Packers Leaving Two Days Early for NFC Championship Game

Head coach Mike McCarthy revealed the team would leave two days early for a game for the first time in his tenure.

Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy met with the media on Monday following a 26-21 victory over the Dallas Cowboys in the divisonal round of the playoffs.

The following are select comments from the coach's press conference:

  • On Aaron Rodgers' injured calf: Aaron made it though the game very well. I saw him today, he's getting better. I think he's feeling better today.
  • On the plan for Rodgers this week: I don't have one yet. We'll have  a Wednesday morning medical meeting … at that time the plan will be set for Wednesday. That's how we always do it.
  • On if Rodgers is better than coming out of the Detroit game: I think so. I think it'd be better if Aaron answered those questions. … I think it's important for them to talk about how they feel.
  • On the short-term plan with Rodgers: The only thing that I'm aware of is obviously going through treatment. … We had mandatory treatments this morning. He'll probably go through the same thing tomorrow.
  • On the first meeting against Seattle in Week 1: Anytime you have an experience to draw from, you have to do that. … You can go a number of different things. The video will show you some of the same match-ups that occurred.
  • On what the Packers learned from the Week 1 loss: There's value in the experience. Experience comes from every opportunity, regardless of the result.
  • On the crowd noise at Seattle: Most series I think they handled it very well. … In the first half we burned three time-outs, I think that's the first time that's happened in my time here.
  • On the communication issues in Week 1: I wouldn't say it was the noise, there were other factors. We had 12 men on on the field on one play.
  • On Seattle being different: Percy's a dynamic player. We've seen a lot of Percy Harvin over the year, but that's not what we're focused on. … They're still a dynamic offense. Russell's playing outstanding.
  • On the Seahawks defense: Their defense is playing very well. It's a defense that's played at a high level for quite some time. They're in synch. … They're playing as a unit, you can see it in their rush patterns, their drops.
  • On Davante Adams: I really like the way he played against Dallas, and I really like the way he's practiced.
  • On the improvements the Packers have made: That's our mode of operation. … We have a process. We're very confident in what we're doing. … We talk about growing throughout the whole season. We've continued to grow after that.
  • On whether he's ever lost his cool: Hopefully not on camera. … I think we all learn, grow up and mature in different stages of our life.
  • On the offensive struggles at Seattle Week 1: The game plan, watching the game again this morning … there were some things we could have done better. As far as not throwing it at Richard Sherman … my thought was … just line him up on the left side. We thought Richard would just line up on him on the left side. That didn't happen. … You look at those things, and they make big plays. They made huge plays in the Carolina game.
  • On rookies getting better since Week 1: You watch Richard Rodgers play in Week 1, and you watching him play against the Dallas Cowboys, that's a different player. Same for Davante Adams. … We like the challenge.
  • More on the rookies: I think you definitely know early. There's usually something that jumps out from a young player early in training camp. … There's been a bunch of that. Davante, a double move he made in training camp, you take note of that.
  • On Julius Peppers: I think Julius Peppers made the biggest play in the game for us, the fumble. … He's been a great addition to our football team.
  • On the Seahawks offense: We feel like we're better equipped to play well each and every week. … Having Marshawn (Lynch) and Christine (Michael) is an excellent addition there. … Their offensive line is very well coached. … This is a big challenge for us.
  • On the logic of having rookies stay in a hotel together in training camp: I think anytime you can keep your football team together in a non-football environment, it's very beneficial. … It carries over into the way we travel, it carries over into everything.
  • On the week's schedule: Our schedule while be exactly the same. On Friday, we'll start a little earlier. We'll fly Friday evening. We're looking for an indoor facility to practice on Saturday.
  • On whether he's left two days early for a game before: I don't think I have here. … These are things we've been looking at for quite some time. … This is something we've planned and looked at in advance.
  • On the reasons for leaving early: I had no idea we were playing the (early) game. … This is more about the flight.
  • On past experience traveling to Seattle: Part of it too, you learn from past experiences. We were out there for the first game of the year. There's a lot of sitting around when you play at night.
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