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Packers LB Brad Jones Ruled Out for Ravens Game

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Packers LB Brad Jones Ruled Out for Ravens Game

After not practicing on Wednesday, Packers linebacker Brad Jones has already been ruled out of this weekend's game against the Ravens in Baltimore.

Jones pulled his hamstring this past week against the Detroit Lions, although head coach Mike McCarthy said it was not the same one he injured in the preseason.

McCarthy added that he doesn't think Jones will be out for long and feels better about his prospects for playing next week.

In Week 3 of the preseason against the Seattle Seahawks, Jones had originally pulled his hamstring and then was held out of the team's exhibition finale versus the Kansas City Chiefs.

Nevertheless, Jones was back in time for the regular-opener and had played at a high level before his latest setback.

The Packers will have to get by for the time being with A.J. Hawk and Jamari Lattimore as their starting inside linebackers, now that Jones and Rob Francois have been lost for the season.

Francois was placed on injured reserve with a torn Achilles tendon on Monday.

Rookie linebacker Sam Barrington is the only healthy backup at the position, at least until Jones returns. Barrington has yet to play on defense during the regular season.

As expected, Clay Matthews was also ruled out of Sunday's game against the Ravens, as was running back James Starks and offensive lineman Greg Van Roten.

Cornerback Casey Hayward also did not practice on Wednesday, but he has not yet been ruled out of the Ravens game.

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Mojo's picture

So Jones' hammy is not the same one injured earlier. I've always wondered whether it be Jones or anyone else; is that good or bad?

denniseckersly's picture

I'm not sure. It does mean that he counts as 2 hamstring injuries (as opposed to one continued injury) toward our impressive total.

Ma Linger's picture

GB can't spend a nickel to bring in outside training conditioning experts to at least take a look see?
Lets just let this keep happening each year and pretend it isn't a problem.

Jamie's picture

Can you post the link that confirms they haven't? Thanks

Stroh's picture

Seriously dude you need to read a little! There's been numberous articles written in the past few weeks that discusses the hamstring issues in particular. The best one mentioned a team (don't remember which) that had similar hamstring injuries in one season. They looked into it hard and the staff for that team determined its basically luck! They looked at all aspects of it and the staff knew the Packers staff very well and had talked to Dr McKenzie. There was very little they changed and he said Packers were doing everything they could about it. Its a matter of luck and an anomaly!

Get it? Got it? GOOD, now STFU about it already!

UP-Packer's picture

Alot of good info but how can anyone "read a little" as you insist when you provide NO links? Most aren't going to just accept your word for anything. You have that credibility issue, remember?

Stroh's picture

Well I try to give you some credit for reading sites other than just a blog for your Packer info. But since you clearly don't, which explains a lot actually, I guess I have to give you my sources. Don't say I didn't tell you so. Next time try to get some info for yourself!

themasterfake's picture

All I got from the Green Bay Press article was this ; "They also don’t reveal anything but generalizations about their training regimen."
And, the report speculating that the Packers are looking at the issue.

I believe Stroh also was the same strength and conditioning coach that explained to me so patiently that yoga has no place or relevance in football due to different muscles, etc.
Tell that to the Seahawks.

Stroh's picture

If that's all you got from it you CHOSE to get nothing from it!

Why is it seachicks are the only ones using it? Just cuz pete Carroll believes in it doesn't mean others do. Some aspects if worked into the program is fine but not as a whole.

Stroh's picture

How's that for credibility?! I guess the fact that I'm a former Strength Coach wasn't enough for you?! Maybe from now on you'll listen when I tell you something. If you do you'll learn something.

Longshanks's picture

Stroh, why "former"? Did you get fired for having too many players with injured hamstrings on your team? Just curious. You aren't Rock Gullickson by chance are you?

Stroh's picture

Its a very difficult field. I did very well at it when I was in it, but unless you get to the highest levels the pay sucks. I opened a personal training business and did very well financially at that till the economy went in the tank. About that time a client asked me to manage a business he had started. So no longer in the Personal training or strength and conditioning fields. That satisfy you? I was in it from the time I was in college for nearly 20 years.

Longshanks's picture

No Stroh, just was razzing you a little. Just one more question and it's important. Do you by chance live in Tennessee?

Stroh's picture

some comments from the JSO article.

"Green Bay's medical and training staffs evaluate each injury individually. The Packers do not allow them to talk to the media, but three players said they do what they can to prevent hamstring injuries with the help of the team.

"All the guys are in shape. It's just freak accidents."

"It's a freak thing that sometimes happens."

"Prevention of hamstring issues starts with first and foremost hip mobility..."

The PackerNews article is the one I was primarily referencing so make sure you read it too.

Al's picture

So basically what your saying is the packers strength and conditioning coaches suck. Thanks.

Stroh's picture

How in the hell do you get that out of anything? Please tell me your joking... Otherwise you just can't read I guess.

Sgt Hulka's picture

Lighten up Francis!

The TKstinator's picture

"SGT HULKA"... Love it.

Unfortunately I swallow my aggression.
Along with a lot of pizzas.

Geo's picture

Stroh is on a roid rage again!

PackerBacker's picture

(Yes, I posted this on the other post as well, but it needs to be said.)

Let me get out in front of this for everyone else.

We must fire all of the med / training staff for not preventing this.

We must fire all of the coaching staff for not firing the training staff.

We need to get Brian fired for continually giving us this terrible news.

There … did I cover everything? Good. Now control yourselves and go about your daily business.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Better get rid of Rodgers for not taking blame for the injuries as well. Because a true leader would...

UP-Packer's picture

It's not amazing. Still very little football being discussed here. What a waste.

redlights's picture

I've been as exasperated as anyone about GB and injuries; but it looks like SF and ATL have both lost their WR1's. Others too.

4thand1's picture

Either this site doesn't have many readers or people just don't post. A live chat would be great. ESPN NFCN blog turned to total crap when it switched to facebook. Packers fans need a live forum.

Bibbon Hazel's picture

You're a live forum!

4thand1's picture

Good injury news, Derek Sherrod is ready to go. MM says he's definitely going to play after week six.

BrianD's picture

I know what's causing all the hamstring injuries

The Lambeau Leap!

Think about it, what other team allows players to jump into the stands, a movement that stresses the hamstrings! No more practicing that leap after practice boys

KC's picture

What a surprise another post with STROH strohking his fragile little ego. We are all very impressed douchebag

madmanJack's picture

just a thought on the hamstring issues based on my own personal experience. i had hamstring issues playing softball so one off season i started running. now the hamstring problems are almost zero and when it does happen its always my right one.

i notice in stretching that my right one is a lot less stretchy than the left one. i don't know if its because of injury or maybe just naturally tighter, but in any case i believe that is the root of my problems. just like having one foot larger than the other or one leg shorter than the other, maybe hamstrings can vary also....leading to problems if not addressed.

i do think that running and stretching are imperative ....and if you have a tighter hammy, do more extensive stretching on that side.

just my personal observations.

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

no use in keeping this information to ourselves -- we should really let the packers' trainings staff know too - they should make sure the players run and stretch.

sorry to seem mean spirited madman, but jesus, fellas. i have a feeling that NFL teams don't hire their burnout cousin Jed as trainers because they feel bad about his mail-order postage stamp business failing. i think you actually have to turn in a resume.

better hamstrings than ACLs.

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