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Packers Keep Aaron Rodgers Clean in First Game Back from Injury

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Packers Keep Aaron Rodgers Clean in First Game Back from Injury

The Green Bay Packers made it priority No. 1 to protect Aaron Rodgers and his still-healing left collarbone Sunday afternoon in Chicago.

Mission accomplished.

Making his first start in almost two months, Rodgers took three sacks but was kept mostly clean during Green Bay's 33-28 win. The three takedowns were nothing short of harmless, both in terms of in-game impact and the health of Rodgers' collarbone. And none of the three could be pinned solely on the offensive line.

A late scramble and safety slide resulted in the first sack, another broken play outside the pocket ended in the second and Julius Peppers finally wiggled free of David Bakhtiari after four-and-a-half seconds for the third, a strip sack that eventually concluded with Jarrett Boykin in the end zone.

Overall, the three sacks took an average of over five seconds from snap to sack. And in order, the plays resulted in a zero-yard loss, a late hit penalty that gave the Packers a first down and a 15-yard fumble return for a touchdown.

Save for those three, Rodgers was rarely touched or put in danger.

According to Pro Football Focus, the Packers offensive line was credited with just three quarterback disruptions. Evan Dietrich-Smith gave up two interior hurries, and T.J. Lang was beat inside by Corey Wootton for a third. Rodgers was placed at fault for the three others.

Overall, the Packers quarterback was pressured on just seven of his 43 dropbacks. The 16 percent disruption rate was Green Bay's best of the 2013 season.

Those tasked with protecting Rodgers, who came into Sunday only seven weeks removed from fracturing his collarbone, made it clear early in the week just how important it was to ensure the Bears pass rush was kept at bay.

“No question, there’s definitely an added urgency to keeping Aaron clean in the pocket,” Packers running backs coach Alex Van Pelt said.

"Now, there's a little fire lit under our asses," tackle David Bakhtiari said. "A sense of urgency. It's, 'Hey, look, we have to stretch it even more this week because we really don't want him to get touched.'"

Head coach Mike McCarthy aided his offensive line by giving Rodgers six throws behind the line of scrimmage, which typically eliminates the pass rush from of the equation. Of his 39 attempts, 24 took 2.5 seconds or less for Rodgers to attempt a pass.

Solid work along the entire offensive line and a smart reliance on the short passing game helped keep Rodgers clean.

Of course, the play that will go down as one of the greatest moments in Packers-Bears rivalry came when Rodgers needed to elude initial pressure and hold the football. But even on that 4th-and-8 play, Green Bay's protection package adequately picked up a seven-man blitz from the Bears, allowing Rodgers to escape the pocket and find Randall Cobb for the game-winning score. John Kuhn stuck Peppers off the edge to get the sequence in motion.

No quarterback is going to get through 60 minutes of football without some type of pressure or  contact. That's the game everyone signed up for.

But in a situation for Rodgers that still presented risk of re-injury—his collarbone won't be completely healed until well into the offseason—the Packers offensive line elevated its performance and ensured minimal danger for its $110 million quarterback. Just like the entire unit set out to do beforehand.

Zach Kruse is a 25-year-old sports writer who contributes to Cheesehead TV, Bleacher Report and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He also covered prep sports for the Dunn Co. News. You can reach him on Twitter @zachkruse2 or by email at [email protected].

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The TKstinator's picture

I would hope the O-line ALWAYS takes this approach!

I was also kind of waiting for Rodgers to get hit solidly somewhere in the neighborhood of that left shoulder and "take it" and just get right back up as if to prove he's back.

Of course, if he NEVER gets hit there, that's ok too!

I also think as long as he is quarterbacking, the O-line is going to surrender a few "extra" sacks because he is going to take a sack in certain situations rather than risk an INT. And given that choice, what coach or fan would argue?

drealyn williams's picture

I get he doesn't want to risk an INT,but throwing the ball away -- there's nothing wrong with that. Like that play the Bears were flagged for a late hit on Rodgers, did you not hold your breath when he went down on the initial hit and then follow that by a late hit by #99???

The TKstinator's picture

I am absolutely in favor of throwing the ball away when possible too!

I was really kinda conflicted on the whole "take a hit" thing. Partly I wanted him to to show he could take one and get right back up. Partly I wanted him to not have to!

I was also saying that when we "assess" the play of the GB O-line we have to keep in mind that the sack total partly reflects 12's willingness to take a sack over risking an INT.

Matt's picture

Anyone see all the news reports that Aaron Rodgers is gay? Apparently his roommate is telling everyone they had a relationship. WHAT A FREAKIN' DISTRACTION!!!

