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Packers Make Moves to get roster down to 75

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Packers Make Moves to get roster down to 75

The Packers are slowly announcng players getting their release. here is a list that will be updated as new names are released. Good luck to all these guys in whatever the future holds for them. If nothing else, they can always say they had a chance to play some football in front of the NFL's greatest fans.

Check back, as the list will be updated as new moves are announced.

Confirmed Released:

Peter Mortell, P

Demetrus Anderson, DT

Randall Jette, DB

Jamel Johnson, WR

Derrick Matthews, LB

Ed Williams, WR

Harvey Binford, WR

Tim Masthay. P  ( Packers sign P Jacob Schum, who was waived by Tampa Bay)


Placed on Injured Reserve:

Mitchell Henry, TE

Kennard Backman, TE

John Crockett, RB

Josh Walker, G

Jacob Flores, C



Lerentee McCray, LB, traded to Buffalo Bills for a 2018 draft pick.


Former Packers News:

James Jones cut by the Chargers. 




"Jersey Al" Bracco is the Editor-In-Chief, part owner and wearer of many hats for and He is also a recovering Mason Crosby truther.  

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RCPackerFan's picture

And Packers have traded Lerentee McCray to Bills per Adam Schefter.

Oppy's picture

Just hear that on the radio.. I don't know what cap implications signing a FA during the off season and trading him before the start of the regular season carries (if any), but I think it's a great move to snag a pick for a guy who must have been bubble anyways.

This may bode well for Carl Bradford.

RCPackerFan's picture

Probably means Elliott, Bradford, and Thomas all have better chances of making the 53.

RobinsonDavis's picture

....And Reggie Gilbert! Don't forget about him right now either. Although I have him moving to the PS pending injuries to other LBs, this raises the possibilities he could be on the 53..

RCPackerFan's picture

Big time great move. Sounds like they are receiving a 2018 draft pick for it.
For a guy they were likely going to cut from the way it sounds.

From what I had heard was that McCray didn't outperform Elliott on special teams, that was the difference.

RobinsonDavis's picture

I think this is true RC, but I do feel the same as Desert that McCray outplayed Elliott and Fackrell at OLB and was not a sloth on special teams...Ellliott was just better on STs. Regardless, this is a good deal for both the Pack & McCray's future, as he appeared to be on the bubble. "What happens with Reggie Gilbert?"

dobber's picture

What? Elliott is on IR? When did this happen?

Jersey Al's picture

I haven't heard anything like that...

RobinsonDavis's picture

My apologies to Jayrone and all. Always check your sources!! I have deleted my line, so not to mislead anyone. Again, my sincere apologies.

gr7070's picture

That's a stellar move. A completely free draft pick.

RCPackerFan's picture

It really is.

The TKstinator's picture

I second that motion.

dobber's picture

Whether it was McCray or Elliott, the key notion is that TT was able to get something for a guy who was stuck in a logjam that was going to result in a player getting cut (no return).

The question is: will we see the same thing happen with a WR, CB or S, yet?

stockholder's picture

I don't think he would have been cut. And if he played bad, you sure don't trade a draft pick for him. I think that Datone Jones and Fackrell gave TT the opportunity to get something for nothing. WR - No to slow or to many drops. Janis is the only WR - TT can trade . CB- No not unless they get a #1. S. - NO - Of all the positions I would strengthen, it would be safety. And even Cb.

dobber's picture

I'm echoing the consensus among analysts that there are players at WR and S that may get scarfed up by other teams on waivers at the final cutdown. Most have EITHER McCray or Elliott but not both on that final the consensus is one of them was gone. CB is another position that a good final showing against KC could make some of these guys marketable. You can't keep everyone. This deal shows that TT is working the trade market for guys who they won't get anyone for when the chips fall.

If you've got 2 or more players vying for a single roster spot, and other teams are interested enough that they are willing to do something prior to that last cutdown, go for it.

Oppy's picture

Dobber, that would be up to other teams to offer something for a trade.

The Packers can't reasonably initiate trade dialog for a player during training camp, because it is tipping your hand that you're probably not planning on keeping the player being offered on your final roster- so a team will just wait till he's cut and then attempt to move in when he's on the waiver wire or a street FA.

