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Packers Interested in RB Ahmad Bradshaw

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Packers Interested in RB Ahmad Bradshaw

The Green Bay Packers are continuing their flirtation with free-agent running backs.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, former New York Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw has received interest from the Packers, who were also reported to be deep into talks with free agent Steven Jackson.

Bradshaw, who turns just 27 on March 19, was released by the Giants in early February, mostly in money-saving move.

Now, with Jackson's signing in Atlanta, Bradshaw has likely become the top running back left in free agency.

However, Bradshaw has yet to make an official free-agent visit, most likely thanks to a well-documented history of lower-leg injuries that has scared off most clubs from showing legitimate interest. While Bradshaw has missed a total of just six games over the last two seasons and 12 since entering the NFL, he has often times played through various ailments to his ankles, feet and knees.

The injuries haven't stopped Bradshaw from producing for New York's offense.

Since 2009—the year he became a primary ball-carrier for the Giants—Bradshaw has rushed for 3,687 yards and 30 touchdowns while also catching 123 passes for 1,033 yards. Last season, he carried 221 times for 1,015 yards and six scores in 14 games.

One of Bradshaw's most productive games in 2012 came against the Packers in late November. He carried 10 times for 58 yards and caught two passes for 61 more in New York's 38-10 romp over Green Bay.

Yet over four regular-season games against the Packers, Bradshaw has averaged just 3.8 yards a carry and 31.8 rushing yards per game.

Green Bay could be interested in Bradshaw for more than just carrying the football, however.

An accomplished back in pass protection, Bradshaw finished 2012 with the highest pass-blocking grade among running backs at Pro Football Focus. He has been in the top-5 in that category in each of the last four seasons.

Given interest in Jackson and now Bradshaw, adding a running back appears to be a priority for Green Bay this offseason.

The bargain-shopping Packers were thought to be front-runners for Jackson, who ended up signing a three-year deal worth $12 million with the Falcons. Unrestricted free agent Cedric Benson is also a candidate to return in 2013.

Bradshaw, who is also drawing interest from the Pittsburgh Steelers, will have to come at the right price for GM Ted Thompson to seriously pursue. A one-year "prove it" deal makes sense for both team and player.

Zach Kruse is a 24-year-old sports writer who contributes to Cheesehead TV, Bleacher Report and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He also covers prep sports for the Dunn Co. News. You can reach him on Twitter @zachkruse2 or by email at [email protected].

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Brooklyn81's picture

Well we wont get him

RC Packer Fan's picture


This would be a TT type of move though to go after Bradshaw. He could contribute. But how much better would he be then a drafted RB? Or Cedric Benson...

Evan's picture

If healthy, much better. But that's the issue.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I agree. if healthy he could be good, and could be a good fit in the Packers offense. However, How much of an upgrade would he be? His health to me would be the greatest concern.

MarkinMadison's picture

His level of target. The injuries are there, but if he has played through them then does it really matter? I assume everyone is banged up all the time.

devil doc's picture

I think people need to take into consideration what type of enviroment Bradshaw played on. I don't care how "soft" you make turf, it still isn't grass. I think playing on grass only prolongs his career.

He's a sleeper FA that could pay big dividends for the Packers, but can understand some reservations from previous injuries, he seems like a risk/reward type player.

I'd still take the risk over our current stable of RBs.

Matt's picture

Not going to happen! He will get more money someplace else.

Point Packer turned Jeff Query's picture

I give this a 5% chance.

Mike's picture

If he wants more than McDonald's coupons he's gonna sign with someone else.

jeremy's picture

I can just imagine good ol' Ted looking at that shirt he likes just hoping no one his size buys it so it makes it to the clearance racks...

NicMojo's picture


Alex's picture

We're interested in quite a few players, that just get fans hope up... at least test the waters. If he could be had for cheap, then why not?

Tarynfor12's picture

Why do so many Packer fans get excited about Free Agents whose describtion of value begins with an arm length list of "ifs"...baffling.

Evan's picture

To be fair, I haven't rally seen anyone who I'd describe as "excited" about the prospect of Bradshaw.

Chip Soup's picture

OK, of Earth, Wind, and Fire, is he Wind or Fire? Can't remember. In any case, pass blocking skills + vet's minimum = next packers running back.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Bringing in a RB who's been accused if being a malcontent in the past, to be our RB... When we don't run the ball??? I don't see him being a happy camper in GB. That being said, when he's on... He's a damn good back.


FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture


The TKstinator's picture

Ted will never overpay.
He's trying to build a team in a fiscally responsible way.
Lots of fans, on the other hand, just want a "hot stove", splashy news item.
Those two are not the same.

The poster formerly known as Bearmeat's picture

If this happens, I will give up beer for a month. (In other words, no effen way it'll happen.)

KurtMc's picture

If we couldn't have Jackson, then stick with Benson and platoon him with our new pinball D. Harris. This FA would be a waste.

+1 on TT looking over the clearance rack of players.

D line......, anyone, D line????