RunAndHyde's picture

.................he does dress pretty well.

bomdad's picture

Probably a Niner fan. How many hours until Harbaugh starts working the officials, or did I already miss something?

Marlow's picture

And everything we read on the Internet is true, of course. :-)

Bomdad's picture

Reports about Harbaughs lobbying before the game are credible sources.

Mojo's picture

Does explain the preoccupation with butt-height.

Fred's picture

Ha! Oh boy. I've been saying this ever since he signed his first big contract. Not that there's anything wrong with that!

packeraaron's picture

Who gives a shit?

Matt's picture

Just think it's a huge distraction that's all. Sucks his good friend and ex roommate is trying to become a distraction. And it would be HUGE news so I think a lot of people would give a shit.

markinmontana's picture

You seem to be the one in favor of making it a distraction, seeing as how you plopped this in the middle of comments regarding the Packers O-Line.

Bert's picture

Could really care less one way or the other. Not news and not worth talking about. Just worried about beating the 49ers.

zeke's picture

Why is it a distraction, and how is it "huge news"?

Matt's picture

Because he has to worry about this shit and reporters asking him about his sexuality:

And the first NFL player to come out let alone being a SUPER STAR would be huge news.

Doesn't matter. Just wish he didn't have to worry about this dumb shit before a game. No one should worry about his personal life.

Arlo's picture

zeke - did you just wake from a coma? Everyone knows AR is not a homosexual. Now, bisexual? Who knows?

zeke's picture

Doesn't sound like he's too worried about it.

Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

Only homosexuals pread rumors or even care abought other mens sexuality.Straight men are too busy trying to make booty calls

Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

Is this coming up only because they are playing the 9ers this week

Derek in CO's picture

Just re-watched the Cobb game winner again. ARod rolling left threw that ball from the GB 41 to the Bears 10 and barely looked like he tried to throw it 50 yards. Simply amazing.

Bugeater's picture

I know! It almost seems like a 'touch' throw - it's so great. That's the best play of the year without a doubt. I also love how quickly Kuhn reacts and gets to Peppers. Gives me chills!

The things that had to go right on that sequence show just how slim the margin for error is on a successful play.

Derek in CO's picture

that reaction by Kuhn to get to Peppers on that play was unreal, and awareness by ARod to avoid him. He could have stepped up the pocket but probably would have gotten sacked.

Robert's picture

You know what is more amazing to me, that it is not the 1st time that he has made a throw like that (a complete pass of course) Knowing that they are different circumstances, I remember 2 against the Jaguars in 2008 and last year against the Rams...

Phatgzus's picture

The bomb to Jordy at Lambeau West (San Diego/Whale's Vagina).

cLowNEY42's picture

Bears have the worst pass rush in the league... No big accomplishment here.

Story will probably be quite a bit different playing SF.

RunAndHyde's picture

You need tea-bagged.

cLowNEY42's picture

Man for man SF is just stronger/more aggressive/faster.

As we all know - in a game like this one is shaping up to be (weather) it's going to come down to the play in the trenches.

SF D front>GB OL
SF OL>GB D front

Those are just facts.
Not even really debatable.

A whole bunch of flukey stuff would have to happen for the Packers to beat this '9ers team.

They're just better.

RunAndHyde's picture

They are better in every category but one ....the one that matters most.....qb. I'd say that makes the playing field level.

RunAndHyde's picture

Oh well that and wrs ofcourse.

cLowNEY42's picture

This will not be an "air-it-out" sort of game.

Kprnck's game is more suited to this type of weather than Rodgers' game. That so called "advantage" you're referring to is a fantasy.

SF can win this game without throwing more than 15 times. Just gotta hope they use the same offensive game plan that Dallas did in the 2nd 1/2 against the Packers... Good luck with that.

How about this info outa' MMQB...

"In the past four weeks, including matchups against talented defenses in Seattle and Tampa Bay, San Francisco has averaged 31.5 rushing attempts and 158 yards (5.0 per carry) behind standout back Frank Gore. During the same time, only the Bears and Lions have given up more yards per attempt than the Packers (5.2). This doesn’t even include the 473 yards that Green Bay surrendered to the Vikings and Lions in back-to-back games in late November."


RunAndHyde's picture was cold as balls in Chicago. Did the ball get aired out a bit for both Chicago and GB....yes ...yes it did. Who says this game has to be a ground and pound game? It's Aaron Rodgers' game to win ...not Frank Gore.

Phatgzus's picture

And, arguably, RB.

Phatgzus's picture

The only game in which Kaepernick's game is better/better suited is flag football.

