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Greg Jennings Looks to "Reconcile" with Packers Organization

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Greg Jennings Looks to "Reconcile" with Packers Organization

Free agent wide receiver Greg Jennings joined Sports Illustrated's SI Now on Tuesday for a lengthy interview, but most notably from a Green Bay Packers perspective, he talked about how he'd "definitely reconcile" with the Packers organization and expressed disappointment about how he handled his departure.

Jennings starts talking about the Packers shortly after the seven-minute mark in the video.

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Ibleedgreenmore's picture

Those things happen when it goes bad, it was not good the way things ended,

Amanofthenorth's picture


DD-393's picture

Not going to work. The Packers are set at WR. Signing Jennings would only hold back the development of the younger players at the position.

NitschkeFan's picture

Already have the entire offense from last season (a top 3 offense at that). No need to spend money on 4th WR with two young guys waiting to establish themselves as that 4th WR.

Spend the money on Defense. Too many holes on D to fill first.

And if you are going to add an offensive weapon go with a TE rather than an other WR.

RCPackerFan's picture

The draft is pretty deep at WR.

I would much rather them draft a WR in the mid - late rounds, then to sign Jennings. If they draft a guy he will at least be able to help on special teams. Right now Jennings would be the 3rd-4th WR option, and he won't be able to help on special teams.

RCPackerFan's picture

I'm honestly not sure if Jennings would push Adams down. With Jennings another year older, and Adams likely to take a big jump in year 2, I think it would at least be a push to who would be above the other. I would think they would at least split time as the #3 guy.

Also if your the Packers do you want to push back an ascending player for a descending player? I wouldn't. That's why i don't think they would bring him in.

Samson's picture

You're exactly right. --- Only way GJ is ever on the GB roster is because of injury.

Paul Ott Carruth's picture

It's not about #1,2,3,4 etc. Adams and Jennings play different receiving positions. Jennings is a slot and Adams is an outside possession receiver in the mold of James Jones. In 11 personnel it would be Nelson and Adams outside with Cobb or Jennings in the slot. In 10 personnel with 2 slot receivers it would be Nelson, Adams, Cobb and Jennings. Adams would rarely, if ever, play the slot . The same could be said for Jennings on the outside.

lou's picture

Too bad he didn't leave like Tramon did (the list was long of who he thanked on the field, coaching staff, front office). Jennings looked like a vet day one, superb route runner and the ability to get deep with good not great speed. His play in the Super Bowl and Snow Globe Game left great memories. I agree on concentrating on the Defense, help is needed at inside LB, nose tackle, CB, and possibly DE (Datone still can't beat out Josh Boyd). Rather than looking at veteran free agents, how about a Ron Wolf like trade for young veterans with reasonable salary requirements to fill the defensive slots.

4thand1's picture

Let him play at the vets minimum. Then cut him. Then cut his sister.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Check...annnnd mate.

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

And then the Vikings pick him up. It's the circle of life, man.

Corey Jansma's picture

I was the biggest Greg Jennings fan when he was on the Packers. I bought his jersey before he even played a game and then meet him and got his autogragh. But after he left for the Vikings, of all teams, and all the things he said, I would rather the Packers go winless than to let that maybe average WR back on the team. He just wants to be with a great QB again so he can feel like a good player again.

Samson's picture

"I would rather the Packers go winless"....

Do you hate all your enemies this much??

NewNikeShoes's picture

You can't deny his enthusiasm, but it is misplaced

Corey Jansma's picture

I was the biggest Greg Jennings fan when he was on the Packers. I bought his jersey before he even played a game and then meet him and got his autogragh. But after he left for the Vikings, of all teams, and all the things he said, I would rather the Packers go winless than to let that maybe average WR back on the team. He just wants to be with a great QB again so he can feel like a good player again.

Point Packer's picture

Still unclear on who this Jennings guy is..

The TKstinator's picture

I thought he played outfield for the Brewers and bore an uncanny resemblance to a former GB QB.

