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Packers Looking At Peppers?

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Packers Looking At Peppers?

Michael Lombardi lists the Panthers' Julius Peppers and the Packers as possible partners (how about THAT for some alliteration?) in a trade. We've been down this road before, but it does indeed bear watching. The Panthers have yet to win a game and they are paying Peppers a huge some of money on a Franchise Tag deal that will most certainly watch him enter free agency next year, leaving the Panthers with nothing in compensation. And it's hard to deny the Packers need to do something to kick-start their anemic pass rush.

One possibility that was floated several times this offseason is a Kampman for Peppers trade. After four weeks, it's pretty clear, to me anyway, that Kampman is a fish out of water at his new position. People will get on me for advocating keeping him, but I think it was worth getting a look at him in game conditions, especially knowing that the bye came well before the trading deadline. I think it's pretty clear after these first four games that Kampman will be leaving via free agency for a 4-3 team. The Panthers might like the idea of getting Kampman for the rest of the year with an eye on signing him long-term.

Obviously, this is a lot of smoke unless Thompson actually makes a move. History, of course, suggests this won't be happening.

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Franklin Hillside's picture

It's going to suck seeing Kampman in purple next year.

NickGBP's picture

Peppers for Kampman straight up...interesting. Hasn't he struggled this year himself? I don't think it's worth it to trade for a 4-3 end who has to re-learn the OLB in a 3-4, when at least Kampman has the advantage of a whole off season of practice. Has Peppers ever played 3-4 LB? I know he had interesting in switching to that position this off season.

brewers_rule's picture

I think it comes down to a numbers game as it always does w/TT. If Peppers is still set to break the market, there's no way this happens. But, if they're planning to let Kampman go, which is likely, AND Peppers isn't still demanding $100mil or whatever it was, it could be worth it. TT sits on his hands too much, though, so this is purely a dream that won't come true again.

Keith's picture

Do it. Do it now.

Pedro Boca Vista's picture

Agree totally on Thompson's history but if you watched the replays ESPN had on Kampman Monday night, it was at-times, painful. Peppers comes at a hefty price for the remainder of this season but whoever you have, they're walking in 5 months or being franchised (which theoretically costs you the same no matter what happens). No doubt, JP is the far-superior athlete, but AK is the worker. Regardless, there's risk for the remainder of this season. Either:

A) You hope Kevin Greene can coach Kampman up to where he starts making more plays, or...

B) Greene can light a fire under Julius and you see the guy who dominated in his first 2-3 years in the league.

Dangerous potential subplot: what would this do to the locker room?

CSS's picture

Peppers has struggled MULTIPLE years. He is lazy, turns it 'off' when he feels like it and plays far, far below his potential. Any trade for a guy that will demand franchise money yet has played like anything but the franchise. I think it's smoke, but I wouldn't touch Peppers for any deal unless they were giving him away for free.

Jayme's picture

I was planning on making a real comment, however it seems that between NickGBP and brewers_rule, everything that I wanted to say has been said.

CSS's picture

Seriously folks, go watch Peppers play one game and you will never, ever adovcate signing him. He is dominated by lesser tackles and invisible for almost entire games. Not just this year either, it's a trend.

packeraaron's picture

CSS - sounds like Kampman. ;)
No, no, in all seriousness, I agree completely. Just find it an interesting discussion point heading into a long two week bye-week period.

totalpackers's picture

The Packers can solve their anemic pass rush by actually starting to blitz again. If there's a trade in the works, the Pack should be looking at offensive linemen. Bringing Tauscher in to replace Barbre is a band aid for a bullet hole.

RockinRodgers's picture

TT making a big trade. Better chance that Favre and TT go out square dancing this weekend.

Dave's picture

Honestly, from the players listed in the article, I'd rather trade for Steven Jackson.

CSS's picture

What Dave said. National Football Post is suggesting Steven Jackson is on the trading block and a good running game makes your defense and passing game that much better. He's even good enough to make an offensive line look better.

Satori's picture

Trade Kampman for Peppers ?

" How stupid are you people ? "

This is a dumber idea than Twitter

Ha ha ha !

John's picture

Does Peppers play LT?

packeraaron's picture

Satori - that made me laugh. Thanks.

wgbeethree's picture

I get the feeling that kampman is going to be kept for this year, franchised and traded for a draft pick (or picks). It makes the most sense IMO. As a Packer you ''want to control'' were he goes especially considering the last time he was a free agent he signed a contract offer with the vikings. I would personally do everything I could to make sure we don't have to face the williams wall flanked by allen and kampman for the next couple years. Again much like the favre situation it's one where I don't think he is the best fit for our team but I still don't want to see him going to a division rival where he can be put in a situation to be successful against us.

VApackerfan's picture

Why would we trade for Stephen Jackson? I'm not a Grant fan, but he ran for 4.6 yards a carry last game. With only 11 carries, McCarthy has made it clear this season that the run game is not a priority.

