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Packers LB Erik Walden Arrested

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Packers LB Erik Walden Arrested

From the Green Bay Press Gazette:

Green Bay Packers linebacker Erik Walden was arrested Friday morning for allegedly assaulting his live-in girlfriend, who required medical treatment in the incident.

Brown County Court was closed Friday for the holiday and Walden will remain in jail on suspicion of felony domestic violence-substantial battery until at least Monday.

The incident occurred about 2:30 a.m. at an apartment complex, 1981 Scheuring Road unit No. 6, Hobart-Lawrence police Chief Randy Bani said. The woman later called authorities about 6:10 a.m.

Bani said before the woman called police, she was treated for a cut and bump on her head, along with an injured right hand, at St. Vincent Hospital in Green Bay. Walden, 26, was later booked into the Brown County Jail at 8 a.m.

“The officer felt that were was enough information that was given by the victim that the male was arrested,” Bani said.

The Packers said the organization is aware of the situation involving Walden and is in the process of gathering more information. The organization declined further comment.

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Tommyboy's picture

If it's stay classy, Erik.

DrewTheDraftGuru's picture

Well said. Especially the "If it's true" part.

JerseyPackFan's picture

What a complete idiot! What's the matter Erik your girl didn't have the turkey done when you got back into Green Bay?
Way to screw yourself and possibly screw the team too!

Bearmeat's picture

Yep. Probably not something smart going on in that house...

I hope the details come out and make this some large misunderstanding... but I doubt it...

fish/crane's picture

so easy to pass judgement on others--Now what did the Carpenter say about that?

lars's picture

Which carpenter, Karen or Richard?

Yokramer's picture

I bet it was Norm

dubsac's picture

I guess 8 tackles wasn't enough huh

Starry Barts's picture

Kind of sad they have a ready-to-go "handcuffs" icon for these occasions.

Tiny's picture

Haha it should just be Brandon underwoods mug shot

nerd's phone's picture

Alleged victim. I'll reserve judgment for now.

Mark's picture

Innocent until proven guilty really hope this isn't true

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture


TPackers's picture

She's a victim either way, what's up for debate is whether Walden was the one who did it.

Nerdmann's picture

She is reported to have injuries, this is true.

lars's picture

Injuries? I smell a 6-figure payoff.

FITZCORE1252's picture

"She’s a victim either way"

What if she fell down the stairs, and she figured she could get paid for it? Just a hypothetical, but false claims are made every day... just sayin'.

She could very well be the victim and Walden the aggressor here, but I'll let ALL the facts come out before I label anyone a victim or a perp, just a personal choice.

MarkinMadison's picture

Seriously Lars? How do we go from a thread about "reserving judgment" to deciding that she's just a gold digger, and decided that the best way to a payoff was faking an injury and getting hospital staff to corroborate it? Domestic violence is real, and it is common folks. And not just for football players. People are entitled to withhold judgment until the facts are in, and they should. But let's not let "reserving judgment" simply be an excuse to trash the alleged victim.

BubbaOne's picture

When coach McCarthy said to get away from football during the mini break this isn't what he had in mind.

mike's picture

you need to be sleeping at 2:30 in the morning or watching reruns on the tube. mama said nothing good happens after 12am.

Point Packer's picture

Plenty of good things happen at my house after 12am....

FITZCORE1252's picture

Dude last Saturday was crazy... sorry about the toilet.

fish/crane's picture

an upper decker, fitz...really, at your age?

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

I'm not giving those up for at LEAST 20 more years... And who are you to judge? With your C-Ring pic and all!

jason's picture

could this be the break vic so'oto needs to see the field?

Cajunman's picture

If So'oto were better than Walden he'd already be seeing the field. Assuming Zombo is healthy (and I think he will be), it'll be Zombo at OL opposite Matthews, with Jones and then So'oto as backups.

I love So'oto's story, just don't trust him yet taking meaningful snaps.

FITZCORE1252's picture

"just don’t trust him yet taking meaningful snaps."

