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Packers hire Nathaniel Hackett as OC

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Packers hire Nathaniel Hackett as OC

-- The new man at the helm in Green Bay is slowly but surely piecing together his coaching staff, and on Monday, Matt LaFleur made his first big hire as the team's head coach.

Ian Rapoport of reported that the Packers are hiring Nathaniel Hackett to become the new offensive coordinator, a position previously held by Joe Philbin before he was promoted to interim head coach.

It was said last week that Hackett was in town to interview for a "top offensive job" on the Packers' staff, but there were no affirmative decisions made at the time. 

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator Todd Monken also interviewed for the same position with the Packers, however, he was signed to the Cleveland Browns' staff on Sunday. He was one of the candidates to replace Mike McCarthy as the team's head coach.

Hackett was primarily an offensive assistant in the collegiate circuit before reaching the NFL in 2006, becoming the Buccaneers' offensive quality control coach. He branched out to the Buffalo Bills for two seasons, holding the same title before heading back to school to coach quarterbacks and tight ends at Syracuse. He became the school's offensive coordinator in 2011.

Back in the NFL in 2013, Hackett was the Bills' offensive coordinator for two seasons, before spending the next four seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars where he worked closely with Blake Bortles.

Hackett helped lead the Jaguars' offense to the AFC Championship in 2017, all while maximizing the talents of Bortles and finding a way to combat their weaknesses offensively. 

The newest offensive coordinator in Green Bay is the son of Paul Hackett, who also specialized in offensive criteria throughout his coaching career and won a Super Bowl with the San Francisco 49ers in the mid-80s.

Hackett will work closely with quarterback Aaron Rodgers. He won't be calling plays, as that'll fall under LaFleur's watch, but Hackett will be primarily responsible for the schematic side of things and how well execution is put into motion during games.


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV. He's the voice of The Leap on iTunes and can be heard on The Scoop KLGR 1490 AM every Saturday morning. He's also a contributor on the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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JimR_in_SoCal's picture

Good. Hopefully MLF is able to put together an effective coaching staff for the upcoming season.

The TKstinator's picture

At the risk of sounding immodest, I also specialize in “offensive criteria”.
All bodes well in Packerland.

Harlan Huckleby's picture

Offensive criteria? Does that include belching in church?

The TKstinator's picture

Aye, laddy, indeed it does, as well as greasy fingers smearing shabby clothes.

LeotisHarris's picture

You poor old sod, TK. Head on down to the bog and warm your feet.

The TKstinator's picture

Thank you for once again picking up what I’m putting down, amigo!

carlos's picture

Hey, Aqulung.....

albert999's picture

Interesting hire?

Rak47's picture

Hackett runs what he calls the K-gun system which is a mix of Don Coryell's vertical passing game infused into the west coast system to form a west coast version of the run and gun. Read an article on it today but chtv won't let me link it sorry. Also read another today which stated that Hackett and Sean McVay are close friends. So that's where LaFleur made the connection.

Rak47's picture

"I think that duo can be very dangerous. The more a QB can do the more he [Hackett] is going to think of. The more he can handle the more he[Hackett] is going to give. And Rodgers is in constant control, one of the best in the game. Just watching Aaron play and watching him progress his mental aptitude of the game is phenomenal. And I think he and Hackett together will be absolutely dangerous."
Quote - Tyrone Wheatley RB coach Jacksonville Jaguars

Rak47's picture

And there you have it. Hackett only put on Bortles plate what Bortles could handle, same with Tyrod Taylor. It will be a totally different situation in GB.

Swisch's picture

Buffalo and Jacksonville aren't associated in my mind with dynamic offenses, but that doesn't mean this isn't a good hire.
With LaFleur calling the plays, maybe Hackett is a good complement. Still seems odd, though.

shmelbs's picture

I think we have to keep in my mind that 1) the scouts, coaches, admin, etc. are probably smarter than us about these decisions, even when they're not, 2) Go Pack Go, 3) um... 4) some or all of the above.

bartstarrfan's picture

I agree. Bills and Jags fans on Twitter think the Packers are fools for hiring him. Hope they are wrong.

