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Packers Family Night: Quick Hits From Friday's Scrimmage

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Packers Family Night: Quick Hits From Friday's Scrimmage

The Packers concluded their 12th annual Family Night scrimmage Friday. Over 55,000 fans showed up at Lambeau Field for the event, and the weather even cooperated.

Here are some other quick hits from Friday night:

First-rounder Nick Perry showed some good things, but you'd expect a top pick to beat the likes of Shea Allard (UDFA) and Andrew Datko (seventh round) consistently. Still, Perry showed the speed and power combination that helped make him a top pass-rusher in the 2012 draft. On one sequence early, Perry burst around  Allard with speed, and then blew him into the backfield with power on the next play. Overall, he beat the man put in front of him, and that's all you can really ask. Maybe he can piggyback on tonight's performance moving forward.

Pre-snap penalties were a big storyline, and that's never a good thing. Far too many mental mistakes, even if this team is only in the second week of camp. The penalties weren't limited to just the scrubs, either. Coach Mike McCarthy wasn't happy after Thursday's night practice for the same reason, and he certainly wasn't thrilled Friday night.

Backup quarterbacks Graham Harrell and B.J. Coleman are both poised players. Neither seemed to get rattled despite facing a stiff rush from the No. 1 defense for most of the night. Coleman had the best throw of the two, completing a backshoulder throw to Dale Moss on his first toss of the night. He has the natural arm talent to be a player down the road.

The Packers first team offense scored on both its first two drives. Obviously this isn't a revelation, considering the Packers averaged 35 points a game last season against No. 1 defenses. But it's always comforting to see the offense in an early rhythm. Aaron Rodgers was sharp, as usual.

Running back James Starks had a couple of nice plays. After scoring the first touchdown on a lead play off right guard, Starks did an impressive job of picking up a blitzer on Rodgers' long touchdown to Greg Jennings. Either Jamari Lattimore or Dezman Moses was closing in on Rodgers off the strong side, but Starks stone-walled him and Rodgers was able to step up and deliver the throw.

Left tackle Marshall Newhouse left Friday night's practice with an undisclosed injury. He walked off to the locker room late. McCarthy didn't have any immediate information on the issue.

After starting camp 100 percent on his kicks, Mason Crosby went through a mini-funk Friday. Looked like he was thinking too much after missing his first one. Nothing to worry about.

Second-rounder Jerel Worthy is so quick off the ball. He's going to get an offsides penalty or two this season, but his burst off the snap is unlike anything the Packers currently have on the roster.

Linebacker Dezman Moses was active again tonight. He's a guy that just continues to show up.

Skylar Stecker, the daughter of former Packers running back and Ashwaubenon native Aaron Stecker, sung the heck of the national anthem before the practice. If the Packers make the postseason and host a game, she should be signing again.

The offensive and defensive linemen were predictably atrocious attempting field goals to finish practice. Stick to your day jobs, boys.

Maybe the highlight of the night was the entire offense doing the Lambeau Leap after both touchdowns. On the first, the replacement officials called an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. The second went flag-free. Not something we'll ever see in the regular season, but still cool to see nonetheless.

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FITZCORE1252's picture

Fingers crossed on Newhouse.

That was fun to watch. FOOTBALL IS BACK!


Kparis99's picture

That unsportsmanlike conduct penalty was hilarious. Replacement refs, it's family night.

Mel's picture

I think they called the first one for practice.. They are replacements.. lol

Tommyboy's picture

I missed the broadcast, but DVR'd it. The refs ACTUALLY threw an unsportsmanlike penalty? At Family Night. Dudes, I get it. You're trying to get this as close the real thing as possible, but maybe just walk over to the coach and say "Uhh, I'm sure you already know this, but that would have been a flat." Debbie Downer would be proud.

cow42's picture

perry's starting to worry me. guess he's only gotta be better than the waldenzombojones garbage that played last year, right?

SpartaChris's picture

Dude, he's a rookie playing in a position that's foreign to him. How about you be patient and give the guy a bit of time to get the position down first before saying you're worried about him?

cow42's picture

i know - i know... i just didn't see any "pop".
i can understand being unsure of assignments and struggling with drops, etc. but when it was time to rush the passer (something he"s done his whole life} i just didn't see anything special... just a big guy running straight into the chest of another big guy... no violence. looked like so'oto.

Jamie's picture

Fact: Most people just don't know what they are looking at when assessing an NFL player.

My opinion: If you didn't see "pop", that's your issue...not Nick Perry's.

cow42's picture

teach me oh wise one.
.by the way - why is it ok for you to have an opinion but not for me to have one.
i could be (probably am) wrong about perry. but at least i'm not a fan/snob. nothing worse than a snooty fan/snob. please realize that neither of us know a damn thing.

PackersRS's picture

Did he rush standing up or with his hands down? I couldn't catch the scrimmage.

