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Packers Keeping Door Open On Tauscher

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Packers Keeping Door Open On Tauscher

Interesting tidbit from Ted Thompson in his Q&A with Mike Vandermause:

Q: Why did you decide not to bring back Mark Tauscher?

Thompson: Mark Tauscher had an ACL injury obviously. When he’s going to be able to come back is a little bit up in the air. I had a chat with Mark last week. He’s doing really good. … You never know where that’s going. I told him there might be an opportunity back here. We have tried to put some other guys in position to see if they can play that position because it’s still a question mark as to when Mark would be back and be able to play. But he’s getting in shape and getting ready to play so that when an opportunity comes, whether it’s here or somewhere else, he’ll be ready.

This is most likey a case of a GM covering all his basis, but the above, to me anyway, is pretty surprising.

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Ron La Canne's picture

That's interesting! There sure as hell is nothing to lose by getting a relatively healthy Tauscher back in the fold. At this point in time, the players listed on the depth chart are not a known quality. Based on performance of those that have actually even played, I'm less than optimistic to say the least.

A one legged Tauscher gives me a greater sense of security than any untested Rookies or 2nd year player. So, good move Ted, if you really mean it.

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

I tend to agree with Ron. I like the younger guys but we don't know much about them at this point. It's smart to keep Tauscher as an option and to keep him feeling like he was treated well by the Pack

PackersRS's picture

This is great news. According to Stats, inc., Tauscher was the 4th best pass blocking RT in the league las year, both in sacks given as well as in sacks given per play. There's the issue that he might not go through training camp, but I believe he has enough knowledge of our system, and if healthy, I think we should bring him aboard, at least for one more year, so the rookies can get acclimated to the pros. I believe he played better than most of our OL last year.

Asshalo's picture

It's good to have a back-up if our RT prospects aren't cutting it. Wouldn't help to have a veteran RT train his eventual replacement in barbre or lang either.

Nerdmann's picture

I think at least one of the young guys will step up. We got some talent there this year.
I look for the OL to be improved and solidified.

wgbeethree's picture

I must be watching a totally different games then everybody else (which I have been accused of from time to time). All I can remember from last year is watching the games and just being completely frustrated with the way tauscher was playing (as well as other lineman in certain games i.e. clifton in the second minn game and many others). Apparently the stats say he did well in the passing game (I would have thought mediocre at best but I wouldn't think ''stats'' would paint a very accurate picture of an olineman's overall play...just far too complicated and intertwined with the rest of the line to single out one guy and attribute stats to him IMO). What did they say about his stats when they rushed the ball though PackerRS? I would be shocked if he was anywhere near the top half of the league. He is a TERRIBLE fit for the ZBS. Now I really like the guy as a person. If I got to play a round of golf and grab a beer with any packers from the last decade he would definitely be in my foursome but it just seemed to me that he was completely done last year even before the injury. I've been wrong before and tend to hold the players I really like up to a higher stantard but I don't see him helping the team much at all anymore. I really hope one or more of the RTs stand out in training camp and this isn't an issue. I wouldn't mind him around as someone who the younger guys could pick up tips from and go to for advice but I hope and pray he doesn't turn out to be our best option at RT. If he is that means Barbre, Breno, and Lang must have failed miserably IMO and I don't want to see that.

packeraaron's picture

wgbeethree - actually, we are in complete agreement. Tausch had a very rough start to the year ( He seemed to get better as the year went on, but I agree that the Packers signing him would indicate the young guys have all crashed and burned which would just about solidify Thompson's rep as the worst judge of O-line talent in the NFL.

bomdad's picture

worst judge, or cheapest?

wgbeethree's picture

I actually think thompson is a pretty good judge of oline talent. Its seems to me that just about all of his picks (colledge, sitton, barbre, breno, lang, etc.) have the tools and talent to be very good linemen in the league. I tend to put most of the blame on campen who I was looking forward to seeing being shown the door with sanders and stock this offseason but it didn't happen that way. When an entire unit that seemingly has all the tools to succeed just never seems to get it I can't help but think that the guy who is supposed to be coaching them up is mostly to blame otherwise at least one of the guys would have things click for him.

packeraaron's picture

Hard to say. Thompson's had 4 years and to date his best lineman is Daryn Colledge - that's not good. Yes, I think Sitton and Lang will end up being players, but as of right now, the results are not pretty.

PackersRS's picture

wgbeethree, stats for run blocking are more complicated, IMO, to calculate than pass protection. And I don't have those. You could look for pancakes, I think...
About Thompson being a good Oline evaluator, I don't know. He's certainly not the worst. But by far not the best.
About the rookies failing miserably, true about Giacomini and Babre, but not about Lang. It just means Lang needs some time to get acclimated to the NFL. And even about the other two, it's kind of true. Tauscher was once (2 years ago) considered an elite RT. Loosing the job to him (IF HEALTHY) is not exactly the end of one's career...

wgbeethree's picture

i couldnt find any individual stats for linemen but according to the packers ranked 28th in both "right tackle" and "right end" rushing. now one of those categories would have to include the 70 yard wynn td in the last game when tauscher was out so i would have to guess that with tauscher in there they would be ranked close to dead last. to be quite honest im not even sure what the stats they give mean...but it SEEMS to support my argument so i'll throw them out there.

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