Dave's picture

For one it would give us a receiving threat out of the backfield (I miss that). Second, he can actually find a hole AND make it there before it closes. Third, he can create something out of nothing. I mention these only because these are the things that Grant CAN'T do.

I don't dislike Grant, but he's just not special. In my opinion Jackson is.

Ummmm's picture

Ok seriously Aaron, on what planet is Kampman for Peppers even worth considering? I don't care what Lombardi writes, I like the guy but he's going to be wrong (or get played by a team source) just as often as anyone else in the industry. Kampman is an all-world 4-3 DE with a high motor who has struggled in the 3-4. Peppers is an on-again-off-again all-world 4-3 DE with a low motor who is an absolute question mark in the 3-4. Both their contracts are up after this season. One is known as a high-character team first kinda guy, the other a prima donna who had to be franchised.

Give me a break. This is idiotic.

IronMan's picture

No way this happens.

I think there is a better chance of Brett Favre and Ted Thompson going out to dinner together.

packeraaron's picture

Ummmmm - Idiotic? No. Unlikely? Yes.

Chitown Packfan's picture

In fairness to Kampman, how do we really know how he is doing when he drops into coverage repeatedly. Capers has to open up the playbook a little to see what he can do off the edge. He is third on the team in tackles, but does not show any playmaking abilty at OLB. He looks awkward in coverage though, and an OLB in the 3-4 needs to be able to cover, but its like they are afraid to blitz anyone at this point because of the weakness in the secondary.

Keith's picture

I would still make the trade. Kampman isn't a LB.


Why did you guys have to mention Steven Jackson? That dude is my favorite RB in the league. If he is on the block, I would strongly suggest Thompson go and get him. The only back w/ more talent than him is AP.

WoodyG's picture

" Better chance that Favre and TT go out square dancing this weekend. "

Word is neither can handle square-dancing. ---- But 'line-dancing'---- this is a possibility.
No one imagined trading up to draft Matthews so......................

Stanislaw's picture

Why for Kampman? Why not for Barnett or Hawk and we thrown in a 4th or something? There's a glut of 4-3 linebackers and having Kampman and Peppers on each side should help the D.

With the exception of Matthews and maybe Chillar (who is a free agent) if I was a GM, Carolina could have any of the LB's.

Longo - what do you think?

nerdmann's picture

I'd trade him for Jackson before I'd trade him for Peppers. How old is Jackson?
Personally, I'd like a really good LT. But Stanislaw has a good point too. Throw in Barnett and/or Hawk. Maybe even Bishop or something for a LT.
And you guys have a good point. If Kampman reaches free agency, he's going straight to the Queens. I could totally see that. He got screwed bigtime by the switch to thte 3-4 in his contract year. The Queens would pay him too.

C.D. Angeli's picture

Could we trade Kampmann for someone else's entire offensive line?

Mr. Optimistic's picture

A journalist thinks that Peppers for Kampman would work for both teams. That's all. We don't know whether any calls have been made.
* * *
Peppers for Hawk or Barnett? That would be great for the Packers, but there's no way that's happening. Kampman's talents are being wasted anyway, so it might as well be him.

Ron La Canne's picture

The only problem with Kampman this year is this, they are not sending him to the QB enough. They keep trying to make a DB of him. He should be controlling the outside, blitzing and on rare, very rare, occasions dropping into coverage.
It is not Kampman it is the scheme. Red mark for Capers! I thought he'd be better at instilling an aggressive attitude, not the lethargic defense of the 2008 season. Only 16% of the defensive plays have included a blitz this season (Demovsky on WSSP yesterday). And virtually all of them were AJ and Barnett up the middle and getting locked to a O lineman and standing there.
Peppers would be a cancer and he would be gone next year. If Capers wants the ROLB position to be a coverage guy, use a DB and call the defense a 3-3-5. Don't blame one of the few guys who breaks his ass everyday, game or practice. I sure as hell thought Capers would be very aggressive and were getting Sanders with a different scheme. He was in the first three exhibition games. What the hell happened?

Satori's picture

Capers does not currently have the safety support he needs to turn the rushers loose vs a good QB. Its not a lack of smarts or desire, its a depleted safety crew that is tying his hands.

Keith's picture

Ron, No one is blaming Kampman, but it is obvious he is not suited to play OLB in the 3-4.

Dave's picture

I agree completely with Satori. Our safety issues are killing us right now.

packeraaron's picture

Satori & Dave - it's so bad that Jarrett Bush was an improvement on Monday night...

ACDC84's picture

I'm assuming Peppers would be projected as an OLB, as DEs in the 3-4 are not big play-makers. Is there any evidence to suggest that Peppers would be any more successful at LB than Kampman? Especially since Kampman has had at least a few months to get used to the OLB position.

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