Stroh's picture

Clown... Rodgers threw for over 300 yds the Bears pass D. Rodgers has no problems passing in the cold weather. He has large hands, throws a tight spiral and learned how to play in the cold. Kaep isn't built for the cold nearly as well as Rodgers, his legs will largely be taken out by the poor field conditions and he doesn't throw an especially tight spiral to any wind will affect his passes much more than Rodgers. Don't doubt for a second that Kaep won't be affected by the cold. He will much moreso than Rodgers. The entire 9ers team will be affected, they cant get acclimatized to the cold like the Packers are living in it! Trust me that offense won't be nearly as sharp in the cold and field conditions. Packers will have practiced in it a couple times by game time. 9ers offense will struggle and their D hasn't exactly shut down Rodgers and the Packers Offense.

Bugeater's picture

Yes, 'flukey' stuff like having one of the best rushing offenses in the league (SF #3, GB #6) to add to one of the best passing offenses in the league (SF #30, GB #6). Not to mention the GB defense finally starting to force some turnovers. Oh, and the return of their two biggest offensive playmakers, (one of them being the best QB in football).

The defense doesn't need to keep the score low - they just need to manage the game - keep the SF rushing game under control (like in week 1) and force Kaepernick into some risky decision making.

I don't think it will be easy, and GB has to play pretty much mistake free. But GB doesn't just have a long-shot chance - they have a very real chance of winning this game.

cLowNEY42's picture

"...keep the SF rushing game under control (like in week 1)"


Yeah - they kept the run game "under control" WHILE SF WAS THROWING FOR OVER 400!!!!!

Let me think?
Did SF throw all over the field because...

A. Packer defense was just so tough.
B. They discovered that throwing the ball was like taking candy from a baby.

Just stop.

Harbaugh is light years ahead of Capers.
SF will be able to do whatever they want offensively.
We suck vs run and pass.

Just prepare yourself for more of this...

Phatgzus's picture

Harbaugh's not their OC, pal-o.

Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

But can Kapernick play in 7 degree we will see.You have to grip the ball different in cold weather

murphy's picture

Second. Wish someone would have bet him on the Bears game, though I know he hasn't historically honored his agreements to STFU and go away.

cLowNEY42 says:

December 27, 2013 at 11:59 am

"This Packer defense (even with Rodgers) will not hold Chicago under 35."


cLowNEY42's picture

Ooh... I was close.

4thand1's picture

You clowney, You're always demanding FA's. Peppers was one of the biggest FA's and failed to deliver when the Bears needed it most. Once again you fail miserably.

cLowNEY42's picture

Yeah - Peppers has been horrible for Chicago.

The guy's like 100 years old now.

But go ahead and keep thinking that the best way to build a team is to draft ONLY.

Meanwhile the following teams will be having fun in the playoffs...


Lotta important FA's on those teams.
Just sayin'.

4thand1's picture

No they all have great QB play, with out it they'd all be average. You lose again.

cLowNEY42's picture

Quality QB's (some of which were FA's) + impactful FA's.

I win.

4thand1's picture

Ha, Foles was a steal (and a back up). Manning was the only one. You lose again. Everyone thought Brees was done for. The Lions even passed on him. You're so far behind, you think you're in 1st. lmfao again at you.

cLowNEY42's picture

So Brees and Manning, then.

Do you really want me to go through the rosters of all of those teams and list all of the players that were FA's or traded for?


Because you know that I'm right.

You know that all of those teams have more complete rosters than the Packers do.

And you know that they all have acquired more players through FA and trades than the Packers have.

You just continuing to tell me that I'm wrong does not actually make me wrong.

Phatgzus's picture

7 points ain't close, especially with a reasonable range of about 20.

cLowNEY42's picture

The snap counts for Datone Jones, Jerel Worthy, and Nick Perry are extremely depressing.

Gotta stop missing on high draft picks.

I'm actually completely off the "fire Capers" bandwagon.
He has nothing to work with.

No D coordinator would be able to put together even a respectable defense with this group of players.

There's just no impact-talent on that side of the ball.
Like... Nothing.

TOM's picture

CLowNEY. I don't dissagree with everything you say about our defense. I think our Defensive Line is Decent, but we need Linebackers that can make tackles at the line of scrimmage. I think our Corners, & Safety's played Very Well Sunday, considering the tackles they made at the line, & stopping Marshal & Jeffrey's. I believe we beat a Pretty Good offense Sunday. I don't know what happened at Philly, but the Bears have a much better offense than they are given credit for. JMO. I like our chances Sunday.

cLowNEY42's picture

Our D Line is horrible.