BrianD's picture

"An accomplished back in pass protection, Bradshaw finished 2012 with the highest pass-blocking grade among running backs at Pro Football Focus. He has been in the top-5 in that category in each of the last four seasons."

seems like an upgrade to Benson if the price is right

Point Packer turned Jeff Query's picture

The price part is what it unlikely to be "right". I don't see Ted paying him what some other team will give him. Then again, who knows. Maybe lack of interest will make him available on the cheap.

whiledayes's picture


cheesewhizzer's picture

Like the Steven Jackson fiasco where it was rumored that both the Falcons and Pack were interested in signing him, this is just an agent leverage ploy so he will get a bigger contract from the Steelers who are really interested in him. The only FA's that Teddy is interested in are the bargain basement variety who never amount to much anyway. Tightwad Ted is one leopard who never changes his spots. Bradshaw will be a Pittsburgh Steeler within days or hours. Bet on it.

2 share owner's picture

Not even fuckin maybe, would I or do they pass if they get him at 3 mil for 3 years. Look at his goddamn numbers people and he has not missed anymore games than the avg rb. Come on People!!!! I may have to stop coming to this site cause, so many of the so called Packer fans on here don't have a fuckin clue.

Evan's picture

Please...don't go....

terry's picture

Then what the hell you doing here.Your not to smart either.

dawg's picture

TT does't care in protecting Arod, figures Arod can take care of himself!
Look at the OL situation! 51 sacks this past season, run man run! and stay healthy!
Fingers crossed!

dawg's picture

And then drafts D, That didn't amount to crap!
Just sayin!

packsmack25's picture

If he were to pass a physical, he'd be a great addition. Has 2 rings, protects the passer, and isn't 30. The negativity here is getting ridiculous.

dawg's picture

Lacks effort , Old! Plays half the (game)!
Sorry, rather have Benson!

spiderpack's picture

Old at 27??? Man please.

But he'll only get bought if hes cheap.

dawg's picture

CHEEP! ahhhh rather have a ST er!

Walty's picture

The funny thing is that he, as of today, he's technically 26.

Old. Haha.

devil doc's picture

The fact you said you'd rather take Benson over Bradshaw to me shows how little you really know about football, or the RB position.

For a guy who is supposedly a malcontent as described in a previous post, managed to rush for over 1000 yds and 6 TDs. I'm sorry what Packers RB came close to that? This is while dealing with foot issues as well as sharing the ball with TWO OTHER RBs.

If 27 is old, then please explain to me what a young RB is. And wanting to keep Benson at 31...really bro?

2 share owner's picture


Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

Love to Bradshaw go back to the Meadowlands in a Packer uniform next year and rip up his old defense.They loved him there.

dawg's picture

TT better pull Rabbits out of his hat!!!!!!!!!!!

dawg's picture

TT's token playa!

dawg's picture


dawg's picture

Sorry---TT could have had Lynch, Jackson, which we all feel could have helped!
How does Bradshaw help!!!

devil doc's picture

How does bringing up the POSSIBILITY of having Lynch or Jackson help the Packers? Or do you just enjoy seeing yourself talk on message boards?

I'm kind of sick of reading about how we could have had this, or how we could of had that.

Do you know the Packers once took Tony Mandarich over Barry Sanders?! Man if only we drafted Sanders, imagine how great our team would have been! (How many super bowls did Lions win with Barry?)

Bradshaw is 27 (actually tomorrow is his 27th birthday), who has over 4000 career rushing yds, almost 1000 career rec. yds, and can be an absolute bruiser on the goal line. Do people hate Bradshaw because the Giants twice knocked the Packers out of a super bowl run? The guy can block, the guy has incredible vision, may lack real explosiveness, but can catch out of the backfield. And he's a proven vet that would most certainly upgrade the Packers backfield.

Please tell me who'd you would rather have carrying the rock for us on Sundays? By the way, Lynch and Jackson don't count, they play for the Seahawks and the Falcons, just in case you forgot.

dawg's picture

By the way, TT had a chance at both-Lynch/Jackson, but TT miffed! Forgot?
Hey, I understand about the money issues in the NFL, and agree w/ TT approach, BUT
Arods window is open NOW!, Unless you forgot!
Bradshaw, bring him in, but he's no Lynch/Jackson! Has injury probs!

Imran's picture

When I first heard about Giants releasing Bradshaw months ago. Thats the first back that came to mind for us. I didnt even think about Jax until the rumors popped up. I think the real Reason Y TT didn't sign jax is cuz he was still negotiating with Jennings and Hawk. Now that, that ship has sailed. this can be possible. But I wont get my hopes up. But i would be even happier if we signed him compared to if we had signed Jax.

Walty's picture

Bradshaw is a very good back when healthy. If he could stay on the field this would be an excellent signing, perhaps even better than Jackson.

Staying injury free is hard enough for Bradshaw, though. Coming to Green Bay, land of the injury, isn't going to help that.

morgan mundane's picture

Don't matter, he ain't coming here. If he gets a one dollar more offer from Pitt he will be going there.
No one wants to play for cheap ass Ted. All the agents are telling their players that Ted is a 'tight ass'. Use Ted to get more money but do not plan on playing in GB.

cow42's picture

pass on brokenshaw.
let benson walk.
let grant walk.
cut starks.
give green a training camp.
cut kuhn.

keep harris.

completely start over at that position.

