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Hyde "Aggressively Pursuing Other Options," may be out of Green Bay

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Hyde "Aggressively Pursuing Other Options," may be out of Green Bay

With many wondering just what the market is for Packers do-it-all defensive back Micah Hyde, it looks like those same people are going to find out sooner rather than later.

After signing a four-year deal with the Packers in 2013 as a rookie, Hyde is coming off a 2016 season that didn't help oversell his value. In fact, he's one of the sleeper free agents that many teams will likely be in the mix for.

Hyde has expanded his role outside of just being the team's emergency corner and backup safety. Instead, he's the team's nickel corner, the sixth corner in dime and has even shown instances where he can cover the opposing receiver in the slot when he isn't manning down the back-end of the field. A majority of the time, the only instance that Hyde is at the safety spot that safeties coach Darren Perry worked him into in the early stages of his career is when fellow safety Morgan Burnett is playing up in the box as an extra linebacker.

A report from ESPN's Rob Demovsky late Wednesday evening - just a day prior to the start of free agency - stated that the Packers currently do not have an offer on the table for Hyde.

"It appears Micah Hyde will hit the open market tomorrow. The versatile defensive back does not have an offer from the Packers, according to a source. Unless there's a last-minute change in Green Bay, he'll be a free agent. Expect multiple teams to be in the mix."

A consequential tweet from NFL Media insider Ian Rapoport said that Hyde is "aggressively pursuing other options" and that it looks like Hyde is "out the door." Hyde is said to have two other strong offers.

This comes just days after Hyde and his agent spoke to Packers contract negotiator Russ Ball and said that he wanted to stay in Green Bay. Of course, a versatile and apparently highly-sought after player like Hyde isn't ruling out any other possibilities. 

"It's obvious I would love to be back in Green Bay," Hyde said at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. "That's the best place for me — the people there, the organization, the coaches, my teammates.... But at the same time, there really hasn't been any conversation. This isn't something that's rare; this happens sometimes."

Another common commodity is that the Packers tend to get deals done close to the start of free agency. Just three years ago, the Packers signed former cornerback Sam Shields to a new deal three days before the commencement of the signing period. What remains to be seen is whether or not the Packers cut it close with Hyde or any other of their free agents for that matter. 

In the last season of Hyde's contract, he earned an annual salary of $1,671,000, but many believe his upgraded salary with whoever lands the versatile defensive back will be around the $3 million of $4 million range.

Prior to the news on Hyde, the Packers have been far from active in free agent talks. Punter Jacob Schum, defensive tackle Christian Ringo, wide receiver Geronimo Allison and inside linebacker Joe Thomas were all offered their exclusive rights tenders, ensuring that they would remain with the team in 2017.


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV and a contributor/analyst for the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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Rossonero's picture

I'm just flabbergasted at the lack of activity from our front office. If we won the Super Bowl, then some of these guy's values would be inflated....but we didn't.

Hyde has earned a contract worth $3-4M per season. Jared Cook has earned a raise. Nick Perry has earned a raise. But where is the recognition while we have $40M in cap space?

I don't get it. I am on the edge of my seat because our defense, which was held together with duct tape and boogers last season, is about to become a helluva lot weaker.

And you sure don't build a championship defense with a bunch of 21 and 22 year old projects. At the very least, sign our own guys back, Ted! Until then, I'll be patiently waiting and hoping this defense doesn't get blown up before our very eyes over the next 24 hours.

Am I being dramatic? Maybe. Do I want the Packers to win? Yes. So badly. I want the Packers to win -- NOW.

dobber's picture

" I'll be patiently waiting and hoping this defense doesn't get blown up before our very eyes over the next 24 hours."

How many times did this defense get blown up before our very eyes last fall?

Rossonero's picture

I agree with you. That's why I'm worried that we are about to get even worse!

tincada's picture

"I'm just flabbergasted at the lack of activity from our front office" Really? Aren't you aware of who Terrible Cheapskate Ted is? Ted will get us to the playoffs and then since the low bar has been met hawking how well the Pack has done while creeping into his rat hole.

ricky's picture

This happens every year. Why should this year be different? Frustrating? Sure. But it's part of the game of "chicken" the Packers play with their FA's every year. And they almost always re-sign the players they really want. Best not to fret about things that are out of your control, and let the process proceed as it will.