Also, if anyone has any footage or links, appreciate it.

I bleed green more's picture

I agree its going to take a bit of time, he sure is better than what the Pack had last year.

Idiot Fan's picture

I remember watching the first preseason game after we signed woodson (against the Bengals I think), and he looked just awful. I thought to myself, "this guy has nothing left". Sometimes you just have to let things play out...

Denver's picture

I remember that like it was yesterday as well. He didn't look like he was even trying. I was so ticked off...funny to think about it now.

djbonney138's picture

Anyone with video of the whole team doing the Lambeau Leap?

I bleed green more's picture

It has to be on youtube by now.

markinmontana's picture

I found this one..

Not the best, but understandable 'cause the fan was more busy cheering than focusing on video quality. Plus, I kinda like the chaotic feel of the whole thing.

Drew's picture

Another great article Zach. I think not havingn a penalty on the second Lambeau Leap shows the pull that the Packer fans have in Lambeau.

Jamie's picture

The results may not be there yet for Perry, but tonight I saw difference making type explosion and power and nice movement skills when dropping into coverage.

In limited action, he already looks to bring substantially more to the table physically and in talent than Walden, Zombi, and Jones...he just needs to get comfortable in the new position/DEF.

If he stays healthy this season, I predict no less than 7 sacks and at least a half-dozen TFLs.

*This coming from someone who didn't like Perry as an OLB in the draft.

Charlie M's picture

My sentiments exactly. I was more than impressed with his ability to drop in coverage which I was expecting to be awful. He certainly has the athleticism to play the position.

cow42's picture

are you a scout?
you're just so obviously head and shoulders above most people when it comes to evaluating talent.

"Fact: Most people just don’t know what they are looking at when assessing an NFL player."

- you are definitely not most people.

Rocky70's picture

Already predicting 'numbers' even before the 1st preseason game. Not difficult to do since no one will remember or care months from now.

“Fact: Most people just don’t know what they are looking at when assessing an NFL player.” ----- unless your name is Jamie (of course). ---- LOL.

Cole's picture

I don't how you could not like what you saw from Perry last night. He may not have pop, not quite sure what that is, but he is so strong and fast he will consistently be getting pressure. Watch his college plays...the bullrush is unstoppable

Cole's picture

Between So Oto, perry an Moses I think we'll be fine at OLB. On third and long I hope we see Matthews, Perry, Moses, Daniels and Raji/Neal

NoWayJose's picture

Do you actually think So'oto makes the team? I didn't get to watch the scrimmage last night but it sounds like he wasn't even on the 2nd team and hasn't flashed really anything since the big preseason game or two last year. I think he's a longshot.

cow42's picture

so'oto will not be on the team.

Cole's picture

It depends on what he does in the next four games that determines whether he makes it, just like all the other young guys who weren't drafted. Moses, Perry, and Matthews are the only ones with spots locked up so far, unless something catastrophic happens to Moses' play.

He was disruptive last night.

retiredgrampa's picture

It's SO difficult for we fans to be patient with rookies entering the big show. "They're Packers so they MUST play great!!" The only thing we can be sure of is that this or that rookie wants success even more than we do for him. When he makes his first sack or any great play, all will be forgotten.

Idiot Fan's picture

Yep. I could be remembering this incorrectly, but didn't Matthews not even start the first few games of his rookie year? I don't think we knew in training camp that he was going to be what he became.

Charlie M's picture

That's correct. Clay didn't start until roughly halfway through his rookie year.

TXBadger's picture

Mathews didn't start right away as a rookie, but that was mostly because he had hamstring issues. As soon as he was healthy enough, he was in the starting lineup.

PackersRS's picture

Poppinga was the starter...

cow42's picture

yes - they must be great right now.
windows don't stay open forever.
no sb this season means the window just got smaller.
last year was such a gigantic opportunity lost.

the time to win is now. if the rookies don't perform immediately the chances of a sb victory are lessened.

Rocky70's picture

If the 'D" resembles last season & doesn't pull in 31 ints again (which is highly unlikely), look for season 2012 to be the "season of shootouts".

Season 2012 is all about how quickly the newbies can contribute. If it takes them too long (to adjust to the NFL), then it'll all be on AR again. Anybody up for a 45-41 game ??

Idiot Fan's picture

For better or worse, it seems like the defenses under Dom have been totally different from one year to the next. I'm not sure we'll know what we have until a few weeks into the season. I'm telling myself that it can't be worse than last year.

Fish/Crane's picture

Ok- an idea..

Instead of Lambeau Leap....Lambeau come out of the stands and celebrate with the players... now before you blow this off ...think of some of the iconic images in sports...Lombardi's first win...a fan is there. Hank Aarron's 715...oh...there's a fan!

Of course it has to be controlled...but I think a designated fan in street clothes on the field....Yes!

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