Pickett - old
Raji - sucks
Jones - bust
Worthy - bust
Jolly - hurt
Daniels - awesome (if he were a 4/3 DT)... situational 3/4 end
Wilson - whatever
Boyd - maybe in 2 years. right now? meh.

Point Packer's picture

I totally agree with this. Remember that time early in the season when our run D was looking like a solid piece to our defense? Oh boy, how things change.

Boyd has potential, for sure. At the very least, he looks quick for such a big guy. He flashed something.

Who'd believe it a year ago, but it can be argued that Jolly has been our best and most consistent D-lineman.

If not Jolly, then Daniels. But yes, he would be better suited in a 4-3.

CJ Wilson is just a guy. Though he had a couple better than average games this year.

Picket seems to be getting pushed around more than ever. Father time may have caught up.

I keep being told that it takes rookie 3-4 D-tackles time and that we need to be patient with Datone Jones. I hope all those folks are right. Because right now, he's a major bust.

I think both Worthy (especially Worthy) and Perry are a bust. Stroh tells me that Perry is not a 3-4 LB and that's why he sucks. If he's not a 3-4 LB, then why in the hell did TT draft him to play LB in a 3-4 defense?

If we beat the Niners, its because this unit played out of its mind, or Capers used black magic.

Phatgzus's picture

We got ourselves a bandwagon jumper-Stagecoach Willie.

Point Packer's picture

Cow is usually full of it, but not on this front. I'd love to hear your defense of our D-line's immaculate play this season.

packsmack25's picture

"His collarbone won't be fully healed until well into the offseason"

Any source on that?

Arlo's picture

The season is complete. Here are the numbers. The opposition records. ---- 3-13, 7-9, 8-8, 4-12, 5-10-1, 8-8, 4-12, 8-8. ---- The combined record of all the teams that GB managed to beat in season 2013 is 47-80-1. --- In other words, GB did not beat a team with a winning record all season.

Every team in the playoffs has a winning record starting with the 12-4 49’er’s. --- Even with AR, the money is not going to be on the Packers. It's called being objective.

cLowNEY42's picture



i've never bet on an NFL game.
this might be my first.
SF will win by double digits.
looking like a lock.

pooch's picture

This game will be a lot closer than you think

cLowNEY42's picture

Well I think the Packers may lose by 20 so........

Phatgzus's picture

And we all know how accurate your prognostications are, sooo...

Bugeater's picture

Here ya go kids. Enjoy your new home and have fun!

Arlo's picture

This really has little to do with the 49'ers. You can tell alot from strength of schedule after the fact. The Pack really have zero 'quality wins' this season. They haven't beaten anyone of note. Teams can always sneak into the playoffs for a number of reasons but it's difficult to go very far unless you are a legitimate quality team.

About the only hope GB has is that AR plays lights out similar to 2011 or somehow the D shows up for several games. Watch out if both happen.

Derek in CO's picture

Do you mean, they beat who they are supposed to beat? Doesn't matter. Every team has talent in the NFL, the difference isn't much. Anything can happen this time of year. Many low seeds have gone on to the SB. Try to enjoy the fact they aren't the Lions.

Arlo's picture

Of course "they beat who they are supposed to beat" and then lose to winning teams.

Evidently you're content with that. Luckily, the coaches & players are not happy with 'one & done'.

When did fans start being content with just the playoffs?

It's suppose to be SB or bust.

cLowNEY42's picture

Lions roster is better than GB's.
I would be excited if I were a Lions' fan right now.
Get a competent head coach.
High draft pick.
That team's arrow is pointing up.

Arlo's picture

The Lions should have fired Schwartz last year. If they had, GB would be watching the Lions in the playoffs this year.

Am I a Lion's fan? Of course not. It's called being objective.

chris's picture

Probably also important to note that only 13 teams this season finished with a winning record, the Pack being one of them and they only played 3 teams with a winning record, however all were losses. I am not super confident in the Packers pulling out a W this weekend but I dont think that stat means much. The stat that will be important will be yards gained outside of the tackles, if the 9ers are able to set the edge, which every teams seems able to do we probably lose. We need someone in the front seven on defense to really step up and make two or three game changing plays (I know the likelihood of that happening is also slim to none).

Arlo's picture

Of the six NFC playoff teams (SF, Seattle, Carolina, NO, Philly & GB), GB is the only team that was unable to beat a winning team during the entire season. That's always been significant. That's just the way it is. Not my fault.

4thand1's picture

Packers in the post season 5 years and running. Fire everyone because they never beat anyone. TROLLS BE GONE. YOU SUCK.

cLowNEY42's picture

When was the last time they beat a good (championship caliber) team? Week 13 2011?