Bearmeat's picture

I hate Ted Thompson. Not the man. But the GM. Dude needed to retire after 2014.

MarkinMadison's picture

This only makes sense if they are planning on signing a #1 and then bump everyone else down, making Hyde expendable.

porupack's picture

Let's hope so. He would have to be pretty well on the way to locking one up to justify "not even having a conversation" with Hyde as stated in article.

Can't say I have that confidence in TT.

dobber's picture

Would like to see Hyde back, but in all honesty, he's replaceable. If he gets a deal he likes somewhere else, more power to him.

The TKstinator's picture

He just did.

akeemthedream's picture


Didn't think the rebuild would come until AFTER Rodgers was gone.

Looks like it's coming NOW.

When you stop and think about it, it's probably smart.
The defense is a shambles. It can't be fixed in one offseason. Perry and Hyde are anything but game-changing players. Overpaying them would only delay the process of overhauling the defense.

Problem is - all these early round draft picks being poured into the defense is going to begin to take a toll on the offense.

Football's awesome. The dynamics of building a team.
Defense struggles - use early round picks to fix it - miss on those early round picks - defense continues to struggle - throw more picks at it - just when you finally fix the defense, neglect has taken its toll on the offense.

Crazy stuff.

All I know is Rodgers is going to have to throw for 6000 and 50 next season.

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

This defense doesn't need to be good, or rebuilt, it just needs to resemble an actual nfl defense. And it could absolutely be done in one off season. Perry needs to stay, Hyde needs to go. As does datone, peppers, and everyone else. Sign a corner, make Matthews a full time mlb, draft an actual olb who isn't a project and actually played 3/4 pass rushing olb in round 1,and just draft speed. Everywhere. This team is so insanely slow and just lost the only fast guy they had on d. Absolutely can't have a defense that could have Ryan, Martinez, Gunter and Hyde on the field at the same time.

akeemthedream's picture

Take the Shields/Hyde/Perry money and sign Bouye and House (and draft an edge).


porupack's picture

How is House an upgrade? He has had mediocre 2015 and a drop-off 2016.
Meanwhile, Hyde has ascended each year and durable. Draft&Develop, then pay ascending and successful projects. Make a play on Hyde.

Why is this happening:
"But at the same time, there really hasn't been any conversation. This isn't something that's rare; this happens sometimes.""

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Hyde is not an ascending player. His play has plateaued. He has gotten smarter, and made a splash play, but he isn't likely to cover TEs and RBs any better than he has the last few years.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

We all want the Packers to get better but overpaying Micah Hyde is not how to get there. If some team is going to throw 5 mil per at him TT is totally justified in letting him walk. He was only good enough to be the third corner after Shields went down. Let's keep it in perspective.

dobber's picture

You win the thread, jeremy...

porupack's picture

No one wants to overpay. But Hyde has been ascending and durable. He has been a solid Draft&Develop player, and versatile. So, who says $4 m or $5m is overpaying, if you come to find yet one more hole in your defense?

You can't keep filling holes with draft picks, and expecting more than 1-2 picks to make immediate impact. Half won't even be on the team in 3 years.

While Hyde doesn't upgrade the D, you are not addressing the possibility that the D has higher probability of decline by letting 3-4 pieces go....than probability of 3-4 new acquisitions making an upgrade.

tincada's picture

Correction, "keep filling holes with draft picks," It would be nice if Terrible Ted actually did that but his aversion to quality FAs is is just as strong as his love of undrafted rookies.

If TT is allowed to continue it will no longer be to win the NFC North. We'll be at can we play in the NFC? Need to petition to move to the AFC where we might win something after AR's departure.

tincada's picture

Correction, "keep filling holes with draft picks," It would be nice if Terrible Ted actually did that but his aversion to quality FAs is is just as strong as his love of undrafted rookies.