Lou's picture

All of the above could happen in mid July or a high percentage of your list. The reality is the only reason everyone was excited about Benson who I believe doesn't have enough burst left to make the defense come out of Cover 2 is because the rest of the backs at that time were so poor, which ever one was the flavor of the week was missing something you would like in a back or in Stark's case you knew he would get hurt soon. Lets wait until the draft, look what the Redskin's got in the 6th round, Alfred Morris, he was as much spark for their offense as RGIII. Until then, if Bradshaw comes cheap why not take a chance, that is Ted's philosophy.

morgan mundane's picture

Is there any reason we need Kuhn? He can't catch the ball out of the backfield, is a piss poor blocker and when he is in its Mac saying " oh were going to run the ball now'. What a joke. I would take a fast back or a power back our of the backfield before a slow, unmotivated Kuhn.

dawg's picture

Kinda hear ya on that!

dawg's picture

To cow42!

Pack66's picture

Ted Thompson is an assmunch...

But people around here think he's the Lord look for Tightwad Teddy to be rising up to heaven about 3 days after Good Friday...

He'll be the one with all that Packer money sewn into his mattress at home...

I can't stand that jackass, or anyone who defends him, for that matter..

Evan's picture

On behalf of all us Ted Thompson fans, the feeling is certainly mutual.

morgan mundane's picture

Hey Packer66. Tell us what you really feel.

I too think his "we develop players via the draft" is a total joke. It would be fine if no one else in our division got to draft players. Not only have the Vikes and Lions and Bears out drafted Teddy boy, they also get key players in FA.

I got the pack at 6-10 next year and we ain't even gotten to the draft yet.

Evan's picture

"Not only have the Vikes and Lions and Bears out drafted Teddy boy..."

Complete and utter bs.

Bugeater's picture

And THAT is why the Lions, Vikings and Bears are NFL juggernaughts.

Evan's picture

Juggernaughts. Love that.

hump's picture

bradshaw 3 mil michael huff 3mil and richard seymour 4 mil. that leaves 10 mil in cap and we dont have to watch m.d. jennings chasing kapernick 10 yards behind as were getting beat in the playoffs by 3 t.d.s next january. every playoff competitor has made significant strides to get better. we lose jennings woodson jones and lowball canty and jackson. or are we really better than 49ers and i just missed something, and oh TED, if u think our rookies will put us on top of niners,they have 15 picks, we will have 8. DO the math!!!

packsmack25's picture

Only 11 guys can be on the field. Number of picks don't really matter unless you need to build depth, which isn't a problem with this team.

morgan mundane's picture

Your correct. We have a team of second and stringers galore. Unfortunately we don't have first stringers. HA

Stroh's picture

We also would have to watch that piece of crud Rogders guy! THat would be freakin awesome wouldn't it?

Ma Linger's picture

Ya, so many pack fans thing we can fill our holes through the draft. Not. Lets take a survey, we have 8 mostly late round picks and need:
1, 2 O linemen to protect Rogers - ya give him 25 mil a year and then let him get killed by the new pass rushers the Lions just got to help Suh and Fairly out.
1 running back for sure and Mac- cut Siene, Kuhn, Starks, Benson, Grant, they suck.
Definitely need 1 outside linebacker who can actually run and 1 inside linebacker who can tell Hawk, go to the bench I got this.
1 Defensive End who is tall and can actually rush the passer. Neal is a loser.
1 run stopped. If Raji puts on any more weight he won't be able to get into the weight room. That's assuming he can find the weight room.

Ok lets total that up, oh i Forgot we do need a good DB. Tramon sucks, Shields will be gone, the rest are so so at best.

Yes that's eight people. Unfortunately most of those 8 should be 1 and 2 picks who can actually play football.

davyjones's picture

What is the Veteran minimum? i mean, is it any more than what you might end up paying a 3rd or 4th rounder? At 27, with those numbers and the ability to pass protect (which no rookie would possess for at least a year or 2, if you got lucky and picked the right guy) who wouldn't want this alternative?? I'd certainly take his experience and strengths over an untested rookie for a similar price.

packsmack25's picture

It is probably 3-4 times as much as you would pay a 3rd or 4th rounder.

morgan mundane's picture

Talk of Bradshaw is moot if were not in the game and Ted is never in the game so why waste time.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

HA! I knew you existed! C42 and R70's love child!!! Awesomeness!

Nononsense's picture

It might make sense to at least wait and see if the competition committee passes the RB lowering his head rule or not.

Not sure he would be worth signing if that stupid ass rule passes because he usually gives as good as he gets when being tackled.

Pack66's picture

If TT offers Ahmad Bradshaw the league minimum, he will promptly tell Ted to shove that offer up his ass...and I wouldn't blame him.

NFL players must think signing with the Packers is a joke...unless you're right out of college, or off the street.

Dirty Ernie's picture

So do five other teams so he will not be coming to GB. Move on..............

Morgan Mudane's picture

Here's another one who got away or more to the point was not in the running. Key words were all learning is 'interested'.

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