They beat garbage and lose to quality.

Been that way for a couple years now.

Dude - I get that you love the Packers. We all love the Packers. But they're an extremely flawed team. Their talent has regressed for 3 years running. Their draft and develop philosophy has hit a major snag due to the fact that they have not drafted well as of late.

They are a 1 man team.
And while that "1 man" is REALLY good - football is the ultimate TEAM game.

Rodgers (and the Packers) need a ton of help.

If they plan on improving this team using only the draft... they better stop missing... and it's going to take time... hope Rodgers can last that long.

murphy's picture

You don't love the Packers and you are no fan of the team. You wrote the team off before the season began and have not made a single supportive or positive statement regarding the team since. You say that they have inferior talent, while ignoring that they either won, tied, or lost by 7 or less (which you have defined above as "close", which I will infer to mean "competitive") in 13 games this year, while missing the MVP for 7. If they beat the 49ers this week you will write it off as "flukey" without taking a single moment to enjoy the victory. You go out of your way to ignore the fact that a person can be both positive and realistic about a sports team without being a "homer".

Yours are not the actions of a fan of a sports team, and actions speak louder than words.

cLowNEY42's picture

"If they beat the 49ers this week you will write it off as “flukey” without taking a single moment to enjoy the victory. "

We won't have to worry about this.

And - yes - I do love the Packers.
I just want them to be better.

Did I write them off early? Yes.
Was I right?
For the most part, yes.
The only part I got wrong was that I didn't know the North would be so horrible.

I've said for 3 years that this is a 1 man team.
This year showed it better than I could ever say it.

If you don't think this team is lacking in difference-making talent, then you don't know what difference-making talent is.

Bugeater's picture

Oh please. Just go away. You don't care about the Packers. You don't care about anything. Your commentary is just based on devil's advocate BS. The Packers can win the Super Bowl and all you'll say is "Well, now they're mired in another 5 years of mediocrity since they blew their high draft order"

Just shut. Up. Shut Up.

zeke's picture

Death, taxes, and Mr. 6-10 shitting all over the comments...

Arlo's picture

You're no better than a troll.

4thand1's picture

Ouch, you cut so deep.

Bugeater's picture

And you're a ridiculous, immature, uninformed idiot.

TOM's picture

I'd like it if all the money in the world were on San Fran on Sunday. I laugh when I hear GB hasn't got a chance. That's why I win 60% to 70% of my bets, all going against the grain. The guy who taught me is "Wayne Root". The finest Football handicapper there is. (Google Him). He said "If you ever go to watch the NY Marathon, & you see a thousand runners all going in the same direction, look for 1 lonely runner going the opposite direction. That would be me". I've made over a Million $$$$$ Doing Just That. I've said a number of times on here, that I don't play the GB game. although I do have $$$ on them for the NFC, & the SB. This is the game I want at Lambo. If we can get by this one, I like my chance's. Don't think for a second, GB doesn't have a chance. That kind of thinking, (Just like when they played Dallas), has made Smart Betters, a lot of $$$$$.

Arlo's picture

Blah, blah, blah. --- Jeez, make some sense. Everyone's know anything can happen on any 'given Sunday'. What's your point?

TOM's picture

I love folks like you. You've made me a lot of $$$$. The Point is, The Money Is Usually Wrong. If I could see where all the $$$$ was bet before the games, I'd be a Billionaire instead of a Millionaire.
Las Vegas is the only winner, but only the Betters know it. You figure it out. Keep listening to the crowd. I can use a few more bucks. Maybe someday the average fan will catch on?? but I doubt it.

cLowNEY42's picture

Hope you didn't put too much of your millions on the Packers. You may have to get yourself a real job if you did.

cLowNEY42's picture

Pretty close to zero chance.
Just not a good matchup.

4thand1's picture

HA! clowno, remember when you said let me how that works out when the Packers were 4.5 favorites? It worked out nicely for me. You lose again, man Am I up on you. lmfao.

TOM's picture

cLowNEY,I may not agree with everything you say, but I'm not your enemy. Don't throw the towel in just yet. I don't play the GB game. Football #101 "Don't bet on your home team". You can't think it out clearly. I'm a Packer Fan, & maybe I'm not seeing this one correctly, but I hit a lot of games, just like this one. No one can predict any 1 game. It's over the long haul. This is a game you want to go against the grain. We have a number of things going in our favor. San Frans 2ond game away. Most, (Not All) of those teams lose. I want GB to win this game, but for me it's about who covers. If I were betting, I would bet GB & Buy The Hook. GB could lose, & I would still win. This is a SB for us. We are at home & getting PT'S. Those are all Betting trends with High %'s in our favor. We are playing the BEST team in the playoffs. I'm glad we got them at home. If we can't beat them here, we don't belong in the hunt.

cLowNEY42's picture

But that's just it... we don't belong in the hunt.
The only reason we're here is because the North is the worst division in football.