Pack12's picture

Bills and Jags had crappy QB's! There is only so much that a coach can do.

LeotisHarris's picture

Ah, pfft. How smart can they be?

A. They're Bills, and Jags fans.

B. They're still on Twitter.

GBPDAN1's picture

Nathaniel  ?.... he needs a tough sounding football nickname to cover up that coach Nathaniel sound..... like coach blood , coach iron head, coach machete ....

Lafleur doesn't have much of a dominant looking stature about him and now we have a Nathaniel to help tighten up the ship.

Just kidding, folks. I hope these sushi eaters are the right hire and we out coach the other team. I was at the Rams - Cowgirls game Saturday night in the Coliseum. I thought Mcvay and his staff did a great job coaching their team to victory.

Go Pack!

comeonman's picture

Just call him Hack ! That should be tough enough...… :)

shystr's picture

I did find it significant that Hackett put together an offnsee that darn near won the AFC Championship game against New England last year. With Blake freaking Bortles as QB.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

okay then :)

egbertsouse's picture

I'm super, super, super, not fired up by this hire. Don't hate it, but give it a big meh.

The TKstinator's picture

Surely you’ll change your tune when GB is averaging 42 ppg next season.
You’ve picked the wrong day to quit being fired up.

4thand1's picture

If the Pack averages 42 PPG TK, I'll light my shorts on fire and eat em.

Coach JV's picture

But will you post a video?

Rash Diprock's picture

We'll see. He made Bortles look less Bortles-like, I guess.

Bearmeat's picture

Rash Diprock? LOL.

Yeah only time will tell. Could be great. Could be hideous. We just don't know.

albert999's picture

Hideous.....good word
Gotta be a friendship from past and his 2017 Jags championship game run
Uncle Albert

Skip greenBayless's picture

Attention Jersey Al, Please delete this Rash Diprock guy. It's obviously Lare but since I am nice guy I am asking you not to get rid of Lare but just his other ID name here Rash Diprock. It's clearly mocking and trolling behavior.

Thank you,


Lare's picture

Sorry Dash, probably just another one of your thousands of downvoting fans.

If I was actually going to go to the trouble to try and set up another account here, I certainly wouldn't use a name anywhere similar to a TV character that was a buffoon.

Nick Perry's picture

The more I read Mr Dash's comments the more and more I think this guy USED to be Trumps, Donald Trumps, plus a bunch of other names as well.

I never understood the changing of names. That individual still gives themselves up 99 times out of 100. Stroh did it too but at least he's now staying with one name, even though he's been kicked off several sites himself.

I appreciate all senses of humor, even Dash's at times. But this thing with Lare, calling him out and making accusations ..(Just like Trumps & Donald Trump used to do) gets old quick. Hopefully Mr. Dash starts to focus on what we all come here for...The Packers and not one of our more insightful posters like Lare.

Paul Konieczny's picture

That’s why I use my real name Nick. If that’s your real name.

Barnacle's picture


Are you AKA Carlos Danger from the Hillary crowd?

fastmoving's picture

everything is better than the hillbilly crowd who think education is the enemy and a lazy Morons with a wig here friend. even if he runs the best country in the world and all it stood for into the ground

Pizzadoc's picture

Dash makes me miss Stroh and Cow

Paul Konieczny's picture

Lare, I was thinking Rash was Dash giving Dash a hard time so Rash would look bad and give Dash more airtime. The thing is, Dash probably has a Rash, blames Rash, which makes Dash, a dip shit. Wait that ain’t right, where’s the delete button on this

cheesycowboy's picture

I don't remember Dash being on this CHTV post until this year.
I'm usually a quiet observer. It has served me well. Thank you Samuel Clements.

JimR_in_SoCal's picture

Dash, don’t be so Rash.

Rash, isn’t it time for you to Dash?

And do look after your pad level, boys.

Go Pack Go!

Free agent's picture

Please be RASHional

BradHTX's picture

And don’t be DASHtardly.

fastmoving's picture

I thought you a big fan of mocking and trolling!?
since all your Heros are brainless old bullies. And that`s actually the only thing you do here.

Besides of complaining, crying and praying of course.