Amanofthenorth's picture

No that's Brian Winters

Icebowler's picture

It might have been an interesting dilemma for the Packers if Cobb had not resigned, but sorry Greg, there is no room at the Inn.

sheppercheeser's picture

I didn't have a problem with GJ signing with Vikes, but there was no need for him to make the disparaging comments about Aaron Rodgers and now to have them work together would be too awkward. Hopefully GJ and his sister learned a lesson.

The TKstinator's picture

"and his sister"...priceless.

MarkinMadison's picture

He would not be a "vital" piece of the Packers this year - unless Cobb gets injured. never say never

HankScorpio's picture

I'll take him at his word that he realizes he handled things poorly. As an ex-Packer, no hard feelings from me, per se. But I want him to remain an ex-Packer.

I worry that he might handle things poorly again if he slots in behind Nelson, Cobb and Adams in the pecking order. And I think there is a fair chance he would. We already have pretty strong evidence he was privately pissing and moaning about Rodgers not targeting him enough given his sister's bizarre twitter rant.

Even now, he's saying he's looking for a team with a QB since he had problems with QBs. Yeah, that much is obvious. But he's not exactly handling that situation all that well either. He made the choice to play with those QBs. No need to piss all over them in the media now. Those guys handle pissing all over themselves quite nicely without his help.

All of it means that Jennings proved conclusively he's got a little Diva WR in him. Sure there are far bigger Diva WRs. But I'd rather avoid anyone with even a little Diva in them.

MarkinMadison's picture

Funny, but Jordy still put up great numbers (over 1300 freaking yards) when #12 was injured. In fact James Jones also had more yards in 2013 with a cast of characters at QB than Greg Jennings did in either of his years in Minnesota. So I think it's a bit lame to talk about how those QBs didn't put GJ in a position to succeed. Great players make other players better. A great wide receiver can make a mediocre QB look better too. The truth is GJ would have been the #3 receiver (at best) on the Packers the last two years, and in 2015 he'd be #4. Adams is much bigger (don't kid yourself GJ is only 5' 11" in high heels), faster, and is getting better. So has GJ really been humbled enough to recognize that reality, or is saying what he needs to say because he needs to find a job again?

Idiot Fan's picture

Not to mention, when he went to MN, he basically said that the QBs weren't bad, they just didn't have good receivers to work with (prior to him arriving, it would seem).

L's picture

Well, the diva may still be there but since he's a free agent looking for work with hopefully a title contending team he's having to possibly hide it and appear humbled.

HankScorpio's picture

Yeah, he's "humbled".

For now.

At least until the next time he's not.

Irish_Cheesehead's picture

"The fan base, they give me a hard time like I made the decision." (8:30)

Isn't this the guy that turned down $11 million/year from the Packers because he thought he was worth so much more? Yes, it was your decision, Greg.

Have fun in Oakland.

HankScorpio's picture

Yes, he did turn down $11 mil that was offered to head off FA. He decided to play out the final year of his contract.

When that final year went bad due to injury, the Packers offered $8 mil with him on the open market. He took $9 mil from the Vikes.

He actually made a series of financially questionable decisions to walk away from the Packers. And doused the bridge back with gasoline before flicking a cigarette butt on it.

sheppercheeser's picture

"Yeah, hey A-Rod, my man! You know I wz jus kiddin', right?"

Samson's picture

Reading the various comments, many here sure are easily bamboozled by the media. ---- Most of what GJ said when he exited was pretty tame.

But then again, the G&G homers will always cry foul when a player leaves no matter what he's done for the franchise. Ask BF.

4thand1's picture

Home this. So the media and everyone else are homers too? If you left we would say nice things about you.

EddieLee's picture

I think Jennings is treated too harshly by many Packer fans. I know he said some things on his way out. I know he signed with the Vikings who just happened to be the franchise that really needed a WR and offered him the most money. I think his pride was hurt because he thought his QB and the organization valued him more then they did. Part of it also was that he was trying to endear himself to a new fan base. But, nothing he said was truly awful and he clearly regrets saying them. I feel that he was generally a good dude when he was playing for the Packers. He played really well for the Packers for a long time and he was part of some really special Packer games and moments. People mess up. People say stupid sh-t when they feel slighted. Let's forgive and cut him a little slack. Now go and watch this. Awesomeness.

ballark's picture

Putting aside any drama and hurt feelings, and just asking the football question: "does Jennings make the Packers a better football team?" - and I'm not convinced he does. For two reasons.