The coaches obviously feel the same.

Nerdmann's picture

My understanding with So'Oto is he's more of a pass rusher than a cover guy. That's why they have him backing up Clay. He's young, needs to develop his ability to play in coverage.

lars's picture

Vic So'oto---the Tyrell Sutton of 2011. I wish Fans would just forget that pre-season game.

It;s Zombo-Walden-Jones-Lattimore-Francois.....then So'oto.

Oppy's picture

It's not just "That pre-season game" for me.

Let me say up front I fully understand how painfully raw So'Oto is. He himself has been very up front about the fact that he came into camp unrefined, without much technique or discipline, stating he basically made his way through college getting by with his dominating strength... He also said that while far from a finished product, he was fully committed to and working hard at learning and getting better.

That said, I've been excited about the -potential- of So'Oto from the moment he was picked up just for his measurables. When the Packers acquired him, I looked him up. His numbers just jump off the page at you; from a physical stand point, this kid screams "Built for the position" as a pass-rushing OLB in Capers' scheme. He's large, EXTREMELY strong for his frame, and has the type of speed for that body type that is hard to come by. Perfect blend of strength and speed for OLB in this 3-4.

A lot of us don't expect him to come in and dominate.. We're just eager to see this kid get reps and experience, and with that, the chance to grow into the potential player his physical tools have made a possibility.

packsmack25's picture

I can assure you that all MTSU grads don't behave like this.

PackersRS's picture

I really don't understand how a man can hit a woman, any woman, let alone one he has a relationship with.

As usual, innocent till proven guilty but just the fact that the police was called should be enough. There's simply no room for that in this organization.

Pitty because it was apparent his growth as a player, he was playing really well the last 3 games...

Chris's picture

Fully agree

MarkinMadison's picture

Mental health issues/drugs/alcohol, all impair judgment. Some people grew up with poor role models in their lives. Some people are under stress and lash out in the heat of the moment. Not hard to see how football players, who can use emotion for fuel for on the field physical contact, would make a slip.

PackersRS's picture

All of those are not an indicament of a man, not a man of character.

Not of a Green Bay Packer.

Evan's picture

His gf says she fell and hit her head on the bed.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

And that's why I don't jump to conclusions when shit like this pops up.

Speaking of "jump to conclusions" I have a great idea for a board game, just need a little financial backing... Who wants to get rich with me?


Chris's picture

Yeah sure, she feel and bumped her head on the bed.
You have to be very naive to believe that story. She will probably do anything to keep him out of jail.

dullgeek's picture


Do you have some information that allows you to have more certainty about what happened? Why do you think the first story is more credible than this one?

Oppy's picture


While I will not take the tone that Chris has taken regarding the quotes from the girlfriend, his point that you'd have to be a bit naive to dismiss the charges against Walden as "a big misunderstanding" based on her comments is spot on.

The world is absolutely chock full of women in physically abusive relationships who get beaten, sometimes severely, who then go to great lengths to protect their attacker from charges and/or jail time.

That's not necessarily the case here, but a number of factors seem to spell out that there's more to the story than just a "misunderstanding". The fact that the couple was arguing shouldn't have even come up at all if it was a normal slip and fall situation. Why is it that the injury occurred around 2 a.m. but the girlfriend didn't seek medical attention for 2 full hours after the fact? And while mistakes and misunderstanding can and do happen from time to time, the medical staff at the hospital are the ones who called the police for suspected domestic violence based on what they were told and the injuries they observed. Emergency room/medical staff have seen enough domestic abuse and assault injuries that they can usually sniff out the difference between a beating and a slip and fall.

Again, not saying Walden is (or isn't) guilty, but there is enough here that doesn't seem right that it certainly should arouse some suspicion. Chris' attitude and his willingness to come to a final judgement based on limited information may be wrong, but there are enough cases like the one he presents that you can not discount his skepticism.

