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Packers Have Not Cut Coaches Pay

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Packers Have Not Cut Coaches Pay

From Greg Bedard:

FL Coaches Association director Larry Kennan said today that he apologized to the Green Bay Packers for incorrectly stating that the team had put in paycuts for its football staff.

In a story that ran in Sunday’s Globe, Kennan twice said the Packers were among those teams that had already docked the pay of its assistant coaches.

“That information I provided was incorrect,” Kennan said today. “I called them and apologized, and want to get the record set straight. The Packers have not withheld any pay and have no plans to do so.”

I find it interesting that the Packers never addressed this directly. And I'm glad to see they are doing right by their coaching staff.

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Jer's picture

Gotta say I'm relieved. I tried to find reasons why the Packers would do that, and I just couldn't rationalize it no matter how hard I tried. Glad to hear we're still one of the good guys. :)

I'm also a little puzzled why the Packers didn't nip this in the bud right from the start. I'm sure they took a lot of heat the last couple days.

Jack's picture

Maybe the Packers miss Jeff Blumb more than they realize.

ZeroTolerance's picture

I wondered why the organization would do such a thing, as I could not see any advantage in temporarily docking pay that would be reimbursed at a later date. It really made no sense.

PackersThad's picture

Definitely puzzled as to why the Packers didn't squash this earlier. I thought their media mishaps were to end when they got rid of Jeff Blumb.

packeraaron's picture

Well, they haven't replaced Blumb yet and probably won't until the lockout is over - couple that with the fact that no one called them on it (except me, and they didn't return my call), and you have a story that is left to fester.

Satori's picture

I am guessing that the Packers didn't feel the need to squash erroneous speculation; they were fully aware of the facts all along.

Fester is precisely how you handle the crap merchants, surely you've read that chapter in PR 101

packeraaron's picture

Actually, our policy at Blackstone is to do the exact opposite. But I'm sure we're doing it wrong.

Satori's picture

I don't think bedard has ever covered Blackstone like he covered the Packers, but I've been wrong before

The Packers are well aware of Uncle Fester's M.O. and treat his work with all the respect its due

packeraaron's picture

Lol - Needless to say, you are spot on re: Bedard. He should have called the Packers before going to print (though there are reasons he didn't)

My point re: Blackstone is that we respond to everything. Everything, no matter the story or who is calling on it.

WoodyG's picture

We can now all rest easy ..... The coaching staff won't be forced to resort to 'Hamburger Helper' to make ends meet ....

What's the pay issue when games are terminated? .....

PackersRS's picture

Hmn... Hamburger.

I mean, yeah...

(forgot the image to go along)

Love you coach. (now that you won)

Ruppert's picture

I'm glad they are not cutting any salaries, as I personally think it is unnecessary at this point.

Then again, I think the whole lockout is unnecessary. And going through the court system is definitely unnecessary. But now I've become redundant. Sorry.

dullgeek's picture

I'm curious about how this works. Because presumably with the possibility of losing games due to the lockout, the Packers' 2011 revenue has some risk of being reduced from expectations. If there's less revenue and the coaches aren't getting lower pay, who is? The players?

June's picture

I think that once they actually start to lose games, they'll cut the pay of coaches. However, I'm pretty sure they have money saved up for situations like this..not sure they would use it though.

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