Everyone first!! me even firster…..

Jersey Al's picture

Dash, you reap what you sow. If you focused less on sarcasm and silly arguments with other commenters, you wouldn't annoy people to the point of wanting to mock you. Sorry, just a little tough love for you...

bartstarrfan's picture

For one year anyway. Bortles regressed last year and Hackett was canned in November.

Coach JV's picture

Yeah, but... Bortles...

CAG123's picture

I’m not sure how I feel about this hire I’d probably be okay with it if his work with Bortles translated further into this year because after that Patriots game what the hell happened? So he essentially got hired off the back of a decent playoff run (where in the first game they only scored 10 points) and the first 4 games of the season?

WisconsInExile's picture

The Jags lost their featured RB, Fournette (hamstring), for all but a handful of games late in the season after the post-season was out of reach. Without a run game to setup play action, the Jags lacked depth and grew one dimensional. Bortles just couldn’t carry the offense.

Apparently Hackett and McVay are close friends, which is likely how La Fleur got connected.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Finally!! Something I can get excited about. I can't believe we got this guy. LaFleur and Hackett are two of the top offensive guys out there and now we have them both. Not bad. Hackett and LaFleur I'm sure will get along great with Aaron Rodgers. Amazing how 24 hours has changed the mindset for me. We went from gloom and doom to back to the playoffs with the hiring of Hackett. I can't believe how so many people can not be excited over this. This hire was an absolute game changer for me.


albert999's picture

You shouldn’t drink this early in the evening Riproar
Uncle Albert

Swisch's picture

Dash, I'd be glad to hear more good stuff about Hackett to get me excited about him.
I'm guessing that these assistant coaches in the NFL usually know each other, or at least know about each other -- so it seems reasonable to guess that LaFleur feels comfortable with Hackett, and thinks he can add a lot to the offense.
Still, I could use some help getting enthusiastic.
I guess only time will tell, anyway. It's hard to be patient until next fall; but, generally, I'm trying to give LaFleur the benefit of the doubt.

Coach JV's picture

I don't know if he called plays in Jax or not, but he won't need to with LaFleur taking care of that. I'm hopeful that he is imaginative and can help draw up some good ones. And if he is good at the administrative stuff, that can free up LaFleur even more. I just don't follow Jax so I simply don't know enough about this guy... but I trust LaFleur.

bartstarrfan's picture

I hope so too, but according to Jags and Bills fans, a less imaginative OC may not exist.

Coach JV's picture

I really don't know enough about the guy... and those fans could have sour grapes, or looking to lay the blame. I have NEVER thought of Bortles as an NFL quality starter, so I can see their hate from a fan perspective, but as a neutral observer, Bortles reached his cap in college.

dobber's picture

Two run-first teams with very limited QBs (Tyrod Taylor and Bortles).

Skip greenBayless's picture

What are you trying to say Dobber?


PatrickGB's picture

A variety of schemes will be discussed instead of same ole same ole.

packerfan9507's picture

Go Pack

albert999's picture

Or a kicker

Oppy's picture

No one seems to think it's interesting that the new OC's father was Mike McCarthy's direct mentor and shaped his offensive scheme?

I find that.. interesting.

Coach JV's picture

We wouldn't be the Packers without Pad Level dude... hehehe... kidding of course. But it will be nice to have various ideas going into the play calling. But remember, sons do not always follow fathers. Let's hope that is the case here.

Lare's picture

Was that when they worked together in Kansas City??

Coach JV's picture

I think it was in KC in the 90's

Jonathan Spader's picture

Hackett has deep ties to the West coast offense. He's the son of former Pitt coach Paul Hackett, who gave McCarthy his start in coaching. The elder Hackett has ties to the early days of Bill Walsh's offense in San Francisco. LaFleur comes from another branch of the West coast system of Mike Shanahan. Hackett is also 39 years old like MLF.

Oppy's picture

And PItt before that. MM ran under Hackett's wing for years.

The TKstinator's picture

Does he promote the running game?

Coach JV's picture

I think so... Jax ran a lot in 2017. And LaF does too, so we could finally be seeing that balance we've been hearing about for a decade.