Uncle Louie's picture

That's what I thought when the GB faced Denver in the 1997 Super Bowl (14 pt. Favorites). #1 defense in the league and MVP Favre leading the way.......Didn't work out too well.

I admit with GB's defense their going to need to score 35 to 40 pts to win this game, unless the weather is unbearable. They need at least 2 turnovers as well..... At least they have a chance.

cLowNEY42's picture

So they need...

-Unbearable weather
-an offensive explosion vs one of the best defenses in the league
-win the turnover battle by 2+

...sorta sounds like we're in agreement as to who's going to win this one.

TOM's picture

You're thinking in the right direction. Try to go against where you think the most money is bet. I promise you'll win more games than you lose. I've said this before on here. Las Vegas pays someone who knows, how many $$$$$ to come out with the line every week. Look at the sheet on Tuesday, when all the games are over. The guy is wrong on 60% to 70% of his picks every week. What does that tell you?? How long would you have your job if you were wrong 65% of the time. Something stinks. I'm glad you can smell it. The problem is, there are 6 - 7 betting props on a game. The big money could be on the 1st half, either pt's or o/u. If you stick going against the grain, you will win more than you lose. I'm hoping this is one of those games. I stand to make some Big $$$$ on my Future Bets. Had you bet GB last week, you could have got 50-1.
$1000 X 50 = $50,000. Not To Bad.
I hit the Pack Big in their SB. I'D LIKE TO DO IT AGAIN!!

4thand1's picture

The weather is going to be unbearable -teens by 4th quarter. 10 above at game time. NW winds around 10-15 with gusts. SF will leave home with temps in the 60's,step off of the plane and go into shock. Could easily win the turn over battle.

cLowNEY42's picture

"The weather is going to be unbearable -teens by 4th quarter. 10 above at game time. NW winds around 10-15 with gusts. SF will leave home with temps in the 60?s,step off of the plane and go into shock. Could easily win the turn over battle."

Weather's not gonna bother that team.

Stop the run
Rush the Passer

That's what they do best.
Those things are not severely affected by temperature.

TOM's picture

cLowNEY, Not sure if you'll see this. I don't agree with your assessment, that the North is the Worst division in the NFC. Defensively, you have a point, but offensively, I believe the North is as good as the West, & better than the South or East. We beat a Good offense in Chicago. They are a team that will have to be reckoned with next year. Don't know what happened in Philly, but they have all the right pieces in place. It goes without saying, that GB's offense healthy is about as good as it gets.
I can't explain Detroit, but their offense is pretty damn good as well. I think you've under estimated the North. They might be the toughest division in the NFC. Defensively NO, Offensively YES, Tougher than the West.

4thend1's picture

Can't see the Packers losing at home this Sunday. Trolls be gone.

Charlie M's picture

How many of those 24 attempts under 2.5 seconds were completed? I'm not surprised that Rodgers attempted almost 2/3 of his passes that fast. I thought the quick game showed up more Sunday than it had in years. It was a very safe/smart overall gameplan.

Point Packer's picture

Danger is over-using it. Its a great set-up for deep plays. But its dangerous if you don't get protection and rely too much on the strategy. A good team (see SF) will guess right at some point and run one back the other way.

Charlie M's picture

I agree with you Point Packer. I'm saying the quick game was a smart gameplan vs Chicago in particular. Clearly keeping Rodgers clean was a top priority in his first game back because it was evident in the plan. The Bears also gave us the hitches and slants a lot so that helped. Will that quick game work as well against sf? No. Against Seattle? Even worse. But I loved the way the packers utilized it on Sunday.

Point Packer's picture

Agreed. They did it very well.

WKUPackFan's picture

An article about the OLine and we get sexuality and betting comments. Very interesting. How about some discussion about football on the field?

The Packers defense was overly concerned about CK running in game 1. That led to a lot of zone coverage. Remember that Burnett was injured during practice game week. The Doctor and McMillian simply were not up to the challenge, allowing CK (who is not that accurate) wide open throws. Combined with a contain instead of pressure approach, any competent pro QB could have had a big day.

Meanwhile, SF has returned to it's power running roots. Perhaps the better strategy this time will be to concentrate on stopping Gore, play more man coverage, hope that maintaining rush lane integrity will limit CK's scrambles, and possibly "spy" him more. Force CK to beat you this time throwing into tighter windows.