Chris's picture

What Oppy wrote is 100% what I tried to say.
If she is a victim of abuse, this is exactly the reaction you would expect, and it's probably the reason why Walden is in jail at this time.
I am not saying that he is guilty, but the chance of domestic violence is pretty high. That's why hospital staff is calling the police.

SoTxPhil's picture

I don't understand why so many posters aren't interested in seeing So'oto get a shot on the field. Alot of teams and coaches make mistakes in player evaluation or some of our backups that are now starting would still be sitting at home. The way So'oto man-handled the KC starters for sacks and even intercepted a pass shows ME he has something in the tank even if he never played STs before. Last week I noticed him in the vicinity of the other team's returner being tackled.

redlights's picture

Kansas City? Really?

I'll rely on MM's assessment.

MarkinMadison's picture

I think that was sarcasm.

Bob's picture

The coaching staff has been very high on Neal. I rewatched the last to games multiple times. I hope this guy is just rusty, he has 3 times where he moves off the line of scrimmage and one of those was a screenpass (the offensive lineman released him). I hope he improves right now I would put him in the "Looks like tarzan, plays like Jane" category. If he keeps playing like this, I would say they made a major evaluation mistake.

MarkinMadison's picture

Dude is coming off a major injury and just getting worked into the rotation. Way too early to be judging him. Besides, when he was on the field last year he did not play like Jane, at all.

Oppy's picture

I am Oppy, and I approve this comment.

NoWayJose's picture

Arrrgh. What shitty news!!!

Recent precedent for such allegations I'd Chris Cook of Vikes, right? I think he has been indefinitely "suspended" (with pay and with roster spot) by the team right? Got to think that's the upshot here too.

Withholding jusgment, but can't imagine there's a good explanation for this.

Evan's picture

Read the link I posted.

Jeremy's picture

Thanks man, i was really worried

Kendra's picture

Horrible. I hope he gets into anger management.

I know his gf is recanting but that's pretty typical for abuse victims sadly. The people at the hospital deal with this all the time. Falling and hitting her head on the bed (the bed?) seems unlikely.

Evan's picture

It's not entirely clear if she's recanting because I'm not sure if she ever said he assaulted her to begin with. It sounds like the docs saw her injuries and called the cops on their own. But I suppose she would have had to implicate Walden to some degree for the cops to arrest him. I dunno. There are still a lot of unknowns.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Damn Kendra, I've been impressed with your takes and knowledge for some time, just haven't commented...

You could end up being right on with this one, it just seems to me your mind is made up without knowing the facts.

Guy could be a total piece of shit, or maybe they were just arguing and she did indeed fall (just a hunch that they were drinking at that time of night on a holiday). IDK, haven't seen the evidence to proclaim he needs anger management or that he did anything horrible. I've said it on this site before (re: underwood), I know a guy whose life and career were basically ruined by bogus accusations, he was eventually cleared by the courts but it didn't matter. Maybe we should just hang on a sec before we get this guy into counseling and on meds to control his anger, that's all I'm saying.

nerd's phone's picture

Not to mention the system is ridiculously set up against men. The hospital are mandatory reporters. They will always report everything suspicious to the police. That doesn't mean anything untoward happened, per se. Fitz

Kendra's picture

I know I sound judgmental but it's just that everything surrounding this case sounds very common when it comes to abuse. The victim gets brave enough to bring in the authorities but then they think of what they will lose or someone tells them how really sorry the person who hit them is so they find an alternative excuse.

I really don't know how falling on a bed (which tend to be pretty soft) can cause such injuries that she has to go to the hospital. It just seems like a stretch.

All I know is that their fighting led to a situation where she felt she had to go to the hospital and both hospital personnel and the police were convinced enough that something violent went down that he was arrested.