If TT is allowed to continue it will no longer be to win the NFC North. We'll be at can we play in the NFC? Need to petition to move to the AFC where we might win something after AR's departure.

Samson's picture

Hyde is grossly overrated because there is very little to look at in the GB secondary. ------- Maybe he'll leave via FA and come back a couple years down the road (ala D. House)

Mags's picture

They could do better than House. He would just be another jag back there. But that's how TT likes it, on the cheap.

Tarynfor12's picture

"Hyde is grossly overrated because there is very little to look at in the GB secondary."

One could replace the name Hyde with Perry and secondary with outside linebacker this thinking.
: )

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Taryn for12, The problem as I see it is, TT & Many here are 3 years behind most of the NFL. A.J. Shields (excuse me), I mean Sam Shields should have been cut 3 years ago. He was No Good & Too Small Then, No Good, & Too Small last year, & this year he got paid $8 Mill to sit on the bench. Along with Shields, cut or Trade A.J. Mathews (Excuse Me) I mean Clay Mathews, while we can still get $4 Dollars for him. He's been hurt since the day we got him, & he'll be hurt the next 3 years as well. In the meantime GB will throw $50 Mill at him & then cut him 3 years from now. Somehow it reminds me of A.J. Hawk. What a Waste!!

I think our Defensive Line is Fair, but as far as the Secondary goes, Let them all walk, or Cut all of them & start over. I like Dix & Burnette, but they are far from Top of The Line Players. Let's forget about stopping the pass, & figure out some way to get to the opposing QB.

I say let's cut or Trade everything we can for 2 players. A Right Defensive End, & a Left Defensive End. Nothing will change until those 2 positions are filled with 2 of the Best, & how do we get them?? The Hell with trying to stop the pass, let's try stopping the QB. I hope it's not too late, but I'm afraid it is.

Last year, I called for going all in. It might have got us a SB. I'm afraid we are sliding farther away from a SB, than getting closer.

I haven't been following GB news. Is Capers still there. I'm sure he's in line for a Big Raise in Salary. What a Shame. We had the makings of a Dynasty. It goes back to when they cut Favre. We would have got at least 1 SB with him, maybe 2, & we should have had at least 2 with AR.

NO DEFENSE!! Who takes the fall for that. Keep our DL. Cut the rest of the Defense & hold tryouts. Open to the Public. I said 3 years ago, we cannot Draft our way into another SB. We may as well try something else.
Heck I'm 69. I think I can still play some Line Backer.

It's a Shame to have 2 of the Best QB's to ever play the game, & have 2 SB's in 25 years. I really don't see another one anytime soon. NO DEFENSE & THAT INCLUDES THE COACH & GM.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

COACH meaning Dom Capers, not MM

tincada's picture

DC can only coach and play the so so players Terrible Ted gives him. But hey, TT saved a bunch of money and the NFC N champions reached the low bar so they can raise ticket prices.

Finwiz's picture

Good post LVT - no defense, no question. The obviously don't view it that way, or at least they don't advertise it. They make excuses for Capers. It's either the coaches or the players, which one is it? Probably a combination of both, but I'd say mostly the old coach, given all the defensive schematic breakdowns. All I know is, I want as many play-making, A grade defensive players as I can get within the salary constraints of cap life. That's what they are really missing, is difference makers like Charles Woodson or Clay in his prime. Guys like Micah Hyde are nice complimentary players, but you don't pay guys like that starter money at 5 MIL per year. That's not smart. And of course I'd love to see Capers gone, and the former Badger D-coordinator in charge, or anybody else for that matter, but this is a pipe dream. Capers will be back in all his anti-glory.

snowdog's picture

Hyde : Utility knife=no specialty . Catches punts . Slow . Good baller . Familiar with the system . No issues

House : True corner . Catches punts . Speed . Familiar with the system .
No issues .

Upgrade : House

Hyde . GB nation thanks you .

Nick Perry's picture

From all reports it sounds as though TT isn't really aggressively pursuing any of his own players though we don't know for sure. Maybe Ted is looking forward to 2018 and whole bunch of Comp Picks from losing everybody this year. From what I've read Hyde hasn't even had an offer from the Packers.