Bugeater's picture

I agree with all of that. Add in Rodgers, Cobb, Nelson, Lacy, and Starks tearing apart SF's defense and we have a delightful evening ahead of us.

cLowNEY42's picture

All good in theory.
Some problems with that plan, though...

1. Richardson/Burnett are not very much better than McMillian/Jennings.

2. "Planning" on stopping Gore and actually doing it are 2 completely different things. I have zero faith that the Packers could stop the 49er run game even if they put 9 in the box (unless SF decides to throw for 400 yards like last game).

3. Actually - I think GB might be able to maintain rush lane integrity... Lord knows they won't be getting any actual penetration.

4. Man coverage means CK will be running free while everyone's backs are turned.... bad idea.

5. Who on this Packer roster could even attempt to "spy" CK? SF would be doing cartwheels if they saw the Pack assigning one of their ILB's or Safeties to CK . There is not a single defensive player on the Packer roster who can contain that guy. He's a better athlete than anyone on the Packers.

Other than this stuff, I think you've come up with a pretty solid plan.

Bugeater's picture

Oh my. You're just the little prognosticator aren't you? Hey, dumbass, look at week 1. 90 yards rushing. That's reality. That's what the great 49'ers got. Oh, I forgot. They only reason they got that is because they went hog wild on the pass game. But guess what? Packers nearly won that game. That's a fact. That's what actually happened in that game.

You know what? I don't know if the Packers can win. I don't know if the 49'ers can win. This is because the game hasn't happened yet. So here's what I do. I support the team I've supported all my life because I enjoy them. I enjoy supporting them. I think they're good. I like watching them play football.

You like living in some weirdo stat world. It must suck. Feel free to live in that world alone. No need to try to bring the rest of us along for the ride because I'm much happier on the train I'm on.

You putz.

4thand1's picture

So Cow, every week you've had your say and its always negative. You have the Packers losing every week. I think its your own little brand of reverse psychology hoping to be wrong. Quit being so hard on yourself and get back to therapy real soon.

cLowNEY42's picture

Just see things differently than you.
Looks to me like this team lacks talent and the coaching isn't good enough to make up for it.

TOM's picture

4thand1. Reality is, we do need to stop Gore up the middle. I'm calling on A.J Hawk, who I have critisized all year, to have the game of his life. We do need to stop the run. This is one of our SB's this year. San Fran has just played 2 pretty tough games. They are ready to fall, but we need, not only a Good Offensive effort, which I believe we'll get, we also need a Good defensive effort to win this game. I believe in Aaron, the offense, & MM. We need our defense to step up. I am definately concerned there. We will have to keep their offense off the field as much as possible. I believe, we will get our share of points.

4thand1's picture

Tom, all legitimate observations. The D has to play its best game of the year. The Offense will have to patient and take what SF gives them. This game will be won with Rodgers, no ifs and or buts. Win the TO battle. Packers have been playing for they're playoff lives all year it seems, and MM will have them ready. They've been here before and this team didn't quit.

4thand1's picture


Fiscr's picture

Playing with house money packers let it loose and pick up where they left off in second half of first meeting. GB 34 SF 23 49ers can't get back on the plane fast enuf.

4thand1's picture

Happy new year everyone. 39 minutes to go EST. 2014 will a great year if we can keep players out of the trainers room. Good bye 2013 , you failed to keep the Pack down.

Jamie's picture

Didn't think I would ever be in favor of domestic drone attacks, until just having read the comments in this thread.

There are some very troubled people in this world that like nothing more than to make others as miserable as they are. Those people don't deserve to breathe the oxygen meant for the rest of us.

MarkinMadison's picture

This is why I checked out for a few weeks earlier this year. Some folks here are just toxic.

FWIW I was sitting in a VFW bar watching a game earlier this year (long story). I'm the stranger, most people have their groups. So I end up mostly chatting with the drunkest, oldest, loneliest guy in the room. And of course Aikman was calling the game, so the guy kept asking me if Aikman was gay. The bottom line is that these types of rumors have swirled around guys like Aikman and Young who have dared to be single. And no one really cares except that old drunk lonely guy.

4thand1's picture

I'm working on a new invention. Its called trollaway. Its going to be spray mist that emits facts with a sweet pleasant odor. Just spray it on a troll like cow or arlo and they will disappear.

Stroh's picture

it hasn't helped. Cow is still here!

4thend1's picture

"I’m working on a new invention. Its called trollaway. Its going to be spray mist that emits facts with a sweet pleasant odor. Just spray it on a troll like cow or arlo and they will disappear."

