jannes bjornson's picture

They need the #2 guy and it ain't Tonyan. Probably draft two guys at the TE position in this draft unless they move on Locker or James as Free agents. They need the threat of a DBL TE formation.

stockholder's picture

Didn't see the threat of a DBL TE formation this year. You can't take offense unless you sign defensive FAs. Gute Can't waste the top three picks in a defensive rd 1 draft. The packers brought in Pettine because the defense failed since 2010. And now people want a TE.( After Cook, Barnett, Graham, Lewis, Kendricks, and Tonyan. ) Do you really believe a rookie is going to be better? After all these veterans? I don't.

leche's picture

Yeah but you don't spend a first round pick to get a #2 TE, that's a complete waste. Spend that pick on the best way to improve the team. There's no way Hockenson's marginal improvements over Graham are worth letting Trammon Williams' 36 year old knees or a scrub like Jaquan Johnson manning center field for a 22nd ranked defense. We have the opportunity to do better. We need to take it

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Hock is like Graham but can also tenaciously Block!

Jonathan Spader's picture

TE gives the Packers an additional blocker along with a pass catching threat of they get a good one. Even if Jimmy Graham does have a good year as pass catcher he's still a liability as a blocker.

TEs take awhile to develop. Drafting one in 2019 doesn't guarentee he'll replace Graham in 2019 but he could and definitely would in the future. I'd still rather have the Packers sign Maxx Williams.

PeteK's picture

I just think Hockenson's all around play and grit is what we need on this team. I loved watching what KC and NE did with their TE's and want the same. Polite (reminds me of Dwight Freeney) is one of the few OLB types in the draft and might drop because of character issues.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Hockenson will go down as one of the true Packer player’s that the fans will love !!

sonomaca's picture

Chauncey Gardner-Johnson. Problem is, he’s probably going after 12 and before 30.

The trade down scenario happens if they don’t like the edges left at 12. So, trade down for an extra second, pick Chauncey, and use the extra second to go up from 30 and get Hock, Polite, or preferred offensive lineman.

ShooterMcGee's picture

Any thoughts on Hakeem Butler instead of Samuel in the 2nd? He reminds me of Randy Moss. I would like to see all 7 rounds mocked up. Anyone know who are the best KR/PR and gunners in the draft? Later rounds should have an emphasis on improving special except dont draft a long snapper this year Gutey!

Ross Uglem's picture

I REALLY like Butler. I just know they’re not retaining Cobb so the slot style receiver is a need and that’s Samuel. Gives the tall young kids (82, 19 and 83) another year to show what they can do then maybe go to a tall receiver in the ‘20 draft.

stockholder's picture

Ross please tell me why your picks are lower in the 4th. I have 247 sports and another source say 108, and 112? So I'm using 12,32,44,76,108,112,140,172, 182, 2014.

Ross Uglem's picture

i just use whatever the software uses. If there's an issue it's with Fanspeak

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Stock: I think the software is projecting 7 (up to 9) third round compensatory picks. So, 96 normal picks, then 97 to 103 for comp picks. Rd 4 pick one likely is the 104th pick. Our own pick in the 4th probably is about 115th overall.

stockholder's picture

Yes thanks , I forgot those were coming

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

"Hakeem Butler instead of Samuel in the 2nd? He reminds me of Randy Moss".

I love Butler! I think your comparison to Moss could be right on. In watching his youtube video's this guy is going to dominate in the NFL. Has the same body type as EQV and MVS but he seems even more talented. Interestingly the mock drafts presently do not show Hakeem being drafted in round 1. I think as we get closer that is going to change. This WR is the real deal!

The Packers desperately need a slot receiver that is productive more than another WR. Where the slot player comes from whether FA or in draft doesn't matter. With all the Packer needs it is hard seeing them drafting Hakeem, but if they did I would be doing jumping jacks because he appears to be the type of player who tilts the field.

Lphill's picture

Would be a mistake to pass on Devin White if available , the middle of the defense would be set for years to come .

Ross Uglem's picture

No it wouldn’t.

HankScorpio's picture

The next edition of Mock Draft Monday will yield a new draft simulation toy from NFL Draft Network. With fanspeak's tool, you cannot get away from gravitating to drafting guys that you value differently than the board you use, no matter how hard you try. The best you can do is carefully select a board whose rankings match your own opinions the most closely. If you are setting your own board, there is little chance you will get that guy you view as a 1st round talent in round 3. Unless the algorithm is garbage.

Having said that, in the end, that's what makes this all fun, at least for me. Nobody really knows how the 32 boards that matter stack up. Some people will rank guys better than others but every ranking has some outlier. The actual draft will usually have a 1st rounder or two that few saw coming and a guy that the general consensus had as a 1st that ends up going much, much later.