The conditions really have to be just right, and ultimately, it is not a seller's market.

RobinsonDavis's picture

Though I concede, it is much like you state, I would think teams are astute enough to know where there are good players on a bubble (If we can see it, they can see it), and thus, a conversation from our team to another in confidence could take place. Kind of...."We know you have this issue, and you know we have this other issue. What interest do you have in...?" type of conversation. One item which can influence teams to deal, is the "claim" rule for waived players. If an interested team is anxious that another team could claim a player ahead of them, they may be more willing to deal.

I feel there is a "sweet-spot" when such a trade of a player happens, and it is now. Teams want to acclimate a player to a new system as soon as possible. I hope/believe the Pack IS keeping track of those who need a DB and/or WR, and continue to test interest. The injuries to Banjo and Dorleant could complicate this though.

Oppy's picture

I know there's a ton of speculation that the injury to Crockett could mean he's waived, and it's entirely possible.

Just keep in mind, last season, the Packers kept an undrafted free agent as their 3rd string running back... who broke his dominant ball carrying hand ten days before the season started.

RCPackerFan's picture

Per Rob Demovsky Packers released Binford and placed Backman, Crockett, Flores, Henry and Walker on IR.

Oppy's picture

lol, you are totally dialed in.

RCPackerFan's picture

lol, life on twitter. Some days are better then others. :)

dobber's picture

"I know there's a ton of speculation that the injury to Crockett could mean he's waived, and it's entirely possible."

That's the interesting sidelight here. How many of these guys will be waived? Both Backman and Henry--neither of which had distinguished themselves as anything but developmental players--and then Josh Walker...what's going on there?

RobinsonDavis's picture

The IR players can still be waived at a later date with an injury settlement. My guess is that most will have this occur. Not sure what the rules are if somebody is on IR and then waived with an injury settlement. If a player is waived with an injury, I believe they can be resigned by the same team, after (I think) 6 weeks.

I agee with you, it will be interesting to see who remains on IR from this group and who is waived.

Since '61's picture

So far so good. None of these players made any difference for the Packers. Best of luck to all of them in their future endeavors. It will be interesting to see if Crockett hangs on or not. My guess is not. At least James Jones is available, you never know. Thanks, Since '61

Oppy's picture

Hard to say on Crockett. Packers coaching and front office are both on record over the years as favoring bigger, stronger, N/S type backs over faster, shifty backs because they feel that the speed and CoD skills are severely hampered in the elements and cold that ideally the Packers will have to play in during the post season run (home field advantage).

I know Burks fulfills the change of pace niche that many Packers fans crave. I have a feeling it's going to be a tough call for the Packers on the 3rd down back job.

Oppy's picture

Whoops, I meant 3rd string back

dobber's picture

...and how many snaps did the 3rd string back see last season? If it's Burks in that role, there will need to be injuries ahead of him for him to see much time on the field.

RCPackerFan's picture

I believe Burks can be a 3 down RB. He can run, catch and block. Now whether he knows his run blocking assignments I am not sure. But he is capable of doing it.

Packers sort of do have a 3rd down RB role. We saw it last year with Montgomery and Cobb moving to the backfield. They are able to be the pass catching RB's to play that role.

Oppy's picture

In 2014, there were a few games where the entire offense was flat for near a full half of play, and the only thing that got the chains moving and sparked the offense was Randall Cobb motioning in and out of the backfield and making plays. Invaluable formation/personnel combination for the Packers.

RCPackerFan's picture

I love versatility. I love when McCarthy gets creative and creates mismatches.
I remember those games and when Cobb moved into the backfield it created mismatches. Now with Cobb and Montgomery both they have the guys who can move in and out of the backfield and create more mismatches.

Add in Cook who can be an effective target inside and outside, and the offense has a lot of versatility.

I'm excited for this year.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Motion in and out of the backfield by guys who can get downfield is the worse thing to make adjustments for,

Oppy's picture

When you can trot out empty backfield personnel, and get the defense to sub in DB's for their Linebackers...

And then you motion a guy into the backfield..

There's at least one small DB on the field who's probably going to have to deal with a guard or TE smashing them on a block.