I'm waiting to see what shakes out because there's NO WAY Thompson could go into next season without Perry, Lang, and Hyde without having a plan right? I mean he HAS to have a plan other than the draft and another load from the UDFA pool right? If not I'd give 2 month's salary to hear what Aaron Rodgers REALLY thinks.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

If Hyde came to TT and said I've got a $6.8M AAV offer, I don't think TT should insult him by making an offer for half of that. TT should just say, That's great for you - if anything happens to that offer, come see me since we like you and there's a place for you here.

Nick Perry's picture

I haven't saw any offer Hyde received, especially for $6.8 million AAV but If that's the case then you're right, no TT shouldn't low ball him with half the offer. I mean we saw what overpaying for marginal defensive players in the past like Hawk and Brad Jones for example. We get stuck with them for more years than we want because TT doesn't do dead cap space particularly well.

But on the flip side if some team DID offer Hyde $6.8 AAV, imagine what the offers for Perry and Lang might be? Normally TT gets things done at the 11th hour so I guess we'll know shortly just what his plan is. Maybe he's blowing up a defense that just wasn't very good.

vj_ostrowski's picture

I'd love to re-sign Perry, Hyde, and Lang, but Perry is the only one that I'll be livid over if he gets away.

I mean, I'll be pissed and at my wits end with Ted.

I'm all for draft and develop....if you actually re-sign them. Draft and can't pay them sucks ass.

That said, I expect this to go like Cobb & Bulaga's deals did. Rumors of them getting away were mostly just dust in the torrid opening of FA.

marpag1's picture

At this point, we only know one thing: We're talking about Micah Hyde, not Deion in his prime.

If some team want to give Hyde 5-6 mil per year, then I will praise TT for letting him go. Or if TT finds someone else who is better and cheaper, then I'm all in favor of it. But the fact that I am ignorant about what is happening isn't reason to assume that everything must be going to heck in a handbasket.

porupack's picture

why TT didn't go after some players earlier, and lock them in?

Having consistency and familiarity in the secondary is very important, not just having a superstar. Chances of finding superstars are possible, but slim. The best strategy is locking in a core of versatile and complementary DBs. Hyde is good, versatile and worth $4 -5 m.

You can't keep turning out your Draft&Develop projects to other teams....and hope you can fill them with immediate-impact- draft picks.

TT has mismanaged 2017... and well before the free agency period has opened.
Way too many holes to fill this year.

stockholder's picture

TT does have Guts people. WE know TT should retire. But TT is not wrong here. The defense wasn't good with these guys. TT is going with A-Rod period. If a winning record shows your better than your opponent. Enough said! TT has to rebuild the defense and we know it. It's just to slow. Collins, woodson, Bishop, Raji etc. All were in their prime and wanted the ring. They didn't take s**t on or off the field. Hyde is slow. He over -achieved. Save the bucks. Were seeing players that want money. Over -Rated. And just aren't worth tying up money, in a poorly Rated defense. Defense wins championships. These guys have not proved they are championship quality. A-Rod has. And even when your money player goes down. It's next man up. Business as usual. Hyde thank you for your services.

nostradanus's picture

Hyde, Perry, Peppers while they are all nice players (at times) none are "great players" and the Packers Defense, (which was very poor anyway) will not collapse if they go to another team. A worse mistake would be to overpay for mediocrity. I would love to see any of the trio back but only at a fair price. Good for them if they cash in.

Handsback's picture

I don't think the sky is falling. I liked Hyde, but he's a second tier CB/FS who's value is more intrinsic with special team play verses a strong position guy. The team isn't going to rise of fall if he's signed or not. The defense is in a flux of change and if faster and stronger guys are added, then I'm all for it. Just not sure where those faster/stronger guys come from?

tincada's picture

Ask TT. Undrafted rookies and one or two maximum FAs not signed by anyone else.

dobber's picture

Don't care where you find players, just find players.

mrtundra's picture

Micah Hyde signs with Buffalo Bills to a 5 year/ $30million deal per Bleacher Report

dobber's picture

Then I think TT made a good call...

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