Oppy's picture

It's not about the coaches, it's about the QB.

If Rodgers actually runs the plays that are called, we'll have a running game.

Coach JV's picture

I respectfully disagree.

Even if AR was chunking the run plays this year, it's still on MM. He didn't run the ball any more with Hundley than he did with AR... so I gotta still say it was MM.

Oppy's picture

That's entirely false.

Look up the stats from 2017. We were giving the ball to the backs far more when Hundley was the QB than we ever had under Rodgers. Also, do you find it odd that year after year, MM takes the podium and tells the press that 'we need to do better in the run game, and frankly, that starts with more attempts" when he's the playcalller?

Coach JV's picture

And yet he wouldn't start the guy who was - at one point this past season - averaging 7 yds per carry, until it was so painfully obvious who the best back was that it slapped the gravy off his chin.

Oppy's picture

Aaron Jones missed 4 games in 2018. In the 12 games he was healthy enough to dress, he "started" 8. (He missed weeks 1 and 2, and "started" every game from weeks 6-13, and wk 15). In the 4 games he didn't "start", he had 17, 11, 7, and 6 attempts. He had 376 offensive snaps out of 814 he was available for (46.19%)

Jamaal Williams didn't miss a game in 2018. He had 522 offensive snaps of 1074 he was available for (48.6%) Of the 8 games he "started", which were weeks 1-5, 14, 16, 17, it wouldn't take much it assume it was because Aaron Jones wasn't 100%.

Take into account the right side of the OL was decimated and that Williams is considered the superior pass blocker.

Either way.. Packers ran the ball less than any team in the NFL in 2018 despite having the 2nd highest YPC in the league.

Your argument that MM didn't start AJ until he was forced to is weak considering the data, furthermore, even with Williams taking more snaps, the Packers still had the 2nd best YPC in the league. The issue is the backs weren't being given the ball. We now have first hand confirmation Rodgers was openly defying play calls in the huddle. Use your noodle. Rodgers is a QB. QBs like to throw the ball, a lot. We know he was doing whatever he wanted in the huddle. Packers used to consistently be around 20th in the league in rushing attempts up until the last few years, despite having no better than average to poor YPC. All the sudden, you think the Coach decided not to run the ball with one of the most potent rushing attacks in the league? Come on, man.

JDK52's picture

Underrated comment, Oppy. Nailing it on this one.

4thand10's picture

From what I can tell...yes.

The TKstinator's picture

Good. We need to bring balance to the, offense.

dobber's picture

No, man, don't do it! The prophecy has been misinterpreted!

Dontworrygopackers's picture

did denver coach out coach green bay coach in Super Bowl?

Free agent's picture

No Denver’s players out played Green Bay’s players in the Super Bowl. GB was a 14 point favorite to win that game. They were overconfident and Terrell Davis ran all over them. Unfortunately, my wife is a Bronco fan and we hardly spoke for three days after that game. I’ve matured over the years and don’t get upset or really care that much anymore, win or lose.

Bure9620's picture

I really wonder how much Bortles handicapped Hackett's play calling?? You saw 2 years ago the Jags basically just ran and tried an occasional play action off of it or a short pass.

Lare's picture

Tough to say, Hackett's entire pro career has been with the Buccaneers, the Bills and the Jaguars, none of which were that impressive offensively. But he isn't going to be calling plays in Green Bay so his expertise may be used more in game planning with Rodgers.

We shall see.

Three and Out's picture

I like the hire a lot. Jacksonville was clearly a run first offense the last two years, so it's definitely going to be a fantastic compliment to Rodgers passing abilities.

Coach JV's picture

Agreed on the run game... If AR actually has lost a step as Dash and a few others suggest, I'm comforted in knowing that LaF and Hackett dig the run game. Jones will be a superstar, I believe, and we have a good rotation with Williams. Add a 3rd back who can return punts/kicks and we will be golden in the backfield.

Lare's picture

I have no idea what the typical run/pass percentage is in the NFL, but the Jaguars ran the ball 416 times this season and passed the ball 536 times.

For comparison, the Tennessee Titans ran the ball 454 times and passed the ball 437 times. The Packers ran the ball 333 times and passed the ball 640 times.