Packer Fan's picture

Here is my take... 2019 Packer recommendations:
1. Dump Cobb and Perry to free cap space. Especially Perry as his cap hit is bad and gets worse each year.
2. Sign good FA OLB, Then a FA OLB vet for depth (could be Matthews) and draft Edge high.
3. TE: I am ok with signing Cook, keeping Graham for one more year, and draft a TE in round two or three. Keep Tanyon(SP?)
4. OL: Sign FA guard. Guy from Oakland if he gets cut. Then one more OL for depth. Draft OL in round three or four. Madison will never play.
5. Safety: Sign a highend FA vet. Then draft a safety in rounds 4 - 6. Keep Williams as second safety. He will play better his second year playing that position. Consider moving Jackson.
6. WR: Pick up a FA like Beasley (if he gets cut) or Tampa guy. Cobb is too old and expensive. Then draft Andy Isabella. Brown and Scantling have enough potential and one should make a good jump in second year.
7. Other FA signings: Keep Breeland and Wilkerson. Wilkerson will be cheap. For DL a mid to late round draft pick.
8. Draft: Consider trading pick 30 for more 2nd and 3rd round picks.

stockholder's picture

Mine. 1. Perry plays out his contract. Cobbs Price is to high, move on. 2. Still think they might pay CM3. Gute signs No big names! 3. Te. - No Not rd.1 or 2 much later - Draft defense first two picks. The packers will not go to the super-bowl with out defense. 4. OL- Bet Bell resigns. Draft offense in 3-4 rds. IOL- for depth and starting. 5. Fa Signing is good .Doubt it. Sign Breeland then- Try Brown and Jackson. 6. Cobb will get first consideration. Then Nobody! John Jefferson played 3 yrs, in Green Bay. Then lost his speed. Like most Wrs. 7. The best guy to take Wilkersons place is Wilkins./Allen The BPA is Oliver. No DT after the first rd. 8. Draft: @12 polite/OLB @30 Allen DE @44 Omeninhu Edge @75 Winovich OLB @ 108 Scharping @112 Sterberger Te 2140 T.Williams RB

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Sorry, but I don’t like anything you just said except for #7.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

You're gonna need Don Vito and Luca sitting in the room with those free agents looking over the contracts to avoid blowing through the cap.

sonomaca's picture

Here’s the thing: the Pack are close enough to the top to get a transformative edge rusher. If they’re 98.7% sure about one, trading pick #30 could move them as high as 4 or 5.

If a couple of QB’s go in the top 3...

sonomaca's picture

Here’s the dream: Bosa on one side, Fackrell and/or a FA on the other, Daniels and Clark pushing up the middle. Like to see Kirk Cousins or Mitch Trubisky handle that kind of pressure.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

And, I agree with #1. Dump Cobb and Perry.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

BOSA? This isn't Yahoo Fantasy Football. Please keep it real man.

sonomaca's picture

Interesting that none of the top 3 teams need a QB. That’s rare. Could see all 3 trade out! So, let’s say it’s Murray (Jags), Haskins (Giants), and Lock (Denver) to start the draft. Then, let’s say Oakland goes Allen or Williams. Pack then trade up to 5. Done.

Point Packer's picture

I should just stop reading Packer blogs the the three months prior to the NFL draft. There is no more idiotic waste of space than mock drafts. I think I get dumber every time I even think about reading one. Maybe a couple weeks out, but on Feb 19 its literally just wide horse shit speculation.

packerbackerjim's picture

I agree wholeheartedly even tho I have my own hopes for certain draftees. In the end it doesn’t matter what anybody thinks outside of those who have entree to the War Room.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

I know, but I'm bored

sonomaca's picture

It’s fun. A game, just like football itself.

Point Packer's picture

Only things worse than mock drafts are Mel Kiper and Todd McShay

Doug Niemczynski's picture

1. Edge Rusher
2. TE
3. OG
4. WR
4 Safety
5. LB

frank the fork's picture

Doug we do need a TE but in the 4th have 3 good ones now and to have a 30th pick sit on the bench is a waste of ammo.
1 dl or edge. Replaces wilkerson and or Perry
1b. lb, dl or edge. Replaces perry
2. s. or lb. Replaces Ryan.
3. ol. Bulaga is done end of 2019
4. wr. Replaces cobb...Isabella or Renfrow.
4. rb. or te. Replaces Kendricks.
5.edge or lb, Replaces Matthews in 2020
6. te or cb. Rotational.
6. ol. Rotational
7. bpa... or a RB...Jones and Williams always injured.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Love the latest draftwire 4 round draft if it worked out that way for the Packers.

stockholder's picture

To many bargains. 9 Teams list edge rushers #1. Polite, Ferrel, Burns, sweat, Wilkens, Gary, all will go before 20. You trade out of first round ,it should be for offense. Starting Guards. Target Risner and Lindstrom 2nd rd. Not a TE! The packers need starters ,not projects. The draft should reflect that. Draft wires doesn't.

Minniman's picture

Funny you say that about TE's stockholder.

I went back and looked at a couple of sites that have summaries of "team needs" to see where the TE noise is coming from.

Only 1 team has TE listed as it's bona fide top need - New Orleans.... and the Packers pick before them 3 times (thanks NO! )

4 other teams have TE listed as a "primary" type need (including the Packers) .

That's not to say that anything can't and won't happen on draft day but it would be fair to say that all of those teams are not going to overlook S, Edge, OL and DL for a TE (unless their respective draft board fall is going bad)

Minniman's picture

I wonder if Gute has floated packaging up Jimmy G back to NO for a pick or 2? Weren't they the other suitor for his services when GB signed him?

sonomaca's picture

Would like to see Gute repeat last year’s 1st round success. Snag 2020 1st rounder from Arizona, Oakland, Miami, or another bad team.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Elijiah Holyfield Late round pick maybe 4th? if lucky.

14 Games
159 -1018 Yards
7 TD

Does anyone know if we get any compensatory picks this year. ex Morgan Burnett?

Doug Niemczynski's picture

This year #1 Rule. No more FA over 30 years old!

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