Same here.

4thand1's picture

The Packers finished 3rd in offense and 25th on defense.
SF finished 24th on offense and 5th on defense.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

4thand1, Changing my handle, because of another Tom. You hit it right on the head. That was my point.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

4thand1, Trying to change my handle. So far unsucessful. Hope you can see this comment.

cLowNEY42's picture

Those are yardage rankings.

Try the stat that really matters... POINTS!

GB D: 24th (26.8)
SF D: 3rd (17)

GB O: 8th (26.1)
SF O: 11th (25.4)

SF's D is a staggering 9.8 ppg better than GB's (major difference).

GB's O is only .7 ppg better than SF's (obviously NOT a major difference)

Using those numbers the final score should be something like 26-22 SF.

I'll be ecstatic if the Packers only lose by 4.
I would consider that a win.

Stroh's picture

Packers were averaging over 30 pts per game w/ Rodgers early in the season. Clearly went down after his injury!

Phatgzus's picture

Only you would consider a loss as a win, a sad testament indeed.

cLowNEY42's picture

That's where we should all be at with this particular matchup.

SF is just that much better.

4thand1's picture

As usual you pompous ass you find the negative. Spray spray spray.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

cLowNEY, Your stats don't tell the whole story. How many of those D&O points are at home, verses on the road. IMO San Fran is the team for us to beat, but they are going up against things, you know nothing about. Not saying San Fran can't win, but don't just pencil them in.

Charlie M's picture

Stroh, good point. The offense might be just a little bit better with Rodgers in there. 30 points per game would rank 2nd in the league. 27 is the magic number for me in this game. If the packers d can hold sf to 27 pts they will have a very real chance to win. The 9ers have scored more than 27 twice in their last 8 games. Like McCarthy said the defense will have to play its best game of the season.

cLowNEY42's picture

27, huh.
Good luck with that.
SF may be around that # by halftime.

4thand1's picture

Your therapist just called, you missed your appointment again.

TOM's picture

cLowNEY, Your stats don't tell the whole story. How many of those D & O stats are at home, verses on the road??
IMO San Fran is the team to beat, but they are going up against some things, you know nothing about. Not saying San Fran can't win, but don't just pencil them in. Right now the line is +3. That's quite a bit different than what you're calling for.

jack in jersey city's picture

i just watched the packers-49ers game from week 1 of this season and we hung with them until the end. now, while i feel that they have more talent on their team defensively, there's no reason why we can't hang with them again.

there were 2 huge turnovers in that game (the lacy fumble and the flukey play where the ball bounced off of finley's hands into the hands of the defender) and i can't see that happening again. i think rodgers got rid of the "rust" in the bares game and will be lights out this sunday.

both teams have a lot of weapons on the offense and i think it's going to be another shootout. they won't be able to stop us and we certainly won't be able to stop them. we can win this thing if the offense has a few long, sustained drives that keeps our defense off of the field and we don't turn the ball over.

while our defense is pretty bad, it does seem like we are getting more turnovers lately. who knows, maybe tramon or shields can step up and make a game-changing play or two. the thing that worries me is that we don't have matthews. he had a huge game the first time around and without him, i can't see our defense getting any pressure whatsoever on their QB.

i think the whole weather thing is VERY overrated. the biggest element that will effect a game is wind and i haven't heard anything about sunday being a particularly windy day. i do think the crowd will be electric since this is the 1st home game that both rodgers and cobb will be playing since their return last week.

i will say 27-24 packers but it could just as easily end up the other way around.

GO PACK GO!!!!!!

Ruppert's picture

25 comments out of 120 for the never-ending negative nimrod. Does the troll union mandate that 20% of a post's comments have to come from one person so that person qualifies for the pension program or something?

Evan's picture

Seriously. Here's hoping we get an ignore feature with the site redesign.

cLowNEY42's picture

Judging by ticket sales... looks like most Packer fans share the same opinion as I do regarding the Packers' chances this weekend.

Why waste the $?

4thand1's picture

Yeah, they're only at 75k plus in a city of 100k. Plus could be colder than the ice bowl.

TOM's picture

4thand1, I think I heard on NFL Network today, that San Fran has Never won a game below 32 degrees. Do you or anyone else have any info on that??

Stroh's picture

If they haven't won any playoff games in really cold weather, I would imagine it will become a very hot topic in then days before the game. Hearing it on NFL network would seem a very credible source. Lets see if that become a topic. If true you have to assume it'll come to the fore pretty quickly.

TOM's picture

I'm a betting person. Unless I'm losing my mind, I'm sure I heard it. I hope it's true.

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