Coach JV's picture

Nice research Lare :-)

JimR_in_SoCal's picture

43 of those 333 rushes were by Rodgers.

Three and Out's picture

Alright, I'll edit my initial post...the jags were more successful at the run game the last few years.

Now it fits!

Coach JV's picture

I thought it fit initially too... I'm with ya on that.

Chris Vachio's picture

Given the talent he had to work with, it's impressive he got anything out of the offenses at all. EJ Manuel...Kyle Orton...Thaddeus Lewis. Those were the QBs he had to work with in Buffalo. And Bortles in JAX. His running backs in Buffalo were Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller. Talk about making chicken salad out of chicken crap. Dude may look like the second coming of Bill Walsh with some decent players.

bartstarrfan's picture

I hope you are correct.

Johnblood27's picture

come see me when he gets those decent players...

including an OL that can run block.

Players, not plays... in December and beyond! (in my best Buzz voice)

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Hackett reminds me of Pettine in his ability to do with what he has.

I am relieved they got this guy.

Coach JV's picture

I think we ALL have forgotten that Pettine was the DC in Buffalo in 2013, when Hackett was OC...

I have a feeling if Hackett wasn't up to the job, Pettine would warn LaF away from him.

I think Marrone called plays then, so let us all hope we have a better record in 19...

Since '61's picture

Coming from Tennessee, LaFleur would have faced the Jags 2X during 2018 so he probably had some idea about Hackett.

Since LaFleur will call the plays Hackett’s role will likely be play design and communication of the scheme to Rodgers and the offense. If he is effective in that role it takes a lot off of LaFleur to focus on other phases of the game. I wish them the best. Thanks, Since ‘61

CAG123's picture

Well whatever happens I’m just hoping he can “hack it”!
Aaaaannnnd rimshot!

JimR_in_SoCal's picture

Please remember to tip your waitress.

davy jones's picture

...And don’t forget to try the fish!

The TKstinator's picture

Will you be here all week?

splitpea1's picture

This move doesn't excite me at all, but what do I know? Hopefully nothing.

4thand1's picture

Lets hope in a year or 2 the rest of the NFL will be trying to hire all our assistant coaches.

Bure9620's picture

Thaddeus Lewis
Cody Kessler
Chad Henne
Blake Bortles
EJ Manuel
Kyle Orton

QBs Hackett has had to work with

Coach JV's picture

Sad that Orton was the best of that lot. He's been saddled with bad drafts and bad GMs

Johnblood27's picture

seems as if he has ruined a lot of good men...

Johnblood27's picture

just like my first wife...

Irish_Cheesehead's picture

Nice hire! Would have preferred Buddy Hackett, but I'm happy.

4thand1's picture

We just fired Buddy, alias Mike M.

dblbogey's picture

Buddy died in 2003. His offense would probably be rather stale at this point, kind of like McCarthy's.

Johnblood27's picture

better get Herbie at RB...

JohnnyLogan's picture

If we trade a 1st and 4th for Antonio Brown it doesn't matter who the coaches are. Rodgers to Adams and Brown?.... try and stop that. He's available. Get him Gute!

Coach JV's picture

My god man... we don't have Jerry Jones money laying around...

LeotisHarris's picture

Speaking of Jerry Jones, is it just my lack of observation skills or did an entire football game pass on Saturday *without* a single camera shot of JJ fretting in his luxury box in LA? Did that really occur? I didn't see his sorry azz once, not even the obligatory shot of him disgustedly handing his eye glasses to his son-in-law as the clock ticked down to defeat.

Dontworrygopackers's picture

why trade a 1st and a 4th for the second best player on the pittsburgh offense when u can use both those picks on defense and sign their best player?

Dontworrygopackers's picture

u can sign calvin jerry johnson-rice and it wouldn't do shit without a serviceable right guard

dblbogey's picture

I'd be all in, except for the part about giving up 2 draft picks and all the money we'd have to pay him.

Fordham Ram's picture

How does Rodgers get on board if these 2 new coaches will be emphasising the run much more than before? focus this draft on procuring offensive linemen and go get Laveon Bell, that's gotta be what's on the agenda.