Then it's open field to work with for Cobb once he crosses the LOS.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I don't think this is true, DPF. It is not that there isn't something to what you wrote, because there is, but you put it in far too absolute of terms. There is a 3rd down change of pace role for GB .

Mojo's picture

As far as Oppy's comment on the Pack favoring bigger, stronger because of the weather - they already have two big dudes. I'll take Burks scat-backing for the three months the weather isn't a factor.

Wonder how many of the IR guys they eventually release. Will Backman be back-man? Will Walker walk? The McCray trade was cray cray. Good move Ted.

Oppy's picture

You have officially reached the limit on how much fun you can have with a single post, Mojo

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

Not really Oppy... Will Jette fly back?

Ibleedgreenmore's picture

Well this is a great move, all good as far as how it works. The IR moves was something I was expecting, means to me Burks to me has made the team.

Mojo's picture

Thought that J. Jones and Kuhn would be available to GB down the road in case of injuries. Sort of like being on the PS without having to pay them. Then they signed with other teams.

Now J. Jones is available again. Still waiting on Kuhn.

dobber's picture

Here's the interesting note of the day...

I'll be honest with you: Shaun Hill scares me more than Teddy B. because Hill will throw downfield.

MarkinMadison's picture

Wow. That is a big change for the Vikings though. Sorry for Teddy B. Sorry for anyone who that happens to.

dobber's picture

Supposedly he was hauled off to a trauma center in an ambulance. That doesn't sound like a common pull/tear. I'm guessing compound fracture or dislocation.

I think the Vikings will be working the wires pretty hard to find a viable veteran. Supposedly Denver is working hard to deal Sanchez at this point...

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Can the Packers pitch in some compensation to help Sanchez go to Minny?

Mojo's picture

After Hill goes down the Joel Stave era begins.

Oppy's picture

I was wrong. NOW you've reached the fun limits.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

The Vikings have just named Stave their starter and Gary Anderson their new QB coach.

Just kidding :)

marpag1's picture

I truly hate to see anyone go down like this (yes, even a Viking), but I like our chances better with Hill rather than Teddy. There was a lot of questionable hype about Bridgewater, but I do think he gave the Vikes their best chance to win. If no one else, at least the Vikings agree with me on this.

Besides... throw downfield to whom?

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

There goes Callahan as soon as he is cut. What are the chances the queens wouldn't pick him up?

marpag1's picture

Very little chance of that, IMO. Callahan is a mediocre rookie whose head is still spinning in Green Bay even after a full training camp. He's the exact opposite of what the Vikings need right now. They need a grizzled old vet who has already seen it all and can come in and play quickly.

Oppy's picture

I also get the feeling that a good number of rookie QB's would actually risk staying with the Packers' Practice squad for a year, even if another team came around kicking the tires, because they are in a system that, deserving or not, gets heralded by pundits and media across the country as one of the best QB development environments in the league (I don't know why, who have the Packers produced besides Rodgers?), while they also get the benefit of not just watching, but actually being taught and guided by Aaron Rodgers, arguably the best QB in the league today, future 1st ballot HoF'r, and one of the all time greats. Yup, I said that, and I meant it. Lol.

croatpackfan's picture

There is huge possibility that Christian Ponder will be cut from SF. Maybe they will roll again with him?

Oppy's picture

That would be a logical option if they aren't 100% confident in the guys waiting in the wings. At least Ponder knows the system theoretically.

L's picture

Looks like I need to update my 53-man roster prediction:

QB: (3)

- Rodgers
- Hundley
- Callahan

RB: (4)

- Lacy (HB)
- Starks (HB)
- Burks (HB)
- Ripkowski (FB)

*Crockett (HB) - IR

WR: (6)

- Nelson (X, Z)
- Cobb (Z)
- Adams (X, Y)
- Montgomery (Z, Y, X)
- Abbrederis (Z, Y, X)
- Janis (X, Y)

TE: (3)

- Cook
- Rodgers
- Perillo

*Backman - IR

OL: (9)

- Bulaga (OT - RT)
- Bakhtiari (OT - LT)
- Lang (OG - RG, C)
- Sitton (OG - LG)
- Tretter (C, G, T)
- Spriggs (OT)
- Murphy (OT, OG)
- Taylor (OG)
- Barclay (OG, OT, C)