1) Jennings was hardly a healthy football player in Minnesota, and he had injuries as a Packer, so its possible time has caught up with him and the diminished production wasn't due strictly to the QB play.

2) In 2015, Jennings would come in as the Packers 4th best WR, maybe. No way he's in front of Nelson, Cobb or Adams, and he might not be in front of Janis and/or Abbrederis. And even if he is ahead, it's likely by a small margin. At that stage, I'd rather see these young guys get snaps and start that maturation process that most Packers WRs seem to go through (Nelson a great example).

Ps, the same Jennings arguments apply to Welker. That rumor has floated around and I don't get that one either. What's the point? Even Andre Johnson was silly I thought. Pay him 6 million a year so Davante can get fewer snaps? What sense does that make? Davante is probably better than Andre at this stage. No offense to Andre, either. That's just how highly I think of Davante. Lot of head scratching for me with these WR rumors and speculation...

ballark's picture

You're talking about a guy's rookie season on a team where rookie WRs haven't typically been asked to do much.

Look at Jordy's stats...
2008: 366 yards, 2 TDs
2009: 320 yards, 2TDs
2010: 582 yards, 2TDs

And it wasn't really until the Super Bowl game, at the end of his 3rd season when he busted out. And you're telling me after one season that you already know Davante's not going to be a go to #1? Please. Prepare to eat crow my friend, Davante is special.

Samson's picture

Of course your logic is correct. --- Stroh's problem is that he makes up $hit as he goes along. --- He's the same clown who swore to his death bed (we can only hope) that Sherrod was going to be the starter (eventually) in 2014. --- You don't hear him talk anymore about Sherrod.

DannyDS (Stroh) is a clown & a blowhard who knows alot less than he thinks.

EddieLee's picture

Well, my guess is that the Packers are not comfortable with what they have at slot receiver behind Cobb. Thompson pursuing Welker,or possible interest in Jennings, tells me they are looking for a savvy vet who could take snaps in the slot if needed which prevents them from having to move Adams or Jordy from the outside if Cobb got hurt. They would essentially be signing a 4th WR to replace Cobb if needed and provide some sizzle to 4WR sets. But, that assumes the WR would be paid like a 4th WR. Vet minimum type deal. Jennings won't come that cheap but Welker might at this point.

Samson's picture

What many "hardcore homers" always forget is that TT loves his draft choices to the very end. If TT wants GJ back regardless of what some of these clowns think, he'll be back.

Pack66's picture

That's why you Packer fans are a bunch of a-holes...

A guy leaves team and you act all butt-hurt like a girl turned you down for the Prom....

Jennings would be a good vet sign and be better than the rooks, but we all know that Tightwad Teddy Gay Boy doesn't like to sign free agents...because he like the "young boys" and he's a cheap bastard who thinks he's a draft guru..

That's why you clowns will never make it back to the show, and you'll have all these disappointing seasons of "close, but no cigar"...and Rodgers will limp into the sunset, just as "butt-hurt" as you no class Packer fans...but I couldn't write a better ending...


NewNikeShoes's picture

Sorry, can't hear u over the crying of the rest of the NFC North.

*4th Straight Win*

Samson's picture

I really have little use for an extremist like you, Pack66. ---- However, I really don't view you any different than the other end of the spectrum. --- Some of these "homers" are laughable even on a clear day. (DannyDS & 4th & none)

No one will take you seriously but you may be right. --- GJ would be a surer thing than anyone but RC & JN. ---- If this is what TT wants then this is what will happen. ---- GB is lucky that TT is running the show & not some of these homer dudes.

ballark's picture

Gay Boy
"young boys"

Something on your mind?

4thand1's picture

Funny how people come to a PACKER site to call posters homers. I guess to not be a homer you'd have to be a pessimistic ,fair weather, miserable, jump on the bandwagon fan of another team. Or a stinkin troll.

ray nichkee's picture

Who is this greg johnson guy and jow about his sister? Is she hot?

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