Rak47's picture

Hey Al! Can we no longer post links to other Packer articles? Did you guys recently stop this?

Spock's picture

I had this problem some time ago and someone (Dobber??) gave this response to me and it worked. Maybe try this:

"It's the embedded link.
When you edit:
1. make your changes in text
2. Delete the link
3. Post
4. Go back into the editor
5. Paste your link back into the message
6. Post
This should allow you to edit a post with an embedded link."

Edit: this was about editing a post with a link, but maybe it will work to ADD the link. Worth a try anyway.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Yes that's correct, Spock, but this is a new problem. I can find no way to post a link on CHTV for the last week or so on the first comment or in edit.

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

Yeah, something changed about a week ago. I had to delete the so and reload to make it work at all...

NitschkeFan's picture

Hard to get excited about this hire. Since he will not be calling the plays I doubt that he will get either much credit or blame for the performance of the offense.

Some fun puns on all the new coach hires (from MMQB), I can see the newspaper headlines now :)

ACE OF GASE (H/T Daniel Jeremiah)

This guy was made for New York.


BIG VIC ENERGY (h/t to MMQB editor Mitch Goldich)
DUELING FANGIO (h/t to MMQB executive editor Mark Mravic)
NOT A FAN-GIO (h/t to MMQB executive editor Mark Mravic)









Skip greenBayless's picture

I have to say I like mine better. Matty Nice, Justin LaFleur or my latest... La Cage La Fleur. All my names emit strength and put fear in the opponent.


WisconsInExile's picture

Not sure what just happened, but I guess I’m glad we got that out of the way.

Still, can’t help but feel this was missed opportunity to dribble these out over the course of the next season in order to maximize the groans. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

D Ernie's picture

Guy hasnt exactly climbed the ladder of success to assistant coach or any defensive experience. Seem like the same job over and over but at different places. Ho hum we will see

albert999's picture

If zook doesn’t land somewhere Packers will have to pay his 2019 full salary

Johnblood27's picture

Paying Zook to stay away is the best use of GBP money I have ever heard of.

cheesycowboy's picture

Didn't Paul Hackett use the triplets to win 2 SBs in 3 years with Dallas?
Curious. Sincerely,

cheesycowboy's picture

Known offense. Mauling OL and Emmitt Smith makes for strange bedfellows. Give me Barry Sanders any day of the week. Sincerely.

PAPackerbacker's picture

Hiring Hackett should be a nice compliment to MLF. No wonder he was a run first coach, look what QB's he had to work with from his past coaching jobs. Taking the Jags to the championship game with Bortles as QB is an example of a pretty good OC. Maybe he will use the talent the Packers have with Jones and Williams now. And even out that 333 run and 640 passing game a bit more, giving the Packers more of a balanced attack. Maybe the Packers offense won't be so predictable now.

RCPackerFan's picture

I don't know much about Hackett before now. But from what I have read on him early it sounds like he is a high energy guy who will compliment LaFleur.

This is in an interesting quote from Ian Rapoport.

"Ian Rapoport‏@RapSheet
Former #Jaguars OC Nathaniel Hackett is headed to Green Bay, as the #Packers are hiring him as their new offensive coordinator, source said. He’ll absolutely challenge and engage Aaron Rodgers."

Most people that know him think this is a good move.
Time will tell but hopefully its the right hire.

Irelandseye's picture

I absolutely LOVE CHTV and look forward to reading it every evening. The writers and regular posters give such insightful perspective that cannot be possibly matched elsewhere. But lately the experience has not been so great. It's just a pity that one certain poster who loves the sound of his own voice is allowed to dominate every thread. He fills an otherwise vibrant and creative debating platform with droning, boring noise in an attempt to rile people. Moderators I beseech you, why allow such a wonderful platform (you've created through such hard endeavour) be hijacked by one selfish individual?

Denise Chanterelle's picture

I trust that Packer management is bringing in a solid team of new coaches who will excel in all aspects of the game, and ready to support them 100% in the new season ahead. Go Pack!

jsb937's picture

Yes coaches run the football. Kareem Hunt you wussies.

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