*Linsley (C, OG) - Regular Season PUP

DL: (6)

- Guion (NT, DT)
- Clark (DT, NT, DE)
- Daniels (DT, DE)
- Ringo (DT, DE)
- Price (DT, NT)
- Lowry (DE)

*Pennel (DT, NT) - 4-game ban

LB: (9)

- Jones (EE, DE)
- Peppers (EE, OLB - Jack or Sam)
- Perry (EE, OLB - Jack or Sam)
- Fackrell (OLB - Sam or Jack)
- Matthews (OLB - Jack or Sam, ILB - Mike)
- Martinez (ILB - Will or Mike)
- Barrington (ILB - Mike)
- Ryan (ILB - Will or Mike)
- Bradford (ILB - Mike)

*Thomas (ILB - Will or Mike) - IR

*Elliot - (OLB - Jack) - IR

DB: (10)

- Shields (CB)
- Randall (CB, Slot)
- Rollins (CB, Slot)
- Gunter (CB, Slot)
- Hawkins (CB, Slot)
- Hyde (Slot, SS, FS, CB)
- Clinton-Dix (FS)
- Burnett (SS)
- Banjo (SS, FS) - IR candidate?
- Brice (FS, SS)

*Goodson (CB, Slot) - 4-game ban.

Special: (3)

- Crobsy (K)
- Schum (P)
- Lovato (LS)

The main healthy bubble guys who I think miss the 53-man cut:
WR T.Davis, WR G.Allison, OLB R.Gilbert, CB R.Daniel, S M.Evans, and CB M.Dorleant

dobber's picture

I agree with Cow here: Callahan may have cemented his spot on the PS for the Packers (assuming they decide they want him...and I'd be surprised if they didn't), but he's not a viable NFL option. Even if Hundley is going to miss several weeks, I think the Packers sign someone before they put the offense one snap away from being run by Callahan.

L's picture

It all depends on where Hundley's at with his ankle. If the coaches don't feel comfortable with him being able to fully back-up Rodgers week 1 then I'm guessing they make an insurance move such as carrying Callahan onto the 53-man roster. If Hundley's recovery from his sprained ankle is near 100% then they probably go with just two QBs on the 53 and Callahan on the practice squad. Right now my current guess is that Hundley's not near 100% and the team elects to have more security behind Rodgers. Easily something I could be wrong on, but a perspective that could prove correct despite some people's belief that the team would instead elect to bring in a free agent vet.

Oppy's picture

Whoa... Tim Masthay just GOT BOUNCED.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Wow, I guess knowing the punter can hold for Crosby is not as important as I thought.

Mojo's picture

It looks like the new punter (Schum) and Crosby only have 12 days to get the hold thing down.

Despite their numbers being similar (Schum & Masthay), I think what sunk Ginger was the consistent inconsistency.

Oppy's picture

Numbers really are similar..with the advantage going to Masthay. I wonder what the deciding factor was?

Maybe Masthay was Schtupping a coach's wife?

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Or a daughter like was said about Chris Jackie.

DrealynWilliams's picture

That surprised the hell out of me.

I forgot who posted we'll have one or two surprise cuts. We're now 1 for 1.

RobinsonDavis's picture

Me. But, I did not see this one.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Can't say I know anything about Jacob Shum, the tampa punter.

MarkinMadison's picture

Um, all due respect JerseyAl, but I think your token competition theory just got blown to bits.

Oppy's picture

Not necessarily.

It's possible the Packers brought in Mortell to spur competition and growth in Masthay, expecting him to answer the call and up his game.

As I've mention previously, Masthay's response to competition- a veteran being challenged for his job by a rookie punter- was abysmal.

His performance was awful, awful, awful in his first two outings, and only decent in his third.

Maybe the Packers had the same eye-opener I did- This guy isn't handling pressure well at all.

RobinsonDavis's picture

Agree....I find this situation fascinating. They cut a guy who averages about 10 yards better (good punt vs. good punt) over a guy that has 0.5 seconds better hang-time, which equates to about 4.5 yards with a blazing gunner. Placement inside the 20 was about the same, if I remember correctly. Does Schumm have better placement, hang-time, consistency?