If she doesn't press charges or changes her story, then it's likely he will be released. But for what it's worth, I do think counseling on how to control their anger would be good for both of them because that's a fight that go out of control.

nerd's phone's picture

You bed doesn't have a head board or foot board? All you KNOW is that she was injured, and that Walden is a male. You do not know that their fighting led to anything, you presume it. In fact she did not go to the hospital until 4 hours later. Now you are saying "that's a fight that got out of control.". However all I see that is out of control is the judgmental attitude of people who don't know what's going on but presume to accuse the man, only because he is male.

Oppy's picture


YOu state, "..and the police were convinced enough that something violent went down that he was arrested."

I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter if the police think someone committed an act of violence or not. It's my understanding that once they are called and a domestic violence report is filed (in this case, it was the hospital who filed the complaint), it is out of the Police's hands- policy is that one of the inhabitants MUST be removed from the home immediately for the night. Even if there was no proof that Walden committed the crime, and even if the girlfriend claims there was no abuse, once the Hospital files a complaint one or the other must go. In this case, where the girlfriend is clearly injured, it's an easy choice for the police as to who will spend the night in jail.

That said, I do agree that this looks very much like any number of domestic violence cases you can find on record. Just wanted to point out that someone spending the night in jail resulting from a report of domestic violence is not a indictment of guilt, it is procedure and policy.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

" I do think counseling on how to control their anger would be good for both of them"

I don't see any possible negative coming out of them doing it together, originally you just said him though.

nerd's phone's picture

Not to mention the system is ridiculously set up against men. The hospital are mandatory reporters. They will always report everything suspicious to the police. That doesn't mean anything untoward happened, per se. Fitz is right, peoples' lives are destroyed by false allegations all the time. Alleged victims' names are withheld, but not those of the accused, even when the alleged victims aren't the ones accusing.

Kendra's picture

Mandatory reporter laws apply to children and vulnerable adults (elderly, mentally handicapped.)

I haven't heard them applying to competent adults.

Ceallaigh's picture

It is not stacked against men. It is set up to protect the vulnerable. Period. And for the record, there is no mandated reporting for domestic violence unless a child has been injured in the process. Please do not speak for health care professionals if you are not one.

nerd's phone's picture

In fact is it NOT set up to protect the vulnerable. Who is more vulnerable in a he said/she said situation, the one who has his named smeared and is assumed guilty by reason of gender or the one who has HER identity protected?

Ceallaigh's picture

Go ahead and blame the victim, Nerd. You are not in health care, so please do not speak for those of us who are. Police are called to protect the injured. It's not the physician's duty to figure out who did it but to keep the vulnerable and safe.

Enough with so called assaults on male privilege.

dullgeek's picture

I don't have any idea which story is true. If Walden did what is alleged, shame on him and he should either get some form of therepy or jail time or both.

But we live in a society that provides a presumption of innocence. Being "in health care" doesn't negate that presumption.

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

wow, nerd - perhaps the most ignorant thing i've read in quite some time.

that's saying something, since i've spent the last 96 hours reading bears and vikings blog comments sections after losing a bet.

but seriously. for every bogus claim of abuse at the hands of an innocent husband/boyfriend, there are thousands of unreported incidents and p.o.s. going through life beating or abusing their wives and children. the 'system' (the world we live in) is absurdly stacked against victims of abuse - why do you think it took DECADES at Penn State and Syracuse? Because unless there is someone else to corroborate their story (and often even when there is), victims know they face a near impossible climb - against people who are nearly always in a position of power relative to them.

of course it's fair to wait for the facts. but more often than not, the facts are unreachable, justice is avoided, and the abuse continues.

your viewpoint isn't just an opinion in this case, nerd -- it actually makes things worse in a very real way.

PackersRS's picture

It CAN be that she really only fell and somehow cut herself and also bumped her head at the same time, but usually in these cases what happens is that the woman is too afraid to report the abuse, usually because staying with that man, even with the abuse, in her mind is the better option.

