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Packers May Release DE Mike Neal After Draft

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Packers May Release DE Mike Neal After Draft

The leash on one disappointing Packer may be shorter than you think.

According to Pro Football Weekly, the Packers may release defensive end Mike Neal sometime after the 2012 NFL draft.

Although it is not a given, our Packers sources will not be shocked in the least if the team releases injury-prone DE Mike Neal after the draft. The announcement that Neal will be suspended for the first four games of the 2012 season for violating the league’s policy on performance-enhancing substances certainly isn’t helping his chances of remaining on the roster, we hear.

A second-round pick of the Packers in 2010, Neal has played in just nine career games in two NFL seasons. He has recorded just six tackles and one sack over that span, with injuries to both his knee ('11, nine games) and shoulder ('10, 14 games) limiting the 6-3, 294-pound defensive end.

A four-game suspension for violating the league's substance abuse policy will ensure Neal makes it three years in a row not playing a full season.

The Packers have signed two players along the defensive line this offseason—Daniel Muir and Tony Hargrove—and are likely to invest at least one pick at the position in the draft. While you'd like to think the Packers would give such a young player—Neal is just 24 years old—one last chance at salvaging his career in camp, it's possible the team could be so fed up with the defensive end that they are willing to move on once more reinforcements arrive.

As GM Ted Thompson found out with 2007 first-round pick Justin Harrell, patience and potential can only go so far for keeping a player on the roster. Neal's future in Green Bay appears to be in similar doubt.

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packsmack25's picture

Not very surprising. As many have mentioned around here, the knee injury is very disconcerting. The suspension gives them a guilt-free "out." It's like finding out a girlfriend that you've been cheating on was also cheating on you.

jay's picture

I don't buy this personally

nerd's phone's picture

If true, there's more to the story.

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

the butler did it?

djbonney138's picture

If the team is feeling a sense of urgency to get some more rings, let's do it. This window will only be open for so long and we don't have the time or the money to wait for Neal to get his s**t together.

Evan's picture

I fail to see how keeping Neal on the team will make or break a Super Bowl run.

djbonney138's picture

Keeping him probably won't. Letting him go saves money and a roster spot for someone who may make or break a Super Bowl run.

TedTheSledge's picture

I'm doubtful ... I think he makes it to camp. Expanded off-season roster and only a $490,000 price tag buys him a chance this year to make the 53.

pkrNboro's picture

I'm not surprised by this report.

Based on the reports about cartilage removal, and the season end interviews -- he's hurting.

About the only thing you can do to regenerate cartilage is micro-fracture surgery. A huge fraction don't play after that surgery, and a big fraction of those that do play have a marked drop-off.

If the Packers keep him, he won't get snaps in camp because they'll need to develop others since he'll be out for the first four games. (Does anyone know if he could participate in camp, with a suspension looming?) I think the injury and lack of action would make him a non-factor for the coming season.

I think there would be limitations/snap-counts on his play, with that injury he'd be liable for tendonitis and arthritis.

It's sad because he looked promising.

I was checking out NFP and found this guy: Chigbo Anunoby

(I had thought Jonathan Massaquoi might have been a good deal in a later round, but not so sure after reading this...

BubbaOne's picture

One blogger reported when Neal was suspended that he's using PED's back like when he was at Purdue. So yes if true, I could see TT/MM being ready to jettison him.

Another NT possibility besides Chigbo Anunoby is Hebron Fangupo 5th-6th round.

I also liked Massaquoi early but have since soured on him.

Don't know who fits Caper's scheme but some possible DL help in rounds 3-4 are DE's-Malik Jackson, Jaye Howard, Trevor Guyton, Tyrone Crawford, or NT Josh Chapman.
And here's a small school sleeper; Old Dominion DT Ronnie Cameron. He has Cullen Jenkins size and w/ his quickness I wonder if he could provide a pass rush like Cullen...and it sounds like he's "Packer People".

nerd's phone's picture

You can regenerate cartilege with collagen, which is in gelatin and bone marrow among other things. Glucosamine definitely helps.

pkrNboro's picture

"You can regenerate cartilege with collagen"

FALSE. Collagen can be used for artificial skin, but it doesn't have the structure for a surgical implant and it would simply be digested as a dietary supplement.

"Glucosamine definitely helps"

FALSE. May (*) help to prevent cartilage degeneration, but does not regenerate it.

(*) many studies say no better results than placebo.

and doesn't it sorta ring true, that if a solution as simple as you mention was valid, that we wouldn't be talking about him being released?

Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

I like to put my 2 cents in but I don't have any chang today.So much is learned here at cheese head

HankScorpio's picture

I would agree that Neal is no lock to make the final roster. But I think there is very little chance he won't make it through to camp. The Packers are just too thin up front to not take one more look. Even if somebody they really like falls into their lap in round 1.

QOTSA1's picture

Neal showed some potential his rookie year before his injury, so unless the Packers think he can't get over his current injuries, I would be very surprised if they released him right after the draft.

But if it gets to training camp and he can't beat out Muir, Guy and who ever the Packers draft, I could see him being released then.

davyjones's picture

When you look at how long it took to give up on Harrell, wouldn't it be just a tad premature with Neal??

Evan's picture

My thinking exactly.

Mike's picture

Definitely agree. & Neal has shown actual skills ii=n his healthy time on the field...unlike the only 1st-Rd blemish on TT's record...

chad lundberg's picture

Yeah right! The packers gave Johnny Jolly tenure even after his whole purple dranl fiasco. THERE IS NO CHANCE, I REPEAT, NO CHANCE THAT THE PACKERS RELEASE NEAL!! When are we gonna learn that Thompson will always make the opposite decision that we think he will make???

jeremy's picture

Is there any chance the Packers stick him on the PUP list to start camp and then the reserve PUP to start the season?

Evan's picture

If he's actually physically unable to perform, sure.

But I'm not sure how the PUP list works with a suspension. I'd have to think the suspension wouldn't start until he came off the PUP list, in which case you're talking basically another completely lost season.

jeremy's picture

I looked at the rules and didn't see anything explicitly forbidding it. But I also read that they are not on the active roster while suspended so there is not much reason for the Packers to do it.

chris k's picture

what a stupid post!!! NO Chance Neal is cut. come on!! anyone who believes this doesn't actually follow the packers front office very closely!! smh

look at his money due, youth, and our need on the d-line

markinmadison's picture

He is not that expensive. I don't see much chance of him not being with the Packers on August 1. It has been a disappointing two years, but I would cut montgomery first.

ZeroTolerance's picture


Chip Soup's picture

Montgomery Ward. The Packers released a statement indicating they are cutting ties with Montgomery Ward and going with Sears instead. Packers officials indicated that overall quality and brand recognition were overriding factors in the decision.

MarkinMadison's picture

Cripes. CJ Wilson. I was mixing Wilson up in my head with Michael Montgomery. Cut after 2010. Sorry. For that matter I'd probably cut Wynn before Neal as well. That's what I get for posting while, er, my wife is driving.

Chip Soup's picture

Makes sense. Those are two fellas who need to make an impression this year if they want to stay on.

Oppy's picture

I still think CJ Wilson has shown more on film than people give him credit for.

I don't think he's starter quality yet, but he's fairly sound and flashes some ability. I think he's a decent rotation guy and I wouldn't be surprised if he gets significantly more snaps this season.

Of course, I am aware I'm the only person who sees it this way.

PackerAaron's picture

You know what Oppy - I think you might be right on Wilson. I was re-watching a couple games last night and I was struck how much better he played than I remembered. I don't think he'll ever be a starter, but he's got some value as a rotational player.

PackersRS's picture

Unless they figure his strenght is just a product of PEDS or that his knee injury will prevent him from being effective, I don't buy it either. Too thin at DE, and he's not expensive.

madden07's picture

Does anybody know what his cap number is?

Oppy's picture

I think he's an 8 1/2, but let's be honest, that can fluctuate by +/- 1/2 a size depending on his current hair style and if it's a fitted or snap back cap.

Kevin's picture

TED!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't care, I will still blindly trust you for the rest of all time

razor's picture

I had someone working for me who showed some real potential but after three years and many screw-ups it was time to move on. My only regret was getting hung up on the "potential" and waiting three years for nothing.

PackersRS's picture

Did any of the other 31 companies pick him up? Did you get any compensatory selections?

razor's picture

Good question....this player is now playing for his third team in five years.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Seems a bit early for Ted to cut bait on a second rounder, given Ted's track record. Just my opinion.


Point Packer's picture

Who's Mike Neal?

Irish Cheesehead's picture

Justin Harrell's cousin.

Lars's picture

Maybe they learned their lesson with Harrell. Cut bait and move on. Neal isn't going to amount to anything anyway. He was a reach pick and had one good game (against a weak Redskins Oline in '10.)

Now, cut Hawk, too, and let's get this defense turned around!

Chris (G.I)'s picture

Ok enough of the negative talk. It's in God's hands not man! I know this young man comes from a praying family and believe it or not....prayers still work!

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