Oppy's picture

After the raiders game, I actually went through the games vs. the browns and the raiders with a fine tooth comb to get the real game data- I went through the drive charts on and noted the time, field position of punt, gross yardage, net yardage, situation (safety punt, punt from end zone, blocked punt, downed inside twenty, coffin corner, etc), as well as any penalty yardage that added or subtracted from the net total, for each punt.

I then went to YouTube, found the games in their entirety, and physically clocked the hang time of each punt, as well as noted how close the nearest coverage gunner was to either the return man who fielded the punt, or the spot where the ball hit the field if the return man waived it off.

I can tell you that when it came to actual production in those first two games.. It wasn't even close. Mortell was enjoying an average of 18 more net yards per punt than Masthay (real production), and stuck a few of them inside the twenty, including a really nice directional punt from CLEs 41 yard line that was sent out of bounds at the 4. . Masthay had one punt from CLEs 39 yard line that was almost downed at the one, but alas, it was a touchback and placed at the twenty. To be fair, opportunity was not there for Masthay to really get many chances at putting one inside the 20.

Really, the only place the competition was close through those first two games was hang time, and it was a difference of .11 secs per punt at that point- Masthay's 4.37 to Mortell's 4.26.

RobinsonDavis's picture

Wow! I think many whom have not done this type of analysis, still feel Mortell won the job on the ability to flip the field alone,

Oppy's picture

As far as schum goes, I've never seen him punt in my life, but his numbers do look strikingly similar to Masthays, with Masthay being slightly better in all categories (and with much larger sample size), and having a much higher rate of punts downed inside the twenty (roughly 1 in 5 for SChum, 1 in three for masthay).. Of course, that could be a function of the Bucs offense stalling more frequently deep in their own territory, or who knows.

Also, while they look similar statistically, it could be a case of schum (who's only been in the league two years) starting off poorly and then steadily increasing the quality of his punts throughout those two years. Maybe he's a punter on the uptick, and lately, he's been booming the ball.

I certainly hope so, because on paper, the move looks nonsensical.

hobbes's picture

I was the one who wrote that article and if anything I think this proves my point even more, what kind of competition is it to find the better punter results in both being cut and the packers picking up a guy who has no experience with the team? I am surprised that masthay was cut but my argument that kicking competitions are pointless I feel still stands.

Jersey Al's picture

Oppy answered CV for me. I believe the original intent was what I stated, but packers expected a result like Crosby's. Didn't happen so they punted.

The TKstinator's picture

I see what you did there.
And I liked it.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I think it was a quick punt.

4EVER's picture

Britton Colquitt was/is available and TT passed, most surprising with his playoff performances.

2015 Post season numbers:
Rank = 1
Name = Britton Colquitt
Team = DEN
Punts = 23
Total yardage = 1,072
Net yards = 982
Long = 57
Avg = 46.6
Net Avg = 42.7
Blocked = 0
Out of Bounds = 4
Downed = 2
INSIDE THE 20 = ****** 9 ******
TOUCHBACK = ****** 1 ******
Fair Caught = 5
Returned = 11
Return yards = 70
Touchdowns = 0

Nick Perry's picture

You have to remember he punts IN Denver. I can't remember last week let alone last January, but if it was 45 or 50 degrees in those Playoff Games in Denver he'll have good stats right? The inside the 20 IS impressive though.

Side Note... The trade move to Buffalo made room for Pot Roast Knighton!! Ted you sly fox you!!!

4EVER's picture

I'm with the group not really concerned about average length, since most pro punters average over 40, hence the flagging of, inside the 20 and touchback, numbers.

It's all about flipping the field! The very thing that Masthay sucked dirt at...

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I suppose the pick is a conditional 7th rounder. Hard to argue with the trade. I liked McCray better than Elliott, even thought he might be an average starter someday, which I don't think Elliott will ever be - ceiling is a pass rush specialist.

marpag1's picture

I would guess that you are pretty close on the compensation. I cannot imagine that anyone would give up a 5, if they gave a 6 I will say that they overpaid, and if we get a 7... well, you can't get anything less than that. I would also guess that it is conditional, which means there is certainly a possibility that the Packers get nothing at all. But like you and others have said, if you're going to cut him anyway, why not take the shot?

Good move, but my expectations are very low.

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