And I'm not saying that she didn't provoke him or even assaulted him in the first place, but they are the weaker side here. Plus I don't think any reports of him being injuried have surfaced.

nerd's phone's picture

If she was intoxicated then it makes sense that she would fall, then only go to the hospital 4 hours later. Not to mention that they might have been arguing. According to local news, this girl says it's a misunderstanding and that the hospital reported it to the police. If they are not mandatory reporters, they have opened themselves to a libel suit. And let's not forget the ugly specter of race. It's one thing to assume men in general are always guilty. But you can't get away with that sort of bigotry when it comes to race.

PackersRS's picture

There's no indicament whatsoever that race influenced in anything that happened in this case. I don't know why you brought it up to begin with.

Ceallaigh's picture

Women recant all the time. I don't know how many times I've heard an abuser has gotten off scot free because the victim suddenly remembered she fell down a flight of stairs.

And they recant for various reasons: the abuser is apologetic and promises to never do it again, she would literally have NOTHING--no money, food or shelter-- if she left, there are children caught in the crosshairs, or because the abuser has threatened to kill her if she goes forward with charges.

Contrary to the above post, I do not smell a six-figure payoff. The woman was beaten so badly 1. she had to seek medical attention and not just an ice pack 2. It was bad enough to warrant a felony charge, not a misdemeanor.

Yes, he's innocent until proven guilty but I don't deify someone just because he wears Green and Gold. I still judge people by the contact of their character. And if these charges are true, then Erik Walden has neither the content nor the character to wear a Packers uniform.

nerd's phone's picture

Women recant all the time, this is true. They also make false allegations all the time. Again you are here assuming that Walden did in fact abuse her. You do not know what happened. The fact is this girl did not make any allegation whatsoever. The hospital did. She in fact states nothing happened, therefore she has nothing to recant. According to her she was Lnot beaten so badly she needed hospital care," because she was not beaten at all. For some reason people become suddenly get irrational on these issues. I'm not even going to respond to these posts anymore. Women are not all weak and desperate victims. If she did not feel safe, she would leave the relationship or get help. There is plenty available.

PackersRS's picture

I agree with almost all of this but you're being ignorant if you believe that if a woman doesn't feel safe all she has to do is leave the relationship or get help.

Nerdmann's picture

How much help is there for victims of abuse and domestic violence? Much more than there is for men who are falsely accused, I assure you.
I have been in situations where I was being abused. What did I do? I exited the premesis. Wasn't even that hard. And I might add, that there was no shelter for me, being a man.

PackersRS's picture

There is much more help because it is much more severe a male assaulting a female than a female falsely accusing a male.

If you really can't see the disparity in here, both in physical strenght as well as how society treats both (income disparity, number of females in leading business positions) and you can't envision the scenario where a woman would lie to authorities to keep her husband out of prison, nothing I say will change your mind. I advice that you talk to your mother about such subject and see where she stands on this.

MarkinMadison's picture

You don't know whether or not she initially made an allegation. You are making assumptions all over the place based upon media accounts, while castigating others for doing the same. I'm not saying the system is perfect, but you are way out there right now.

Chad Toporski's picture

Not saying Walden is guilty, not saying he's innocent... but she could have thrown the first punch if there was a fight. Then again, he could have pushed her into the bed in anger. Or both.

Best let the authorities decide what happened and leave speculation alone.

foundinidaho's picture


FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture


Glorious80s's picture

Problem is Pack may lose a linebacker to suspensions issued by the league as well as being a disruption they don't need.
It was enough for the police to make an arrest. And, this is the third player incedent involving the police over the past four or five years. Not good.
It's something the coaching staff is going to have to address, again, somehow.

dullgeek's picture

Perhaps I'm jaded by my overly libertarian tendencies, coupled with frequenting Radly Balko's blog "The Agitator", but as much as it's possible that there was some abuse and the woman recanted like so many before her, it seems equally possible that the authorities got over zealous.

I don't know what's true. I don't think any of us here do. But I hope that the allegations turn out to be false. I hope this ends up being a huge misunderstanding.

I don't understand how it's possible to hope for anything else.

DrewTheDraftGuru's picture

I don't really see this being on the authorities. When there is a report of abuse by the alleged victim while she has bruises then you really have no other option but to nab the accused. The truth will come out with time.

nerd's phone's picture

Ceallah, I am not blaming the victim. In fact there is no victim. There is also no "male privelege" in these situations. On the contrary. And the only people victimizing this girl are the people treating her like a helpless victim voluntarily subjecting herself to abuse. Is that really how you view women? And by the way, I am in health care.

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

"and by the way, i am in health care."

this makes your nonsense ten times as troubling, and your attitude unbelievably more dangerous.

- the system is stacked against men accused of being abusive
- people being abused should 'just exit'
- women make false accusations of abuse 'all the time.'

if these are your feelings about the world of abuse, YOU NEED TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE HEALTH CARE FIELD. NOW.

Nerdmann's picture
"Mandatory Reporting: WI Statute § 146.995 requires that health care professionals report gunshot wounds, second and third degree burns over 5% of the body or any other wound that resulted from a crime."

According to the above site, Wisconsin doctors are not required to report domestic violence to the police. However, they apparently did so in this case, according to the the information in the media. I believe this could leave them open to a libel suit by Walden.
This is a controversial issue. Advocates say that mandatory reporting prevents abuse from continuing, opposers say that it prevents people who are being abused from seeking care.

Oppy's picture

Nerdmann, I have to disagree with your assessment of the law, which you state does not require WI Docs to report domestic violence to the police:

"WI Statute § 146.995 requires that health care professionals report...or ANY OTHER WOUND THAT RESULTED FROM A CRIME.”

Domestic violence IS a crime.

Therefore, WI Doctors ARE required to report it, so long as the wound resulted from it. Of course, this also means that technically any and all wounds received via any sort of assault should be mandatory reported, as well.

I am quite sure, that health care professionals being people first and foremost, are often less than cavalier at times in their mandatory reporting obligations. People often would rather "stay out of other peoples' business", sad but true.

Nerdmann's picture

Yes, but you see the absurdity here. She says no crime was committed.

MarkinMadison's picture

Now. You don't know what she may have said when she was in the hospital. But you've already concluded that the hospital is subject to a law suit. Crazy.

nerd's phone's picture

I do know what she told the local media. Apparently you don't.

Ceallaigh's picture

And you do realize that there is a very good chance she is NOT making it up.

It's often not as easy as picking up a phone for help.

Statistically women are at the greatest risk of dying a the hands of their intimate partner when they are actively trying to leave an abusive relationship.

If it were that easy to reach out for help and leave, there wouldn't be millions of repeatedly abused women in this country. Because domestic violence isn't just about a smack, a shove or a slap. It's about control--physical and emotional and sometimes financial.

Domestic violence is one of--if the most--least reported crimes in the country. Just because you haven't seen a victim first hand doesn't mean they haven't encountered you.

nerd's phone's picture

Making what up? She says nothing happened. So she's NOT making up the statement that nothing happened? You are so passionately determined to find something guilty in the man that you've completely altered the circumstances in your mind. I know its important to you that men be guilty. I know it's important to you that women be helpless desperate victims who voluntarily submit themselves to abuse, but neither of these appear to be the case in this circumstance.

Ceallaigh's picture

Hey nerd, quit putting words in my mouth. Until then keep on sticking your head in the sand.

Oppy's picture

Guilt and innocence has nothing to do with a crime being reported or not reported. It has everything to do with a crime being committed or not committed.

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

+1 Oppy

but Nerd: seriously, I'm not a woman, I'm no feminist, and I've never been abused personally -- and your comments are so offensively misinformed and harmful it really is astonishing.

if people who "are in healthcare" don't understand how these things play out, why would ANY victim EVER think coming forward was a good idea? if the doctor/nurse/cna - the first person you see who actually witnesses the physical effects of abuse and is supposed to be a CAREGIVER is full of the judgmental ball of bullshit you're carrying around, there truly is no hope.

i know it's a shit economy, but the world needs you to pick a new career.

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